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Compare and Contrast

Compare = same

Contrast = different

1.__________ and _____________ are ___________.

2 Both _____ and _______ have _____________.
3.___and ___ are both similar because they both _____.
4.There are several major differences between ___ and ___.

The most notable is ____________.

Compare-Contrast Summary Frame

Ask a question or define what a warrior
means to you?eg. What qualities should a
warrior have?

Introduce you two warriors:

______________ and _____________ are
alike and are different in several ways.
Review your venn diagram called
(Using transitional words tell reader the
who, what, when where information: how
are knights and samurais alike and

If I were to choose who the ultimate

Medieval warrior is it would be the
___________ for these reasons:
_____________, ___________, ________.
In this essay I will show using examples how

Body Paragraph:
Your topic sentence from that bubble.
First, _____________ are alike because
__________ but they are different
_________. Defend how your idea about the
topic or your first point.
Having a closing sentence.

Secondly, ______ is ________ while

________ is __________.
Finally, _______ and ________ are alike
However, they are different because

(Use a transitional word), the __________ is
the ultimate Medieval warrior because