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Buto Ijo The Magician Father Timun Emas Mother

One day in a small village, lived a couple. They lived happily as long as ten years. But they couldn’t enjoy their happiness for a long time, since they realized that their happiness wasn’t complete yet because they had no child. Mother : “Pak’e…… I feel so sad.” “We have live together for ten years. But we still have no child.” Father : (Sit beside his wife) “Buk…. I know!!!” “I know Buk… I can feel your feeling. I feel the same one. I also hope for a child to complete our life.” Mother : “Suppose, we have a child right now. I can imagine how beautiful our life are.” Father : “Yah… What can we do except pray and pray Buk…We have tried to do it more and more. But it always unsuccessful.” Mother : (Woo his husband) “Honey, let’s try again tonight!”

A month passed, they still had no child. Until one day, they heard that there was a big ogre who lived inside a big cave in a ghostlike forest it named “Buto Ijo”. The ogre was believed that it could accede every kinds of wishes. So the couple went to look for the ogre. (It was a ghostlike forest. They walked carefully until they found a big cave). Mother : “Pak’e…. This place is so screamy and ghostlike.” “It’s dark, dirty, and….(huek) smell bad!” “I am afraid Pak’e…. I’m afraid.” Father : “Buk’e….throw your fear away. We must do it in order that we will get a child.”

(They entered the cave). Father : “Kulonuwun “Buto Ijo”…”


: “How dare you are to come here when I feel so hungry!” “Don’t you afraid if both of you will be my meal???”

Mother : “Pardon Buto…pardon.” “We don’t wanna be your meal. But we can give you everything you want if you accede what we want.” Buto : “Hahahaha ………….” (Laugh) “Are you sure that both of you can give me a meal?” Father : “Yes, we are sure!” Buto : “What do you mean?” : “Wahahaha…….. Only that one?” “It’s very easy one for me.” “I will accede your wish, but there is a requirement for it!” Father : “What requirement did you mean?” Buot : “If you get a boy, you may take care about him until he grows big.” “But if you get a daughter, you must give her back to me when she being a teen. And she will be my meal!” “Do you understand?” Father : “It’s okay “Buto”!!!” “We promise that we will full your requirement.” “Thank you “Buto”, thank you.” Buto : “Now, go out from here!” “You have disturbed my sleep!” Mother : “We want to have a child. Can you accede our wish?” Buto

And then, both of them went home. They were very surprised to find a big “Golden Cucumber” in front of the door of their house. Mother : “Pak’e……… What is it?” Father : “It looked like a Cucumber Buk……” “A golden Cucumber!” Mother : “Yes Pak’e, but it is very big one!” :Who had put this in front of our house Pak?” Father : “I have the same quandary with you Buk’e….” Mother : “Okay then, let us open it together in the house Pak.”

Then, they opened it. It was very surprise for them to find a baby inside The Golden Cucumber. Mother : “Pak, what a wonderful!” “there is a baby inside this cucumber!”

Father : “Are you serious, Honey?” “I can’t believe it!” Mother : “My god,,,,” (smile and happy) “Honey, we get a baby! We get a baby!” “Buto Ijo have acceded our wish!” Father : “Yes Honey! But this baby is a girl. Do you remember about our promise to him?” Mother : “Yah! We promised that we will give our baby back to him if our baby is a girl.” Father : “That’s right, Buk’e.” Mother : “But don’t think about it for this time Pak. We still have a long time.” “I am very happy to have this baby!” (happy) Father : “Yes, me too.” “We have a daughter Buk’e.” “So, what name will we give for our daughter, Honey?” Mother : “Mmmmm…… How about “Timun Emas” Pak?” “We found her inside a golden cucumber, didn’t me?” Father : “Yes Honey, I agree. It’s a very good name for our beautiful baby!” Mother : “We will live more happy, Pak!”

Sixteen years passed. Timun Emas grew up and being a beautiful girl. Her parents loved her so much. Mother : “Timas, come here beauty. We want to talk about something important to you.” Father : “Yes, nak…..come here.” Timas : “Pak’e, Buk’e, what kind of thing will you talk?” “It sounds very important.” Father : “Yes, Honey. It’s very important for you. It’s about your life.” Timas : “About my life?” “What did you mean Pak’e?” Father : (Talk to his wife) “Buk…..please tell to her.” Mother : “Yes Pak’e.” (Then talk to her daughter) “Timas, you are our daughter. But actually, you are not really our daughter.” “We found you inside a big golden cucumber when you were a baby.”

Timas : “What????” “Inside a big golden cucumber???” “How come, Buk?” “I still can’t believe it!” Father : “You must believe it Honey, it’s true!” Mother : (Speak sadly) “Timas, sixteen years ago, Pak’e and Buk’e went to Buto Ijo.” “He is a big ogre who lived in a big cave in a ghostlike forest.” “We asked for his help to give us a baby. Because we didn’t have a baby for that time. Then he sent you for us, and he put you inside the big golden cucumber.” Father : “Yes, Honey!” “But that time, we made a promise to him.” “We promised that we would gave you back to him when you are a teenager.” Mother : “And he will eat you, Timas!” (Cry) Timas : “Don’t cry Buk’e…..Don’t cry.” “I have the same feeling with you.”

One night, the father got an idea to go to a magician to ask for a help. Father : “Buk, I heard that there is a sacred magician in the forest.” “Are you agree if we ask for his help?” Mother : “That’s a good idea, Pak.” “I will do everything to safe our daughter.” Father : “Yes Buk’e….Where is Timas?” “Timas…..Timas……” (call Timas) Timas : “Here I am, Pak.” “What happen?” Mother : “Timas, you must follow us to go to a magician house.” “It’s for your life.” Timas : “A magician?” Mother : “Yes, Honey.” Timas : “When will we go?” Father : “Right now, my daughter.” Mother and Timas “Let’s go.” : “Right now????” Pak’e : “Yes, sooner is better.”

(Then they go to the Magician House) Pak’e : “Kulunuwun…..” “Have a seat please.” The Magician : “Monggo…….monggo……”

(After all of they sit) The Magician : “What happen with you?” Buk’e Timas : “We are in a big problem and we need for your help.” : “Yes Mbah….” “Can you help us?” The Magician : “Wooow….what a pretty girl.” “What can I do for you beauty” Timas Father : “Pak’e….” (sit behind her father) : “Mbah, our daughter is in danger. Buto Ijo will eat her.” “Can you help us?” The Magician : (Laugh) “I see……” “It’s easy! I can help you!” Timas : “Are you sure?” “But I want to a prize if I can help you!” Mother : “What kind of prize do you want to?” “Hahahaha….” Father, Mother and Timas : “What????!!!!” The Magician : “It’s up to you!” Father : “Okay, okay!” “Timas, you can’t refuse it.” “It’s for your life!” Timas Mother : “It’s okay Pak’e.” : “So, what can you do for us, Mbah?” : “What are they?” “This Terasi can change into a hot mad sea.” “And the last, this salt can change into a deep sea.” “Buto Ijo cannot swim.” Timas : “I see….thank you!” The Magician : “It’s okay, Beauty!” The Magician : “You must let me marry your daughter!” The Magician : “Of course beauty!”

The Magician : “I have some magic things to help your daughter to kill Buto Ijo.” Timas The Magician : “These nails can change into thorn if you throw them to Buto Ijo.”


: “Okay then, thank a lot.” “Let us go home now.”

The Magician : “Monggo…….monggo…..”

(Next morning, Buto ijo come to their house) Buto : “Wahahaha…..Timas, go out from your house!” “You are my meal!”

(In the house) Timas : “Buk’e,,,, I’m afraid.” Mother : “Don’t be afraid, Honey!” “All will be fine.” Timas : “So, what must I do now Buk’e?” Mother : “Go out from this house by passing our door at the back of house.” Father : “Slowly, Honey!” Timas : “Nggeh Pak’e.” “I will go.”

(In front of their house) Botu : “Where is your daughter?” “I have been hungry!” Mother : “She isn’t at home. You can’t get her!” Buto : “Wahahaha….. Don’t make a joke with me!” “I want to her! Now!”

(Timas run from the back door, but Buto Ijo know her) Buto : “Hey, you!” “I know you!”

(Timun Emas run away) Buto : “I will reach you and I will eat you!”

(Timun Emas stop her run) Timas : “No……….!” “I have something for you!”

Then she throw the nails in front of Buto Ijo. They change into thorn, so Buto Ijo feels his feet hurt caused it. Buto : “Owww!!!” “Shhhttttt!!!” “How dare you are!”

(But Buto Ijo can pass it and catch her up again) Buto : “Timas, you can’t go away from me!” “You will be my meal.” Timas : “No, I will not.” “You can’t eat me!”

(Then Timas throw the Terasi and it change into a hot mud sea) Buto : “Oh!” “What did you do?” Timas : “Hihihihi…….” “What a pity you are.” Buto : “You make me angry Timas!” “Wait me and I will eat you!”

(But again, Buto Ijo can Pass it. He can out from the hot mud) Buto : “Hahaha…..” “Come here Timas.” Timas : “No!!” “Go away from me!! Go!!”

(Then she throw the last magic thing) The salt change into a deep sea. And Buto can’t out from it. Buto : “Help….help….” “Timas, help me!” “I cannot swim! Help…”

And Buto Ijo die. Timas back to her house. Timas : “Pak’e, Buk’e.” Mother : “Oh…..God! thank you for safing my daughter.” Father : “You are safe, Honey! We meet again!”

(The Magician come) The Magician : “Hi, Sir.” “Do you remember your promise?” Father : “Oh, you!” “Yes, of course I remember.” Mother Father Timas : “Thank you for your help.” : “Timas, you must marry with him.” : “It’s okay Pak’e…” “He is not too bad, actually.” The Magician : “Hahaha….you know that I’m handsome, Baby!” “Would you be my wife?” Timas : “Why not?!” Then they live happily together, ever, and after.

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