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Consultant Newsletter Jan

Consultant Newsletter Jan

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Published by Marilyn Clark
Here is our Latest Newsletter.. Thanks so much everyone!
Here is our Latest Newsletter.. Thanks so much everyone!

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Published by: Marilyn Clark on Jan 12, 2010
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December Results & Recognition  January 2010

We Celebrate You In December Happy Birthday
Gagne, Heather  Larcombe, Diane  Bosch, Cecile  Dunne, Eileen  Suderman, Susan  Wood, Sandra  Ruiz, Karine  Biddles, Lacara  Varseveld, Annemarie  Santos, Maria  Menard, Michelle  Labossiere, Anita  Svendsen, Anne  Jenkins, Anna  Birthday  1‐Jan  2‐Jan  4‐Jan  5‐Jan  8‐Jan  13‐Jan  15‐Jan  16‐Jan  17‐Jan  19‐Jan  23‐Jan  26‐Jan  30‐Jan  31‐Jan 

Future Director Sandra Haberman-Melvill Connie Biddles Senior Consultants Louise Campbell Janina Czerniecki Vangie Esau Christa Knight Anita Labossiere Diane Larcombe Patricia Sales Terina Stenger

Star Team Builder Doreen Cliff Rosemarie Selinger

Happy Anniversary
Years  20  9  7  6  5  5  5  4  4  3  2  2  1  1 

Clark, Marilyn  Ryan, Gwen  Larcombe, Diane  Lee, Tracie  Sejdic, Alfa  Gagne, Heather  Collison, Karen  Ingram, Lynda  McMullen, Heather  Wartman, Julieanna  Davis, Heather  Wilson, Laurel  Nowick, Janice  Labossiere‐Kardash, T 

Terina has been a Star Consultant every quarter since signing her Consultant Agreement. Sapphire 7 times, Ruby 3 times, Diamond 1 time, Emerald 8 times, and Pearl 5 times Heather has been a Sapphire Star 3 times and a Ruby Star 1 time.

Leading the way as your Director, I have been a Sapphire Star 48 times, a Ruby Star 8 times and a Diamond Star 2 times.

To qualify in Court: • Court members must achieve a total of $30,000 or more in personal Section 1 Retail sales during the contest period.

Name  Stenger, Terina  McMullen, Heather  Labossiere, Anita  Sales, Patricia  Biddles, Connie  Selinger, Rosemarie  Scott, Peggy  Hickey, Georgina  Cliff, Doreen  Jack, Kathleen 

Seminar Sales 

Remaining Goal  $13,081.50  

Contest Period: July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010 To qualify in Court:

$16,918.50   $6,507.00   $6,097.00   $4,353.50   $4,012.00   $2,996.50   $2,971.00   $2,952.50   $2,655.00   $2,622.50  

$23,493.00    Introduce 24 or more qualified team members $23,903.00  
during the contest period. Contest Period:

$25,646.50   July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010 $25,988.00   $27,003.50   $27,029.00   $27,047.50   $27,345.00   $27,377.50  

Double Star Achievement Award
Beauty Consultants qualify for this award by achieving both the Consultant Queen’s Court of Personal Sales and Sharing.

Stenger, Terina  Budgell, Mary  McMullen, Heather  Schaufele, Leila  Trampleasure, Cheryl  Holmes, Heather  Richard, Christy  Blair, Heather  Scott, Peggy  Nelson, Yvonne  Biddles, Connie  Nowick, Janice  Jack, Kathleen  Quaife, Dallas  Gordon, Denise  Suderman, Susan  Shepherd, Donna  Jacobsen, Suzanne  Sejdic, Alfa  Flaig, Shannon  Ryan, Gwen  Deshmukh, Maharookh  Hiebert, Wendy  Waldner, Christie  Auramenko, Lilian  Barnstable, Karen  Rogatschnigg, Suzanne  Bosch, Cecile  Cliff, Doreen  Papafilis, Angeliki  Hickey, Georgina  Clark, Marilyn 

win spring 2010 product! We can’t wait to hear what you think of our new quarterly format for Applause® magazine!
E-mail us your comments – what you love, what we can improve and/or what you’d like to see in upcoming issues – and you’ll be entered in a draw to win the complete limited-edition Mary Kay® Tropical Fruits Collection from the Spring 2010 product promotion

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Mary Kay once said: “It is important to realize that you do not have to change a certain number of lives in order to make a difference in the world; you can do it by reaching out to just one person.” The goal of this promotion is simple. To make a difference in someone’s life. When you reach out to one person – from August 1st, 2009, through June 30th, 2010 *– you’ll receive:  A thank you letter from our very own President Ray Patrick.  An exclusive Each One Reach One necklace that symbolizes your dedication to reaching out.  As well, your new team member will receive a letter from President Ray Patrick congratulating them on starting their Mary Kay business and welcoming them to this unique sisterhood that has enriched thousands of lives.
*A signed Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement needs to be received and accepted during the promotion period – from August 1st, 2009 to June 30th, 2010. There is no qualifying order required. ** Limit of one necklace per person.

As we start a new year Untouched and unmarred, Unblemished and flawless, Unscratched and unscarred, May we try to do better And accomplish much more And be kinder an wiser Than in the year gone before— Let us wipe our slates clear And start over again, For God gives this privilege To all sincere men Who will humbly admit They have failed many ways But are willing to try And improve these “new days” By asking God’s help In all that they do And counting on Him To refresh and renew Their courage and faith When things go wrong And the way seems dark And the road rough and long— What will you do With this year that’s so new? The choice is yours— God leaves that to you! Helen Steiner Rice

This can be the year of your dreams, the year of your greatest accomplishments, the year of merited recognition, the year of achieving long-sought mental, spiritual, social, physical and financial goals. And what determines whether or not you make it such a year? It will be if you expect it to be; only if you live with positive expectancy. If you expect the best, then the best will come to you. Expect to make sales, and you will make them. Expect to book, and you will book. Expect to recruit, and you will recruit. Expect to achieve the goal of your dreams, and you will achieve it. [This] will be an exciting and rewarding year only if you make it so. A great year depends upon your understanding and applying positive and expectant attitudes. That is why you must adopt and maintain an attitude of positive expectancy. When you do, you will experience the year of your dreams.

Star Consultant Program and the Ladder of Success July 1st, 2009 - June 30th, 2010

Reach for the Stars! July 1st, 2009 - June 30th, 2010

All-Star Consistency Challenge July 1st, 2009 - June 30th, 2010

Kick Start the New Year With the Winter Signing Bonus promotion
As 2009 comes to an end, new possibilities for success lie on the horizon. And to help you kick start the new year you’ll want to add new team members during the months of January and February. From January 1st to February 28th, 2010, each new Independent Beauty Consultant who signs her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement and purchases a Starter Kit for $150 will receive the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set – valued at $70 suggested retail – simply for joining the Company. What a fabulous way to let your customers experience – and fall in love with – one of our top-selling products! You’ll also want to note that a signed Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement must be received and accepted by the Company by 5pm Eastern Standard Time on February 28th, 2010 – along with the purchase of a Starter Kit – to be eligible to receive the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set. So be sure to make it your new year’s resolution to paint your Mary Kay business beautiful – and reach exciting new heights of success – with the Winter Signing Bonus promotion.

get your perfect shape
How do you determine where to start?  Here’s how to make the perfect eyebrow take shape. Locate three pivotal points along your brow line by following this quick exercise:   Point A. Hold a pencil or the handle of a brush vertically against the side of your nose, noticing where it meets the brow. That is where your brow should begin. Point B. Hold the pencil against your nostril and move it diagonally across the outer half of the iris of your eye. Notice where the pencil meets the brow. This is the best place for the peak of your arch. If you tweeze from Point A to Point B, tapering the line slightly thinner toward the peak, you will create the ideal shape for your brow. Point C. Again, place the pencil against your nostril and extend it diagonally to the outer corner of your eye. Where it meets the brow is the best place for your brow to end. If you tweeze from Point B to Point C, tapering the line even thinner, you will create the best brow shape for your face.

Mary Kay’s Spice Tea
Serves 15 to 20

1 tea canister 3/4 full of Lipton Tea (loose) 1 cinnamon stick 1 tsp. whole cloves 1 tsp. whole allspice 1 6 oz. can orange juice—frozen 1/2 cup lemon juice 2 tblsp. “Sweet ‘N Low” or 1 cup sugar

Put tea, cinnamon stick, cloves and all-spice in a quart of boiling water. Steep one hour. Pour into a container with 4 cups of water and Sweet ‘N Low or sugar (With Sweet ‘N Low calories are reduced to 20 per cup). Mix orange juice with 3 cans of water and add lemon juice. Pour all together and heat. Can be kept in refrigerator for indefinite lengths of time. Can be used cold with ice if desired.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS After cleansing the skin, apply an even, medium layer of mask to the skin using the fingertips. Allow mask to remain on the skin for 10-15 minutes for optimal results. The high level of humectants prevents the mask from drying completely. Rinse or remove with a warm, wet cloth. Use 2-3 times per week. Order of application: Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Cleanse TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask or TimeWise® Microdermabrasion (Steps 1 & 2)** TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25† or TimeWise® Night Solution Moisturize

TimeWise®: Even Complexion Mask The TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask delivers brightening benefits so skin looks immediately more radiant. This gentle formula leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized; two especially important benefits during those times when your skin needs extra hydration. Formulated with the patent-pending MelaCEP™ Brightening Complex, this botanical-infused mask is the perfect solution for tired, dull skin that needs a burst of radiance. BENEFITS AND CLAIMS: Women who tried TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask during a consumer study saw a significant improvement in how their skin looked and felt, both immediately and after using the mask 3 to 4 times over a 10day period:

90% said their skin immediately looked brighter* 95% said their skin felt soft* 90% said their skin felt moisturized* **Do not use Microdermabrasion (Steps 1 & 2) and Even Complex- *Results reported after a 10-day consumer study. ion Mask on the same day. You may alternate their usage during Even Complexion Essence the week. If you are going to use both products during the same The essence of even-toned skin. TimeWise® age-fighting week, you may want to limit the usage of each product to only two skin care now goes beyond lines and wrinkles. You can times per week. Do not use on irritated skin. minimize dark spots and get the radiant, even complexion of younger-looking skin with TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence.

NSD Jan Thetford's January Booking Script Here is the script that NSD Jan Thetford uses, and says that in 22 years nobody has told her “no”!
"Hi ____ this is ________. Do you have a quick minute? One of my jobs as your MK Consultant is to give you a seasonal update & January is the best month to do that because the winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin! I bet, if you are like most of us, you are looking for a “new year new you” makeover and I would love to spend some un-rushed time with you to update you and answer any questions you may have. Which would be better for us to get together? Weekday, Evening, or Weekend? (And you only give choices that you have available or are willing to work. You are in control of your schedule!!) You know what? We have some BRAND NEW and exciting products being released, and I will give you one for FREE ... and that's a $___ product for free ... (or some other product of your choice) if you have 2 friends just like you that are over 18 and do not currently have a Mary Kay consultant when I come on ________ (the date selected). Who do you think you will ask?

The Power Of Pearls
Share the opportunity. Enrich lives. Increase your success potential. Be rewarded with pearls. By sharing the flexible and enriching Mary Kay business opportunity with others, it can lead to additional income avenues and put you on the path to greater achievements. Ready to get started? Here’s how: • Add one qualified* new personal team member from November 1st, 2009 to January 31st, 2010 and receive a chunky pearl bracelet, a namebadge ribbon, an invitation to the Girls Love Pearls Luncheon and standing recognition at Career Conference 2010. • Add two qualified* new personal team members from November 1st, 2009 to January 31st, 2010 and receive the chunky pearl bracelet, a namebadge ribbon, an invitation to the Girls Love Pearls Luncheon and onstage recognition at Career Conference 2010. • Add three qualified* new personal team members from November 1st, 2009 to January 31st, 2010 and receive the chunky pearl bracelet, a rosette ribbon, an invitation to the Girls Love Pearls Luncheon and onstage recognition at Career Conference 2010. Plus, each qualified* new Independent Beauty Consultant will also receive a chunky pearl bracelet just for being part of your team. And that’s not all! Qualified* new Independent Beauty Consultants who add one new qualified* personal team member during the contest period will also be invited to attend the Girls Love Pearls luncheon at Career Conference 2010. So be sure to build your team – and encourage your unit members to do the same – by igniting the spark in others. Because when you do, your inner star will shine through at Career Conference 2010!
*A qualified new personal team member is one whose initial order with the Company is $600 or more in wholesale Section 1 product, and is received and accepted by the Company during the contest period.

Consultants and Directors who, from November 1st, 2009 through January 31st, 2010, add one or more qualified new personal team member will be invited to attend a special luncheon in their Career Conference location.

Special Luncheon Girls Love Pearls

Onstage Recognition
        

Bee Focused! On-Target Queen’s Court of Sharing Class of 2010 Grand Achievers Girls Love Pearls Reach for the Stars On-Target Queen’s Courts of Personal Sales On-Target Queen’s Court of Sharing On-Target Double Star Achievement

Namebadge Recognition
Each One Reach One I’m a Star

On-Target All-Star Consistency Challenge Party With A Purpose Preferred Customer Program

Namebadge & Standing Recognition

How To register online for career conference 2010
Are you ready to bring out your inner star? Then you’ll want to register for Career Conference 2010 so you can ignite that spark of greatness and reveal your true potential. Registering online is easy – just follow the simple steps below to reserve your spot at the event that will help transform your inner star into brilliant possibilities. 1. Log in to the MKOCSM. 2. On the upper left corner of the MKOCSM homepage, go to the Ordering tab and click on the Online Ordering link. 3. You will be taken to the Consultant Information page. If the information is correct, click the “continue” button. If not, you’ll want to adjust the information accordingly, then click the “continue” button. 4. From there, you’ll be taken to the ordering page where you can register for Career Conference. You’ll want to note that since special event registrations can only be ordered separately, you won’t be able to add Mary Kay® Section 1 or Section 2 product to this order.

Cancellations • Full refund: until January 31st, 2010. • Less $25 fee: February 1st – Online March 5th, To download the registration form 2010. for fax or mail, click on the Project • No refunds will be processed after StarPowerSM Career Conference March 5th, 2010, including cancella2010 icon under Special Events. Or use the Online Order Form for online reg- tion istration. requests received that include notes from Fax Send completed registration form to: doctors regarding medical emergencies. Special Events Registration • Cancellations must be requested in Attn: Mary Hubbard writing 1 (888) 449-8394 and be faxed to 1 (888) 449-8394. Mail Send completed registration form to: • $85 (plus GST or HST) Special Events Registration Payment may be made only Attn: Mary Hubbard Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. by MasterCard, Visa or 2020 Meadowvale Blvd. money order (payable to Mississauga, ON L5N 6Y2

register in one of three easy ways:

Deadlines All registrations must be received in Special Events Registration by January 31st, 2010.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.). All personal cheques will be returned. • $110 onsite registration fee (plus GST or HST ), space permitting.

__________ by January 1 __________ by February 1 __________ by March 1
(Career Conference Recognition)

Career Level
Sr. Consultant Red Jacket Team Leader Future Sales Director DIQ On-Target Car Grand Achiever (car)-

Active Team Members
1 3 5


__________ by April 1 __________ by May 1 __________ by June 1 __________ by July 1st Seminar 2010

Quarterly Wholesale goals: July 1-Sept 30 ________ Oct 1-Dec 31 ________ Jan 1-Mar 31 ________ April 1– June 30 ________

10 by 1st of month 5+ $5000 Team w/s 12 Active + $20,000 Team Production in 1-4 months 1 in 5 will recruit! Ask everyone!! How many team members do you want??

Your car is only 120 faces away!!

# of Monthly Selling Appts______ Monthly Retail Goal: $________________ Monthly Wholesale goal: #_____________
Sapphire Ruby Diamond Emerald Pearl - $1800 - $2400 - $3000 - $3600 - $4800

Monthly Team Building Appointments:______ # of New Team Members per month:_______
Queen’s Court of Personal Sales - $30,000 RETAIL production July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 Queen’s Court of Recruiting -At least 24 new qualified* personal team members July 1, 2009- June 30, 2010 (Agreement & total $600 wholesale orders must be received 7/1/2009 - 6/30/2010) Unit Court of Personal Sales - ____________ RETAIL production July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 Unit Court of Recruiting -At least ____ new qualified* personal team members July 1, 2009- June 30, 2010 (Agreement & total $600 wholesale orders must be received 7/1/2009 - 6/30/2010)

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