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Multimedia Project :Animoto Book Trailers

Teacher Name: Hurd

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY Examplary Developed Needs Work

CONTENT Intro begins with a Intro is developed. Intro is weak or
strong hook. Summary provides missing.
Summary provides information, may Commentary lacks
information without extend too long. details or tells the
dominating the Commentary reacts to plot. Conclusion is
narration. the novel with some weak or missing.
Commentary is fresh, detail. There is a
interesting and conclusion.
specific, with a strong
VOICE/SOUND Interesting, Rehearsed, with a Delivery is not
well-rehearsed with fairly smooth delivery smooth, but holds
smooth delivery that that usually holds the audience attention
holds audience audience attention. most of the time.
attention. Easy to Narration can be Narration may be
hear narration over heard over the difficult to hear. Voice
soundtrack. Voice soundtrack. Voice shows little inflection.
sounds natural and sound natural and Soundtrack missing
helps convey avoids monotones. or distracting.
meaning. Soundtrack Soundtrack neither
adds to the tone/feel adds nor distracts
of the presentation. from the project.
IMAGES Images are crisp and Images are relevant Images are not
clear, enriching and and support the relevant or as used
extending the details book/commentary. mostly as decoration.
and meaning of the Images are Images may be
book/commentary. appropriately cited grainy. They detract
Images are and illustrate the from the content or
appropriately cited content/audience. are inappropriate.
and highly engaging. Images may not be
appropriately cited.
PRESENTATION Makes excellent use Makes good use of Makes use of font,
of font, color, font, color, graphics, color, graphics,
graphics, effects, etc. effects, etc. to effects, etc. but they
to enhance the enhance to may detract from the
presentation. All presentation. presentation content.
elements work Elements are related, Elements may not
together seamlessly if not compelling, and complement each
to create an overall effect is sound. other and overall
interesting and effect needs life.
compelling report.
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