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Marketing Monday Marketing 2.0 Course

Marketing Monday Marketing 2.0 Course

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Brochure of the coure 'Marketing 2.0'
Brochure of the coure 'Marketing 2.0'

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Published by: Richard van Hooijdonk on Jan 10, 2010
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‘1 m 5,0 ar 00 ke te ins rs pi so red fa r’

‘Marketing 2.0’ Course

Unique course: 1 year, 10 days and 10 important topics.

• Objectives 2.0 • Target Groups 2.0 • Product Development 2.0 • Branding 2.0 • Social Branding 2.0 • Cross Media 2.0 • Web Presence 2.0 • Marketing Intelligence 2.0 • Marketing IT 2.0 • Organisation, resources and culture 2.0

Course initiator: Richard van Hooijdonk Director, MarketingMonday
Former marketing director and author of the book ‘On to Marketing 2.0’, speaker at many national and international conferences. He is also a lecturer at SRM/Erasmus and a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.


In 10 days, learn how to completely adapt your own organisation's strategy to the new marketing economy. Maximum 18 participants. The programme lasts 8-10 months. In just 1 year, become a Marketer 2.0!

step-by-step plans, so that you can then take your own first steps towards a successful marketing 2.0 approach. During the course, you will also put theory into practice yourself under the guidance of Marketing 2.0 specialists. You will be inspired to get started with Marketing 2.0 yourself immediately afterwards.

All-in-one Achieve better results through the use of Marketing 2.0. Discover ‘The New Marketing Cycle’: a tried and tested method.
Under the guidance of leading instructors and marketing professionals, marketers learn how to apply marketing 2.0 in practice based on ‘The New Marketing Cycle’. This programme effectively eliminates the need for countless one-off courses and brings together the various components of the commercial strategy in a single clearMarketing and communication are changing drastically! Consumer behaviour is changing as a result of new technological developments. This has far-reaching consequences for the (commercial) strategy of companies, brands, organisations and institutions. The changing consumers and citizens are more assertive, imposing new requirements on brands, products, communication, distribution and sales. Loyalty and branding are being given new meaning and the marketing dialogue is changing too. The way in which companies establish and maintain relationships will also be completely transformed, and existing marketing methods will be replaced.

What can you expect from the Marketing 2.0 course?
• You will discover new segmentation methods and customer insights • You will develop successful, target group-oriented product propositions • You will learn how to turn a brand into a ‘personal brand’ with Social Branding • You will discover and apply the power of Social Media • You will develop a cross and Social Media communication strategy • You will develop a new vision of your website with Web Presence 2.0 • You will discover the power of marketing intelligence within Marketing 2.0. • You will be given tools to successfully implement Marketing 2.0 within your own organisation

A complete grasp of Marketing 2.0 in just 10 days!
Companies require new knowledge and need to acquire experience. Competitors and markets are ready to pounce. It is both essential and profitable to do something about knowledge and concrete skills. The ‘Marketing 2.0 in practice’ course ‘injects’ new (profit) opportunities for marketers, companies, entrepreneurs and organisations. The course lasts one year, during which you will receive intensive Marketer 2.0 training over 10 days. We present numerous case studies, examples and

cut, practical and powerful programme. The programme was developed with the issues facing management, marketers and communication specialists in mind. Consequently, the programme content responds seamlessly to daily problems, challenges and opportunities. ‘The New Marketing Cycle’ method developed by Richard van Hooijdonk has been successfully applied at major national and international enterprises for years. The ‘Marketing 2.0 in practice’ course is the first programme to integrate the innovation of the entire commercial strategy in a valuable, practical and educational programme for marketing professionals. The programme was developed at the request of marketers and organisations.

The carefully planned programme contains all the elements which are necessary for the commercial strategy 2.0. The various elements of the programme fit in seamlessly with one another, producing an approach which can be put to use immediately at the end of the course. Day 1 Inspiration for marketing innovation Your passion, your inspiration. Day 2 Objectives 2.0: the important starting point of every strategy. Target groups 2.0: segmentation and customer insights. Day 3 Product development 2.0: developing target group-oriented product propositions. Combine information, techniques, modules, add-ons and online services into a unique offer. Day 4 From branding to experience 2.0: how to get your brand to not only reach but also really ‘touch’ the customer. Plus: a free crash course in internal selling. Day 5/6 Social Branding and Social Media 2.0: the profitable sticking power of weblogs, widgets, personal videos, games, forums, polls for brands, products and organisations. How do you use them? How do you develop profitable communities? How do you combine internal and external social media? How do you organise a good social media strategy? Day 7 Web Presence 2.0: how do I develop a website that ‘sticks’ and converts? How can personas, content, tools and web IT create a profitable web presence? Day 8 Cross Media 2.0: how do I combine offline/ online/social media into a cross media communication strategy tailored to the target group? Day 9 Marketing Intelligence 2.0, Marketing IT 2.0 and new distribution 2.0 Day 10 Final presentation of case studies by all the groups. Marketing 2.0 award ceremony

• Including teaching material, online environment, generous 2.0 dinners • Free weekly marketing 2.0 trend newsletter • Free marketing 2.0 helpdesk for 1 year • In-company course: different rates

Unique method: listening, doing and presenting!
The course is based on a unique approach developed by MarketingMonday. The initial focus is inspiration, after which participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to securely anchor the method within their organisation. The programme design is highly dynamic. First and foremost, the participants are supplied with knowledge (‘hear it’). Next, under the guidance of specialists and working in case teams, they get to work and start discovering the new opportunities on their own (‘do it’). Ongoing team presentations (‘present it’) are part of the programme. The participants learn how to evaluate, critique and enhance during these presentations. The interaction between the groups is especially educational, and participants find it extremely valuable. Companies often have the opportunity to share their own case studies and issues for discussion. The programme is organised on a monthly basis in order to give team members time to meet up to perform the assignments in between sessions.

The New Marketing Cycle©
Web Presence 2.0
More and more consumers are being directed to your website by cross media campaigns. Is your online presence suitably personal, functional and decisive? Are you able to convert visitors online by using minisites, weblog concepts and applications? And are you also able to profile visitors who do not take any action in order to work on them later? Has the content on your site been personalised? Have you already thought about web 2.0 applications as a part of your online presentation?

Objectives 2.0

Objectives are the foundation of ambition. Are you formulating specific objectives for brand value, maintenance or for up selling, cross selling and deep selling? Or for each communication tool, communication flow (cross media), product or product group? For online traffic, click and request behaviour, mobile response or viral effects? effectively specified objectives ensure good monitoring and considerably better marketing results.

Target Groups 2.0 Multichannel 2.0

Have you figured out which target groups are potentially relevant? Do you have the right customer insights to perhaps allow you to address new target groups or serve existing groups far more effectively? Customers and prospects are more open to an intelligent target group approach than ever before.

Consumers use different channels (Internet, telephone, print and personal) during the various phases of the sales process. Is the design and output of the channels adapted to your customers’ wishes? Is the relationship between the profits and costs of the various channels healthy? Have you thought about channel innovation as a way to lower the costs and boost profits?

Product Development 2.0
Technological developments mean that marketing will change drastically in the coming years. Marketing 1.0 will give way to Marketing 2.0, with consequences for the commercial strategy. NeW PROMISING CUSTOMeRS

Products and services that meet a specific need are successful. Are you using the right customer insights to develop target-group products that really stand out? Are you applying co-creation to involve your customers in the development of products and services that they will purchase from you in the future? Do you have the courage to hand over a certain amount of control in exchange for distinctive products, services and propositions that really stand out?


Distribution 2.0
Consumers decide where they buy their products. They may buy from dealers, directly or from other distribution partners. Consumers like to buy products based on a good relationship with the ‘sender’. As such, distribution partners offer powerful opportunities for working together and in some cases have more loyal ties with the end user. You can take advantage of these ties. Fast action is required! Right now dozens of long-term agreements are being made between powerful distribution partners and companies in various sectors.

Branding 2.0


Marketing Intelligence 2.0
Solid knowledge about the competition, customer needs, customer value, lifetime cycle, prospects and detailed marketing results is crucial. Are you using this knowledge to develop analyses and scenarios that give you better results? Here, one could mention new and promising target groups, lower sales costs, higher conversion or more efficient marketing communication.

Consumers are more assertive, fickle and less loyal. Is your brand distinctive, does it inspire trust, and does it have the advantage of status and appreciation? Is your brand ready for the new consumer who demands accessibility, transparency, multi channelling, cross media and the dialogue with your brand as a prerequisite for doing business with you?

TeChnOlOgy IS ChAngIng MedIA

Social Branding 2.0

Marketing IT 2.0
Marketing technologises. This means that we need new technology in order to facilitate new marketing. examples include web 2.0 applications, content management, campaign management systems, intelligent CRM and good solutions for marketing intelligence. It requires sophisticated knowledge and close cooperation between marketing & IT.

Social Branding increases involvement on the part of customers and business associates. We need to ‘coax’ this involvement by actively and interactively involving the customer in relevant issues. This enables customers to participate, create, distribute or even evangelise. In order to achieve this we introduce social media, which allows customers to share, appreciate and create. We use internal and external social media to do so, incorporating them into our cross media communication mix. In the years ahead, Social Marketing will become the marketer’s most powerful tool: it is cheaper, faster and more effective.

Sales 2.0
Nearly 75% of consumers say that they prefer to do business with companies that offer self service. They want to take care of business and deal with transactions on their own, without interruption, on and off line. Have you adapted the self service level of your service to your target group’s wishes? Which forms of self service contribute to the commercial strategy?

Cross Media Communication 2.0

Organisation and culture
A new approach to marketing requires a change in thinking and working. To this end, MarketingMonday has developed a special method, which so far has been applied successfully many times in organisations of all sizes. The method relies on inspiration, transfer of knowledge, skills and safeguarding within your organisation.

In the quest for products and services, cross media communication delivers the best results. Are your marketers equipped to make the right combinations of offline and online marketing and competently oversee them? Is there sufficient knowledge about the content, effect and structure of cross media campaigns? Over 60% of all marketing activities concerning maintenance and cross selling, up selling and deep selling can be automated so that your customers and prospects receive their own individual campaign based on behavioural triggers. Have you already become acquainted with event-driven techniques and discovered how easily results can be improved quickly?

“MarketingMonday has really succeeded in getting people to take action.” The whole group is 1000% inspired and has gained a lot of new knowledge and ideas, some of which are already being implemented.” Marie-Jose van Den Boomgaard, marketing manager, KPN/Hi

We will answer the following questions during the Marketing 2.0 course:

“It's rare to take part in a programme which so clearly combines concrete business goals and the old and new marketing.” Hedwig Wassing, director, euro Relais

• • Which target and sub-target groups will help me meet my
Which objectives suit the new marketing economy? objectives?

• How do I gain customer insights and what can I use them for? • What do customers and prospects need to stay

“For my work, I regularly attend various presentations, seminars and workshops. But ‘On to Marketing 2.0’ was a real eye-opener and the best course I have seen in quite some time. Thank you!” Ron Grevink, marketing director, ReS software

• How do I develop a product proposition that stands out? • How do I involve customers, fans and target groups in the (co)
creation of new products and services?

• From branding to an experience: how can social branding act
as an extension of my regular branding?

“If generating enthusiasm is the 2.0 buzzword, you couldn't find anyone better suited to the task than the speakers from MarketingMonday. They think big, wide and outside the box. enjoy the ride!” Job Koopman, Strategy Director, marketing agency etcetera

• How do I incorporate social media as part of a cross media

How do I combine weblogs, Twitter, video, widgets and RSS feeds, for example, with my existing media? How do I determine the best cross media combination?

• • How can I enter into a worthwhile customer dialogue
between the database, the web, the email inbox, the mailbox and the customer?

“MarketingMonday summarises the developments in the marketing arena extremely well during the Marketing 2.0 course, teaching you how to respond to these changes as effectively as possible... Highly practical and inspirational.” Robert Gijsbers, Albert Heijn

• How can I automate 1:1 marketing with event-driven

• What does website 2.0 look like? What type of content and
tools do I use to ensure sticking power and conversion?

• How do I design marketing intelligence (web/customer/

market/campaign) in a way that effectively uses the entire body of knowledge? “MarketingMonday's Marketing 2.0 course is truly inspirational. It's enthusiastic and passionate. The course really ‘grips’ the participants. I can thoroughly recommend both the course and MarketingMonday. ” Liesbeth Janssen, Standaard Uitgeverij, Belgium

• How do I add to customer profiles and what can I do with

• Which new forms of distribution will the new marketing
economy bring me? And what should I do with them?

• How can the marketing and sales departments work together
more effectively?

What will the Marketing 2.0 course give me? • Insight into the core process and all relevant details
of the commercial strategy 2.0

Who is giving the seminar?
The course was developed by Richard van Hooijdonk (1968). He has been the marketing director of various organisations both in the Netherlands and abroad and is currently a popular speaker and presenter at international conferences. He is also a (guest) lecturer at SRM/erasmus and Nyenrode. In recent years, Richard van Hooijdonk has grown into one of the leading Dutch consultants in the field of Marketing 2.0. His inspirational seminars are very popular and have been attended by more than 15,000 people.

• Insight into the new developments within the commercial strategy 2.0

• The practical skills you need to apply these new
developments in case studies

• The skills you need to work together in teams and
achieve results quickly.

Who is the programme aimed at?
This Masterclass is aimed at marketing managers, product managers and company commercial managers. It also offers many opportunities for the marketing and communication staff of government, healthcare and charitable bodies.

Marketing 2.0 course for individual participants
The course will shortly be offered as an ‘open programme’ too. This will give you the opportunity to sign up on an individual basis and work on various case studies as a team with employees from other companies. The maximum number of participants in a programme is 18. The programme lasts 1 year and features 10 meetings held between 2 pm and 10 pm. The programme includes a generous dinner. Course participants will be given access to an online environment, enabling them to apply e-learning during the course and work together online.

high quality
The MarketingMonday programmes are based on knowledge, practice and the many internal and external sources of inspiration. The high quality of the programmes is guaranteed by the ongoing practical experience gained by the MarketingMonday course lecturers for the various programmes. every day, our lecturers also give organisations practical help with the shift to new marketing, new media and new techniques. This knowledge and experience (as well as the case studies) therefore create strong, practical and high-quality foundations for all the participants.

Marketing 2.0 course for companies
Companies, institutions and organisations can use the programme for their commercial, marketing or communication departments. The programme can be applied in this way to adapt the strategy of organisations based on actual case studies. This puts theory and practice hand in hand, and ownership can be directly assigned to the right people. The maximum number of participants in a programme is 24. The programme lasts 1 year and features 10 meetings over the course of the year. The number of days, times and content of the programme can be tailored to the company's requirements. Course participants will be given access to an online environment, enabling them to apply e-learning during the course and work together online.

More information?
Visit www.marketingmonday.nl for current information or call 020-6541941.

Then visit our website (www.marketingmonday.nl) to see details of our inspirational and informative meetings or call 020-6514941.

Summary • Valuable Marketing 2.0 course • In 1 year, become a Marketer 2.0! • You will learn how to apply marketing 2.0 • Numerous case studies, step-by-step plans and examples • Highly experienced lecturers and speakers • You can bring in case studies from your own business • Also suitable as an in-company programme • Our courses and masterclasses are given all over the world

Just some of the companies who have gone before you:

Richard van Hooijdonk
Marketing ‘‘ Thetrain a new 2.0 course will class of top marketers’ ’’

You can also call us on +31 (0)20 6541941. To contact us directly, please call

+31 (0)6 41330000.

For further information about the marketing 2.0 course, please visit: www.marketingmonday.nl
evert van de Beekstraat 310 1118 CX Schiphol-Centrum T +31(0)20 6541941 F +31 (0)84 7163822 e info@marketingmonday.nl www.marketingmonday.nl

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