TO BE (am/ is/ are) I am an English teacher. You are very beautiful. He is my brother. She is a nice girl. It is my cat. We are from Turkey. You are 18. They are good friends. Affirmative (+) I am (I’m) You are (you’re) He is (he’s) She is (she’s) It is (It’s) We are (we’re) You are (you’re) They are (they’re) Negative (-) I am not (I’m not) You are not (aren’t) He is not (isn’t) She is not (isn’t) It is not (isn’t) We are not (aren’t) You are not (aren’t) They are not (aren’t) Question (?) Am I ? Are you? Is he? Is she? Is it? Are we? Are you? Are they ?

Exercise 1-) Rewrite the sentences again. Example: Are you a new student? (+) I am a new student. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Tony is on holiday. (-) He isn’t a doctor. (+) My parents are from Italy.(?) My brother and your sister are good friends.(-) I am German. (-) Is London very big.(+)

Short Answer: Are you in the garden, now.  Yes, I am.  No, I am not. Is your brother a teacher ?  Yes, he is.  No, he is not/ isn’t.

Are your parents from Egypt?  Yes, they are.  No, they are not /aren’t. POSSESIVE ADJECTIVES Jane is my best friend. What is your name? His parents are from Van. Her English tearcher is on holiday now. This is my dog and that is its house. Our friend is not married. Their car is very expensive. Subject Pronouns I You He She It We You They Possesive adjectives my your his her its our your their

Exercise 2) Fill in the blanks with the possesive adjectives. 1) John Anderson always forget ______ book. 2) Alex and I am late for ______ class. 3) Where are ___ keys? I can't find them. 4) Where do you keep ___ money? 5) Alice and Emily are good friends. Alice is _______ best friend. 6) John loves _______ family very much. GENITIVE ‘s Alicia is David’s wife. This is Marco’s dog. Marry’s husband is an engineer. It is Jane’s father’s photo.

Simple present tense
I get up early in the mornings. She has her breakfast at 8 a.m. He loves his family very much. We go for a walk in the evenings. They go to work by bus at 9 a.m. My father reads his newspaper in the breakfast. Her brother and sister do their homeworks after dinner.

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