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Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning

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Published by Andy Pierce
A mindmap showing aspects of 'Assessment for Learning'
A mindmap showing aspects of 'Assessment for Learning'

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Published by: Andy Pierce on Jan 10, 2010
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Feedback or Assessment for Learning

Effect size 0.81: based on the Black and Wiliam Review 1998
Know errors and omissions . . Ability is not innate but learned Constructivist Teaching . . to improve constructs Present PAR Apply

Clear Agreed Make sure they are understood Goal Setting

Orientated New Knowledge Differentiated Apply their construct . . . . to create an answer or a product Constructs are reviewed

Misinterpretation of goals/task Striving in wrong direction Don’t know what the work is Where you are now (with the task) Failure of intent

The Teaching/Learning Process


To Self: Own product Feedback Find faults and fix Medals Missions Goals To teacher/peer: Window on students construct From teacher/peer: Correct misconceptions

How / what did you do well (in relation to the goal)?

What is the nature of Positive, forward ‘good’ work? How to close What are you looking the gap aiming for? Targets Andy Pierce January 2010

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