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Film Analysis Checklist

Writer _T.j_Harris___

Editor __Monica_Cruz____

To be completed by the editor:
1. Does your writer include the following thesis statement from the instructions for the
assignment? If so, please write it below and state if they need to clarify the statement.
Thesis Statement: Overall, I would have to say Dalton, in the movie ‘Road House’ follows joseph Campbell’s
monomyth of the hero by separation from his willingness to do what others would not wish to do.
There’s only one supporting statement for the thesis.
2. Is there a topic sentence for each paragraph to introduce each statement/point that
was listed within their thesis statement? (Hint: there should be three supporting
statements from the thesis).
a. If so, write those three topic sentences below (hint: The first sentence of each
body paragraph that discusses a phase). Make a suggestions for any
improvement on their topic sentences.
b. If the first sentence of each body paragraph does not match the thesis points,
make suggestions as to how they can incorporate or create a topic sentence to
match their thesis points. Does your writer properly include MLA citations, quotes,
and paraphrasing within their essay?
There is only one supporting statement in the thesis. Each topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph
doesn’t seem to match the thesis. Maybe if you added on to the thesis, your topic sentences for each sentence
would make more sense.
3. Does the writer simply list out definitions and examples for each of the cycles within the
three phases throughout the essay?
a. If so, give them feedback how they can better support their three points by
using the stories from the text to support their reasons. What quotes might they
include from the text? (Hint: You may have to review the text a bit)
b. If not, then give them feedback on what quotes from Campbell’s text need
further clarity and explanation to provide better evidence for the supporting
The writer relates what he talks about in each paragraph to Joseph Campbell’s Hero of a thousand faces. He
uses comparisons like the princess and the frog story for the departure of his character.

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4. Is there a Works Cited page that lists the sources correctly and is organized in the
proper format? Is set up to list Joseph Campbell’s text and the film discussed?
a. If so, make any comments about correcting their “Works Cited” page.
b. If not, let them know what they need to do? (If you need help with MLA, please
visit the Purdue Owl for further clarification)
There is no works cited page. Don’t forget to add the works cited page because you’re
quoting from Joseph Campbell’s book. Also, make sure you do in-text citation correctly
when citing in your film analysis.
5. After reviewing the transitions list, provide at least 6 or more possible solutions or
improvements to the writer’s essay. (Hint: They definitely need one at the beginning of
each paragraph).
a. Add the transitions to their essay and include the list the transitions you
suggested below.
Transitions words found: Once, and, but.
I thought the essay itself was good with transitioning.

To be completed by the writer
6. Create new or revise your topic sentences for each of your supporting points and
match them to the ones you listed in your thesis statement.
a. If you did use the template, see if you can add more clarification to the thesis
b. If you did not use the thesis statement from the essay instructions. Please use the
template and fill in the blanks before creating your topic sentences.
7. Review “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” chapters we read for this module and locate
at least 6 or more quotes you may use from the stories/examples Campbell discussed
in the Hero’s Journey chapter. Consider what items will help you support your analysis
of your film hero’s experience. (This cannot be steps and their meanings… look at real
stories discussed)

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a. If you already included some of these quotes from Campbell’s stories in your
essay, please add them here and any new additional quotes. Please provide an
explanation as to where you would use them in your essay and what example
will they support
b. If not, please list all 6 or more new quotes for your essay. Please provide an
explanation as to where you would use the quote in your essay and what
example will they support?

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