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iON Ambulance Care is a CQC registered independent ambulance

operator with a national presence. We provide a professional and

reliable service throughout the UK and Europe.

Company Statement
To provide first class health care to the patients, on time every time.
To prioritise the needs of the patient and their families, ensuring that dignity
and respect remain at the core of our values when treating the individual.
Through clinical excellence and innovative technology we aim to be the best
in providing health care to our patients and customers.
Forward thinking, embracing the challenges of healthcare in the modern
environment and constantly striving to bring the hospital treatment to the
patients at home.

The challenge of providing good quality healthcare in the modern
environment is no easy task to undertake, whether its the unstable or
unpredictable environment of pre hospital or community care or the
controlled setting of the hospital environment, the pressure remains the
same. Times targets and cost effectiveness have all become part of the
daily regime of modern healthcare and no sooner as one target is achieved
another one is created. Whether its the emergency ambulance driving to
attend a category A target at 8 minutes, or the patient has reached its 4
hour target in the emergency department, or simply just waiting for transport
home after an appointment. Each time, each target must be effectively
resourced and managed in order to ensure best results for the patient and
cost effectiveness for the healthcare organisation.
At iON we understand the needs of our customers and we work closely with
them to provide a Taylor made service unique to our users needs.
Our innovative approach to healthcare solutions and the use of cutting edge
technology allows us to deliver the best results to our service users and in
turn their patients.
Patient focused, clinically lead and cost driven iON seeks to deliver the best
service from start to finish.
iON works with all types of health care providers, from hospitals to NHS
trusts, ambulance services and insurance companies, event organisers and
local authorities. iON is based on adapting to our service users needs and
can deploy resources at short notice where appropriate.
Our staff at iON are all professionally qualified and registered healthcare
professionals and our management team bring
a wide variety of NHS, private medical and logistical
experience to the company.
If you have a problem, iON can solve it!
After all that is why we were created.
We hope you enjoy reading the brochure
and we look forward to hearing from you
With kind regards
iON Ambulance Care

Patient Transport Service

iON patient transport service provides the complete care package for all your
patient transport services.
From the multicentre transport vehicles equipped with easy access for the
walking patients to the single stretcher with ramp access for the mobility
impaired or bed bound patient.
Our vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and whether its a car to carry
a wheel chair or an ambulance to carry two or three wheelchairs, iONs
ability to cope with every type of requirement puts us at the front of patients
transport needs.
iON is proud to state that we can cater to every eventuality and every
situation that is thrown at us. We can provide a complete Taylor made
service, capable of delivering a whole contract service to an NHS trust or
private healthcare facility or a single vehicle to compliment a service that just
needs a helping hand. We can be there for the long term or a single job. Its
your decision.
Our patient transport staff are always happy to be on hand and are trained
to make sure they can provide the service. Our driving training programme
makes sure that all our drivers at patient transport level are trained to the
IHCD D1 level (D2 for ITS staff) and are certified to IHCD first person on
scene basic level (intermediate level for HDU staff), just in case of those
unexpected eventualities.
All our staff also undergoes our patient transport familiarisation course and
receive regular updates and in-house assessment from our training team.
So whether its a regular patient who is coming to attend an appointment
or a patient who is travelling from a health care facility to another venue for
continuing health are, iON is here to help.
iON is also happy to provide its bariatric services as an addition to its patient
transport service (please see bariatric page).

Bariatric Support
The obese population of the country is growing and this group of people
are considered over-represented in their use of the health and social care
services (HSE Report RR573).
The problems associated with the transport of the bariatric patient and their
health is compounded by the risks associated with the greater weight on
those responsible for the movement and transportation and the healthcare of
the patient. iON has centred its bariatric service on the needs of the bariatric
patient vs. the requirements of the staff whom are there to help them.
iON has created a unique bariatric service with a specially constructed
vehicle and equipment that can handle and weight. With the use of loading
vehicles and space age equipment which has been designed by NASA,
iON has the ability to transport any bariatric patient in any circumstance
throughout the whole country.Our specialist trained bariatric crews undergo
intensive training in this field, not only does it include the manual handling of
the bariatric patient but also the unique requirements and risks of healthcare
associated with the bariatric patient.
This service is lead by our bariatric specialist Doctor Johan Du Plussis and all
the patients are treated and evaluated on an individual basis and the patients
needs and dignity and respect remain paramount and the main focus at all

Quality Vehicles and Fleet Management

iON Ambulance have a variety of high spec, quality ambulances. Our
fleet includes frontline emergency vehicles, patient transport and Bariatric
vehicles. All of our vehicles are stocked with top of the range medical
equipment and disposables.

Carbon Footprint
As a provider of NEPTS we are are acutely aware of the impact we have
on the environment and have made a long-term commitment to keeping
environmental awareness high on the management agenda and to continue
to work to develop further initiatives to reduce our effect on the environment.
We have in place an ambitious environmental programme, in conjunction
with the Carbon Trust, to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing CO2
emissions and wherever possible by working with suppliers who have also
embraced the concepts of environmental change management. We are the
first ambulance company in the UK to operate a fully electrical ambulance.

Intermediate Transport Service

Sometimes a patient requires a higher level of care than a patient transport ambulance
but doesnt need the fully qualified skills of an accident and emergency ambulance.
iON Ambulance Intermediate Transport Service (ITS) is the middleman of patient care
and whether its a chronic condition that can be unpredictable or the patient needs
closer attention for monitoring than a PTS ambulance can provide but doesnt need
the intervention of a fully trained crew or even perhaps your sending a team with your
patient and just need to get to your destination quickly, iON Intermediate Transport
Service is the ideal addition to any fleet.
Available for the long distance transfer or just the short trip to the next health care
destination our ITS service is here to help.
Trained to a higher level than our PTS crews (IHCD First Person On Scene Intermediate
Level) and blue light emergency driver trained (IHCD D2) our Intermediate Transport
Service crews are experienced in patient care and handling and in assisting there senior
colleges and other Health Care Professionals.
This service is also offered as a standalone service or as part of a contract service.
Paediatric and Neonatal Transfer Service.
Dealing with an ill child or new born baby is always a difficult and emotional situation, at
iON we never attempt to understand what the patient and parents are going through,
we just respect them and support them in any way we can. We aim to provide the
highest standards of care and facilities available to those who care for them.
Each of our paediatric and neonatal transport vehicles comes equipped with the
specialist equipment for each type of patient. Designed in conjunction with specialist
medical advisors who are experienced in dealing with children in transport, our
paediatric and neonatal vehicles are designed with the child at heart and requirements
of the team that care for them.
At iON we know that where there is a child there is a parent and we treat them both
as one. It is not always possible to convey the parents in the same ambulance as their
child, so we provide a second vehicle for the parents where necessary at no extra cost.
Mental Health Transport.
We at iON understand that illness of the mind is no different than illness of the body.
The illness of the psychiatric patient may present in different ways and with less obvious
symptoms but the patient requires the same understanding, dignity and respect in
treatment as any other patient. We know the stigma that can surround the mental health
patient and we wont let it get in our way! Our commitment to the individual remains the
iON has a wide range of transport options for the psychiatric patient. Ranging from
the standard ambulance to the unmarked, locked and controlled ambulance. Each
ambulance is as individual as the patient it is there to help and all our specialist staff are
trained in the care of the mentally ill patient.
Please speak to us to find out more about our specialist and tailor made mental health
package that is designed to meet the needs of the patient and the needs of the staff
who help them.

Falling ill or having an accident abroad isnt just a problem for the patient,
its a problem for their families and loved ones. The worry of wanting to
get home during an illness or injury can often compound the problem and
whether your loved ones are with you or at home awaiting for your safe return
iON will be there to help you.
iON is able to provide all levels or repatriation from any part of the globe. By
land or air we are able to provide repatriation solutions from the ventilated
ITU patient with a medical team, to the skier who had a cracking time on
the slopes who just needs an assisted lift home. iON is there to make sure
that the patient and their loved ones get to where they need to be quickly,
effectively and safely.
Our medical; staff of doctors, nurses and paramedics are always keen to
help and assist in every situation and our unique ability to operate in the
remote areas of the globe and the more challenging geographies and
situations that a patient can find themselves in gives iON a distinct difference
to other repatriation providers.
iON offers a service to patients and their families who have no insurance and
offers a Taylor made payment plan for its users.
Through iONs bariatric service and expertise. We are also the first pot of call
to individuals and companies who deal with the larger patient.

Paramedic and front Line service.

ioN Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Response Service is designed
to cater for all emergency needs. Fully equipped to 999 NICE standards
and CEN compliant, these vehicles are ready to respond to our customers
needs. We can work with the NHS Ambulance trust to provide extra
resources at a time of need, ie. Winter pressures within private healthcare
facilities to respond to an emergency patient transfer. All our vehicles are
staffed by HPC Paramedics and IHCD technicians.
We can Provide:
4 x 4 Ambulances
Rapid Response Vehicles
4 x 4 Response vehicles
All of our front line staff are fully qualified HPC Paramedics and IHCD
Technicians which conform to the JRCALC guidelines.
The company also trains our staff in the same company specific PGDs in
conjunction with our medical director. All staff are supported in learning and
further training by iON and we regularly assess and update our staff and
assist continue personal development.

Contact Us
Forward Operating Base:
iON Ambulance Care Ltd
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Tel: (0845) 388 1112
Fax: (0845) 388 1113
Company Registration: 09006078

Registered Office Address:

iON Ambulance Care Ltd
iON Building
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Waldo Road
NW10 6AW
United Kingdom
CQC Registration: RPG1-1682031534