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DJ Bourque

Mr. Munoz
English IV 3rd period
19 November 2014
Atila Sinke Guimaraes. The Catholic Church and Homosexuality, Documents of the Holy See on
Homosexuality. 1997. Print.
The document mainly focuses on the causes of homosexuality. The main reason pointed
out by the article was physiological effects on boys by others. The document also discusses the
sin of homosexuality and immediately afterwards tells how the church should respond to the sin.
I plan on using this source in the beginning of my essay to set up a preliminary on causes
of homosexuality. I plan on using this as evidence to prove that homosexuality is a sin and
therefore homosexual marriage is immoral. However, I dont want my whole paper to be about
homosexuality being a sin so I will also use this document to state how Catholics should respond
to homosexuality.
Catholic Church. Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd ed. Vatican: Libreria Editrice. 2000.
Part 3, section 2, chapter 2, article 6 is on the 6th commandment. The beginning of it is
about creation and the creation of man and woman. The document talk about creation with
sexuality in mind and applies creation to sexuality.
I plan on using this as part of my preliminary set up by talking about creation and natural
law. I plan on using this to also talk about what it means to be man and woman as well as the
responsibilities inherited by being children of God.

George, Robert P., and Patrick Lee. What male-female complementarity makes possible:
marriages as a two-in-one-flesh union. Theological Studies 69.3 (2008): 641+. Academic
OneFile. Web. 9 Nov. 2014.
This document define what a real marriage is. The document lists specific criteria
necessary to be a true marriage and therefore proves that homosexual marriage is wrong. The
document gives specific reasons why people of the same gender cannot fulfil the criteria.
I plan on using this document while I outline what a true marriage is. I play to afterward
use it to prove why homosexual marriage is wrong because it does not fit into this criteria. I also
plan on using this when I focus on the more procreative part of marriage.
Lisa Sowle Cahill, John Garvey, and T. Frank Kenedy. Sexuality and the US Catholic Church.
2006. Print.
This document in the beginning focuses on defining what sex is. This document goes on
to define what marriage is. The documents definition of sex and marriage are the basis of how
the document goes on saying how homosexuality is immoral.
I plan on uses this to help define marriage. I will after use more from this book to aid in
defining sex and therefore state how homosexuality is immoral. The book has many specifics
that I will also address throughout my essay.
Pope John Paul II. Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions
between Homosexual Persons. Vatican.Va. Web. 2014. Print.
The bulk of the article is a response to different governments decision to make
homosexual marriage legal. The document also states that the government has no authority to
decide what marriage is and what isnt. The document also talks about how the church needs to
react to the governments decision.

I plan on using this as some of my heaving hitting support on the topic. The article talks
about governmental authority on the topic and I will try to focus on that for a good portion of my
essay. The article also notes how Catholics should respond to the decision to legalize
homosexual marriage and I plan on doing that towards the end of my essay.
Pope Pius XI. Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on Christian marriage. Casti Connubii. 31 Dec. 1930.
15 Oct. 2014. Web.
This documents main focus is to outline exactly what Christian marriage is. The
document also talk about the inseparable role Christ has in every marriage. The document also
talks about the benefits that Christian marriages have on families and society.
Although this document was written in 1930 its message of true marriage is still
applicable to the topic of homosexuality. I plan on using this when I define what a real marriage
is and as support for my argument against homosexual unions.
Wilson, James Q. Against homosexual marriage. Commentary 101.3 (1996): 34+. Academic
OneFile. Web. 9 Nov. 2014.
This document talks about the political aspects of homosexual marriage. The document
also touches on the religious aspects of homosexual marriage but not as strongly as the political
aspects. In the document there is also a history of the politics behind homosexual marriages
becoming legal.
I plan on using this document in the beginning of my essay when I give the history of
homosexual marriage. I might use some of it when I talk about the churchs stance on
homosexual marriage because some of the wording in the document was pretty good. I plan to
use this at the end to state how we as Americans have a responsibility to combat homosexual
marriage legality.

Why do so many believe the myth that people are born homosexual? Commentary
116.3(2003): 15Academic OneFile. Web. Nov. 2014
This document talks about part of the psychological aspects of homosexuality. The
document also addresses and proves that the idea that people are born homosexual is only a
myth. The document does not focus too harshly on the morality of homosexuality.
I plan on using this document to add to my counter argument on the responsibility of
homosexuals. Specifically on the excuse used that they are born that way and are therefore not
accountable for the sin of homosexuality. I will use this to be able to definitively say that
homosexuals are completely responsible for acting upon their developed homosexual tendencies.