Texans for Accountable Government C/o Trey Reginelli 1306 Baronets Trl Austin, TX 78753 November 18, 2009 San Antonio

Police Department Records Office P.O. Box 839948 San Antonio, TX 78283 Re: Public Information Act Request Dear Sir or Madam: This letter constitutes a request under the under the Public Information Act of Texas (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552) on behalf of Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) for the . Requested Information Please provide copies of the following documents: 1. All current memorandums of understanding and interlocal agreements between the San Antonio Fusion Center and any other entity. 2. Current privacy policy for the San Antonio Fusion Center. 3. Current policies and Procedures Manual for the San Antonio Fusion Center. 4. List of titles of strategic reports, bulletins, BOLO (Be on the Look Out) alerts, etc. 5. Current document retention policy (if not included in any of the above items) Request for Waiver of Charges The TPIA states in part that, “[a] governmental body shall provide a copy of public information without charge or at a reduced charge” if “providing the copy of the information primarily benefits the general public.” Tex. Gov’t Code Ann. § 552.267 (2007). Providing the requested documents to Texans for Accountable Government benefits the general public because TAG is a non-profit organization that promotes the protection of civil liberties and government transparency. Fusion centers are a large part of the current national discussion of these issues, and the requested documents are instrumental in the implementation and operation of fusion centers.

Request for Production Within 10 Days

Due to the potential impact on government transparency and the privacy rights of Texas citizens, I ask that you provide copies of the requested documents within ten business days of receipt of this request. I may be reached at the return address above, or at (832) 515-7550. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely,

Trey Reginelli Member Texans for Accountable Government

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