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Comparison Analysis of Star Wars and The


The ways in which certain things or ideas

are similar (comparison) and/or different
(contrast) from one another
Harvard and UNC-CH loosely claim
that one of the most common writing
assignments in college is the
comparison/contrast essay.

Definition of
Comarison/Contrast Essay

Teachers and Instructors assign

compare/contrast essays to encourage you
to do the following:
Make connections between texts or ideas
Engage in critical thinking
Go beyond mere description or summary to
generate interesting analysis


When you reflect on similarities

and differences, you gain a deeper
understanding of the items you are
comparing, their relationship to
each other, and what is most
important about them

Deepening Your

Compare and contrast Odysseus

and Luke Skywalker and their
role as epic heroes in their
individual cultures/societies.

Compare and contrast the epic

characteristics and conventions

in the movie epic Star Wars IV and
the epic poem, The Odyssey.


Venn Diagrams


Helpful Tips to Organize

your Thoughts

A focused argument that gives your reader

a road map for your essay
Simple thesis: Guadalajara and Don Luis
are similar in ways, but they have three
major differences.
More Detailed: Guadalajara and Don Luis
have similar prices and ingredients, but
their atmospheres and willingness to
deliver set them apart.

Your Thesis

Advanced: Guadalajara and Don Luis

both offer a greater variety of ingredients
than fast food Mexican restaurants, but
the funky, lively atmosphere at Don Luis
makes it a better place to give visiting
friends and family a taste of local culture.

Your Thesis

Introduction (Presents the subjects to be compared and includes

the thesis statement)

Paragraph 2 (Includes a clear topic sentences and then three

sentences of supporting detail)

Paragraph 3 (Includes a clear topic sentences and then three

sentences of supporting detail)

Paragraph 4 (Includes a clear topic sentences and then three

sentences of supporting detail)

Conclusion (Summarizes similarities and differences)

Organizing Your Paper

Like, similar to, also, similarly, in the
same way, likewise, again, compared to,
in like manner, at the same time
Unlike, in contrast, contrasted with, on
the contrary, however, although, yet, even
though, still, but, nevertheless, conversely,
regardless, despite, while, on the one
hand on the other hand

Helpful Transition Words

Compared to The Odyssey, Star Wars is more

Like Odysseus, Luke is hesitant to leave
home, but it is for different reasons.
Despite the different cultures represented,
both epics interest peoples over time.
Despite their differences, Odysseus and
Luke both greatly value family.

Topic Sentence Starters