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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
Name:_____Zhanibek Makhym____

Date: _______12/04/2014______

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The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three

List specific start and end dates (7/1/xx to 6/30/xx). Provide a brief overview of the LEA,
its location and demographics and/or share a link to the LEAs website.
LEA Title :Harmony Science Academy High School
LEA Region :4
City ,State, Zip :Houston , TX ,77099
Phone : (713) 492-0214
Number of students: 546
Percent of Economically Disadvantaged Students: %76
Website OF the LEA:
Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the LEA and the community-at-large
participated in the planning process.
Community as large

School Principle :Mehmet Subas

Assistant Principles: Baysahatov Firuz , Burnham Kelly, Martinez Teofilo,
High School Counselor: Berna Celepcikaya, Zeynep Cifci,Muhamed Kaya
IT Manager: Zhanibek Makhym
Other Stakeholders
1-District superintendent
2-Cluster It managers
5-Small businesses

Summarize the relevant research and describe how it supports the plans curricular and
professional development goals.
Summarize the plans major curricular and professional development outcomes
that are supported by research.
The technology play an important role in modern industrial society, implementation and
integration technology into the school curriculum will improve success of our staff and
Describe and cite the relevant research that supports the plans outcomes.
Fairfax County Technological Plan (2014) Retrieved from
Describe the connection between the research and the plans goals.
The connection between the research and plans plays significant role to select right
technology for student learning skill and becoming critical thinker. Also improve
teachers teaching ablates
Describe information gathered from site visits, including best practices.
The technology planning team organize and plan a number of site visit to similar sister
schools to view their technology infrastructures. And share them current technology
plane reactive from them suggestions and feedbacks.
The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 4 questions for each subsection below)
Describe teachers' current access to instructional technology and current use of digital
1. What technology is currently available to all teachers?
Laptops and desktops computers IPad, projectors, class phones, I phones, clickers, , smart
boards, document cameras, and Chromebook, printers.
2. How are hardware and software currently being used in classrooms at each grade
level and in each content area?

All teachers are able to print their print outs from teacher lounge printers

Accelerated Reader software is being used to track students reading process.

Also Science and Math teachers use Study Island.
Math teachers use Aleks for their Math Lab classes.

ESL teachers use Reading Eggs and ReadingEggspress.

Computer teachers use, Adobe Software, Microsoft Office, and

Typing Master.

Describe students' current access to instructional technology and current use of digital
tools. Include a description about the LEA policy, practices, and/or replacement policy
that ensures equitable technology access for all students.
How are hardware and software currently being used in classrooms at each grade
level and in each content area?
Hardwires for all graders :computer lab desktops, library desktop comp. iPad
Software :cs5,netbou for programing , special applications for ESL and Sped students

Is technology currently available to students during after-school hours?

All computer lab desktop computes available for all students allowed with teachers
permeations and only educational propose
Is technology currently available to students during after-school hours? Given that many
school assignments require students to access technology after hours, where will students
access technology to complete their work? Do they have access in their homes, in
community libraries, and/or at community centers?
Computer lab computers and libray destop coputers are available to studet during aftes
school,at home studtes have school libray accces login wiht database accout get
accelaratting readin test ,
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for using technology
to improve teaching and learning. Describe how these goals align to the LEA's curricular

goals that are supported by other plans. Describe how the LEA's budget (LCAP) supports
these goals, and whether future funding proposals or partnerships may be needed for
successful implementation.
Are targets for improvement in student achievement being met?
Technology use in school brings education positive effect and it is improving students

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, to address Internet
Safety and the appropriate and ethical use of technology in the classroom.
For safety school provided user name password for every student and staff members to
prevent personal information of students and staff members


The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 4 questions for each subsection below)

Summary of the teachers' and administrators' current technology proficiency and

integration skills and needs for professional development.
Do teachers have the classroom management strategies to work with the amount
of technology actually available in the classrooms? Effective and efficenty use
technology use in class room teacher provide class policy for student
Are administrators able to support teachers with the integration of technology into

daily curriculum? In school It department team send e-mail to learn about use of
any hardware and software difficulties in campus wide
Always school administers plan and schedule PD to improve teacher technology
use skills
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for providing
professional development opportunities based on your LEA needs assessment data and
the Curriculum Component of the plan.
1. What professional learning will be available so teachers and administrators can
effectively use technology to assist with student assessment?
School IT department arrange trainings with technology vender company
The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services,
hardware, software, asset management, and other services that will be needed to
improve education services.
(Answer at least 4 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the existing hardware, Internet access, electronic learning resources, technical
support, and asset management already in the LEA that will be used to support the
Curriculum and Professional Development Components of the plan.
1. What technology access do parents have at home? What technologies do parents
prefer for home/school communication?
Our parents prefer to use phone calls and email communication methods usually. Also
school website is providing update information for parents about the school events.

Describe the technology hardware, electronic learning resources, networking and

telecommunications infrastructure, physical plant modifications, technical
support, and asset management needed by the LEA's teachers, students, and
administrators to support the activities in the Curriculum and Professional
Development components of the plan.
The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in response
to new developments and opportunities as they arise.
(Answer at least 4 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the process for evaluating the plan's overall progress and impact on teaching
and learning.
1. How will the LEA know whether implementation of this plan has made a positive
impact on classroom, library, and school and LEA management?
Harmony School of Art would like to receive feedback from classroom teachers,
the librarian and administrators on the efficiency of the technology plan.
Depending on the amount of positive feedback or the negative feedback, it will be
decided if the implementation has a positive impact.

Describe the schedule for evaluating the effect of plan implementation, including a
description of the process and frequency of communicating evaluation results to tech plan
1. How will teachers, parents, and other stakeholders provide suggestions and
opinions in the evaluation process?

We will post a survey to our school website and kindly ask our stakeholders to fill it out,
give feedback and suggestions to make our technology implementation successful