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Pope St.

Leo the Great, Council of Chalcedon, 451, ex cathedra:

our Lord Jesus Christ indeed born of the Father before
all ages according to His Divinity, but in the last days born of
the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, according to His humanity;
for us and for our salvation, one and the same Christ
This is precisely where the protestants fail in their salvation - not realizing the person of
Jesus. Not realizing the person of the Sacred Virgin Mother of the Redeemer. Christ is
always true God and true Man. Not understanding His true Filial Relationship with
Mary - the Ark and Bosom of the Covenant. Not realizing the truth that at the cross
Jesus truly pronounced Her the Mother of the Church and OF all the Faithful. Not
realizing that He - the Messiah and Redeemer and Lord - was begotten of the Father
and the Virgin both, as He is and as was always Gods plan. Not realizing that Jesus
Christ is the ever begotten of the Father and the Virgin Mary.