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1. What role did the military play in shaping the economy of Brazil?

Brazils economy went up with the help of Military leaders and

projects in the Amazon.
2. What were some of the positive benefits of one-party rule in
Mexico? The President helped to improve the life of peasants. He
used land reforms and used labor rights to achieve this.
3. What effect did the Falklands war have on the military
government in Argentina?
The leaders stepped down after being disgraced in the lost to
Britain. Raul Alfonsin became the president, he worked on economics
and democracy. They had their first free election in 37 years.
4. Review the chart of Population Living in Poverty
[a] In which three countries of La tin America is the
percentage of people living in poverty the lowest?
Bolivia, Columbia, and Ecuador.
[b] In which three countries is the poverty rate highest?
Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.
5. After reading this excerpt, in your opinion, has the military
dictatorships in L.A. nations been bad or good for the nations'
growth? Explain your answer in two paragraphs [minimum].
I think that the military dictatorship in the Latin American nations
has been an influence for the nations growth. I think this because
the dictatorships had made the economics of nations worse. This
created a lot of poverty which is clearly not a good thing for
national growth.

Its a bad thing when there are revolts against the military Dictator
ships because it show that the civilians dont like it. Dictatorships
cause all types of violence that affects other nations too.
Dictatorships are not the best thing for Latin American growth.

While reading, define/explain each term or name below and write a

sentence regarding its significance to the topic:
a. Brasilia- Became the new capital of Brazil, Juscelino
Kubitscheck helped to make it the new capital.
b. Land reform- It was the breaking up large estates and
distributing the land to the peasants.
c. Standard of living- Level of material comfort which is
determined by the amount of goods people have. Froze wages and
cut backs made the standard of living go down in Brazil.
d. Recession- Is a slowdown of the Economy
e. PRI- Known as Industrial Revolutionary Party, was the main
political force in Mexico.
f. NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement. They
removed trading barriers between Mexico, the United States, and
g. Nationalization of an industry- This is a way for the
Government to expand its Economic resources and power.
h. Welfare state- A system of Government that provides for
the citizens and protects their well-being, helps out financially.