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The Misplacement of Those Who are Considered Different

Classism is defined as a negative or biased attitude due to the distinctions made between social
classes. In the book The Postmortal, Drew Magary highlights the topic by describing the actions and
attitudes people have toward “the cure”. I believe that classism destroys the world due to the
categories that society has invented in our minds. Classism is presented in the book through religious
beliefs and the attitudes people have toward the cure. Classism is expressed in numerous amounts of
ways, a few examples would be through social class, sexual preference, and racism.
The economy easily breaks down people into a certain class to define whether should be known as
someone to remember or someone who can easily be forgotten. People who are wealthy are able to
take advantage of the class they are put in, which is of course the superior class. They are able to buy
what they want and need without having doubts and worries on how they would be able to pay the
essentials for the next month. “‘What did it cost?’” Seven thousand bucks’ … ‘that’s nothing! That’s less
than nothing! I once expensed a tab at Lusardi’s that was bigger than that!’” (Margary, 16). The quote is
about John receiving the cure and his friend Katy being able to convince him to tell her about the
procedure. Once John told Katy how much he paid she made the amount seem as if it can be easily
earned and spent while others are waiting for the cure to be legalized and economically affordable for
them to receive.
The article “The Purge: Anarchy- an Unlikely Allegorical Franchise”, by Jonathan Kim, also relates to
the real world by demonstrating how once one has wealth, not only can they receive what they wish but
they can also have more safety than those who live in the streets without affording a simple weapon to
protect them from danger. The Purge: Anarchy, released on July 2014, is about how the government
grants an annual 12 hour period that allows all crime, including murder, legal without the help of the
police, hospital, etc. During the annual purge, people tend to go out and kill others, mainly those who
have no shelter or weapons to protect them, since they believe that “purging” would be the ideal way to
cleanse away their sins.
Others, however, believe that having a social class will motivate people to work hard to receive more
money. Although they prove a good point on the motivation people might get because of the money, I
still believe that social class should be abolished for those who society put in the bottom of the class.
People that come from a different country looking for a better life are put in the bottom of the class
because of the jobs that are limited to. Many do not have an education or even speak the language and
struggle everyday trying to not only earn enough money for them but also for their families. Social class
brings out classism by showing that once a person is on top of the class, nothing can touch them and
they should be respected as royalty while the rest should not be worth remembering.
Sexual preference demonstrates classism when homosexuality became well known to society.
Homosexuality at first was rejected not only by the church but also the public that believed it was wrong
for one to fall in love with the same gender. Many that are not religious believed that homosexuality
was a mental illness or considered them as “confused”. Those who are religious believed that
homosexuals are sinners and will go to hell for disobeying God’s creation and view of a man and women
being together. In chapters 18 of Leviticus there is a verse saying “you shall not lie with a male as with a
woman, it is an abomination”.

Due to these beliefs, homosexuals were not only ignored but were put into a class where many
categorized them as confused, sinners or mental-illness people. Since many people did not accept their
beliefs of falling in love with the same gender, a lot of homosexuals committed suicide to stop others
from making fun of them. An example would be how this teenage boy was a catholic and found out that
he was gay so he told his parents and they neglected and called him a sinner due to his attraction to
males. The teenager felt so ashamed and hated himself to the point where he committed suicide in his
church. Due to how they were treated, not only did they feel out of place in the area they lived but they
began to be ashamed of themselves to the point where they decided to end their lives instead of staying
in a world where there is so much hate. However this type of classism has been vanishing which is
amazing because now homosexuality has been accepted by many, but religion still ignores them and
continue to follow the path of God.
Racism expresses the division of people whether they should be superior to others or be seen as those
who should leave and go back to their “own countries”. Society has created this vision to people that
whites should be known as the superior race while other races should just simply be submissive and go
back to their countries. In the article Young People and Racism, Alexandra Rosas emphasizes how
children should all be treated equal and deserve happiness in their lives no matter what their ethnicity
is. “Their parents want for them the same as all parents do: opportunity for education, health care,
employment. We're born craving love and acceptance.” This relates to everyone wanting to belong in a
place where they can call home with no worries of their background.
Due to racism, there has been many issues in which a different race will begin to use stereo types in
order to make another racial group to see if they will be able to dominate that group and become
superior. There has also been issues in which people misjudge others due to the color of their skin. An
example would be if a cop is driving down a ghetto street and see a white man with tattoos and a
Hispanic man with tattoos the police officer will most likely pull over the Hispanic man. Or if an African
American is wearing a hoodie and baggie pants walking down the street then many would believe he is
selling drugs. So not only can racism take a part in making people compete against each other to be the
dominant race but it also causes many to think racist in their mind once seeing a person with a different
ethnicity than theirs. Racism is a part of classism since it separates people from their ethnicity which is
nonsense because everyone should have the right not only to be treated equally but to also be happy in
life with their families.
Economy separates the public by placing people in classes depending on the amount of money they
make and giving more opportunities to those who me more than others. Religious beliefs separate
people by bringing out how God made the world and for those who disobey his creation to not be
allowed into heaven. Racism brings out the separation of the public due to how society views on which
ethnicity should be known as the dominant race. I believe that classism only brings chaos into the world
and will not help society at all, so if there is a chance to abolish it then I will strongly advise people to
take that chance.