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Philosophy Statement

o Capable of counting to 25
Number identification
o Capable of reading basic tier one words (I, am, cat, ball etc.)
Letter identification
All of their letter sounds
o How to write their full names
o How to create and identify different patterns
Human Development
o Confident- understand that regardless of their environment, socio economic status,
limitations put on them by parents, other teacher, etc. they are capable of being
successful great people. Success will be different for each student because this
concept is self-defining. I want to have high yet realistic expectations for my
students. I want them to know that I believe in them so that they can believe in
o Determined- I want my students to be strong. Many students may experience
hardships, both currently and as they develop into adults, that those in more
affluent neighbor hoods and families will not have to experience. Students that are
english language learners will have extra obstacles to overcome. Regardless of the
obstacles that come their way I want my students to be resilient go getters that
never give up.
o Empathetic- Things may go on around them that could begin to feel like the norm
but I want my students to understand the difference between right and wrong and
not become desensitized by their surroundings. I want them to feel for others. I
want them to develop a kindness that will allow them to understand the struggles
of others and always be willing to help as oppose to concluding that the suffering
of others is simply a part of everyday life.
o Critical Thinkers- I want my students not to make decisions based off of the first
thoughts that pop into their heads or what seems logical on a surface level, but to
go deeper and think things through allowing for thorough decision making. I want
them to always take their thoughts a step further.
o Dreamers- My students will be allowed to dream dreams that will not be
discouraged. I dont want them to ever limit themselves but instead have a vision
and goal in sight and work towards achieving it. I want them to know that they are
capable of being whatever they want to be regardless of what anyone else says or
thinks. I never want them to be ashamed or embarrassed of their dreams,
believing that others will think that they are too unrealistic. I want them to
confidently be able to declare the things that they want to do and be and strive to
accomplish their goals. These dreams and goals may change but the momentum
needed to accomplish them shouldnt.

Who do you want them to be as adults (-or- what qualities would I like them to have)

I would like for my students to become adults that are successful in whatever way that
they choose to define success for themselves (doctors, parents, teachers, happy
individuals, helpful individuals etc.).
I want them to work hard at everything that they do. I want them to always strive to be
the best them that they can be.
I want them to have a voice and never be afraid to use it (day to day encounters,
neighborhood decisions, decision making in local government, higher government, etc.).
I want them to be confident in the human beings that they have become and know that
they are worthy of being heard.
I want them to be individuals who see the importance of education whether its reading a
book, learning a trade, going to college, formally or informally. I want them to be adults
who always work to gain knowledge so that they will have the power to speak out about
different issues that may affect them and their families. I want them to know their rights,
know about opportunities available to them and know about all things put in place to help
them have better lives.
I want my students to allow the kindness that will be engrained in them as children to be
seen in every aspect of their lives while growing up and as adults.
I want them to stray away from the wrong paths and be able to think critically about
every situation that they are in so that they can make good and beneficial decisions in
their lives.
I want them to live lives that continue to improve in a way that allows them to be
comfortable. I want them to always have access to good resources for both them and their
I want them to become parents that encourage their children and teach them in the ways
previously mentioned. I want this is be duplicated, creating generations of success.

Why is this important

As a young Black woman from a low socio economic area who has had the opportunity to
achieve great academic success, I do not want my education to be in vain. I believe that I have
reached this point in my academic life not only to gain financial success but to also reach back
and help others like me gain access to better lives. I am an advocate for education in every form
because I believe that knowledge is power. Education is one of the main reasons why I am where
I am today. I also realize that at the age of three and four the human brain is like a sponge and
the things that are poured into pre-K students, not only sets them up for great academic success,
but also shapes them as human beings. Receiving a good pre-k education is crucial and creates a
firm foundation in an individuals life. We all know that without a firm foundation a structure
will lack stability. Without a firm foundation it will become harder for students to with stand all
that life throws at them, both in and outside of the classroom. Just as a building needs a strong
base to stand up against harsh weather, I want to give students the opportunity to stand up against
the storms of life.
This is extremely crucial for students with low socio economic backgrounds. In many cases
theyre parents do not have access to the resources that those in more affluent neighborhoods do.

I believe that regardless of race or class every human is born with similar capabilities but I also
believe that many students are left behind because of the lack of resources, negative
environments and schools that fail them. This is a negative aspect of society that I feel strongly
about changing. I think about the way in which my peers and I grew up. I then think about the
opportunities that were afforded to me and how it caused us to lead very different lives.
Although we all experienced poverty at certain points in our lives, I understand that the success
that I gained is a direct result of the opportunities sought out by my grandparents as a young
child. This is ultimately my goal for my students, I want to be the person who helps them gain
opportunities that will allow them to lead better lives. That is why I chose Teach for America and
that is why I decided to teach pre-k.