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min Valencia
10 billion, 20 billion, no 56 billion! This is the number of animals that are being killed
today for human consumption (animal equality, 2014). Chickens, cows, and pigs are being
slaughtered and tortured on a daily basis without any remorse. People have to eat! Many
corporations excuse themselves, but is it okay how the animals are being treated along the
process? The animals in the farms, are being crammed into filthy windowless sheds, gestation
crates, barren dirt lots, and other cruel confinement systems. (People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals, 2014). The animals dont get to experience a natural life style. Since the day they are
born to the day they die the animals are processed to benefit the human consumption.

Today the laws that help the farm animals, only relief a portion of the problem. The
Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act only applies when an animal is being slaughtered;
the act requires that animal is unconscious prior to being killed. The 28 hour law in the other
hand states that the animal being transported for slaughter must be let out for air and exercise
every 28 hours. Yet no law has been established to help the conditions the animals live in the
farms. So a system of cameras that is regulated by the law that cannot be altered by the large
industries would be great benefit to the farm animals.
The cameras would be placed in the farms, to monitor the treatment and processed of the
animals, and this would create a secure environment to the animals that are being held captive.
The system of cameras would require for a designated organization to monitor the treatment of
the animal, and if the organizations sees that the industry is braking the regulation the designated
organization should have such power to give out a fine to the corporation to stop the abuse. With
this said the system of cameras would require a monetary support for the cameras, the workers,

and the replacement of the old cameras. But how would this benefit us all? Simply because less
animals would be dying so more product would be sold and in turn would bring more revenue to
the industry. Consumers as well would consume more product because they would have a piece
of mind of the treatment of the animals.
At the end the system of cameras would bring profit to the industries and would give us
all a piece of mind of the treatment of the innocent creatures. No more chickens being crowded
into cages that have no room to spread their wings! No more alterations that led to organ failure,
leg deformities! No more beaks cut off without the proper use of pain killers! No more cows
being branded without proper sedation! NO more! Let stop the abuse and mistreatment and
create a better environment, for the animals that form a part of our planet! So what is it that we
would decide? 1. To ignore the problem, or 2.Take initiative!

It is up to you!

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