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Sharon Cho

Reflexive Questions
Standard 6- Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication- Materials from C&I 473, Literacy in the
Content Area, as well as other Music Ed courses.
Through student teaching, I was able to use different teaching techniques and methods
learned from my classes. The main thing I kept reflecting on is the difference between the
tradition banking method and the more modern Problem-Posing method of teaching. With
banking method, I paralleled this to students singing through the piece with help from the piano
and notes fed through the teacher. With the problem-posing method, I parallel this teaching to
asking the students about what they see in the music before reading through the notes. I tried to
combine both of these methods and incorporated time for open discussions about the text and
or written notations, and time for singing through notes and correcting as we went along. In the
middle school placement, students were asked to write, draw, or perform a lot of their answers
to materials learned. Whether it be through worksheets provided, jam sessions we recorded, or
projects done on Audacity or Garage Band, the students were able to show case their
understanding using multiple mediums I had learned in my Music Ed courses. In the High
School placement, I was able to use more of my learning from Content area specific courses
and execute different conducting techniques, rehearsal ideas and pacing, construction of note
learning, and communication and delivery of intended purposes.
Standard 8- Collaborative Relationship- Letters to parents, music department handbook; coteaching lesson plans; pictures of parent volunteers assisting in classrooms; pictures of
classroom speakers; evidence of parent teacher conferences; letters from parent/teacher
organization thanks you for your help.
I do not have any physical copies of letters to parents from the High School, but I am
attaching a Movie Permission Form I made for Mrs. Peachey for the eighth grade parents. I
have been apart of both parent-teacher conferences at both placements and have helped
design the curriculum for the middle school, however, do not have any physical evidence to
support these events.
Standard 9- Professionalism, Leadership, and Advocacy- Feedback from teachers about
professionalism; observations from supervisor and co-op; evidence of leadership on school
committees; certificates of participation in community events
Mrs. Peachey had sent me her observation and feedback using the Domain1-4 rubric. I
have copied and pasted her responses:
Domain 1: Sharon always gives thought to sequencing lessons, building on student knowledge,
making it interesting and accessible to students of all ability levels. She also considers where
students may have trouble and sequences carefully so that students will be not only successful,
but will gain knowledge and appreciation for music. Her lessons are engaging, fun and produce
outcomes that demonstrate growth in students' comprehension. She also strives to make
important connections with other subject areas.
Domain 2: Sharon maintains positive, warm relationships with students. She actively strives to
find common ground with students who are harder to reach, and works to involve all students.
She utilizes strategies that involve the entire class and require participation from all students.
She is professional, yet affirming and uses humor to connect with students. Classroom
management is delicate and difficult area, particularly with a diverse student population. Sharon
is constantly encouraging and processing with her students the need to be cooperative, focused
and give their best efforts. She discusses with them and elicits from them the various

components of a stable, productive classroom environment. While this may take some teaching
time, it lays the foundation for good relationships and cooperation as students learn to work
together and be tolerant of eachother. It builds a peaceful classroom.
Domain 3: Sharon is very strong in this area. She dresses professionally everyday and speaks
in a collegial manner with other teachers. She treats others as equals, and values what others
have to say and contribute. She is always looking to build her skills and improve on what she
already knows. I know she will continue to develop her musical and teaching abilities, and she
will make a strong contribution to the teaching staff of whatever institution of learning in which
she chooses to work. She is a joy to have as a colleague- consistent work habits and a passion
for music as a subject and life endeavor.
Domain 4: Sharon is constantly assessing what students are learning. She does this through
written assessment and classroom performance. She reviews previous material before
introducing new material and ends class with a summative activity or question.
Mrs. Peachey also let me know that she is using my lesson plans and units for the rest of her
classes and quarters. I have not yet received any written evidence of Mr. Larsons feedback. My
supervisor and I have also discussed his thoughts and comments through our FaceTime
meetings and through meetings at the school after observations, but I do not have physical
writing to support this.