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Tyee Thunder

Tyee Thunder

Tyee Middle School

November 3, 2014

Q: What starts with “t”, is
filled with “t”, and ends in

Volume 1, Issue 1

History of Halloween

Other western countries embraced the

Reenah Gwak

holiday in the late twentieth century

Halloween is a holiday celebrated

Canada, Puerto Rico and the United

Halloween comes from hallows eve.

Kingdom as well as of Australia and New

A: A teapot!

Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic

Q: If the electric train is
going south, which way is the
smoke going?

souls of the dead roamed the streets and

A: There’s no smoke, it’s an
electric train!

including Ireland, the United States,

on the night of October 31st.The word

holiday of Samhain. The Celts believed the
villages at night. Since not all spirits were
thought to be friendly, gifts and treats
were left out to pacify the evil and ensure
next year’s crops would be plentiful. This

Zealand. Some people view Halloween as
a time for fun, putting on costumes,
trick-or-treating, and having theme
parties. Others view it as a time of
superstitions, ghosts, goblins and evil
spirits that should be avoided at all costs.

custom evolved into trick-or-treating. The

It was originally a pagan holiday,

Q: A man leaves home, turns
left three times, only to
return home facing two men
wearing masks. Who are
those two men?

bonfires that are created as one of the

honoring the dead. Halloween was

traditions are made to attract bugs which

referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates

attracts bats. The festival of Samhain is a

back to over 2000 years ago. Typical

celebration of the end of the harvest

Halloween festivals are trick-of-treating,

season in Gaelic culture. Samhain was a

costume parties, making jack-o’- lanterns,

A: The catcher and

stock of supplies and prepare for winter.

Inside This Issue
History……………………Page 1

time used by the ancient pagans to take
The ancient Gaels believed that on

their houses with all kinds of different

worlds of the living and the dead
overlapped and the deceased would come
sickness or damaged crops. Irish and

things. People enjoy Halloween because of
sweets and the fun they have. Children

This Issue:
and adults enjoy Halloween every year,

Scottish immigrants carried versions of the

Stories……………………Page 2

bobbing, and visiting hunted house
attractions. People also enjoys decorating

October 31, the boundaries between the

back to life and cause havoc such as

lighting bonfires, divination, and apple

no matter what.

tradition to North America in the
nineteenth century.


Perspective……………Page 3



Chereen Kwon

Chereen Kwon

Support…………………Page 3

Soondus Qaddoura

Soondus Qaddoura

We hope you enjoy!

Rachel Hu

Buyong Kim
Eugene Song
Jackson Shwartz

Lead Editor and Manager
Ms. Nissen
More Articles
Krista Mainard
Peyton Wood

Chang’e and Hou Yi
By: Buyong Kim and Eugene Song
A long ago, in ancient China, there was ten Suns, instead of one. Crops, plants, people, and animals
barely survived because of the humidity. There was an archer, Hou Yi who was well known for his great talent
with his bow and arrow. He had a wife named Chang’e who supported him very well. With his wife and his
braveness Hou Yi shooted the Suns except for one. One day, the queen of heavens gave Hou Yi an elixir, a drink
that makes them immortal right away. It was also for only one person. Hou Yi doesn’t want to be separated with
Chang’e so Hou Yi asked Chang’e to keep it safe for him. One of his students, Feng Meng, wanted to steal the
elixir. While, Hou Yi went hunting with the other students, Feng Meng sneaked up to Chang’e and threatened
her to give the elixir. Knowing that Chang’we can’t beat Feng Meng, Chang’e drank it herself and immediately
flew higher, and higher until to the moon. Hou Yi missed her dearly and forgave her for drinking the elixir.

Fickle Pickle (part 1)
By: Chereen Kwon
Fickle Pickle lived in a grocery store. He was a
rather large, huge, ginormous pickle. In fact, he could
just climb out of the jar he was in! So one day, he was
really bored and he slowly climbed out of the jar and
started lumbering through the store. Then, he started
knocking things down, such as cereal boxes, milk
cartons, chips, etc. Then the store manager got mad and
started yelling, and calling the pickle some unflattering
names. So, he thought that that it would be best to leave.
He decided to go to the park because almost everything
in the park was green, like him. On the way there, he
spied a newspaper on the ground. It said:


He thought this was really silly, so he ate the
When he got to the park, he laid down in the
shade of an oak tree, and fell asleep. When he
woke up, he was in a jar again! Someone had
seen him, and caught him while he was sleeping.
Now, Fickle Pickle didn’t like the idea of being
cooped up again. He started throwing a tantrum
inside the jar. The glass and lid blocked all the
sound, and to the person looking in, it looked
like he was doing laps or something inside the
jar. He flailed around so much, that the person
who caught him called him Psycho Pickle. He
stayed in there for quite some time, until the
person stupidly left the jar open and he escaped

To be Continued...

Help Stop World Hunger
By: Krista Mainard and Peyton Wood

Did you know that 842 million people in the world
do not eat enough to be healthy? That’s 1 out of 8.
If you would like to find out how to stop that, you
should keep reading. As a kid, it is kind of hard to
help, so we have come up with 5 easy steps for you
to follow to accomplish these goals.
Play For every correct answer, 10
grains of rice are donated to hungry people
Donate food to Homeless Shelters
Give away your leftover food to hungry or poor
people in your neighborhood
Donate every one of your spare coins to a hungry
person somewhere in the world
Participate in The Tyee We Scare Away Hunger
food gathering by putting canned food in the bins
in the hallways from the dates October 21st –
November 7th
With your support we could we could help save the
10 million kids that are dangerously underweight
from poverty. One fed person, could help one
hungry person. If everyone pitched in, we could do
the world a favor.
So please, follow the 5 easy steps to help save the
30.000 children that die each day from hunger.

Soondus Qaddoura

Newspaper Club

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Alive, How Would he
Treat Muslims?
On almost every news channel you flip to, all you hear
is: “Muslims are terrorists”… Have you ever thought or
pondered how do Muslims feel about this? Is this really
how all Muslims are? Well I am writing this article from
a Muslims point of view…
As I roam the hallways of our school, I feel stares
pressing on my back because I wear my hijab

“Did you see the little freak?” a girl asks her friends.
“You shouldn’t have been born!” shouts another. Curses
follow me throughout my middle school hallways….
Have you ever felt that you couldn’t bear it anymore?
That’s how I felt… I AM A HUMAN BEING! Everyone
should be treated respectfully like a human being. We
should be united as humans.
I have never been a racist person and never will be… It
is disappointing that some of us choose to be prejudice.
Our school should be an exciting place for everyone to
learn, grow, and play.
My message to everyone is that we should treat others
the way we want to be treated. I wear a veil of humility
to be modest and show my love towards god. I am not
ashamed, I am proud! My headscarf is a sign of freedom,
not oppression. Not every Muslim is a terrorist, just like
not every Christian or Jew is a terrorist. One bad apple
does not make everyone a bad apple!
My message to everyone is that Muslims are humans and
have feelings; we are lovers not extremists. World peace
is our goal so let us make the world a better place by
treating one another with more respect and compassion.