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SUANKED MAK 4 2 LUG (oma No 1545-0067 rom 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 501), 527, or 447(a.) ofthe Internal Revenue Code (except black lung benef rut or private foundation) Open to Public Seemcttmsssy |» the crgenzaton may have 0 sea copy of is re oss sat reporng requrements feed ono nding 02013 Beck fnpin 3 Eyloyr reson naar DD Actress change 45-0363003, Drone cron © Testo aR Dra ston i Daren nn Cl scteaten ening |F Rare and aso patcmar Hays tw agoie eon tataour? [-]vor[XI wo oyrcoatamces neuceer —— EJvee[_] No 1 tareerotwaue — [X]sovexaLJsover (1 ovetco) LJeaerayior LiJser| "62" sien a tet (00 mints TWebsne: > NA He) Gp erenstoneuntar XK Fomotopmnantor LJ copontin L]rmm LJaseaton Loner {ar ofomator Sm fe cin ND [TE suman Baty describe the organizalon's mission of most agnfeart aces : : 2 é : : § | 2 Gheckinisbor +["]'irtne organization discontinued ts operations oF ceposed of more than 25% of ts net assets 3 | 3 Numberof voting members of the governing body (Part VI, line ta : 3 B.| 4 Number ot independent voing members ofthe govering body (Patt, ine 1b)... = 8 3 | 5 Total umber of individuals employed in calendar year 2012 (Part V ine 2a) A 5 z =| 6 Total number of volunteers (estimate if necessary) 6 7a Total unrelated business revenue from Part Vil, column (Cine 12. : 7a Net unrelated business taxable income from Form 990-7, ne 34. el | 8 Contibutons and grants (Part Vil ine th) uo , 75,3 33810 Z| 9 Program service revenue (Part Vill, ine 29) E]10 Investmentincome (Part Vil, colurn (A). nes 3,4, ahd 7 RECEIVED 7] Ta 1S Otnerrovonv Pan Vl eau (A) es 8.6686, Oe and TE 12 _ Total revenue—add lines 8 through 11 (must equal Part Viiypiur tpe,)2), 289,127 338,254 13° Grants and similar amounts paid (Part IX, column (A), ers Ry UTE Ty 14 Benefits paid to or for members (Part IX, column (A), {ine|4) t + 4 | 15. Salas, cher compensation, employee benetis Pat coum marl Teaze PD J | 162 Protesona funcrasing fos (Part X, column (A) irae UT Ft & | _b Total fundraising expenses (Part IX, column (OD), line 25) > __ 419] 2 = ] “147 Other expenses (Part IX, column (A), lines 112-110, 11f-24e) 72,750| 38,148 Total expenses. Ad ines 13-17 (must equal Part IX, column (A, ine 25). 752,002 779,608 Rovenueless expenses, Subvaciline 1Btomlne 12... 27.125 38,646, Begining orem Year| fader Total assets (Part, ine 16) : . soe 2377 17a Tal abies (Part X, tne 26) : 364 392 Nat assets of fund balances, Subrac iné 21 fom tine 20 91 ioiee8 signature Block. Under penabos a edie ia have arated Ws eu ecg sarong sede and Gales and oto be oy Moweope Here Don Macciseon, Extcative Director Type eran rama and ue Frye preparers rare Paper apa aie in Paid cheee [XI Preparer {KsithAnderson Keith Anderson 2712014 | setensoves _|po04a7216 Use Only [famsnme_» ANDERSON TAX SERVICE Femsen > 45-0427857_ en’ dares ® PO BOX 262, DICKINSON, ND 58602 Phone no (701) 225-9238 Del vee_L Jno Fem 990 (2032) [May the IRS discuss this retum withthe preparer shown above? (see instructions) perwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions, For fom 90 012 a [EMMI Statement of Program Sonice Accomplishments Checkif Schedule © contains aresponse to any question mths Pan ll... J... .. 21... O 7 Billy describe the organization's sion RESEARCH AND EDUCATION OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC ABOUT AGRICULTURAL AND ENERGY ISSUES IN NORTH 2 Bid the organaation undertake any signficant program senices during the year which were not leted on the prior Form 990 or 990-27 . : - ~ Cl¥es No tee," describe these new services on Schedule 0. 3. Did the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how # conducts, any program services? ~ Clves EINo "Yes," descnbe these changes on Schedule O. 4 Desonbe the organization's program service accomplishments for each ofits three largest program services, as measured by ‘expenses. Section 501(6)(3) and 501(0)4) organszations are required to report the amount of grants and allocations to others, ‘the total expenses, and revenue, if any, for each program service reported. ¥ —y(Expenses $279,189 cluding grants of ~, ) Revenue $ y (iB EDUCATION OF Tiié GENERAL PUBLIC ABOUT AGRICULTURAL AND ENERGY ISSUES IN NORTH” ROVIDE INF ORWATIONAL SEMINARS AND PUBLICATIONS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC nding grants of § “Ga Other program services (Descnbe in Schedule ©.) Expenses $ 279,189 including grants of $ ) Revenue $ ) “de Total program service expenses > Bae, Fom 890 207% Fem 999212) _DAKOTARESOURCE COUNCIL 45.0360003 rags 3 Checklist of Required Schedules: 11 Is the organization described in section 504 (€)(3) or 4947(a) i) (other than a private foundation)? "Yes," ‘complete Schedule A . a\x 2. Is the organcaton requited to complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contribuors (see instructions)? - x 3. Did the organization engage in director incirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office? If "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part | 3 x 4 Section 501(c)(3) organizations. Di the organization engage in iobbying activities, or have a section sou) election n effect during the tax year? If "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part alx 5 Is the organization a section 50%(cK(4), 501(6\,8), oF 601(c)\6) organization that recoives membership dues, ‘assessments, or similar amounts as defined in Revenue Procedure 98-197 If "Yes," complate Schedule C, Parti. 5 x 6 Did the organization maintain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have the right to provide advice on the distribution or investment of amounts in such funds or accounts? if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part | 6 a Did the organization receive or hold a conservation easement, including easements to preserve open space, the environment, historic land areas, or historic structures? if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part Il. 7 x {8 Did the organization maintain collections of works of at, historical treasures, or other similar assets? If"Yes,” complete Schedule D, Parti. 8 x 9 Did the organization report an amount in Pat X, ine 21, for escrow or custodial account ably: serve as @ custodian for amounts not listed in Part X: or provide credit counseling, debt management, credit repair, or debt ‘negotiation services? /f “Yes,” complete Schedule D, Part lV. aa 2 fa 40 Did the organization, directly or trough a related organization, hold assets in temporarily restncted endowments, permanent endowments, or quasl-endowments? If "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part V. ‘4 Ifthe organization's answer to any ofthe folowing questions is "Yes," then complete Schedule D, Parts VI, Vil, Vill X, or X as applicable, 2d he erganizaton report an aroun for and, bulings nd aqupment Part X ne 107 "as" cmpata ‘Schedule D, Part VI tial x bid the organization report an amount for investments—other secures in Part Xie 12 that Is 5% oF more ofits total assets reported in Part X, line 16? If"Yas," complete Schedule D, Part VI. a] | x € Dd the organization report an amount for investments—program related in Part X, ne 13 that s St ox more of its total assets reported in Part X, line 16? If "Yes, complete Schedule D, Part Vl atel__| x {d_ id the organization report an amount for other assets in Part X, ine 15 thats 8% or mora of its total assets reported in Part X, ne 162 If "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part IX. . ge |r © Did the organization report an amount for other labites in Part X, ime 257 If *¥es," completo Schedule D, Pax... [tte X {Did the organization's separate or consolidated financial statements forthe tax year include a footnote that addresses the organization's lial for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? if Yes," complete Schedule D, Pat X. Ait ES lex ‘2a Didi oranzston obisn separte, independent aude hacia statment or hoax yea? Wf "Yas, complte ‘Schedule D, Parts XI and Xi. 1za|_| x 'b Was the organization included in consolidated, independent audited francil statements for he tax year’? If ‘and if the organization answered "No" to ine 12a, than completing Schedule D, Parts XI and il is options! 126] | x 413. Is the organization a school described in section 170(b)(1A)i)? If"Yes," complete Schedule E 13 x ‘4a_Did the organization mamntain an office, employees, or agents outside of the United States? a4a| x. 'b Did the organization have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10,000 from grantmaking, ‘fundraising, business, investment, and program service actives outside the United States, or aggregate foreign investments valued at $100,000 or more? if “Yes,” complete Schedule F Parts land IV. sao] x 48. Did the organization report on Part IX, column (A), line 3, more than $6,000 of grants or assistance to any organization or entty located outside the United States? if “Yes,” complete Schedule F, Parts I! and IV. 45 x 16 Did the organization report on Part IX, column (A), ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or assistance to individuals located oulside the United States? If "Yes, * complete Schedule F Pars ll and IV. 16 x 17 Did the organization report a total of more than $15,000 of expenses for professional fundraising services (on Part IX, columa (A), lines 6 and 116? If "Yes," complete Schedule G, Part I (see instructions). a a 18 Did the organization report more than $15,000 total of fundraising event gross income and contributions on Part Vill lines te and 6a? If "Yes," complete Schedule G, Part I! 18 x 19._ Did the organization report more than $15,000 of gross income from gaming actvtes on Pat Vl, tne 93? I1"Yes," complete Schedule G, Part I. . 50 19 x 20a_Did the organization operate one or more hospital faites? IYes,“complete Schedule H 7 [aoa Tx 'b_If"Yes" to line 208, did the organization attach a copy of iis audited financaal statements tots tum? [2o6[ | Fon 6902012) DAKOTA RESOURCE COUNCIL 45-0368003 Page 4 a 2 23 a 28 Checklist of Required Schedules (continued) Did the organization report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to any government of Srganization inthe United States on Part IX, column (A) ine 1? If "Yes," complete Schedule , Parts! and I Did the organization report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to individuals in the United States on Part IX, column (A), line 27 If*Yes,” complete Schedule |, Parts /and i! Did the organization answer "Yes" to Part Vil, Section A line 3, 4, or 5 about compensation of the organization's current and former officers, directors, trustees, Key employees, and highest compensated employees? If “Yes,” complete Schedule J (id the organization have a tax-exempt bond isue with an outstanding principal amount of more than $100,000 as ofthe last day of the year, that was issued after December 31, 20027 If "Yes," answer ines 246 through 24d and complete Schedule K. If “No,” goto line 25 Did the organization invest any proceeds of tax-exempt Bonds beyond a temporary period exception? . Did the organization maintain an escrow account other than a refunding escrow at any time during the year to defease any tax-exempt bonds? Did the organization act as an on beta of lsuer for bonds outstanding al any ime during the year? Section 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations. Did the organization engage in an excess benefit transaction with a disqualified person during the year? If "Yes,” complete Schedule L, Pert | : ls the organization aware that t engaged in an excess benefit transaction with a disqualified person ina prior year, and thatthe transaction has not been reported on any of the organization's prior Forms 990 or 990-£27 If "Yes," complete Schedule L, Part |. ‘Was aloan to oF by a curent or former officer, director, trustee, Key employee, highest compensated employee, or [al 1b_-Yee. has ified a Form 720 to report these payments? if "No," provide an explanation in Schedule O 14 Fem 990 ora)

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