Zero is the absolute angle, which stands in the middle of coordinate systems and is represented by a circle, which in our

Universe is understood with the ratio of Pi # 3.14 In Other Universes could have different ratios, see: Pi-Vine & Holographic Principles of Creation The numerals 1 through 9 I have taken from Thiaoouba prophecy , a UFO Contact story with a a hermaphroditic advanced race, 1 is represented with 1 angle, 2 with 2 angles,… Note that the first 3 angles could vary in size, yet the forth angles’ variation is limited somewhat like Four Coins Problem

And 9 has 9 angles, I have added to this symbols for hexadecimal from A to F A is 10 for hexadecimal which is base 16, so an octagon with two legs is pretty appropriate, Note that “Script of Nails” was old Persian method of writing where nails could be put on clay tablets and then the tablet would be cooked …

Note that B is a partial dodecahedron, where the left face of the dodecahedron does not exist since it is a line in picture, so the picture has 11 faces and the B has 11 angles C has 12 angles which is built out of a 17 sided polygon that allows 12 angles to exist in 3/4 th circle 12/16 D is made of an18 sided polygon which allows 13 angles to exist consisting of 12 small nails and one big nail which neutralizes the unlucky number 13 E is two octagons which are missing one side earth F is exceptionally unusual a Pentagon inside a Decagon in memory of Hot F Hatef Esfehani which was my name in another life

Infinity is collapsed Zero, We can have a variety of angles of collapse Pi-Vine; Holographic Principles of Creation

See also Hyper Gyration, The Three Klein Knot For multiplicity of Parallel worlds = bent infinities?

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