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Sacred Order of SVM Melchizedek

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We are about to start the activities belonging to the second phase of the SVM Melchizedek

In a close date we will be publishing the fifth release which it is the end of this first phase of
the master’s project and we need to begin with the preparations for these works.

Working with the internet makes us easier to globalize this effort but, at the same time, it
makes us to get a little closer through knowing each other better.

It is natural that, when working through internet, we look for participating with a nickname
and information that is not always true; we understand and we want to respect this
principle, however and as long as the works require it, we are going to be asking some
information that it will always be asked voluntarily and it will be your decision to give it or
not. From our part, you can be sure that our only goal is to fully achieve what the Master
has asked us.

This time and due to the world nature of the work that the Master has asked, we need to
look for people in every country of the world for a particular work with the magnetic and
ceremonial centers.

This is why we are requesting you to send in an email the following personal information:
1. Name:
2. Genre:
3. City where you live in:
4. Country:
5. Are you available to travel inside and outside* your country?
(*This is in case that the magnetic center to work in is not in your country)
6. Are you affiliated to any spiritual teaching organization or school?
(If so, we would like to know the name of the organization).
Any other information you want to share will be welcome.

In case you are not interested in working with the ceremonial centers, you can inform us in
the email.

If you do not want to send this information, there is no problem; there are many other ways
of working which the Master will let us know. You will not lose, in any way, the privileges in
the net we have created.

You will receive more information about this soon.

Jesús Alonso González

Council of Elders of the Venerable Order of Melchizedek

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