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Menswear Womenswear

Kids wear
 There are many types
of women’s apparel,
including dresses,
social apparel, suits,
outerwear, sportwear,
activewear, & lingerie.
There are also
speciality categories,
such as bridal gowns &
maternity clothes, & a
huge array of
 Thus we can classify women’s wear
on the following bases :
 Each size range caters
to a different figure
type. Women’s size
ranges include Missy,
Petite, & Plus sizes.
 Missy sizes 6 to 16 are
for the mature female
figure, ht. approx. 5’7’’.
For eg. Adidas Missy
Elliott Respect ME has
got a wide collection of
tracksuits, polo tees,
etc. in missy size.
 Petite sizes are created for women who
is less than 5’4’’ tall. Sizes ranges from 0
to 16. The 579 Store, CK Jeanswear,
Ralph Lauren etc. have a fairly large
selection of cute clothing for petite girls.
 Plus sizes range from 14W to 32W.
Prestigious manufacturers such as
Givenchy , Revolutions, Ellen Tracy, &
Anne Klein II are now catering to these
special sizes.
Calvin Klein Petite wear

Ralph Lauren
Petite wear
Givenchy Plus

Klein II Plus
 Between 14-18.
This age group mostly
deals with clothing of
teenage girls etc.
GapKids, Rubbies,
Gymboree, LittleMarc
etc have collections
for this age group.
 18 & up. This age group prefers
clothes same as missy plus some junior
looks. We can find this age group’s own
sections in Reebok juniors, Levi Strauss
Signature, D&G Juniors, Juicy Couture
Girls etc.
 25 & up. This age group goes in for
more designer & unique fashion.
Brands like Madame, Mui Mui, Miss
Sixty, Selected Femme etc solely deal
in women’s wear collections.
18 & up

Levi’s Signature

Juicy Couture Girls
25 & up

Madame Femme

Miss Sixty
 Couture is made-to-
order to fit an
individual client’s
measurements & are
the most luxurious &
expensive. Examples
of couturiers include
Karl Lagerfeld,
Christian Lacroix,
Yves St. Laurent,
Valentino etc.
 Designer pertains to ready-to-wear
from successful designers who have a
“signature collection” ,use the best of
fabrics, quality mass production, &
charge high prices. Eg. Armani, Donna
Karan, Ralph Lauren etc.
 Bridge is a less expensive alternative
to designer fashion & is achieved by
using less expensive fabric or different
production methods. Eg. CK, Versus,
Emporio, Dana Buchman etc.
Armani collection

Donna Karan
Bridge pricing
 Better to Budget. Typically price range is a
step up to budget. The fabrics and styling
are also of better quality than lower-priced
items. Sportswear, coordinates and
dresses may all appear in better lines. Jones
New York and Anne Klein are two examples
of a better-priced line.
 Budget. The low end of the apparel
spectrum usually retails for budget prices.
Often casual sportswear -- jeans and Tshirts
-- falls into this category & sometimes they
are a knockoff of higher priced designer
items. Old Navy, Cherokee, and Mossimo are
a few popular budget labels.
Better to Budget
& Budget brands
 Spring/Summer. In this season a designer
launches a new collection which contains
garments to be worn during warm weather. 
Generally, the fabric construction and color
are selected appropriately like bright, funky,
more youthful trends, light fabrics etc. Eg.
Alexander McQueen Spring Fashion
Christian Dior Spring Fashions
Coco Chanel Spring Fashions
Dolce & Gabbana Spring Fashion
Donatella Versace Spring Fashions
Issey Miyake Spring Fashions
Alexander McQueen Spring

Christian Dior Spring

 Fall/Winter. In this season a designer
launches a new collection which contains
garments to be worn during cold weather. 
Generally, the fabric construction and color
are selected appropriately like dull colors,
thick fabrics etc. Eg.
Louis Vuitton Fall Fashion
Mary Quant Fall Fashions
Miuccia Prada Fall Fashions
Vivienne Westwood Fall Fashions
Yves Saint-Laurent Fall Fashions
Louis Vuitton
Fall Collection

Vivienne Westwood
Fall Collection
 Contemporary is a
revived category aimed
at the style conscious
women who wants
more fashion than
Missy but does not
want to pay designer
prices (varying from
bridge to budget). Egs.
ABS, BCBG, Laundry,
Max Studio, Parallel, &
 Missy styling category provides more
conservative adaptations of proven or
accepted designer looks utilizing less
expensive fabrics & less extreme
silhouettes, available in a variety of
quality & price ranges. Egs. Jones New
York, Liz Claiborne, Sigrid Olsen etc.
 Junior style range grew out of junior
sizing; young styling for a young figure,
styling heavily being influenced by the
rock music scene, television, & by street
fashion in Europe . Typical Labels include
Byer, Esprit, Necessary Ojects, & XOXO.

 Outerwear is clothing worn outdoors &
includes coats, caps, jackets, with a
primarily protective function. Classic &
fashion style pieces of wool, leathers, furs
etc. are available of various brands like
Lands’ End, Fendi, etc.
 Sportswear is clothing, worn for sport or
exercise which include shorts, tracksuits, T-
shirts, polo shirts and trainers. Sportswear
is also often worn as casual fashion
clothing. Egs. Prada Sport, L.L. Bean,
Adidas, Nike etc.

 Casual/ Day wear emphasizes comfort and
personal expression over presentation and
uniformity. It includes a very wide variety of
costume. Blue jeans and a T-shirt have been
described as the "casual uniform". Egs. Of
manufacturers Old Navy, American Eagle
Outfitters, Big Dogs.
 Streetwear is youth, its a retro 80s look
inspired by the sneaker culture and hipsters on
New Yorks Lower East Side. Critical items are
tight fitting jeans and a solid gray or single-
color striped cardigan. Skinny Levi 501s, and
Lemar & Dauley graphic tees are very well
known for their street look.

 Swimwear includes one-piece suits,
bikinis & cover-ups. Manufacturers are
adding special sizes & styles their
collections. Few of the listed ones are
Adidas, Nautica, Reebok, Sauvage etc.
 Lingerie includes innerwear,
bodywear, sleepwear & loungewear.
Lingerie has been greatly popularised
by the fashion of wearing corsets to
show, as Karl Lagerfeld introduced
under suit jackets, & the marketing
style of Victoria’s Secret, Triumph etc..

 Partywear includes dresses, cocktail wears,
evening or bridal gowns, corset tops etc.
These clothes use rich fabrics, & beautiful
party colors. Designers like Vera Wang,
Valentino, Donnatella Versace create
exclusive women’s party wear.
 Corporatewears are those specifically
designed for the working business class. For
women this includes business suits, shirts,
skirts, waistcoats etc. Popular brands dealing
in this category are Van Heusen, Elliza
Donatein, Miss Players, Allen Solly &
Blackberry women’s wear.

 Thus women’s wear has in itself got a
whole range of apparel types which
can be further classified on various
bases like size, age, price, season,
style, occasion etc.
 There are various brands nowadays
which specialize in particular
categories of women’s apparels.