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Danico Lou
Professor Batty
English 113A
16, October 2014
See the Unseen
Today's society has been saying that the anti-racism against African Americans has been
put to stop. People say that racism in the United States isn't an issue anymore ever since slavery
has been abolished or even enabling the African American Civil Rights Movement helped
change racism. However, those statements are false because national surveys revealed that
stereotypes towards African Americans are still existing until today. Common stereotypes such
as African Americans being known as less hardworking people or less intelligent that other
human beings. I've encountered a political cartoon that presents how people ignore the obvious
racial issue, in which shows that people are less willing to see others point of view. With people
unaware of this issue, racial discrimination could possibly lead to affecting the image of the
African American community.
White Americans don't see the racial discrimination that African Americans live by.
From what we know, most people view African Americans as a negative influence and are
mostly judged by their skin color. Michaelann Bewsee made a political cartoon in which he
categorizes 4 different people. Those four are consisted with a low-class white farmer, a highclass white woman, a high-class white man, and a regular black man. Within those three white
people, they stated that, "(They) don't see race as a real problem in the U.S", but aside from the
white people, a black man says, "See the problem?" In the cartoon, I also notice that the
background of those three white people have black backgrounds but the black man had a white

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wall background, in which case shows racial issues towards African Americans in this political
cartoon. In this cartoon, the message tells us how white people are not concern with racism
unless it is them that are being threaten with racism. In short, people in our current society lack
knowledge towards other race. As of today, African Americans are mostly known for doing
drugs and are physically violent. They're also assumed of being criminals or killers, as well as
being lazy and not hardworking people.
African Americans known for high percentage of crime rates in regards to New Jim Crow
Law. The New Jim Crow Law was a book written by Michelle Alexander about the issue of the
current levels of incarceration in the United States. According to the New Jim Crow Law, 5% of
the world's population, the U.S incarcerates 25% of the world's prisoners, and those prisoners are
mostly African Americans. (New Jim Crow Law, Michelle Alexander, 2010) The New Jim Crow
Law was a rendition of enslavement; theory of how white people could still control African
American's even though they were sent free from slavery. Although African American's are like
any regular human beings, people still have different perspective towards them because of the
color of their skin. Blacks were blamed for being the main source of illnesses.
African Americans were once thought of as dirty people and as well as compared to
animals such as primates. For example, the book The Mismeasure Of Man, written by a biologist
named Stephen Jay Gould, talks about how intelligence of human beings such as race, class, and
sex are based on biological measurements. In the book, Gould explains that through history
people used to think that the skull of an ape and an African American are similar, therefore
assuming that the intelligence of blacks are the same as apes. With the African American image
history having the belief that their intelligence were similar to animals (apes), people in our

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current society have always known African Americans as lower-class people. For that, white
people always believed that they were more superior than African Americans.
Not only are African Americans are being mistreated and being viewed as a negative
influence, their education is also being misguided towards to a vocational and industrial
education. I've encountered yet another political cartoon that shows a white man talking down to
four black children about race. Specifically, this cartoon symbolizes that talking to African
Americans are compared to as talking similarly to children because African Americans are
emotional thinkers. African Americans don't care about facts or reasons, they are like children
who measures truth by their feelings. The image states that white men looked down upon black
race, therefore brainwashing African Americans that they're low-class people and their education
is only limited. This was a political cartoon made by a blogger named Abagond. That cartoon
can relate to how black people are getting limited with their education while attending these
vocational and industrial schools. African Americans who attended vocational schools earned 17
percent less than African Americans who attended general high school. (National Education
Association) As for the Industrial Education only limits the education of African Americans.
Throughout centuries, African Americans haven't been getting the same equal share of education
compared with other race/students.
There has been so many African Americans who have been experiencing these types of
racial discrimination. For example, an African American, Brent Staples writes an essay called
"Black Men and Public Spaces", which tells a true story about his experiences on different
individuals fearing him due to his appearance and his race's known stereotypes. In the story,
people mistaken him as a burglar or some kind of criminal. He says, " As a softly who is scarcely
able to take a knife to a raw chicken-let alone hold it to a person's throat- I was surprised,

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embarrassed, and dismayed all at once. Her flight made me feel like an accomplice tyranny."
(Staples 183) Based on this quote, Staples explains to us how people were fearing him because
he was a black man; therefore people assuming he was the type of person that is involved with
dangerous and violent events. In addition, Staples felt surprised and embarrassed on how the lady
quickly avoided him. Although Staples grew up in a bad neighborhood, he still managed to
attend college and was in a verge to live a successful life. Staple's purpose on telling this story
was he wanted to remind the audience that people still portray black people as violent and
dangerous people without knowing their personality. Staple's story enables people to be
persuaded that they should not judge people by their appearance or race.
Overall, racial discrimination has still been occurring until today. African Americans in
the United States are being misjudged or being mistreated due to their own race. Unfair
education has been a part of the African American racial discrimination lifestyle and until today,
the African American community still receive low amount of education. The New Jim Crow
Law teaches how white people are still showing that they have control over us even though
getting freed from American slavery. Finally we must know to the fact that not all these
stereotypes are true. These stereotypes are basically heard throughout media or other
communities and it tends to change people's perspective towards African Americans, in which
affecting their communities image. We must not judge people by its cover, therefore we must
treat everyone with equality.

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