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To inspire and create enthusiasm among the learners in their thoughts, deeds and daily life to

establish moral, humanitarian, religious, cultural and social values in personal as well as in
national life.
To develop awareness in the learners to protect the independence, sovereignty and integrity of
To make education pragmatic, productive and creative with a view to bringing about changes in
the socio-economic conditions of the country and making the students into a dutiful and
responsible manpower with scientific outlook and help them develop the qualities of leadership.
To give special emphasis on primary and secondary education with a view to expanding
education, to instill respect and eagerness for physical labour and enable the learners acquire
vocational education for self-employment in all stages of education.
To promote fraternity, moral values, generosity and fellow-feeling in people and make them
respectful of human rights.
To promote democratic values through fostering tolerance of one another's views and help
develop life-oriented, realistic and positive attitude for blossoming democratic awareness.
To ensure proper quality at every level of education; to strengthen and widen the knowledge,
skills and attitude acquired in the previous stage (in accordance with various aims and objectives
of education): to enable acquisition of new knowledge and skills and to encourage people to
contribute in the system of education, especially in the field of primary, secondary and
vocational education.
To emancipate the country from the curse of illiteracy.
To create equal opportunities for education in accordance with merit and aptitude for the purpose
of building a society free from disparity.
To ensure gender parity in education and remove barriers of caste, creed and ethnicity in
obtaining education.
To ensure constitutional guarantee at all levels of education.
To create awareness about protection of environment.

Undertakes, promotes and coordinates both fundamental and applied research on women and

Organises and assists training programmes for scholars, planners, administrators, development
agents, communicators, members of womens organisations/ cooperatives etc.