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Zarina Qadir

DreamIt Project





This is not the first time that I shared anything with the
teachers, but this time it was different. I was excited
to share the information with the teachers. I started
with my summer experience and how much I enjoyed
working the MSU team member. As I shared my project
the unit excitement among my third grade team
member because we have to teach the unit on solar

The discussion exceeded my expectations. I presented my
standards, objectives and activities and one of the
lessons where students are going to invent the planets
and persuade their peers to come and live on their
planets. This lesson involves STEM attributes.
This is where I saw the light bulb lit up and they gave
their sincere feedback to make the project more
beneficial and meaning to my students. I plan to make
all the changes suggested by colleagues to make the
teaching and assessments productive.
After the discussion with the teacher my students are
using level reader on the solar system. They are
reading and researching on the planets they chose to
The feed I have received will be very help to move
forward. I will make few changes where I think it will
make learning more productive and meaningful for my

The following feedback has given me great insight to focus and start my
project. My third grade team is very much excited about the project because
it is one of the standards we have to teach in third grade. I am looking into
creating rubrics for the activities I am going to use with my students.
Overall the feedback I got from teacher was very encouraging. I have
updated my DreamIT project with the feedback form my colleagues. I feel I
did a pretty good job creating the unit.

Ms.Steveson: 4th Grade
Overall I think it looks great! I am excited to see it implemented.
I might also have the students do an activity where they get up and actually
model how the planets and moon move around the sun. I also did an activity
with my NGSS trainings where we held up a flashlight and a model of the
earth to understand the concept of why the moon has phases.

Ms.Goldenberg: 4th Grade
I would also add under the objectives content part:
What causes day and night (rotation and revolution of the earth)?
What causes seasons?
Activities: Use leveled reading group or heterogeneous groups based on planets and
multimedia videos.
Under your Section 3 (Plan Learning Experience and Instruction) ask student to
write final essay using evidence, why is the Earth only planet that can sustain life?
The rest of the project is very interactive and engaging for the students. Good Luck.

Mr. Loudin: 5th Grade
In the project I would also add in the sections where you are asking questions to
Why is the Earth not a planet anymore?
How do planets orbit?
Extension Activities: What gravitational pull does the Moon have on each planet?
Share this with other grade throughout the school.
Under the assessments: # 2 and #4 should be connected. Students will be assessed
on the rubric provided.

The following assessments will be used for the Dream IT project.
1. Performance based assessments: Students will share their research project using
the checklist.
2. Rubrics: for their assessments.
3. Participation: Students have to share on the reading they do to show their
understanding of the topic.
4. Students will







5. In writing assignment students use checklist to proofread their peers work and
provide feedback.
6. Conferences: To provide feedback.
Reflection Journal entry.
In the write up I will make the changes Mr. Loudin has suggested.

Mrs. Cobovic: Science 7th and 8th Grade
I really like the project but I would like to rephrase some of your statements.
In the assessment sections I would focus using writing rubrics and assess student
through the writing process.
For the remedial group consider this. “Students will make a model with teacher

The Third Grade Team:
We really like the project and can’t wait to implement it, but we need to work on
the assessment section as a team. We will create the rubric for the activities as a
team and try to incorporate more technology into our daily lesson.

Focused Student group: Third Graders
I had students form third grade. I introduce the unit by showing my Explain It to Me
Video. The
Excitement and enthusiasm I received was amazing. I have been in the teaching
profession for a long
time and I never felt so proud of myself like this. I can’t describe the excitement of
my students to start
the unit. I shared my summer experience with my student and showed my power
point, videos, pictures
and field trip experience. The respond I got was we want to make power point like
this to share our
presentation with class. Let us see how it goes. I will share the video on my website.