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Pathway To Success Published since 2000 Publisher: Irena Whitfield
Volume 10, Issue No 1, Circulation: under revision, 10th January 2010
Next Issue: 24th January 2009
With 'Pathway To Success' you are receiving only top information, reliable and proven resources vital for your
online home business success and profitability, never anything just to make a couple of dollars at your expense.
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In this Issue
Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas! Featured Article
Josh S. Hinds Survival in Tough Times: Smart
Shopping by Al Jacobs
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When economic times are good, you may be inclined to shop with New Additions:
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they have for many Americans, it’s another story. The advertising both: your use and profit in a new
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And while on the subject of small mechanical devices which serve a
need, consider the hyperbole employed by one firm to convince us
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What can be said about wristwatches and ballpoint pens is equally please let Smartie know.
true as to other highly promoted products. These include magazine
offerings, timeshare projects, $300 per ounce bottles of perfume, Las
Vegas weekend getaways, and the purchase of lottery tickets, to
name just a few. As a rule of thumb, the more overpriced the
merchandise, the more innovative its promotion. Perhaps there is a
connection, if only because moderately priced items which represent
honest value incur less sales resistance, so need not be touted with
such vigor. Reflect, for a moment, on the recognizable voices and
faces making the outrageous claims. If there’s a benefit to this,
perhaps it’s that the association of certain marketing celebrities with
a product of any sort saves you the effort of analyzing the offering;
you may reject it out of hand. Irena Whitfield's
Latest Articles
Let me offer a few other examples of money badly spent. This
behavior pattern multiplied and added up over a lifetime represents a Click the Titles below
fair chunk of your earnings. to read the Articles

Twenty-four rolls of a popular brand of toilet paper is available at Forex And Home Business
Walmart for $10.19. Six rolls of the same product, selling at a major
Top 10 Reasons Why
market of $6.46, is easily dropped into a shopping cart. The two- Financial Disasters Are
hundred-fifty percent markup doesn’t seem to bother many Inevitable
housewives. It should.
How Much Do You Plan to
An envelope containing three sheets of paper arrived in the mail Earn In 2007?
yesterday with two 42¢ stamps—total: 84¢. At two ounces, its
correct charge is 59¢. Actually it weighed just under an ounce, so the The 400 Richest Americans
sender evidentially guessed on the high side. Much correspondence Secrets Of The Self-Made
arrives with excess postage¾a lazy and expensive way to send mail.
As you might guess, my desk drawer contains a small sixteen-ounce 10 Basic Internet Traps
postal scale. I’ve owned this little device since 1962 when postage
The Advantage of Goals
was 4¢ per ounce. Over the years the scale has paid for itself a
thousand times. 7 Golden Rules to Financial
And speaking of envelopes and paper supplies, where might they be
bought cheaply? Except for top-grade rag content or custom More Articles
engraved stock, avoid the stationery stores. Even the major
discounters are not the places to go. A little comparison shopping
reveals paper supply houses offer the lowest prices, and most are
open to the general public.

When you fill your car with gasoline, does the lesser-priced regular
grade or the higher-priced premium grade end up in your tank?
Don’t base your decision on assurances by the service station
Today's Super Tip
manager promoting the more expensive fuel, but on performance
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you can actually experience. The fundamental difference between
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the two grades is octane number¾burning speed—when in earlier
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I hope this message is coming across clearly. You’re not well
advised when you make your buying decisions based on urging from
shopkeepers or exhortation from advertising. Sharpen your buying
habits with a healthy dose of skepticism. Look closely at the product,
read the specifications, verify the quality, and compare prices.
You’ll often find what is claimed is not what is offered. In most of
your purchases you are less familiar with a product than are its
vendors. You can overcome this disadvantage with a little effort and
by educating yourself. The results are cumulative and your
performance will improve with time.
Top Resources:
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Al Jacobs has been a professional investor for nearly four decades. His
business experience ranges from real estate, mortgage, and securities
Your Business TV Channel
investment to appraisal, civil engineering, and the operation of a private
trust company. In addition to managing his investments on a day-to-day
Submit Your Articles Here!
basis, he is a featured financial columnist for both online and print
publications. He is the author of Nobody’s Fool: A Skeptic’s Guide to
Prosperity. You may subscribe to his financial Newsletter, "On the Money
Trail," at no cost or obligation, by visiting On the Money Trail:
Money Management
Romantic Shop
Todays' Tips
Self Improvement
Today's Tip On the Opportunity Worth Checking
Free Live Webinar: Doing a Website Redesign for 2010 with
an Internet Marketing Strategy in Mind Wellness

West Highland White Terrier World

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* Before you get started: when and why to do a website redesign 8. Issue 26/2007
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A day will never be anymore than what you make of it.

Practice being a "doer"!
Josh S. Hinds

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