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Year 6 Science Report


Name: ____Astin_______ Class: 6HM Date: 4 December

Title: Coins Experiment

Introduction: What is the experiment you are doing?
We are investigating what happens to copper coins when we add different
substances (i.e. coca cola A, vinegar B, lemon juice C, vinegar and salt D) to
Aim: What you are going to try to find out?
The aim of this experiment is to look at chemical changes using coins.

Hypothesis: Describe what you think will happen, what the result will be and
why you think so.
I think that there will be changes in the coins.
I predict that
I predict that the coins will rust.
effect, then
the coins will react, then lastly.
There may be changes in smell, color and cleanliness.

Will have the most

Apparatus: List all the apparatus you will need.

4 sections of a tray
4 labels (A, B, C, D) 1 label (group name)
4 copper coins (50 cents x 4)
1 teaspoon
10/25/50ml measuring tube/cup
1 camera/laptop (for recording purposes)
10 ml coca cola
1 funnel (if using a measuring tube)
10ml white vinegar x 2
paper towels
10ml lemon juice
water to rinse
tsp salt
4 cups labelled A,B,C,D
1 whiteboard (labelled A, B, C, D before and after experiment)
Diagram: Draw a labelled diagram of where the apparatus should be placed.

Method: Write a list of instructions in steps.

What you will do and how you will do it.
What you will measure and how you will measure it.
How and where you will record your results.

Label whiteboard with the letters A, B, C and D at the bottom.

Place one 50c coin above each letter and take a photo. Make any observations about
the coins before the experiment begins.
3. Label each Cup with the different substances (i.e. Cup A = Coca Cola). Add todays
date to the label.
4. Measure 10ml of coca cola in a measuring cup/tube and pour into Cup A.
5. Measure 10ml of white vinegar in a measuring cup/tube and pour into Cup B.
6. Measure 10ml of lemon juice in a measuring cup/tube and pour into Cup C.
7. Measure 10ml of white vinegar in a measuring cup/tube and pour into Cup D. Add
teaspoon of salt to this cup.
8. Drop all four coins into the various cups at the same time and begin to observe any
immediate changes. Write these in the observations section of your science report.
9. After 2, 5, 10 and 20 minutes remove the coins and place them on the second
whiteboard labelled A, B, C, D (after experiment) and look closely at them to see what is
happening. Record these observations on the copper coins experiment sheet.
10. After 1-2 days, go back and observe the coins one last time.

Observations: Note what you observe during the experiment and what the results are.

after 2 mins

Cup A

The coin
looks like
it started
to rust.

coca cola

Cup B
Lemon juice

Cup C
lemon juice

Cup D
vinegar and salt

The coin
had less
rust than
cup A.

The coins

after 5 mins

after 10 mins

after 20 mins

after 2 days

Conclusion & Evaluation:

Explain how your experiment went and how reliable the results are.
Refer back to your hypothesis and state whether it was correct or not.
Write about how successful you think your experiment was, whether the
results were reliable, make comparisons and state what problems you
In conclusion

Improvements/Further Questions:
Suggest anything you could do to improve the experiment or results.