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Lyly So
Professor Holly Batty
English 113A
14 December 2014
Population Control in China through the One Child Policy

Introduction to Population Control in China
o China is the largest population in the world, taking 19% of the world with
1,367,940,000 people. To be able to start talking about a big issue in the
world, it started off with “The Postmortal” a novel by Drew Magary that is a
world of fiction and dystopia. China has the largest population in the world,
therefore controlling a large amount can be tough and because of that China
created a law called one-child policy to help limit the population growth.

What is One-Child Policy?
o One-Child Policy is a law created by China Former President Deng Xao Ping,
it is a law that any couple can only have one child, if not then will have to face
the penalties and only because it is a way to help control the over population
growth in China.

Summary of Population Control in China through One-Child Policy?
o One-child policy is a way to help control the population growth. In China,
there are large amount of population, and the laws are extremely strict because
China is a Communist country. In the early 1970s, former president Deng Xao
Ping created a law that only one child will be born for one couple. (Fend)
Within the first year that the law created, there were 6.1 millions couple that
follow the law and however receive a certificate for it. Soon later, there were
an increase of couple that follow the law and it is by 4.4 millions. However,

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since there is many couple that only gave birth to one child, there were a
situation, most are baby girls and many Chinese family however only want
baby boys. In results, former president Deng Xao Ping added the law to one
child policy that couples who had baby girl as first born can get a second
child, however if it’s not a boy they must eliminate the child. Back then, there
weren’t any technology or medical care that would help switch gender, but
now they did and many couple transgender their unborn child.

Why does Chinese Couples transgender their unborn child?
o In order to get a baby boy, many couple using transgender on the unborn
child. Many of Chinese couples using transgender to transfer their baby girl to
baby boy as soon as they found out about their baby gender. The reason is,
China only transfers the last name to a son and daughter must take husband’s
last name. Therefore in order to continue the generation, Chinese couple must
have a baby boy to keep their last name. (Sister Namibia)

What happened from 1970s to 2015?
o The population control through the one child policy was rough in the
beginning, but however China managed to controls this law very
smoothly. Surprisingly, the population growth and birth rate for China is
dropping over the past years. (Chen, Ling, and Gang Zhang) This also
continued with another example from “Child One Child Policy and the
changing family.” (Fend)

“China One Child Policy and the changing family” (Fend)
o An article shows the evidence of this situation, “China One Child Policy and
the changing family” (Fend), this article proven that one child policy still
going, but there are few changes in the near future. The power of the

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government can control anything in China, however not all provinces in China
are manage. The reason is some provinces protest that what happen their child
is not a baby boy or passed away, what do they do? The government then
figures out a way to solve this situation, but not all Chinese citizens agree to
the solution. As a consequence, the people of China claim that they don’t have
enough food or money to help raise another child. Therefore, there are
medication program and other programs that help support this kind of solution
that the government orders.

“China’s One-Child Policy rejects girls” (Sister Namibia)
o A seven months pregnant Feng Jia Mei, has been brutally beaten and force to
either pay a fine for having a second child that is a girl or get an abortion.
When she wasn’t able to pay the fine, and her husband was away, the officials
however force her into signing consent in a brutal way. Even though, the law
did claims that if a couple have a baby girl as a first born child then they are
allow to have second child, but unluckily for Feng she has a baby girl as
second unborn child.
o This leads to “The end of one-child policy in China”

“The end of one-child policy in China” (Reproductive Health Matters)
o In addition, to be able to solve and make One-Child Policy less more
complicated. The current President Xi Jin Ping however still in discuss that
there will be a change in the one-child policy. In which is changing into twochild policy, because there were many protest that many women go through
many hard times and many other reasons such as abortion or being brutally
beaten and even death. In result, the law “supposedly” should start in 2015,

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but there were some more contrast in the discussion because China is afraid of
economic and population growths.

Do you think there will be two-child policy law in 2015?
(Reproductive Health Matters)

In relation to “The Postmortal” a novel by Drew Magary
o “The Truth About China” (Magary, 225), where Chan (John’s Chinese
Foreign National) emailed John (Narrator of the novel/main character) about
what really happens in China. “Why would you write on his arm? -They had
tattooed it.” (Magary, 232) Apparently, China has ordered that every new born
child must have their arm or ankle tattoo with their birth date, therefore it is
easy to know what age they will be and be able to track down all the cure and
avoid it from spreading. When the policeman continued “This policy was just
institution by the Department of Containment.” (Magary, 232-233) shows the
power of the government in China and how they able to manage the
population. Supporting from it, there is a quote in the book say “It is the law!
We all must have it!” (Magary, 236) proven more that China can do whatever
they want in order to control their people even to take them down. “-threw me
to the floor. The doctor joined him in holding me down.” (Magary, 236) is
another quote that show the violent that China would do to their citizens in
order to fulfill their law. However, this is similar to the one-child policy in
China because the law is very strict and you must obey it, the way China
managed the country show that they are very high and powerful. Sadly, Chan
and his wife got arrested and there’s nothing John can do. This also show the
power of China and this relate to the article “China’s One-Child Policy rejects

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girls” (Sister Namibia) which shows the truth behind how China treats their

Self Opinion on One-Child Policy
o In my opinion, I find this way of population control is very smart, but at the
same time uncomfortable. The reason is, like in the article say what if the baby
passed away, they did solve the problem, but what about in the future where
the child passed away in accident or other, and the parents are elders what can
the government do. In the end, I would rather not have one-child policy as a
law, because it can turn out to be very brutal and many things can go wrong.
o There are many other ways that China controlled their population, but
however I think perhaps they would consider change their law a little more
because not only the people in China dislike the law, but so as other places
such as Cambodia or Thailand.

o In able to control a large amount of population, China finds a way to help
reduce the population growth though one-child policy created since early
1970s by China Former President Deng Xao Ping. There are many articles or
news that talk about the law of one-child policy. However, all of these articles
show the counterargument that, even the people of China tries to defend the
law, there are others that is against the law. The reason is, many brutal and
deaths were happening therefore people protest against the law because they
want to defend for women. In similarity to “The Postmortal” Chan and his
wife or other women patients didn’t like the idea of how they tattoo babies
arm. However, in the end the officials have more power than Chan, his wife

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and other patients. Lastly, one-child policy is a very big bio political issue in
China and to me there should be a new change to it.

What do you think, should there be new law or should the law stay the

To me, I think they should keep the law the same, but perhaps
making it less strict and less brutal.

Should one-child policy be removed or not?

One-child policy is a brilliant idea, but it is really helping the
population from growing? I think it only helps for a little more,
because people will eventually go against the law.

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