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Latin American Democracies

1. What role did the military play in shaping the economy of Brazil?
 Military leaders helped Brazil’s economy to increasingly grow with the use of
foreign investment, and began projects to help develop and improve conditions of
the Amazon jungle, leaving the economy in a good place
2. What were some of the positive benefits of one-party rule in Mexico?
 President Lazaro Cardenas tried to improve life for peasants and workers. He
carried out land reforms and promoted labor rights.
3. What effect did the Falklands war have on the military government in Argentina?
 Argentina elected Raul Alfonsin president in the country’s first free election in 37
years. Raul worked to rebuild the economy and the democracy.
4. Review the chart of Population Living in Poverty
[A] In which three countries of La tin America is the percentage of people living in
poverty the lowest?

Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia

In which three countries is the poverty rate highest?
 Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina
5. After reading this excerpt, in your opinion, has the military dictatorships in L.A.
nations been bad or good for the nations' growth? Explain your answer in two
paragraphs [minimum].
I believe that the use of military dictatorships have not been successful or a positive
effect on the nations growth. To prove this with the fact that every time a nation has tried
to become democratic, it was a long hard struggle. For a democracy to be successful it
takes time and especially if the government is going from dictatorship to democracy.
Democracy needs proper essential that the government implement ideas of free elections
to. To complete this action is to have one political party in place, as well as freedom to
vote for all legal adults. There are many important aspects to a democracy another one is
that citizen participations. Education and literacy, as well as background knowledge of
the economic security for the nation. When it’s time to vote citizens are education of the
economic level and making the correct choice for their nation.

While reading, define/explain each term or name below and write a sentence regarding its
significance to the topic:
Brazilia- the new capital of Brazil with the help of 4uscelino 5ubitsche". This became a huge
expense for Brazil, and caused the foreign debt and inflation to increase significantly.
Land reform- Breaking up large estates and distributing the land to peasants.

Standard of living- even after the economy boom in Brazil, the government froze wages and cut
back" on social programs, causing the standard of living to plummet. SOL, or level of material
comfort, is judged by the amount of goods that people have.
Recession- is the slowdown in the economy.
PRI- Industrial Revolutionary Party
NAFTA- North American Free Trade removed trade barrier between Mexico, the United States
and Canada.
Nationalization of an industry: nationalization is often a way for a government to expand its
economic resources and power
Welfare state- A system whereby the government undertakes to protect the health and
well8being of its citizens, especially those in financial or social need, by means of grants,
pensions, and other benefits.