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Clinton Best

10110 Charterwood Dr. Apt E305 Houston, TX 77070

Phone: (325) 320 2715
Granted fulltime Co-op after a successful 2012 internship designing SharePoint application. Goals to
broaden skills in Software Development while gaining relevant experience in the tech industry. Proven
ability to handle pressures while maintaining focus necessary to succeed in projects under a deadline.
Exceptional aptitude for quickly mastering new skills and technology.
DeVry University

Graduation: Sept

Degree: Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.84
Work Experience
HP Automation Development Lighthouse Notebook R and D
(November 2014 - Present)

Developing Coded UI test automation

o Working with multiple development teams to implement an automated test suite
o Created Jobs through Jenkins that are built and moved to multiple development servers
o Practicing Agile development methodologies with several sprint teams
o Finished several sprints of documentation and testing
HP Internship Pulsar/IRS/Excalibur Team Desktop R and D
(June 2012- October 2014)

Developing web application with C#/JQuery in a .ASPX/MVC environment

o Working with leaders in marketing and supply chain teams to bring in user suggestions
o Developing pages based on user needs and user requests for internal use by all business
o Practicing Agile development methodologies with several sprint teams
o Completed multiple SCRUM agile training courses through Grow@HP
o Finished several sprints of documentation and testing
Designed and wrote user update application in C# for maintaining a working user database with
current teams internal tool site.
o Checks user information table with HP directory
o Can be updated remotely or through service upon database update trigger
Designed and developed windows form application in C# to monitor server availability
o Checks and sends status notifications to administrators
o Currently monitors 8 servers within the IRS/Excalibur Teams
o Designed for use with any team who has internal databases/servers
Migrated SharePoint sites from legacy builds to the current SharePoint release as well as built
several internal SharePoint sites.
o Migrated IRS Team site from 2007 to 2012 SharePoint which helps 1500 active users.
o System Engineering Portal

Front Desk Agent Rodeway INN

(June 2011- June 2012)
Sales Associate JcPenney
(May 2009 April 2011)

Skill Set
C++, C# , Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ruby, .ASPX, MVC, SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Visual
Studio 2010/2012, Windows, Android, FreeLinux, webOS, TFS 2012, Git, PowerShell, Bash
Experience with waterfall and Agile (SCRUM) development methodology.

High level understanding of computer hardware, circuits, and logic circuits.