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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

ŚivaPārvatī.A Meeting_1
There are different modalities to represent a meeting between Śiva and The present magic square is not exactly the samadhi state_which has no-
Pārvatī.Whitin the teritory of the magic squares, all of them can do that, but quantum mode_but the proceses which guide to it (yoga practices) or are it´s
here I chose a 10x10 magic square, because it is a greater manifestation of consequences (the world).That´s why this magic square is not perfect in its
the 1x1 magic square and,on the other side, shows the union and separation equalities.(Even in an aritmetical sense, a 10x10 magic square does not
between 1 and 0. accept a total numerical equality, but, in certain levels you can read it as
The pictorial inspiration of this magic square was the communion between „trying to obtain the same form/(content)”_con-formity,uni-formity.)
Śiva and Pārvatī on Kailāsa mountain, when they realize a common state of Let see it!
meditation, samādhi.

The same magic square,which is seen from only-columns perspective.

This magic square has the following aritmetical attributes:
1.It´s Center is 202 (in an aritmological sense,it is 4;in a metafisical sense,
it is 0.)
2. It´s constant is 505.(In an ideal case,(2x101)+101+(2x101)=5x101.
This Center is present in any Family,the groups formed by four
numbers.The real meeting between Śiva -Śakti is all pervading.
3.Total sum is 5050.

The same magic square,which is seen from only-lines perspective. The same magic square,which is seen from an only-center perspective.

The four sectors of the whole magic square.The first and the fourth Grey-shades of the component numbers.
sector(oscure grey) have the same value (1290),and the second and the
third sector(light grey) have the same value(1235).The difference between All rights reserved ©St.Dan-Marius 2009-2010
the two values is 55.