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Student Teacher: Tiffany Stevens
Cooperating Teacher: Felice Kapfhamer




Hillsborough County




University Supervisor: __Cindy Campbell___________________ Grade Level: 6 ,8 ,9 ,12 IND/VI

X YES, this intern has met or surpassed expectations and is ready to pursue a teaching position.
FEAP 1. (a)1. Instructional Design and Lesson Planning
Needs Improvement

Not Observed
Ms. Stevens breaks down lessons into task
analysis parts to give students the opportunity
to comprehend parts to whole. She is careful in
her selection of materials and content to match
the individual abilities of her students. She
incorporates students' interests and prior
knowledge in order to engage them in learning
new content and concepts.

1a. Aligns instruction with state-adopted standards at the appropriate level

of rigor.
1b. Sequences lessons and concepts to ensure coherence and required
prior knowledge.
1c. Designs instruction for students to achieve mastery.
1d. Selects appropriate formative assessments to monitor learning.
1e. Uses diagnostic student data to plan lessons.
1f. Develops learning experiences that require students to demonstrate a
variety of applicable skills and competencies.

FEAP 1. (a)2. The Learning Environment

Needs Improvement



Not Observed
Ms. Stevens utilizes accommodations specific to
student needs. She uses a variety of technology
tools to engage students and enable them to
access curriculum. She is patient with them,
keeps them on task, and she is adept at
monitoring all of her students while working
individually with each one. She has high-yetappropriate expectations of behavior for them
and guides them toward reaching those

2a. Organizes, allocates, and manages the resources of time, space, and
2b. Manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned
management system.
2c. Conveys high expectations to all students.
2d. Respects students cultural, linguistic, and family background.
2e. Models clear, acceptable oral and written communication skills.
2f. Maintains a climate of openness, inquiry, fairness, and support.
2g. Integrates current information and communication technologies.
2h. Adapts the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs
and diversity of students.
2i. Utilizes current and emerging assistive technologies that enable
students to participate in high-quality communication interactions and
achieve their educational goals.

FEAP 1. (a)3. Instructional Delivery and Facilitation

Needs Improvement

Not Observed
Ms. Stevens redirects students and repeats
/changes instruction as needed for student
understanding. She models proper English and
manners, and she adapts lessons and pacing at
a moment's notice in order to ensure or guide
students toward success. She has a genuine
smile and encouraging demeanor, and she gives
students specific praise throughout the lessons.

3a. Delivers engaging and challenging lessons.

3b. Deepens and enriches students understanding through content area
literacy strategies, verbalization of thought, and application of the subject
3c. Identifies gaps in students subject matter knowledge.
3d. Modifies instruction to respond to preconceptions or misconceptions.
3e. Relates and integrates the subject matter with other disciplines and life
3f. Employs higher-order questioning techniques.
3g. Applies varied instructional strategies and resources, including
appropriate technology, to provide comprehensible instruction and to
teach for student understanding.
3h. Differentiates instruction based on an assessment of student learning
needs and recognition of individual differences in students.
3i. Supports, encourages, and provides immediate and specific feedback to
students to promote student achievement.
3j. Utilizes student feedback to monitor instructional needs and to adjust

FEAP 1. (a) 4. Assessment

Needs Improvement


4a. Analyzes and applies data from multiple assessments and measures to
diagnose students learning needs, informs instruction based on those
needs, and drives the learning process.
4b. Designs and aligns formative and summative assessments that match
learning objectives and lead to mastery.
4c. Uses a variety of assessment tools to monitor student progress,
achievement, and learning gains.
4d. Modifies assessments and testing conditions to accommodate learning
styles and varying levels of knowledge.
4e. Shares the importance and outcomes of student assessment data with
the student and the students parent/caregiver(s).
4f. Applies technology to organize and integrate assessment information.

FEAP 1. (b) 1. Continuous Improvement

Needs Improvement


1a. Designs purposeful professional goals to strengthen the effectiveness

of instruction based on students needs.
1b. Examines and uses data-informed research to improve instruction and
student achievement.
1c. Uses a variety of data, independently and in collaboration with
colleagues, to evaluate learning outcomes, adjust planning, and
continuously improve the effectiveness of the lessons.
1d. Collaborates with the home, school, and larger communities to foster
communication and to support student learning and continuous
1e. Engages in targeted professional growth opportunities and reflective
1f. Implements knowledge and skills learned in professional development
in the teaching and learning process.

FEAP 1. (b) 2. Ethics

Needs Improvement



Not Observed
Ms. Stevens assesses student understanding
through methods that the students can respond
to. Just like her lessons, her evaluations are all
individualized and monitor progress toward
goals as well as goal achievement. She is quick
to recognize when students need to be retaught, and she regularly reinforces prior

Not Observed
Ms. Stevens communicates with families
through daily journal entries and collaborates
with specials teachers to reinforce lessons. She
is reflective and intuitive, receptive to feedback,
and willingly tries new ideas and suggestions
from colleagues.

Not Observed
Ms. Stevens maintains confidential records and
understands the procedures and protocols for
reporting concerns and incidents. She also
understands the importance of advocating for
students who are unable to advocate for

2a. Applies the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct to

professional and personal situations.
2b. Identifies statutory grounds and procedures for disciplinary action, the
penalties that can be imposed by the Educational Practices Commission
against a certificate holder, and the appeals process available to the
2c. Applies knowledge of rights, legal responsibilities, and procedures for
reporting incidences of abuse, neglect, or other signs of distress.
2d. Identifies and applies policies and procedures for the safe, appropriate,
and ethical use of technologies.
2e. Determines and applies the appropriate use and maintenance of
students information and records.

Student Teacher: _____Tiffany Stevens_______________________________

University Supervisor: ____C. Campbell__________________
Cooperating Teacher: ___Felice Kapfhamer______________________________