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Raffi Kazarian
Professor Batty
English 113 A Tu-Th 3:30-4:45
11 December 2014
A Day We Will Never Forget

April 24, 1915. April 24, 1915. April 24, 1915. Every Armenian has grown to love and
hate this day. We hate it, because our lands got taken away from us and one and a half million
Armenians died. The Ottoman Empire tried to exterminate the Armenians. Only ten percent of
Armenia is left, from what is was before the genocide. As the hundredth year approaches, we as
Armenians will need to come together. We also love this day, because we see how far we have
come since the massacres, we see all that we have accomplished in these ninety-nine years.
There are many political cartoons about the issue but these two stood out to me. They showed the
symbolic meaning as well as what actually happened in Armenia at the time.
Before talking about the political cartoons, knowing the basics of the Genocide is very
important. Armenia being a land-lock nation, they have struggled to be an independent nation.
Always under the control of another country, whether it is USSR, Turkey or Azerbaijan. On
April 24, 1995 the Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire began the Armenian genocide. They
started by taking the intellectuals first and killing them one by one. Next were all the husbands or
males, after they went down the list of, wives or females, children and the elderly. The Turks
than made them all walk to the Der Zor desert, many died of dehydration or starvation. Whoever

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could have escaped to nearby nations, left as soon as possible. This is reason our diaspora
community is so large. There are many political cartoons on this topic I have chosen these two at
the end of the essay.
The political cartoon on the left shows Turkish guard; two of them sweeping skulls
underneath their flag. Toward the back of the picture there is a prison with a man yelling
“GENOCIDE.” This picture has a literal and symbolic meaning. The literal meaning of this
picture is how the Turkish Government is keeping the truth away from everyone as seen in the
picture they are trying to “Sweep it under the rug.” Also the person in the prison yelling,
“Genocide” the Turkish Government will do anything so the truth does not come out. The literal
meaning behind this picture is Turkey trying to find the genocide from the world. They will do
anything, for people not to know the truth. The Symbolic meaning behind this picture is how
long they have tried to keep this a secret for. The truth will come out sooner than later. The
world will soon know what really happened on April 24, 1915.
The other political cartoon I chosen has two parts to it. The left side we see an old man
who has a jacket on that says, “Armenia 1915.” He is looking down at the bones and skulls of all
the people who had passed away, because of the genocide. He is remembering the times before
the massacres took place. The bottom left corner of the picture says “Genocide.” On the right
side of the picture, there’s a plane’s tip stuck in the wall. The writing on the wall read, “Turkish
Withdrawal of Support and Bases if Formally Accused of the Genocide by U.S.” The bottom
right side of the photo says, “Suicide.” The United States and Turkey are allies. The United
States has military bases set up in Turkey. Many nations have accepted the Armenian Genocide
and have blamed Turkey for killing one and half million innocent Armenians. Also if the United
States accepts the Genocide, Turkey will no longer be allies with the U.S. If the world’s largest

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accepts the Genocide, we can move closer to eventually having Turkey admit they did these
attacks on innocent, unarmed citizens.
The Armenian Genocide was a way for the Ottoman Empire to expand their lands. It was
a message to tell everyone what they are capable of doing. The Armenian Genocide is one of the
darkest days in Armenian History. I personally use it at as motivation, one day the truth will be
revealed and Turkey will get punished for their actions. We have fought for ninety nine years, we
will continue to fight for however long it takes until we get back what is ours. Turkey cannot
hide the truth forever, they are just digging themselves deeper in lies. The deeper they dig, the
harder it will be to come back out. We as Armenians will never give up we will always fight
until the end.