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wm, UNITED ARCHITECTS OF THE PHILIPPINES THE INTEGRATED AND ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF ARCHITECTS {3-TIME PRC's MOST OUTSTANDING ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION AWARDEE 'UAP CORPORATE CENTER, 53 SCOUT RALLOS ST., DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY ‘TEL, NOS. (632) 4126408 - 4126964 » 4123312 +4128374 « FAX'NO. (632) 3721796 "anya "EMAIL: uapnafional@vahoo com - WEBSITE: www united. areniiects.ora UAP-IAPOA MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM "Tis Foes MUST Be PROPERLY FLED UP AND ENDORSED BY TE CHAPTER [[ [NEW foastac BEFORE REGISTRATION GAN B= PROPERLY PROCESSED MEMBER aces CURRENT PHOTO SEARO] (5X17 we bacon CURRENT CHAPTER PREWOUS CHAPTER @ (WAP COLLEGE OF FELLOWS, YEAR ELEVATED ventas ‘ESHA GOLD MEDAL AWARD, YEAR CONFERRED, "APEC ARCHITECT, YEAR CONFERRED ‘CERTIFICATION. tee cory and decir unde’ be poate pay, a ate etorraton here a | “SSH ‘Se tmert omy pone! aa pessoal mma sso Ns ae a5 ques by ann Seo ‘ith ne UAP By Lae an fs tpn cs 2 Ropu AP MEMBERSHIP GENERAL INFORMATION. ap cL exnELe Acece wre gether ca ete pe She venue tonearm ee ara et ose pa mies ay rope at ‘Pennie to, to age wii ee ‘is oy rupees an aunt anc a pu ate ot ere pe ape mvt wo cay mv arcs pet SMo te Sea Sv asym wae nea ar ase? ‘its arash ane Neral sgn Goer ened eo fo Bemmeacioe hasty ceity hat Asch (2 replar member of sete ser sear ae Cpt Des fr the Fic Yea Asrock, bry authorize interop his Antal UAP Memiberp Foe Sor he ad Fiael Yen to UAP Nitin Adkinson Ofc, Se oa (Copter ond as paid aod “SRRICIAL TARA NUMBERS: AP Noe > OR SSN aie aT BISA