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Lie Algebras

Lie Algebras

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If we take V = L to be a Lie algebra, and let I be the two sided ideal in TL
generated the elements [x,y]−x⊗y +y⊗x then

UL := TL/I

is a universal algebra for L. Indeed, any homomorphism α of L into an associa-
tive algebra A extends to a unique algebra homomorphism ψ : TL → A which
must vanish on I if it is to be a Lie algebra homomorphism.

1.8.5 Extension of a Lie algebra homomorphism to its uni-
versal enveloping algebra.

If h : L→M is a Lie algebra homomorphism, then the composition

M ◦h : L→UM

induces a homomorphism


and this assignment sending Lie algebra homomorphisms into associative algebra
homomorphisms is functorial.

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