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The Divine Cosmos...by David Wilcock

The Divine Cosmos...by David Wilcock


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Published by: spiritualbeing on Jan 12, 2010
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In the first experiment, plastic bottles of distilled water were kept in the
pyramid over the course of three winter months. During this time, the air
temperature in the pyramid sank as low as -38° C, or -6° F. Thermometers
inside the bottles revealed that the temperature of the water was the same as
the below-freezing air temperatures surrounding them, yet the water
remained in a liquid form and would not turn into ice! However, if the water in
any of the bottles was shaken or bumped in any way, it would immediately
start crystallizing and quickly turn into a block of ice. Golod and his associates
have videotaped these results.

This first experiment obviously suggests that the presence of the torsion-wave
energy was able to keep the water molecules from crystallizing into ice, yet a
simple disruption in the harmonic stillness of the water would cause this
equilibrium to disappear and ice would quickly form. One slight bump on the
edge of the bottle would disrupt the even flow of the torsion radiation and
allow the molecules to begin crystallizing.

This same experiment also showed that water would retain its purity
indefinitely while within the pyramid.

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