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Montgomery Ward &, Co.'s Catalogue No.

Montgomery Ward &, Co.'s Catalogue No.

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Published by Elaine Biss

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Published by: Elaine Biss on Jan 11, 2010
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regular 38, 39, sizes. ve, insi Norn.-A ived fo are not in aecordance with above scale we will be oblieed to make to special measur:e, for which there will be ar."additional cost of 10 per cent and a delay in fiIling order of about a wcek's time; allowance for ,both should -be made. The r?aistband for all skirts to suits comes exactly 10 inches less
than bust measure.



woMEN'S WALKING SUITS" Range of 3.2,34,

loage very _egte_n g_ivgly_f or men's wear ; colors, irtr,v y hionable faII shade of brown with white hair. line stripes; style same as illustration; the fashionable jacket is made with a peplum stitched all over with tailor stitching;velvet collar; cuffed sleeves; Iirred with taffeta silk, skirt is made with lapped seams with a band of same material 6 inches wide at bottorn and stitched with tailor. stitching making it of double thickness; fashionably fLrll. A very swell suit for golflng, bicycling and all outdoor sports, ordinarily sold at $20.00. Weight, 50 ounces. Our price only, each ..$14.95

all over with tailor stitchirrg, making it of a doublo thickness. A very fastrionable suit at much below the usual ht, 56 ourrces. -Each. . ....$f p.gfi IRing Suit, of all-wool Cassimere;ttris


Missest Suits.

Norn.-Any orders received with measurements that are notin accordance with above scale of sizes we will be obliged to make to special measure for which there will be an additional cost of 10 per cerrt. and a delay irr filling order of a
week's time; allowance for both should be made. The waistband. for all skirts to suits comes exactly 10 inches less than bust measure.


b, +o inches.

X tst$Pp Suit, rnade of all-woo colors, cadet blue or castor'; style sam e fashionable little blouse jacket clo t about 4 inches above waist line; can be worn open clear to the belt or to a poirrt about 4 inehes above belt; made with ttre LtAiglorr collar; revers, collar, front and back are
trimmed with
is made fashio seams are lap

quality Iining at a moderate price. Weight, 44 ounces. Ilach ....${).95

Regular ( Waistband,22,23,24,26, 26,27, 28 inches. siZes. l Length, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 inches. Norn.-We ean only furnish these skirts within the range of above scale of sizes; larger waistbarrd or longer lengths we refer to our line of,women's skirts. Skirt, made of brtrcaded brilliantirre; colors, 2g 668() brown, cardinal or blue;style same as illustration; made fashionably full;.Iined with a good quality lining and well :. . . .. .$1.44 made. W'eight, 20 ounces. Each. )( (i68P Skirt, made of a good quality Repellarrt suitirrg; colors, btack or navy blue;style same as illustratiorr; made

Missest Skirts.

down to a point outlining a flourtce' givirtg it the kilted Douno effect: lirred with a goo-i quality linins and bound with sood oualitv [nlng effect; line-d wrtn gooo quarlty linin_g_ ano bo^und wl[l) eftect; lirrecl velvei. Splendidly made throughout. Weight, 24 ounces.



Irnrll g aIIO DOLln0 WltnVeIVe[. D pleI]'(Irtrly_Ilr4us l,r Y'_u uguu ttti lining and bound withvelvet. Spletrdidly made throughout;; nrgn graoe sllrr[ a[ In()oet'aue pt'rce. v] ulgftut , r lrurlLrtj\it. a high grade skitt at a moderate price. Weight, 27 ounces. ...$4.P5 Each . ... ..


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