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Lesson Outcomes

The learner will read and answer comprehension questions from the text. Students will be
expected to read and follow along with their peers.
Rationale/Purpose for Lesson:
The purpose of this lesson is to involve students in reading. I want them to use the skills
and strategies we have been using throughout the semester to read efficiently. It is also
important that the students know what they are reading, and are able to answer the
comprehension questions asked of them. With this skill students will be able to read and
comprehend text in other courses.
I plan on assessing my students informally with comprehension questions. After reading
a few pages I plan on stopping and focusing on what was read, and how it relates to the
whole text. Based on their answers/connections I can determine if they understand the
text. Students will demonstrate that they understand text by using vocab, predicting,
asking questions, pulling from earlier chapters in the book, etc.
Resources/Materials Required:
1) Poster board
2) Marker
3) Books
4) Tables
5) Chairs
I am going to introduce the lesson by asking what they have recently read from the book.
From there I am going to ask the students to make predictions, and get them to ask
questions about what is going to happen next to the characters in the story. I will then tell
them that we are going to have popcorn reading where each student will have an
opportunity to read. I will also tell them to follow along with the book and to be prepared
to answer comprehension questions through out the lesson.
Describe in detail what you will do to deliver the lesson and what the students will be
doing to learn from it.
Procedures must:
Students will come in and can choose where they sit
During the introductions students will have an opportunity to write notes on
poster board summarizing text.
Students will take turns reading
During reading I will stop students and we will have a conversation about the
text, what is being said and their reaction to the text.


We will end the lesson by making a prediction of what is going to happen in
the story.

Homework: (when appropriate)
There will be no homework required for this lesson.
With a few minutes left of the lesson I will end our final comprehension questions by
asking, what do you think is going to happen next? With this questions I want students to
appropriately predict what will happen in the story, and give supporting details to support
their answer. As predictions are shared I will encourage my students to have a
conversation about their predictions. Do you think they are right in their predictions?
Why or why not?
Evaluation and Reflection: (to be completed after the lesson has actually been
Many of the students were eager to read, and although some of them stumbled on words
they all did a great job. I was also happy to see students following along in their books
will the other students read. I felt that the comprehension questions were also good. The
students were able to answer questions, and some comments sparked debate and
conversation on characters and the story. I do feel that I needed to slow down when
reading aloud. Many students commented that I read too fast. Overall I feel that the
lesson was very strong. I was happy that the students were engaged, reading, and
understanding the text!