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The Divine Cosmos...by David Wilcock

The Divine Cosmos...by David Wilcock


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Published by: spiritualbeing on Jan 12, 2010
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Another interesting factor that we should consider is that up to a certain
maximum expansion point, the central oscillator will continually take on
greater amounts of A1 and A2, forming more luminous plasma and thus
increasing its physical size. As the size of the central oscillator gradually
increases, the areas of higher density will spread farther and farther away
from the center, like slowly expanding ripples on the surface of a pond. If we
hypothesize that the outermost edge of the Sphere is under constant pressure
and cannot be increased in size, then we can imagine the entire inside area of
the sphere taking on a higher and higher level of aetheric density and
compression over time.

Indeed, eventually all of the available energy of A1 and A2 within the Sphere
would be consumed, at which time maximum aetheric density has been
attained, and gravitation-style forces will take over. Then, the aetheric energy
at all density levels will quickly begin to collapse back into the center. This is
the shift into Oneness that esoteric traditions insist is shrouded in mystery,
similar to the concepts relating to a black hole where there is no space and no
time. It is believed that eventually the entire Universe must collapse back into

this point of singularity, and this would represent the conclusion of the path of
evolution for this Ultimate Being.

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