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Curso: Políticas de empleo comparadas en la UE
Estudiante: Alina-Costina Tanase

The EU’s concept of activation for young people towaeds a new social contract ?
This text is about activation and how the young people feet in the idea of activation and
responsibility. In this text, the responsibility is not simply taken to mean that the causes of
unemployment are individual, but also in terms of making individual responsible for implementing
strategies to find work. It is about how can we achieve a stability through active politics. In the
industrialised societies social stability was achieved via the institutionalisation of the welfare state
and of industrial relations but the market alone does not guarantee stability and productivity, which
is why social regulation of the market was necessary.
My hypothesis regarding activation is that the state can not intervene or can intervene and
be able to generate positive results, but only if the measures that are adopted are balanced and we
not create big advantages or disadvantages both young people and small companies. Also i think
that is very difficult to decide either a policy is good or bad because there are to many aspects that
have to be analyzed.