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Every language gives the opportunity to human to see the world in a different way.

is more important than learning a new language is how to effectively think, write, and read. As
an english as a second language student, I have a long way to be skilled and fluent at english
language. English 113A was a challenging course that improved my writing, reading, and critical
thinking skills.
I improved my writing ability during three progressions of this course. I learned how to
write the proposal, sentence outline, and also annotated bibliography for my essays. Experience
of writing narrative, exemplification, and argumentative essays helped me to be more confident
for upcoming essays in my academic career. I also learned how to write a specified thesis
statement, have counter argument, and use quote sandwich in my essay to make it stronger and
more sophisticated. I found that grammar and editing errors are my two major weaknesses in
english writing. I hope that they improve by the time that I am working on my english language.
I also have to avoid writing vague sentences in my paragraph by sticking to one point during the
whole paragraph. I will apply all the information that I have learned in this course to write more
effective essays.
Reading assignments in a definite time, improved my reading skills. I learned how to read
effectively and critically during the summarizing assignments of this course. I acquainted with
the process of pre reading, annotating, and summarizing while I was reading the text. Also,
reading journals helped me to write my expressions, questions, feeling, and comments about
some part of passage that was exciting or confusing for me. My reading speed significantly
increased during the lots of reading assignments in this semester. It was an important approach
for me as an ESL student. I found out that I have to extend my english vocabulary; because,

looking up the words in dictionary is a reason for decreasing reading speed. I will apply
whatever I learned about reading critically and summarizing the passages in my future courses.
English 113A was not only good for my writing and reading skills, but I improved my
critical thinking ability in this course as well. I learned how to analyze my passage rhetorically in
this course. Acquitting with rhetorical appeals helped me to figure out the credibility of the writer
of passage; I also learned how to use ethos, pathos, and logos in my essay in order to make it
more reliable. I practiced finding out the rhetorical situations such as purpose of writing, style,
audience, and genre that the writer chose for his passage; it was interesting that how these factors
helped me to understand the passage better. I also learned how to write a specified thesis for
making an effective and argumentative essay.
English 113A helped me to work on my english skills through various assignments. It
was a challenging and informative course that provided me lots of useful and practical materials
for writing and reading and thinking effectively. Applying this course`s material for me is an
important factor for being successful in the academic career.