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The Art of Spiritual Healing

By Ryan Parenti

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Look at any healthy person. They live healthy so they ARE healthy. Can you be healthy with out knowing how to be healthy? Nope.

Time to focus on how to be healthy.

These tips and techniques can be done NOW. Focus on health.


… I’m Ryan Parenti.

Lets talk about you and how you will benefit from what I believe to be the most Innovative and most practical guide you will find on spiritual healing tips. This book took a lot of time to write… And 10 years to research! Hey I know that it takes time to do things right! But, that is how long I have been developing a no nonsense approach to life with spirituality, Spiritual Healing, and natural health. And 23 Steps to Spiritual Health is not just about spirituality… It is about living a happy and successful life! And boy there is a difference. Think of it this way… Would you be a better painter if your tutor had spent his working life with callused hands, selling his own creations? Or would advice from a book, written by someone who’d merely studied painting, serve you better? It’s the little things that make the big difference.

With a little practice you will have a healthy body, calm mind, and be ready to conquer the world! Lets get down to it…

1. Use affirmations of release and of goodwill
“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” --William Shakespeare
Use affirmations that release fears, doubts, and worries then replace them with positive statements of abundance. “I release fear of not being safe in the world.” “I am safe, happy, and everything I need is provided for me.” The idea is to affirm even that which has not yet come true to keep you open to the limitless potential that surrounds you. This method of affirmation is designed to change you from blocking good will to embracing greatness. The fact is… Everything you say or are exposed to is soaked up by the subconscious mind. Be aware of what you say and say things that are in line with the good you want in your life. What goes into a man's mind does not make him great, but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him great. Our words, thoughts, and actions shape our reality. By changing how we think, act, and say we change our world by changing yourself. Change your world for the better with these affirmations. The basic idea is to use your words to release negativity and replace it. Here are some great affirmations… I cease to oppose life

I release resistance to life I embrace life I release limitations I am eternal and boundless I am self referring for approval I am holy, divine, and incorruptible I effortlessly know I release the desire to suppress expression I give thanks for full expression I cease to allow my environment to influence me I give thanks for being the center of my universe, acknowledging that as I change within I change the world

2. Do some form of exercise every day
Do something physical every day. Go for a walk with your family or friends. You will spend more time with them and it will develop your relationships. Exercise can help depression, anxiety, and just all around make you feel good… You don’t need to strain yourself by going to the gym every day. But, doing some form of exercise, even a walk in the forest, does wonders for emotion, physical, and spiritual health. If you are wanting to lose weight, you must be willing to exercise. Some try to lose weight and do not increase their physical activity. It is a waste of time. Exercise can increase your metabolism and it makes it easier to lose weight. This doesn't mean that you should go join a costly work out system or even buy special equipment. Did you know you can find simple exercises to do right at home to help you lose weight?

Taking walks is a great way lose weight and to reduce stresses. Some people have found that they eat due to stressful situations. The ones who desire snacks and sweets are usually very stressful and they feel the pull to eat as a way to reduce stress. A quick walk will help you start to lose weight as it helps you burn some calories, and it will help relieve stress. You can feel better physically and emotionally if you take a brisk walk and this is a low impact way of losing weight. One other way to lose weight is to stretch. This does help you and you will be able to exercise without hurting your body. Many start an exercise routine to burn fat end up injuring their body. They are not used to using those muscles. You want to stretch before you start any exercise to warm up the body. Also, avoid over doing it. You can really hurt the body by doing too much. Stretching is a simple and easy way to lose weight. Not only do you lose weight but it is great for your heart and circulatory system. If you use techniques like yoga, or simple stretching, before bed it will help your muscles relax and give you a good nights sleep. You don't need to join any gym or go to an expensive health club to lose weight. Yes you can exercise to lose weight fast without spending much money. Many people just end up wasting their money on expensive equipment and memberships. A simple way to increase your physical fitness is to take a walk or to use the stairs in your house. These are simple calorie burning techniques. ANY form of exercise burns fat and helps you lose weight. Do not do too much at the beginning if you are not a regular exercise. Build it slowly to keep your body healthy. If you adopt a healthy diet along with a simple exercise routine you will burn calories and you will feel better mentally and physically.

3. Monitor your life
Keep a journal. Do you have patterns that come up over and over again?

Stay mindful of your feelings and thoughts throughout the day. Acknowledge and comment on your thoughts and inner feelings. How? Address your concerns about such things as finances, relationships, and work. This is especially good for obsessive thinking. Instead of avoiding thinking about a particular situation focus on the root of the issue and reach a solution to your problems. It is very important to resolve unresolved issues. It can be easy. All that they need is some attention and they naturally resolve.

4. Maintain family and relationships
Take steps to maintain and create healthy relationships. Eat with your family often. Feel free to turn off the television and talk to your loved ones. Another good idea is to… Listen with deep attention to every single utterance when conversing. A helpful tip for good listening skills are letting others finish their sentences before you start to think of your response. Ask questions about how they are feeling and ask them to tell you about subjects they are interested. Socializing also keeps us emotionally healthy and helps prevent an emotional rut. Go to a church group or social group to develop relationships. Many people drink because of depression or to deal with negative emotions when socializing is a healthy alternative.

5. Follow your intuition
“All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know.” –Alexis Carrel

Most people have an abundance of spiritual experiences and intuitions. Intuition can also be closely related to Divine Guidance. If you are not yet open to spiritual experiences work on releasing your fears, doubts, and blockages towards intuition and spiritual experiences. The power of affirmation or simply by asking God or your guardian angels to remove any and all fears, doubts, and blocks will greatly improve your ability to have spiritual experiences and develop your intuition. Here is how… All you need is the desire to have spiritual experiences and Divine Guidance. Have faith to follow your inner knowing and avoid dismissing them. Follow your gut your instincts about people and situations. Following your intuition will help you be at the right place at the right time.

6. Serve Others
"If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve?" - John Adams
Helping others helps yourself. Even simple help is uplifting. Helping another is a sure-fire cure for a sense of meaninglessness. Give your loved ones a massage, volunteer to be a coach for a team, or assist in a social group that you prefer. The best part is… Some would even say that the path to enlightenment is through selfless service.

7. Financial intelligence
Spend money wisely and remove things that drain money needlessly. Pay extra on your debt each month. This leads to peace of mind and monetary savings. Even small amounts saved are enough. The recommended amount is three dollars a day.

The fact is… When Einstein was asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe he answered “Compound interest!” Saving even your pocket change will add up to huge returns.

8. Meditate and pray
Mother Teresa said “Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.” Being aware and receptive is an important part of receiving, understanding, and benefiting from Divine Guidance. I suggest at least 15 minutes a day of prayer or meditation for healing and good health. Here is a simple way to get the most out of meditation…

8.1 How to meditate. An easy way to do this is to repeat a word over and over again while lying or sitting. Every time the internal dialogue gets going use your chosen word to interrupt it. Suggested words are peace, love, or simply the word one has wonderful results. The health benefits are HUGE! Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School reports that by eliciting this form of relaxation, or as he called it The Relaxation Response, reduces blood pressure when practiced three times a week for ten minutes each. When you reduce blood pressure you counteract hypertension, hardening of the arteries, which may reduce development of heart disease. There are a host of other health benefits from regular meditation including increased level of neurotransmitters GABA, the hormones DHEA, Melatonin, Serotonin, higher levels of Endorphins, and helps bring balance to the pH of the body. The health benefits are too many to list!

Here are more is more meditation information including free techniques and tips History of Meditation

9. How to pray.
Do you want to know how to make prayer work? These few simple steps are the fast track guide to effective prayer! Here is how...

9.1. Relax to become receptive...

Relaxing keeps us open to accepting our prayers. We are able to absorb the blessings of prayer by relaxing.

9.2. Give thanks to increase your abundance...

By giving thanks we increase our abundance. There is an old saying about when we give gratitude... Gratitude increases abundance 1000%! This is true with prayer.

9.3. Make your request, then create it!

This is where the magic happens! Make your request then do everything in your power to make it come true. Well, there is something you need to understand...

If you want to be healthy.. BE healthy! Eat healthy, drink healthy, and think healthy. This changes you from blocking your payers to creating your prayers!

9.4. Keep it open ended to make it better than your request!

Do you want something BETTER than what your praying for? Then say "or better" at the end of each prayer. The fact is... The divine has great plans for you. Greater plans than anyone could imagine. Did you know... When you say "or better" it gives the divine room to manifest beyond your wildest dreams. Do you want more prayer information? Try Prosperity Prayer

10. Increase

your capacity to love

Real love is unconditional and boundless. Start by loving and accepting your self fully and completely. Then, extend the same unconditional and boundless love to your family. After that… The next step is to love nature’s trees and animals. Then ultimately extend your love to all life everywhere. Did you know… This method automatically removes fears, doubts, and negative emotional patterns. You can increase your ability to love with practice. Spending time loving is healthy for your body. It removes stress and stress is a leading cause of illness.

11. Spirituality
A great quote of spiritual scripture is “Know thy self.” The moment you start to know the nature of your true self, which involves moving beyond the limitations of the ego, you pull away the layers to your core. This is a process of going within and removing social conditioning to get to know the true self. Below the layers of societal, parental, and all other forms of conditioning the self is unbound by reason or logic. Here is how… Spirituality for some may be going to church to get to know Jesus and model their life after how he lived. For others it may be by going in nature and cultivating the same abundance. There is no wrong path. A good method to know the true self is to go beyond what limits you. The majority of confinement of the mind comes in the form of fears, doubts, and miss-placed knowingness. Resolve the unresolved issues that are the core of fears and doubts so you can increase your capacity to enjoy life, similar to all the great saints.

12. Be Optimistic
Follow your inner narrator when it is positive, uplifting, repetitive, and loving. Avoid the voice of the negative, critical, impulsive, and pessimistic self. Focus on what you want to happen. Avoid concentrating on what you want to avoid experiencing. This is a big step. How many hours do you add to your life by worrying? Being positive becomes easy when you make a pattern out of it. Anyone can do it and the increased happiness makes this one of the easiest and best tips.

13. Spend more time in nature
Being in nature is a great way to heal. It opens our minds and our hearts. Even simple contact with the earth can have great health benefits. From helping with allergies to eliminating bodily electromagnetic poisoning. This is a simple and easy way to spiritually heal. Did you know… Native Americans have a deep rooted belief that staying connected to the Earth is essential for a healthy life. It does make sense. The more man disconnects from the Earth the more we seemingly destroy our world.

14. Develop a deep desire to achieve
This step is important for anyone who wants to have financial freedom. Truly, all we need to do in life to fully succeed in every way is to remove the chance of failure. How? Develop a deep, unquenchable desire to achieve. The bottom line is you can do anything if you work hard enough. Having this deep desire makes it easy to succeed because we always have this internal driving force. This gives you the energy to move forward when there are obstacles. It lets you move beyond the drama of life and create your happiness

15. Physical touch is healthy
Some people have stated that people who hug and are hugged are about 3 times as less likely to develop disease. WOW! It seems so simple but it is true. Don’t you naturally feel better when someone hugs you? Don’t you feel better when you express your love by hugging someone else? This is a easy technique for emotional health which seems to lead to physical health. The fact is…

If you are emotionally healthy it drastically helps with your physical health. So if hugging can make you happy, it will make your body happy.

16. Spend

time with yourself

In this busy world it is very important to take time to come home to the self. It is great to go out in the world and explore. For spiritual health we need to always “come home to the self.” Do you want to know how to come home to the self? That is exactly what this book is designed to do! All of these tips and techniques help you stay grounded in yourself. Why do you want to stay connected to your self? There is always someone else who wants to tell you what to think, be, and do. Truly, the only one who can judge what is right for our lives is us. When we take time to be alone (20 minutes a day may be enough) and just sit, doing nothing, we start to let all the waves of outside impressions settle. Imagine a lake… This lake has very crystal clear water. But then, a storm starts to come in. The clouds gather and it starts to rain. The water goes from being clear to muddy. The undertows of the water are very active. The water is no longer settled and you can no longer see clearly into the lake. When we take time to be with ourselves it is like letting the clouds over the lake pass. The waters become crystal clear and we can see clearly into ourselves. When we can see ourselves we truly know the next step for our lives. This removes fear and doubt.

17. Expand your comfort zone
Get out of your comfort zone and stay out of it! This increases your personal freedom and gives you the mindset of the person who achieves success. Here’s why…

Have you ever wanted to do something but you felt uncomfortable? By being willing to step beyond the feeling and doing the action that might involve a risk you develop your personal freedom. When we expand our comfort zone we expand our own comfort in life. By doing things that you may not always feel at ease with you will end up increasing your ability to feel at ease! It is amazing, but this helps us move beyond our own personal judgments of self worth, insecurities, and move to a place of happiness in any situation.

18. Never give up
"How to succeed? Try hard enough."Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

When we stay focused on the things we want to achieve we remove the option of failure. Everything you ever wanted can happen if you work for it. Wait a minute… It may not have happened yet, but that means you need to work harder. But, if it still doesn’t happen… you need to put more effort in it. Just keep going. I have personally seen people give up on their life. They stopped trying. Within a few years that person had completely ruin her life by giving up. It is NOT a pretty picture. But, we can learn from other’s mistakes. If giving up is BAD then never giving up is GOOD. In fact, it is really good. You can create anything by working at it!
"I am successful because I have always been a tortoise. I did not come from a rich family. I was not smart in school. I did not finish school. I am not particularly talented. Yet, I am far richer than most people simply because I did not stop." Robert Kiyosaki

19. Take it one day at a time

Stay aware of now. This will help you stay aware of what you are doing. It seems funny, but some choose to worry about tomorrow and completely forget about today.

The question to ask when you find yourself worrying about the past or the future is “What’s the problem now?” What is the current situation? Focus on now. You may say “Right now I have many problems. I have too many bills, work too much, and don’t have enough time to spend doing what I love.” Then, when things are not the way the we want we start to get unhappy. These things may be true but here is a technique to move into now and find a way to be happy, right now! Here is how… The idea is to stay fully aware of the moment. Yes, in the moment you may be at work and want to be at home. But, by asking the question “what’s the problem now” we can see that RIGHT now, in this very second, the second in which you ask the question, there are no problems… The problem is that you have a concept of how things should be. Your sitting at your desk or work space. Look around… there is no problem “NOW.” The bottom line is… You are the cause of happiness. You can be happy where you are and with whatever you do. The easiest way to be happy is to stay in the NOW and avoid letting the ideas of how things should be steal our happiness.

20. Solve your problems
Resolve your internal issues for emotional health. This may be tough, but when you get in the habit of dealing with yourself you will find that it is well worth the effort. Everyone has something to resolve. Issues including but not limited to childhood, relationships, sadness… This is all weight of the past that we can leave in the past. The key to solving problems is understanding the root of the problem. The best way to resolve your problems is not from outside help like a therapist, even though that is advisable in extreme situations, but from resolving them within. All you need to do is understand why it is a problem. Understanding is the key to happiness and enlightenment. The best thing to do when you have a problem is to focus on understanding why it is a problem. If understanding why it is a problem is not enough to resolve the issue you will probably have to

understand what the problem is as well as how to resolve the problem. Then, go over it again and make sure you understand everything about the issue. By simply understanding our problems we naturally remove them. After you understand what is creating emotional stress you can start to remove the stress. Here is a simple technique to resolve issues… Write down everything you think. After you write it down ask yourself “Is this real?” Is it really the way it is? Are you sure? Is this the way it really is or is this just how I think it is? You will find that many times the things you think are not even real! After you fully understand your issues you can burn the paper you wrote on as a symbolic release. This a powerful tool. To truly realize that the concepts we have about ourselves or others might be based on misperception or down right illusions sets us free from our own misunderstandings. Here is an example… Lets say someone thinks you are an impassionate and self centred person. That may or may not be the case… but for the sake of this example we will say it is not. So lets say this person now treats you like you are self centred and impassionate. That can create a lot of drama! What I am aiming for you to understand is that YOU perceive this world. You alone are responsible for your understanding of yourself and others. But, unfortunately the cognitive process is commonly done at a subconscious level so we end up thinking and feeling things that are not based on “How It Really Is.” The majority of the concepts people have about people, places, and things are simple that… concepts they have in their head that have no real basis in reality. This is a rather complex idea I am trying to offer, but simply much of what we feel, think, and play out in our lives are based on misperceptions because they were interrupted in a subconscious way relative to our other thoughts and feelings… not relative to the way things really are. Solving your problems is a two-fold process. Understand your problems then release them.

21. Avoid

taking life too seriously

Life is fun, happy, and light. Are you? The answer may not be yes but that is OK. Here is how to enjoy your life. Have fun with the simple things. Step out of the “I’m too old for that” or “I am adult” mindset. At least when it is about enjoying your life. If it makes you happy DO IT. Feel free to let your hair down and realize it is ok to look silly every once in awhile. It doesn’t matter what others think and feel, it only matters what you think and feel. Imagine how you would like to be then go out and create it!

22. Food Health
You get out of your body what you put into it. If you put healthy food in your body you will be healthy. But, many do not know what is healthy. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states, "Genetically Modified foods have not been properly tested and pose a serious health risk. There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation."

The number one tip for a health life is to eat organic!

Follow these simple nutrition tips. These will help you with the basics. But, if you simply eat organic you will likely notice dramatic health improvements.

22.1 Five foods that heal for a healthy life 22.1.1 Nuts for breakfast

Eat nuts regularly to dramatically improve health! I recommend a mixture of linseed, raisins, sesame, walnuts and Muesli (a mixture similar to cereal) with Cinnamon and hot water or olive oil. Eat this for breakfast and your digestion and energy level will increase.

22.1.2 Eat Rice

Rice naturally balances the pH of the body. Did you know everyone who is sick has a pH that is not where the body needs it to be? By correcting your pH you can cure disease. White rice, brown rice, and Red Linseed for a dal sauce are my favourites. 22.1.3 Eat Vegetables The health benefits of vegetables are too many to mention! A typical healthy dinner is rice with vegetables. Steamed broccoli, carrots, red beets, cucumber or a salad with olive oil are good dinner compliments. 22.1.4 Fish is better than other meat! Fish has high amounts of omegas and is all around great for the body! When you eat organic fish it tastes great and it is one of the best food that heals. Fish is easier to digest than other meats and some say it is even better for your body. Try sardines, mackerel, and salmon for a healthy food alternative to red meat. 22.1.5 Drink Tea Tea is basically herbal medicine! This is one of the easiest way to use foods that heal. Also, avoiding drinking extremely cold (right out of the refrigerator) liquids because they are a shock to your body.
Some good teas are chamomile (for digestion), Ayurvedic teas including Pitta (for digestion and metabolism), Vata (for the nervous system), and Kapha.

22.2 Do you want more food health? For more food health try these simple tips... 22.2.1 Avoid sugar, dairy, processed and genetically modified food. Eat organic foods None of these are healthy and you can live a healthy life without them. There are many alternatives and there is not much sacrifice involved. It is ok to eat these once in awhile, but your body needs to be the one to tell you when it is too much. If your body is hurting that means it is too much.


Avoid drinking when you eat

It dilutes the stomach enzymes that digest your food. Drinking when eating is a big strain on your body. Try to avoid drinking at least 30 minutes before and after meals. 22.2.3 Avoid eating before bed

The food cannot digest properly when lying down so it begins to ferment in your stomach. Then, you start to develop fungus that lines the inside of your stomach. This makes it hard to absorb nutrients from food that heals. Try not to eat at least an hour or two before bed. Typically not after 7 or 8 o'clock. 22.2.4 Chew your food well to stimulate digestion Chew around 40 times or until your food has a liquid like texture. This makes it easy for your stomach to digest. 22.2.5 Only eat if your hungry Avoid eating when you are not hungry. Eating when the body doesn't need food puts extra strain on the body. Don't eat just because it is time to eat. Only eat if your body has a hungry feeling. By eating healthy food you naturally detoxify and lose weight. If you are having a hard time completely changing your eating habits start out by making simple and consistent changes to your diet. Here is how…

Add one new healthy food periodically as you remove one unhealthy food. This can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whatever is best for you. But, do it consistently until your food habits are healthy. You can replace unhealthy snack food with fruit smoothies and still satisfy yourself. This method may work better than a diet because it is designed to use small changes which lead to life long health and weight loss.

23. Live with integrity
Act in conformity of your highest vision of yourself. Leave behind behaviour that is not in line with your vision of the best you can be. Ask the question… Would you want someone to do that to you? Imagine the greatest person in the world. Then do what that person would do. Imagine the changes you want for the world then go out and create it.

This book, 23 Steps to Spiritual Health will supply you with the nails… All you need to do is drive them home! See you at the blacksmith’s! Warm Wishes, Ryan Parenti (http://www.alternative-spiritual-healing.com/)

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