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Heartbeat of the nation


Issue 760 | December 22 - 28, 2014


How election
politics could
harm chances
of peace deal
Aung Naing Oo


Photo: Zarni Phyo

As polling day looms, candidates wrap up campaigning

Candidate U Win Cho stands in front a vinyl-clad truck featuring promotional material
for his Yangon City Development Committee election campaign. Almost 300 candidates
are taking part in the election, which will be held on December 27.


US bankrolls election
USAID support for Union Election
Commission, political parties and civil
society proves controversial.

Rice exports on track

for best year in decades
Rice exports projected to hit 1.5 million
tonnes this year the highest total
since the 1960s after China largely
ends a border clampdown.

THE rapid political changes since

November have left me thinking that
the Myanmar peace process has really
reached a critical point.
Six months ago I wrote that we
had come to a critical juncture in the
peace process. I emphasised then that
we did not have a moment to lose. I
urged all sides to wrap up the negotiations at the earliest time possible so
that we could start the long-awaited
political dialogue in 2015.
This was because we had been
worried about the politics of 2015 the
politics of the upcoming election. It
was always in the back of our mind as
we pressed ahead with negotiations on
the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement.
The adverse effect that it could
have on the peace process has been
explained to the ethnic armed groups
many times. It has also been communicated to political parties and civil society organisations interested in peace.
Given the progress we were
making with peace negotiations six
months ago, we believed we could
finish the ceasefire negotiations by
the end of this year and hold political
dialogue in early 2015.
More on VIEWS 20

Millions to miss out on

vote in YCDC election
Strict eligibility requirements mean barely 400,000 residents will be able to vote
on December 27, casting doubt on the credibility of first municipal poll. news 9


Page 2

online editor Kayleigh Long |

THE INSIDER: The local lowdown & best of the web

Tree in the woods: In a stupa

Between the VGastro Bar debacle and

the deportation of a Buddhist tourist for
his tattoo, its been a big year for insults
to religion.
The following went unreported in
Page 2 at the time because I saw it, got
so excited I blacked out, and then forgot
all about it. Until now. Presenting: The
True Face of Buddhist Error 2014.
Intrepid Hollywood actress Jena
Malone, perhaps most famous for her

role in the Hunger Games franchise,

paid a visit to Myanmar earlier this
year, chronicling her rather nauseating
spiritual journey in posts that went out to
her 225,000+ Instagram followers.
Malone appeared to have traipsed
through the Tourist Golden Triangle,
spending time in Yangon, Inle and Bagan.
In Shan State she posted pictures of
Poh female farmers (think she meant
Pa-O). The verdict? Sassy, beautiful,
hard working, sly, funny, stylish. Also

Once was Burma ...

From the Pansodan Gallery archives

December 1971 issue of the state-run Oh Wie magazine, Merry

Christmas Everyone!

in Shan State, she went to a monastery

where, despite minimal Wi-Fi, she
managed to post a picture of her hugging
a group of novice monks.
In Bagan, she reportedly had a
more authentic and transcendent
metaphysical experience than anyone
else as well as revealing herself to
be either not that good at listening to
her tour guide or the first amateur
archaeologist to notice that the temples
there are significantly older than
previously recorded:
Climbing to the top of a12,000 year
old pagoda. I meditated with my guide in
the darkness before first light.
Slowly I hear them, the other fellow
travelers. Carrying their zoo mentality,
camera armed and cocksure. A prize
fighter claiming the right to view her,
better. Like all her wild beauty could
be contained in a single frame. The
sounds of roosters and a monk saying
the morning prayer on a radio in the
distance gives way to shutter clicks
and conversation. I ,in turn ,have my
own conversation with the dawn . With
my eyes closed. I imagine we are on a
first date. And when I receive her I am
blinded by her beauty. But all subtle
strength turns shy when a camera is
placed between the heart and the minds
eye. I whisper to her Ill keep my eyes
closed till your ready, I want you to feel
safe she keeps quiet until I feel her ,
the warmest light on my face. No words
now. Just two lights meeting each
other. A metaphysical form of first base.
Yes, A metaphysical form of first
base. But were not done yet.
Among her other pseudo-poetic
captions and heavily altered photographs
was this gem (which I wont print
because the legality of that wasnt
immediately clear in the first two lines
of the Instagram Ts&Cs): a picture of
an apparently shirtless Malone staring
intently into the camera inside a stupa.
The caption read thus (blanket sic to the
whole lot):
I have my fathers nose and my
mothers eyes. And my grandmothers
cheekbones and my sisters courage.
I have my uncles long legs and my
grandfathers people skills. I have skin
like my irish ancestors. But standing
today in an abandoned temple naked as
the day is long I realized I am more then
Ive ever been. Because its not about
where your from or what skin your born
in. Its about what you believe. Its about
what you create.Naked. Abandoned
temple. Oy vey.
An exhibition of her washy double-

Wiut Mhone Shwe Yi

for NOW! Magazine.
Photo: Htet Aung Kyaw (Studio HAK)



exposures and breathless captions

from the trip entitled The Holy Other
was held in LA in November. Proceeds
from the show went to all-round great
Myanmar-based NGO Girl Determined
so fortunately some good came of all

carry a menu of mediterranean cuisine

and no, there will not be any breadsticks.

Bad news for breadstick fans

Next week:

Many have noticed the construction site

downtown purporting to be the site of a
new restaurant called Olive Garden and
wondered, rightly, if this was the arrival
of the US chain family restaurant. Page
2 contacted the management who said
that, although the logo might be very
similar and the name identical, it looks
same but not same. The restaurant will

In brief:

After receiving hate mail, columnist

genuinely seeking guidance on whats
okay to write and make jokes about
Planned filming for upcoming Myanmar
series of BBC genealogy show Who Do
You Think You Are? called off, just too
complicated say producers

Free to a good home:

N Myanmar beer bottle cap. Please get

in touch via the email above to arrange

News editor: Thomas Kean |

Ceasefire negotiators seek to

build on informal agreements

News 3

Meetings between technical teams have produced agreements on 10 of 16 contentious points in draft ceasefire

army will
not work:
The Elders

Ei Ei Toe Lwin

Ei Ei Toe Lwin

PEACE talks between the government and ethnic leaders will resume
this week despite escalating clashes
in southern Shan State, sources in a
peace facilitation group say.
The Union Peace-making Work
Committee (UPWC) and the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team
(NCCT), which is negotiating on behalf of 16 armed ethnic groups, will
meet at the Myanmar Peace Center
in Yangon on December 22 and 23.
They will seek to build on months
of work by technical teams from both
sides that have resulted in informal
agreements on many contentious
points in a draft nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA). The signing
of the ceasefire would pave the way
for political dialogue and, ultimately,
the end of Myanmars long-running
ethnic conflicts.
Besides the draft agreement, the
parties will also discuss a Tatmadaw
artillery attack on a Kachin Independence Army military academy at
its Laiza headquarters, and related
issues proposed by ethnic leaders.
The government has agreed to
meet the NCCT on December 22 and
23 to finalise the draft, said U Hla
Maung Shwe of the Myanmar Peace
Since the end of 2013, the government and ethnic leaders have held
six rounds of talks toward a nationwide ceasefire accord, but a final
agreement has proven elusive. The
most recent formal talks, held in
Yangon in September, ended inconclusively. Still on the table are questions such as the establishment of
a union peace talks committee, the
introduction of a federal system, the
reorganisation of the military in line
with federal principles, a framework
for political dialogue and the introduction of a military code of conduct.
Since then technical teams have
held several informal meetings and
reached agreement in principle on a
number of points, but these have yet
to be ratified in formal talks.
To finalise the draft, only 16
points remained to be approved. Now
our technical teams have reached
agreement on more than 10 of them,
but these points will have to be discussed again officially before they are
approved, said U Hla Maung Shwe.
He did not specify the points on

A GROUP of senior former international peacemakers has said a key

demand of ethnic armed groups in
ongoing ceasefire talks is unrealistic.
Visiting members of the Elders criticised the demand for a federal union
army, saying it will not bring peace.
The demand has been one of the
subjects of discussion in a series of
talks between the armed groups and
the government that is intended to
lead to the signing of a national ceasefire agreement.
In an exclusive interview with The
Myanmar Times on December 18, Gro
Harlem Brundtland, a former Norwegian prime minister and deputy chair
of the Elders, Lakhdar Brahimi, former Algerian foreign minister and UN
envoy, and Hina Jilni, a supreme court
advocate and human rights defender
from Pakistan, said they did not see a
federal union army bringing together
several different armed entities.
The delegation, led by Ms Brundtland, paid a one-week visit to Thailand
and Myanmar from December 12 to
18. They travelled first to Chiang Mai,
Thailand, where they met representatives of various ethnic organisations
and civil society groups to learn more
about their concerns. They expressed
support for efforts to enhance the role
of women in peace-building and national political life.
In Myanmar, the delegates met
President U Thein Sein, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, chief government
peace negotiator U Aung Min, Union
Election Commission chair U Tin Aye
and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader
of the National League for Democracy.
Concluding their visit, the Elders
called for an immediate end to armed
conflict in Myanmar and urged all parties to engage in political talks on the
future of the country. However, they
said a key demand of the ethnic armed
groups, a federal union army, would
not contribute to peace. Ms Brundtland said she had told ethnic armedgroup representatives that there was
no such army in the world. An army
under unified command would be
enough, Ms Brundtland said.
When we asked armed-group
representatives what they meant by
a federal army, they gave us different
answers, she said, adding that some
representatives appeared to agree that
the concept was not workable.

People shout slogans and hold signs as they march to mark International Peace Day in Yangon on September 21. Photo: AFP

which agreement had been reached.

NCCT leader Naing Han Thar
said the NCCT had received the draft
from chief government negotiator U
Aung Min on December 2. They told
us they had agreed to our points after
discussing them with the president.
The text is acceptable to both sides,
he said, adding that he did not know
whether the military had agreed.
The militarys attitude is very
important. If they dont want peace,
they can disturb it in various ways,
he said, referring to the November
19 attack on the KIA academy, which
has prompted fears of a renewed outbreak of fighting following months of
relative calm in Kachin State.
Twenty-three trainees were killed
in the shelling and about 20 people
wounded. However, the Tatmadaw
said it had only fired a warning
shot after repeated requests were
sent to the KIA not to attack Tatmadaw soldiers or civil servants.
Fighting also broke out betweenthe Tatmadaw and the Myanmar
National Democratic Alliance Army
(MNDAA) from December 10 to 12
around Nant Kyun, Waw Chong,
Mone Si and Mone Lay villages in
Kunlong township, northern Shan
State. Seven Tatmadaw soldiers were
killed and 20 wounded, state-owned

media reported on December 15,

adding that remnants of the Kokang
insurgent group had ambushed an
army patrol. The fighting reportedly
also involved KIA and Ta Aung National Liberation Army troops.

The militarys
attitude is very
important. If they
dont want peace,
they can disturb it
in various ways.
Naing Han Thar
NCCT leader

TNLA spokesperson Mai Aik

Kyaw blamed the Tatmadaw for reinforcing its units near TNLA-controlled areas, and accused the army
of planning an offensive in Shan
Ethnic armed groups have insisted
they will not sign a nationwide ceasefire accord if the government tries

to force them to the table through

military means. If the government
wants genuine peace, the military
must stop reinforcing its positions,
said Naing Han Thar, casting doubt
on the militarys desire for an end
to the conflict. If we sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement, the
government must hold a political
dialogue. When that dialogue starts,
we will try to change the undemocratic 2008 constitution to reduce
the militarys power in parliament. I
dont think they want to give up their
political power.
U Hla Maung Shwe of the MPC
insisted that the military did want
genuine peace, and that President U
Thein Sein wanted a ceasefire agreement signed as soon as possible in
order to launch political dialogue in
early 2015.
The main reason for the recent
fighting is that we cant build trust
with each other. Therefore, we have
planned to resume peace talks to finalise the nationwide ceasefire. After
signing it, political dialogue will begin next March as per the presidents
schedule. Ive heard of no other
plan, said U Hla Maung Shwe. We
will try to get genuine peace despite
the challenges. The countrys future
is at stake.

4 News

charged with
POLITICAL activist Ko Wai Luu has
been arrested and charged with incitement due to his links with the Mi
Gyaung Kan protest group, which has
been demonstrating in downtown
Yangon for more than 270 days.
Police allege Ko Wai Lu has been
encouraging the protesters to increase
their demonstrations, resulting in
them blocking the gates to City Hall
between December 13 and 18.
Ko Thiha, a member of Generation
Youth, an activist group, who was with
Ko Wai Luu at the time of his arrest
on December 18, said the police had
pulled them both in for questioning in
Bahan township.
We were taken to the police station. I had to sign a pledge and was
released, but they detained Ko Wai
Luu, he said.
Daw Khin Khin Win, one of the Mi
Gyaung Kan protesters, said Ko Wai Lu
was not involved in their sit-in beside
Mahabandoola Park. He was just helping us. He never tells us what to do.
Ko Wai Luu is expected to appear
in court on January 2 and faces up to
two years in prison if found guilty.
The former residents of Mi Gyaung
Kan quarter in Thingangyun township
are demanding the military return
land it confiscated from them in the
early 1990s. Lun Min Mang

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

CCTV switched on at 10 traffic junctions

Aye Nyein Win
HOPES of relief from Yangons stifling
traffic congestion were raised last
week as 10 new high-tech traffic light
systems came into use at major intersections. Plans to install a further 65
sets of lights throughout the city are
seen as a cheaper alternative to the
costly construction of flyovers.
One set of the lights, which are
linked to cameras, has been in use
for the past year at 8-Mile junction
on Pyay and Kabar Aye Pagoda roads
under a plan put forward by the Japan International Cooperation Agency
(JICA). Last week, the new lights flickered on at major junctions on Pyay,
Parami, Chaw Dwin Gone, Gandamar,
U Htun Nyein, Hnin Si, Waizayandar,
Inya Lake, Thitsar and Sethmu roads.
The CCTV cameras incorporated in
the lights survey about 30 metres in
all directions to determine how many
vehicles are queuing. They also detect
traffic violations.
We started testing at 7am, and the
congestion appeared to ease. It will
certainly decrease once the system
is in use throughout Yangon, said a
Yangon City Development Committee
The remaining 65 lights are scheduled to be installed over the coming
Were laying down the fibre cables now, said deputy engineering

A tourist walks past rolls of fibre-optic cable being rolled out to traffic lights across the city on Ah Lan Pya Pagoda Road in
Dagon township on December 19. Photo: Thiri

department head U Soe Thein Aung.

The locations of the key intersections targeted include Bargayar Road
(Myaynigone), five junctions in Tarmwe township, Banyardala and Factory
roads at Mingalar Market, the Thiri

Mingalar, Bayintnaung and Bogyoke

markets, Yangon International Airport, the east gateway of Shwedagon
Pagoda at Kyar Taw Ya Road, the front
of City Hall, along Pyay and Kabar Aye
Pagoda roads, Yangon Railway Station,

Calls to free Kachin man facing

charges over rights complaint
Brang Shawng is on trial for making a false charge against military as a result of complaint to rights commission


HUMAN rights groups are pressuring

the government to drop a case against
a Kachin activist who they say has
been on trial for 18 months for allegedly making false charges against
the military following the death of his
The case stems from a letter Brang
Shawng submitted to the Myanmar
National Human Rights Commission
in October 2012 alleging that Tatmadaw soldiers had murdered his 14-yearold daughter during a raid on Sut Ngai
Yang village the previous month.
In a joint letter sent to President
U Thein Sein on December 8 and released publicly last week, eight international human rights groups called
for the charges against him to be dismissed and demanded an honest inquiry into the death of his daughter,
Ja Seng Ing. The groups include the
International Human Rights Clinic at
Harvard and Amnesty International.
The criminal prosecution of Brang
Shawng appears to be in retaliation for
the complaint to the MNHRC and runs
contrary to Myanmars obligations under domestic and international law
We therefore request that you take action to ensure that the charges against
Brang Shawng are immediately and
unconditionally dropped, the groups
wrote in the letter.
Since being formally charged in
Hpakant Township Court in March
2013, Brang Shawng, who is on bail,
has appeared in court more than 40
times. In their letter to U Thein Sein,
the groups also raise concerns about
the impartiality of the court.
[A] government doctor who treated
and operated on Ja Seng Ing at the time

of her injuries was transferred from his

post to a remote area and was struck
from the courts witness list on August
12, 2013. Moreover, Brang Shawngs defense attorney Ywet Nu Aung reports
that Myanmar army soldiers have appeared at the court carrying weapons
and that an army officer sought to intimidate her, the letter said.
The Bangkok-based advocacy
group Fortify Rights and a coalition of
Kachin civil society groups have in recent months conducted their own independent investigations into Ja Seng
Ings death, including interviewing
witnesses of the crime and examining
photographs, videos, and legal documents related to the case.
The two investigations, which were
also sent to the Presidents Office on
December 8 and published on December 18, both concluded that the military was responsible for her death.
In addition to highlighting the violent tactics that the Tatmadaw is regularly accused of employing, activists
say Brang Shawngs ordeal is also an
indictment of the human rights commission, which has regularly been accused of being subservient to the government and military.
The official charges against Brang
Shawng cite his letter to the commission as the basis for the militarys case.
Mung Dan, a Kachin activist and member of the local investigation committee, said that if the commission was going to openly collude with the military
its not necessary for them to exist.
Mung Dan said that unlike many
reports of atrocities from the Kachin
conflict, which occur in rural areas
and are often difficult to confirm, the
circumstances surrounding the death
of Ja Seng Ing were relatively straightforward.
This did not happen 20 years ago
like in other [cases] this happened
two years ago and there is evidence,
there are witnesses They can investigate and they can find the truth if

they have the will to do that. Theres no

other barrier.
But presidential spokesperson U Ye
Htut said last week U Thein Sein did
not want to interfere with the case.
U Brang Shawngs case is under
the scrutiny of the independently
formed [Myanmar National] Human
Rights Commission, he said.
In September, the rights commission
was re-established under the Myanmar
National Human Rights Commission
Law, which guarantees complainants
immunity from prosecution.
However, as Brang Shawng filed his
complaint before the law took effect
the law gives him little protection.

The Myanmar
military is using
the criminal justice
system as a bludgeon
to silence those brave
enough to speak
out about human
rights abuses.
Matt Bugher
Harvard Law School

Rights commission deputy chair U

Sit Myaing, a former military officer
who has been a member of the commission since its formation in September 2011, said he had no knowledge of
Brang Shawngs detention.
When asked how the military could
have been informed of the complaint,
U Sit Myaing said he had no role in
processing complaints, and referred
questions to the commissions complaint department. He then hung up

the phone and could not be reached

for further comment.
Another commissioner, Daw Mya
Mya, who heads the complaint processing department, it was common
practice for staff to share information
with other parties mentioned in a complaint.
She said the commission had not
had any contact with Brang Shawngs
defense. However, this contradicts the
open letter to the president, which
states, Brang Shawngs lawyer reported that staff of the MNHRC refused to
assist Brang Shawng and expelled her
from the premises when she visited the
MNHRC in August 2013.
Daw Mya Mya said that the groups
that wrote the letter, which also includes Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, must have received
incorrect information.
She added that the commission is
still in the early stages of reviewing
Brang Shawngs complaint about his
daughters death.
It will take some time, she said.
Matt Bugher, a Yangon-based global justice fellow with Harvard Law
School, said the commission should be
advocating for his release instead of ignoring his case.
The silence of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission on
this case is appalling, especially given
the fact that Brang Shawngs letter to
the commission is the basis of the case
against him, Mr Bugher said.
The Myanmar military is using the
criminal justice system as a bludgeon
to silence those brave enough to speak
out about human rights abuses.
For Mung Dan, the case is a clear
test of whether the government is committed to democracy and human rights.
If they want to embrace democracy then they should investigate, he
said. It will show not only domestically but internationally that Myanmar
really is in transition. Additional
reporting by Lun Min Mang

and Bogyoke Aung San and Sule Pagoda roads.

All the lights will eventually be
linked to a control centre on Mindhamma Road, where they can be coordinated to ensure smoother traffic flow.

Koh Tao
afraid to
Lun Min Mang
WITNESSES for two Myanmar
migrants accused of murder in
Thailand are afraid to appear in
court, their legal team says.
The two men, Ko Zaw Win
and Ko Win Zaw Htun, are facing seven charges, including the
murder of a British couple, David
Miller and Hannah Witheridge,
who were found dead on the island of Koh Tao in September.
The defence team said at a
press conference in Yangon on
December 18 that they believe
the two men are innocent.
Team members said they had
identified more than 30 potential
witnesses but most are reluctant
to testify because they were working illegally in Thailand when the
alleged incident occurred.
Some witnesses [who are currently in Myanmar] dont want
to appear in court, as they were
working illegally in Thailand and
they may want to go back and
work again, said lawyer U Aung
Myo Thant. We have identified
very important witnesses whose
evidence could provide strong
evidence for the case.
We would like to request
them to cooperate with the case
as they are important to showing
that the two Myanmar men are
U Htoo Chit, a spokesperson
for the defence team, said they
had received significant government support. We are happy the
government has been involved
in the case. We also appreciate
the help and support we have
received from the speaker of the
Amyotha Hluttaw.
The pair will next appear in
court on December 26.

6 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

More criticism for UEC

boss after coup comments

Lun Min Mang

Wa Lone

POLITICAL observers have raised

fresh questions about the impartiality of Union Election Commission
chief U Tin Aye following his comments that instability in 2015 could
lead to a military coup.
U Tin Aye made the comments at
a workshop on election preparations
held in Yangon on December 16.
We need to make sure that there
is not an outbreak of rioting. If unrest begins then the Tamadaw will
have to take back power, he said.
He said the need for political stability was the main reason why the
Tatmadaw held 25 percent of seats in
all legislatures.
We are not giving full democracy
at the moment. We are giving balanced democracy, he said.
U Tin Aye is a retired lieutenant
general who contested and won the
Pyithu Hluttaw seat of Tada Oo in
Mandalay Region as a Union Solidarity and Development Party representative in the 2010 election.
He was the sixth-highest-ranking
member of the former military regime, the State Peace and Development Council, when it was dissolved
in March 2011.
The nature and tone of U Tin
Ayes comments prompted some observers to ask not for the first time
whether he still considers himself
part of the military and the USDP.
U Ko Ni, a High Court lawyer with
close ties to the National League for
Democracy, said the UEC chair had
violated the law by interfering in politics and failing to remain impartial.
Its clear to see that [U Tin Aye]
has already endorsed the military and
their allied political party [the USDP]
in the coming 2015 election, he said.

draft code
of conduct

Union Election Commission chair U Tin Aye speaks at a workshop in Yangon on December 16. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

NLD spokesperson U Tun Tun

Hein said it highlighted a weakness
of the 2008 constitution: namely,
that the president can appoint the
chair of the UEC. Both President U
Thein Sein and U Tin Aye won seats
for the USDP in the 2010 election.
However, U Tun Tun Hein stopped
short of stating that next years election would not be credible with U
Tin Aye in charge.
We have to wait and see what the
UEC does to ensure the 2015 election
is free and fair, he said.
U Tin Aye has repeatedly stated
that next years election, which will
take place in late November or early
December, will be credible.

However, parties have criticised a

number of recent commission decisions, including restrictions on campaign activities released in July.
Shan Nationalities League for

If unrest begins
then the Tatmadaw
will have to take
back power.
U Tin Aye
Union Election Commission

Democracy general secretary U Sai

Nyunt Lwin said his party was preparing to contest the election, but
would not make a final decision
until after seeing what constitutional amendments are finalised
next year.
He said a military coup would be
counterproductive for everybody in
the country, including the military,
as it would have a significant negative economic impact.
The military cannot create stability on their own. If there is a coup
they will be losers too it will be a
worse outcome for them than the current situation, he said. They will lose
both [financial] profit and dignity.

TALKS are continuing between civil

society groups and the Union Election
Commission over a code of conduct
and accreditation process for election
observers, after the commission put
forward draft regulations at a meeting
last week.
The commission released the draft
code of conduct for both domestic and
international observers, as well as the
draft accreditation process, during a
meeting at MiCasa Hotel in Yangon
last week.
Civil society groups said they
agreed with most points but had been
given little time to go over the documents in detail.
As the draft was introduced just
right in the meeting, we had a limited
period to view it, said U Chan Lian of
the organisation Horn Bill said.
We werent able to raise everything we wanted to but we will write
our opinion and send it [to the commission] by January 15. CSOs still
have to discuss the draft in more
U Thant Sin of the New Myanmar
Foundation said it was positive that
the commission had released the draft
to CSOs but he disagreed with some of
its provisions.
In one section, it says the observers must be free from partisanship. It
will be okay for urban areas but how
about rural areas? In some villages,
nearly everyone supports a single
party. In such places it will be hard to
adopt, he said.
While the meeting had also been
expected to discuss voter education,
very little time was given to addressing the topic.
Election commission official U
Hla Maung Cho said another coordination meeting would be held before
the end of January after suggestions
from CSOs have been received and

YCDC election: Countdown to polling day

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Business leaders
enter crowded field
for municipal poll
Noe Noe Aung
ARE you insane? Thats what U Htay
Aungs family members asked when
he told them he planned to run for a
position on Yangon City Development
U Htay Aung is not a career politician. Better known as Sakura U Htay
Aung after the many buildings and
businesses he runs that bear the Japanese name for cherry blossom he is
one of a number of wealthy entrepreneurs who are challenging former civil
servants, activists and politicians for
seats on the committee.
He says his campaign is motivated
by a desire to overhaul the bad system at YCDC that he has seen firsthand through his construction work.
Ive had to struggle with this bad
system for many years, he said. Its
time to change now.
I am also an engineer, so I understand the technical side of things
and I know management, because I
am managing my own company.
Not all see altruistic motivations
for businesspeople particularly
those in the property and construction
sector contesting the December 27
Beside U Htay Aung, others include
Daw Nyunt Yin Win, the managing director of Landmark Construction; U
Khin Maung Myint, who chairs the
North Okkalapa Industrial Zone; and
U Khin Hlaing from Zawtika.
Ko Aung Tun, a freelance researcher who focuses on elections, said a position on YCDC would be attractive to
entrepreneurs because the body controls building approvals and construction projects.
Developers and construction entrepreneurs might have many reasons
to contest it could be for self-interest,
because they want to do things for the
public or they want the power, he
said. The thing is that we dont really know because there is not much
time to hear their views and the media
doesnt have much time to find out.
Ko Aung Tun, who studied the 2010
general election and 2012 by-elections,
said the lack of time both to prepare
for the election and for candidates to
campaign was a concern.
He said it was very clear from the
lack of clarity in the law and the fact
it has already been amended several
times that it was written in a rush.
Other areas of concern he raised
include a ban on political party members from competing and rules limiting the age of candidates depending
on the seniority of the position they
are running for.
Ko Aung Tun described the criteria
for candidates the law states they

Head Office: 379/383 Bo Aung Kyaw Street,

Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Telephone: (01) 253 642, 392 928
Facsimile: (01) 254 158
Mandalay Bureau: Bld Sa/1, Man Mandalar
Housing, 35th Street, between 70th and 71st
streets, Yan Myo Lone Quarter, Chan Aye Thar
San Township.
Tel: (02) 65391, 74585. Fax: (02) 24460
Nay Pyi Taw Bureau: No (15/496) Yaza Htarni
Road, Paung Laung (2)Q, Pyinmana.
Tel: (067) 25982, 25983, 25309, 21426

Candidates like us
cannot spend much
money but rich
candidates can. I
worry that normal
candidates will not
get noticed.
Daw Susanna Hla Hla Soe
YCDC candidate

Disparities between the candidates

are already clear. During his campaign
events, U Htay Aung has been distributing gifts to encourage people to attend his speeches.
He defended this is as a necessary
step to build interest in the vote.
Most of the people are not interested in this YCDC election thing. I
need to express [to them] how this
election can change their daily life, so

Businessman U Htay Aung will stand as a candidate for YCDC. Photo: Thiri

I have to do something to get their attention, he said.

I give them things like toothpaste
and toothbrushes, small things they
might need for their households. This
is not harmful, I think.
He also rejected suggestions that
businesspeople would only look after
their own interests if elected.
I dont need to work for money,
he said.
Daw Susanna Hla Hla Soe, a candidate from Insein township who
comes from a civil society background,
said she was concerned that some of
her rivals were engaging in activities
that could be considered vote-buying,
which is illegal under chapter 14 of the
election law.
It might be normal in an election
but it is not fair. Candidates like us
cannot spend much money but rich
candidates can. I worry that normal
candidates will not get noticed by the
public, she said.
I dont have any proof of giving
gifts or vote buying but I am curious
that if I reported it to the commission,
would they take action?
She added that candidates had
been openly flouting a ban on putting
up signs on the streets but when she
reported it to the commission they did
not punish those responsible.
The commission removed some
signs but no action was taken.
It is no surprise that candidates
are trying hard to stand out from
what is a crowded field of mostly
unknowns. U Htay Aung is one of
13 candidates standing for the YCDC
seat in eastern district, which has
115,152 registered voters in South
and North Okkalapa, South, North
and East Dagon, Dagon Seikkan and
Thingangyun townships.
A total of 115 seats will be contested

by 292 candidates, including four seats

on YCDC, 12 district-level seats and 99
township-level seats.
One of U Htay Aungs opponents is
also a noted businessperson: U Kyaw
Myat Moe, managing director of Khine Khine Kyaw restaurants and general secretary of the Myanmar Restaurant Association (MRA).
He said his hospitality background
would serve him well on YCDC, as its
main function is to provide public
My job is to provide service to customers. The duty of YCDC is to be a
service to the public as well, he said.
But as everyone knows, the service of
YCDC and its staff is weak, and I want
to change that.
For example, if they clean the
drains, they drop the dirt just by the
drains or in front of houses. If they
are ordered to cut away the [tree]
branches they just cut the branches
and left by the roadsides. This is not
service, he said.
Elected candidates will be assigned
duties by the mayor and regional
government, but under chapter 18
of the YCDC election law will also be
responsible for policy making, allocating budgets and handling public complaints.
U Htay Aung said he hoped to ensure funding is spent efficiently and
where possible reduce the burden on
households for upkeep of municipal
For example, if the bulb on a
streetlight is broken, it is really rare
that YCDC comes and fixes it. Mostly
residents have to do it themselves, he
said. But at the same time, the budget
is being wasted in various ways If
I was elected, I would track how they
spend it and try to spend it more

Election commission races to be ready by Dec 27

Noe Noe Aung

Myanmar Consolidated Media Ltd.

should be community leaders, experts

or from civil society as too general.
There is no definition as to who
would be qualified to be in these categories, he said.
One retired legal expert, who asked
not to be named, said businesspeople who win positions in the election
should keep their businesses at arms
length to remove any perception of
conflict of interest.
The reasons why developers
and businessmen are contesting are
quite unclear. But YCDC has to work
closely with businesses, especially for
constructed-related matters, said the
legal expert, who lives in South Okkalapas No 14 ward.
But U Tin Aye, head of the YCDC
election commission, said the law contains provisions against candidates
misusing their position for personal
Though the law has weaknesses,
rules and punishments are stated in
chapter 20, paragraph 70 of the law.
If we find someone is working for
his or her self-interest, they can be
Another issue for Ko Aung Tun is
the lack of any limit on campaign expenditure, which could give cashed-up
businesspeople a distinct advantage
over the less well-off candidates. This
contrasts with Pyidaungsu Hluttaw
and state or region hluttaw elections,
where candidates have a K10 million
limit on spending and face disqualification if they do not submit their expenses after election day.

SPEEDING up final preparations

in the countdown toward Yangon
city elections, YCDC officials have
launched a train the trainers operation to explain voting procedures.
Voters in the December 27 poll are
expected to select seven officials from
candidates listed on colour-coded ballot papers.
Township administrators have
been instructed to invite every ward
administrator and leader of each
10-household group from their township to demonstrate the voting procedures, the chair of Yangon City

Development Committees election

commission, U Tin Aye, told The Myanmar Times last week.
Time is very short. We cant educate every household, so were asking
administrators to share their knowledge with the residents, said U Tin
There are three types of candidates community leaders, experts
and civil society workers to be chosen by township and district development committees, he added.
In each polling booth, there are
separate procedures for YCDC-, district- and township-level positions.
Voters presenting a valid ID to
polling booth staff will first be given a

white ballot paper bearing the names

and photos of the candidates running
for the committee level, of whom they
will choose one, he said.
For the next step, the district
level, the voter is given three cards

Time is very short.

We cant educate
every household.
U Tin Aye
YCDC election commission

green for elders, red for experts

and blue for social workers, of which
one is selected, and each card is then
placed in a box of the same colour.
Then the process is repeated for the
township-level candidates.
But an electoral official in Thingangyun township said completing
preparations would be a race against
There are almost 70 voting
booths in Thingangyun township.
Some are ready but many are not.
Voting demonstrations are being
carried out at some booths. We have
only one week to go, so we have to
work hard to be ready for December
27, he said.

YCDC election: Countdown to polling day

Millions to miss out on YCDC vote

Barely 7.5 percent of residents will vote, with more than half of households failing to meet the strict eligibility requirements

Noe Noe Aung Kyaw Phone Kyaw

THE ballot may be stronger than the
bullet, as Abraham Lincoln once said.
But that would only be true if everybody could vote.
It isnt true in Yangon, where severe restrictions have been placed not
only on the size of the electorate, but
also on who can stand as a candidate.
This weeks Yangon City Development Committee election, to take
place on December 27, will determine
who will run the municipal affairs of a
city of 5.2 million people the nations
former capital and still its biggest
urban centre, and business and cultural heart. But the number of voters
will barely exceed 400,000, or 7.7 percent of the citys population despite
Yangon having an estimated 870,000
Additionally, few female candidates
are contesting the election: Of the total of 292 candidates in the running,
only 32 are women, or 11 percent. Four
seats on YCDC are up for grabs, along
with 12 district-level seats and 99 at
the township level.
But the numbers dont lie: Yangons
election ignores the voices and desires
of millions of its residents.
The disenfranchised are women,
young people and anyone not in possession of an official household member list, a document issued by the Ministry of Immigration and Population.
According to provisional data from
this years census, about 5.2 million
people live in urban areas of Yangon
Region, one-tenth of the population
of the whole country. But only about
401,000 people can vote in the YCDC
election, according to the election
commission, due to strict eligibility
criteria. They will select the officials
who will manage matters that affect
the daily life of us all, including water supply, sanitation, rubbish collection, building safety standards, public transportation and traffic-related
questions and much more.
The election will take place in accordance with a by-law issued by the
current mayor, U Hla Myint, last September, which stipulates that only
one person per family in possession
of immigration ministry form 66/6,
the household members list, may
vote. The by-law does not explicitly bar
women and young people from voting.
But when asked the name of the head
of the household, most families would

Daw Mae Ohn Nyunt Wai (right), a candidate for Yangons western district, campaigns in Sanchaungs Kyuntaw Market on
November 27. Photo: Zarni Phyo

name the most senior male.

The official who took the inventory told me that only one person in the
family could vote. So I put my name
down, U Thaung Lwin, who lives in
the 56th ward of South Dagon township, told The Myanmar Times.

Households eligible to cast a vote in
the YCDC election, out of an estimated
870,000 in urban Yangon

We gave our familys vote to my

husband, as head of household, said
U Thaung Lwins wife, Daw Win Shwe.
They have two sons aged 24 and 28,
who will not be able to vote.
A forum organised by two freelance
researchers monitoring the election,
some civil society members and journalists held on December 11 in Yangon
also concluded that most Yangon families will name the husband/father as
head of household.
Ma Yu Yu Zaw, 29, who lives in
North Okkalapa township, said,
My father just gave his name as he

thought he had to. But I really want

to vote, she said. I would support
anyone who will improve the roads,
remove the garbage, repair the drains
and stop the flooding. I want my city
to be clean and tidy.
Yangon is also home to a large population of internal migrant workers, who
are likely to be denied the vote because
they lack the right household registration documents. According to the head
of YCDCs town planning department,
U Than Lwin Oo, there are 870,000
households in Yangon meaning more
than half are unable to vote because
they fail to meet the criteria.
Ma Khin Swe Hnin lost her chance
to vote because she is listed as an overnight guest. Born in Yankin township,
she moved to South Dagon township
and her name does not feature in a
household members list there.
She and other people interviewed

for this story said the process of updating a household list or issuing a new
one was expensive and a bureaucratic
nightmare, requiring numerous visits
to government offices.
I feel upset at not having a chance
to vote, she said.
YCDC argues it would be too expensive to give everyone a vote, and
had initially proposed only allowing a
hand-picked 1.5pc to cast ballots. After a
public outcry, they backpedalled and expanded the election to each household.
Election commission member U
Thin Htay Shwe said lack of time was
also an issue, and just collecting data
on each household had been difficult
in the three-month window allocated.
He said commission officials would
use the experience to do a better job
next time around.
But Yangon Region Hluttaw MP
Daw Nyo Nyo Thin, who has been

one of the most outspoken critics of

the election law, describes the excuses
as nonsense. When YCDC proposed
only 1.5pc would be allowed to vote,
she even threatened to submit the law
to the Constitutional Tribunal.
She said the refusal to give every
person eligible to vote in a national
election the chance to cast a ballot in
the municipal poll was designed to
stop their non-preferred candidates
from winning.
[YCDC] doesnt believe in a people-based system. They dont want to
let others get involve in their bureaucracy, she said.
Respected journalist U Ye Naing
Moe said there should have been more
public consultations on the law before
it was enacted.
The YCDC election law was made
in a hurry, he said. They should have
circulated the draft text through stateowned and private newspapers and
sought peoples opinions.
There is also an age barrier. Candidates must be aged 45 to 65 to run for
a seat on the city-level committee, 40
to 60 for the district level and 35 to 55
to run for the township level, according to the by-law. This contrasts with
the national constitution, which sets
25 as the minimum age for candidates
for the Pyithu Hluttaw, and 30 for the
Amyotha Hluttaw.
Asked why the age limits were put
in place, election commission members said they had no comment.
Ability is not dictated by age, said
Ko Aung Tun, a freelance electoral
researcher. Young people should be
involved in an exercise like this, and
should receive training for it. The city
needs its younger generation to get
YCDC election commission chief U
Tin Aye admitted last week that the
election law had weaknesses and the
commissions efforts to prepare for the
vote were far from perfect, but said it
was a learning experience for everyone involved.
We have to take lessons from this,
he said, and we will write down what
we see in our final reports after the

10 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Activists call
for clarity on
return policy
Exiles reject PR and call for program to facilitate the
return of those who fled Myanmar for political reasons
Sandar Lwin
A foreigner takes part in a skating demonstration event held in Mandalay last year. Photo: Than Naing Soe

Skaters descend on Mandalay for comp

Kyay Mohn Win
SKATERS from all over the country
will be converging on Mandalay this
week to take part in Myanmars first
skating competition. It will feature
freestyle inline displays, womenonly competitions and races, said a
spokesperson for the Myanmar Skate

Weve got about 90 participants

already registered, not only from
Mandalay but also from Yangon,
Bago, Taunggyi and townships in
Ayeyarwady Region, said Ko Lwin
Latt. But people who want to take
part can still register up to one hour
before the competition starts - and
its free.
The contest will be held at Lucky
Arrow Skate Park at the corner of

63rd Street and 42nd Street, from

9am to 8pm. There are seven types
of competition. Parents permission
is required for children under the
age of six to participate.
Competition performance will
be monitored by five judges, including two from overseas, who will
hand out 39 prizes. The competition
is being sponsored by Hansaplast.
Translation by Emoon

VGastro bar accused go on trial

BAHAN Township Court on December 18 began the trial of a bar manager from New Zealand accused of
insulting religion by using an image
of the Buddha to promote a cheap
drinks night.
The offending poster, which featured a psychedelic mock-up of the
Buddha wearing DJ headphones,
has prompted outcry in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. Philip
Blackwood, 32, is being tried along
with Myanmar nationals U Tun
Thurein, 40, who owned the bar, and
manager U Htut Ko Ko Lwin, 26.
The trio face possible jail terms
if found guilty of breaching the Religion Act with the contentious poster,

which was quickly withdrawn from

the VGastro bars Facebook page.
Under the act, anyone who attempts to insult, destroy or damage
any religion can be punished by a
maximum of two years in jail, with
another two-year penalty for those
who try to insult religion through
the written word.
Speaking to reporters after the
closed hearing, Mr Blackwoods
lawyer, U Mya Thwe, said the men
will have no right to appeal a guilty
verdict. But none of them have
confessed, he said, adding the next
court date will be December 26.
The accused, who have been in
custody since last week, are being

held in Insein Prison. Trials in Myanmars creaking judicial system can

drag on for months.
Around a dozen monks and hardline Buddhists gathered outside the
Yangon court shortly after Mr Blackwood was led into the building in
handcuffs. Twice as many riot police
armed with batons were standing by,
in a sign of the incendiary nature of
questions of religion in the country.
Buddhists are unhappy because
for them it is ugly to see the Buddha,
who they worship, shown in that
way, said U Win Thein, of the Theravada Dhamma Network, a group affiliated with the Buddhist nationalist Ma Ba Tha movement. AFP


POROS LIMITED, a Company incorporated in the United Kingdom,
of 1 Beauchamp Court, Victors Way, Barnet, United Kingdom, EN5
5TZ, is the Owner of the following Trade Marks:-

Reg. No. 6699/2014

Reg. No. 6700/2014

Reg. No. 6701/2014

Reg. No. 6702/2014
in respect of Class 29: Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts;
preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams,
compotes; eggs, milk and milk products; edible oils and fats; prepared
meals; soups and potato crisps. Class 30: Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar,
rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and preparations made
from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery, ices; honey, treacle;
yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments);
spices; ice; sandwiches; prepared meals; pizzas, pies and pasta dishes.
Class 32: Beers; mineral and aerated waters; non-alcoholic drinks;
fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups for making beverages; shandy,
de-alcoholised drinks, non-alcoholic beers and wines. Class 33:
Alcoholic wines; spirits and liqueurs; Alco pops; alcoholic cocktails.
Class 34: Tobacco; smokers articles; matches; lighters for smokers.

POLITICAL activists who have returned to Myanmar to take part in

the transition to democracy have denounced the governments recently
released permanent residency policy,
and called for a new scheme specifically for exiled politicians.
They say the PR policy is aimed
primarily at foreign investors and
business people, and would bar former Myanmar citizens from taking
part in political activities.
The PR program gives nothing to
many exiles. Its just for people who
want to do business, said U Aung
Myo Min, director of Equality Myanmar, a human rights group of returnees. We want a dignified return. We
want our political involvement recognised and to engage in politics in our
country. For that, there are not yet
any definite policies and procedures,
despite President U Thein Seins
Thousands of student and other
political activists fled the country
during the period of military rule that
officially ended with the election of
the present government. Many were
given political asylum in the countries
of their adoption, and many have now
returned, encouraged by the political
reforms of the past three years.
But some former exiles say they
face difficulties in resettling due to
what they call the lack of a definite
policy and measures relevant to their
Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, Equality Myanmar and
Burma Partnership all organisations in which former exiles feature

Class 35: Advertising; business management; business administration;

office functions; electronic data storage; organization, operation and
supervision of loyalty and incentive schemes; advertising services
provided via the Internet; production of television and radio
advertisements; accountancy; auctioneering; trade fairs; opinion
polling; data processing; provision of business information; retail
services connected with the sale of cosmetics; perfumery; hair
treatments; body lotions; pharmaceutical preparations; dietary
supplements for humans; electronic and scientific equipment;
jewellery; clocks; watches; precious metals; printed matter; paper
articles; leather goods; luggage; domestic utensils; textiles clothing;
carpets; rugs; wall hangings; toys; games; playthings; exercise
equipment; food for human consumption; beverages for human
consumption; agricultural and horticultural products; articles for
smokers. Class 39: Transport; packaging and storage of goods; travel
arrangement; distribution of electricity; travel information; provision
of car parking facilities. Class 41: Education; providing of training;
entertainment; sporting and cultural activities. Class 43: Services for
providing food and drink; temporary accommodation; restaurant, bar
and catering services; provision of holiday accommodation; booking
and reservation services for restaurants and holiday accommodation;
retirement home services; crche services.
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Marks
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A.,H.G.P.,D.B.L.
P.O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

prominently organised a joint press

conference on December 18 in Yangon
to discuss the permanent residency
program unveiled by the government
earlier this month.
The program enables former Myanmar citizens granted full citizenship of other countries to apply for
PR status for five years, after which
they can apply to get back their
However, it is not open to those
who were granted political asylum
or refugee status, and those accepted cannot participate in political
President U Thein Sein in 2011 invited former Myanmar citizens who
had left the country to come back
and contribute to the state rebuilding process. In 2012, the Presidents
Office announced the abolition of
the blacklist for more than 2000
people, including 350 exiled political
Since then, a number of exiles, including prominent activists, have returned. But some say the government
still has little tolerance for dissent.
At the launch of the program on
December 5, Immigration Department director general U Nyi Nyi
said the program was not intended
for politicians, but rather those who
can contribute to state-building
programs, including experts and
In the meantime, returnees who
hold foreign citizenship will have to
continue applying for visas a process they say lacks any clarity.
Some got visas while many others
were denied. When we asked about
the visa criteria for political activists,
we never got a definite answer, said
Daw Khin Ohnmar from Burma Partnership. An American citizen, she received a 28-day visa after waiting for
two weeks in Thailand.
Returnees say the Presidents Office directly controls visa approvals
for exiles, and appears to decide on a
case-by-case basis.
At first, it took just half a day to
get a visa. But these days, the Presidents Office staff say the policy has
been changed. I dont know how it
has changed, said Ko Bo Kyi of AAPP,
who is in Thailand awaiting a visa.
Returnees who have applied for
restoration of citizenship also complain of discrimination at the hands
of government officials.
I finally received a national registration card after constant complaints, demands and efforts. Many
who applied at the same time as me
are still waiting, said Sai Myint Thu,
a trainer with Action Committee for
Democracy Development.
U Naing Aung, a former leader of
the All Burma Students Democratic
Front, who applied for citizenship
eight months ago, said officials were
scared of the consequences of issuing
documents to former political exiles.
An immigration officer told me he
didnt dare issue the [national ID]
card without the approval of his superior, even though Im eligible to apply.
Otherwise he would be fired.
Exiles say the government
does not practise such measures
against returnees who support the
If the government denied everybody, we would have to accept it as a
reality, said Daw Khin Ohnmar. We
just want a definite and clear policy to
follow. Were still hoping for the best.

News 11

Irrawaddy ignores demand from

information ministry to change name
Lun Min Mang
DESPITE official disapproval, The Irrawaddy will continue to publish under
its existing name, its editor confirmed
last week. Ko Ye Ni told The Myanmar
Times that the media group, which
publishes a weekly paper in Myanmar
language and a monthly magazine in
English, would not bow to Ministry of
Information demands to change the
spelling of its titles.
On December 16, the ministry announced that the names used by publications on applications to extend publishign licences must conform to a law
passed by the former military regime in
1989. This edict would oblige the paper
to call itself The Ayeyarwady on the
application, the official spelling that is
used by The Myanmar Times and most
others in-country when referring to the
region and river. However, the ministry
said it could continue to use Irrawaddy
for its logo and trademark.
The Irrawaddy publishing group
responded that it would continue to
publish using the popular colonialera spelling but its application to the

I think they dont

want exiles like us to
re-enter the country.
U Aung Zaw
Irrawaddy editor-in-chief

President to
get press pool
from January
Ye Mon

A woman reads a copy of The Irrawaddy in Yangon last week. Photo: Zarni Phyo

ministry would use the less contentious

Myanmar language spelling.
Before we got our registration last
December the ministry never raised any
objection to our name. They only raised
this matter once our circulation started
to stabilise, Ko Ye Ni said.
The name Irrawaddy ... [has] been
our brand name for the past 20 years,
and the name by which we are widely
known. Were not going to change it
now, he said.
The Irrawaddy is not the only media
group to be targeted under the Adaptation of Expression Law. The formerly
exiled Democratic Voice of Burma was
obliged on returning to the country two
years ago to change the Burma in its
name to Myanmar, though still calls

itself DVB, Myanmar bureau chief U

Toe Zaw Latt said last week.
The problem was with the registration process. Wed been using the original name since [DVB] was established.
But when they demanded a change of
name, we tried to come up with a compromise ... and decided to use the name
in its shortened form, DVB, he said.
U Aung Zaw, The Irrawaddys founder and editor-in-chief, said he did not
think the insistence on spelling was government policy so much as an attempt
by some officials within the ministry to
exert influence over rival media groups.
This is a negative sign. I think they
dont want exiles like us to re-enter the
country, he said. Indirect pressure is
being applied.

WELCOME to the West Wing

Nay Pyi Taw-style. After consultation with media groups, the Presidents Office has announced that
correspondents will be based in
the official residence of the president, all the better to monitor
Inspired by the set-up in the
White House, presidential spokesperson U Ye Htut discussed the
issue with the interim Press Council, the Myanmar Journalists Network and the Myanmar Journalists Association on December 16.
We are preparing a room for
correspondents. Officials in the
presidents house will issue news
releases in the morning and other
ministers will hold press conferences there when they have information to release, he said.
Press council member U Thiha
Saw, who is also editorial director at The Myanmar Times, said
the government would admit

reporters and photographers from

the print, broadcast and foreign
media. Journalists in attendance
will be selected by rotation, according to a system not yet disclosed. But applicants must have
at least three to five years experience, or present a letter of recommendation from their editor
assuming responsibility for their
reporters work. Rotations would
take place every six months.
Some reporters have limited
work experience, but they may
have more ability than journalists
with years of experience, said U
Kyaw Min Swe, secretary of the
Press Council.
U Myint Kyaw, general secretary of the Myanmar Journalists Network, said the move appeared to offer the media greater
freedom. U Ye Htut told us they
would implement this plan in
January so that we can cover the
presidents daily activities and
other ceremonies. At present, only
the state media are allowed to
cover this news, he said.
President U Thein Sein has
held only one press conference
during his term. At a media event
at the ASEAN summit, questions
were not allowed.

12 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Three-year plan unveiled

to win back trust in judiciary
Supreme Court has targeted a court-user satisfaction rate of 80 percent by the end of the project in 2017

Ei Ei Thu

Lun Min

MYANMARS Supreme Court has

released a three-year strategic plan
aimed at improving the judiciary,
including targets for user satisfaction and speeding up the hearing of
The plan will run from 2015 to
201717, the court said in a statement
published in state-run media on
December 17.
The plan will try to promote
core judiciary aims, built trust in
the judicial system, ensure cases are
handled fairly and speedily, and
upgrade the integrity of the courts.
The three-year plan contains five
immediate initiatives, including the
creation of public information counters in courts, case management
programs to strengthen timeliness
and efficiency of case processing,
and enhancement of training for
judges and court staff.
The statement also said that
several pilot courts would serve as
a testing ground for new practices
and procedures prior to nationwide
U Kyaw Zay Ya, a lawyer and
author of several law books, said
the lack of transparency in the legal system had caused public trust
in judges to erode. He said many
defendants protest against rulings
because judges do not say why they
have found the suspect to be guilty.
Protests are happening all over
the country against the decisions of
judges in court. Whether a judge is
right or wrong, he must show strong
reasons as to how he arrived at a
particular decision.
If not, he added, there will
continue to be protests against
The statement said the courts
planning team had met important
local stakeholders and international
judical bodies to solicit ideas and

Gaya tour
seek VOA

Associates of journalists arrested for incitement protest outside Pabedan Township Court in October. Photo: Zarni Phyo

advice for the plan.

The plan will be implemented
by a committee made up of court
members who will prepare regular
reports and short-term work plans.
The statement said the committee will cooperate with several international partners to implement
It aims to achieve 80 percent
court-user satisfaction and 100pc
calendar clearance rates by the
end of the three years, the statement
Legal consultant U Tin Than
Oo said he welcomed the plan but
questioned whether much could be
achieved in three years.
With corruption and graft
deep-rooted in the judicial system,
we will watch how much can be


POROS LIMITED, a Company incorporated in the United Kingdom, of
1 Beauchamp Court, Victors Way, Barnet, United Kingdom, EN5 5TZ,
is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 9035/2014

in respect of Class 14: Precious metals and their alloys; jewellery, costume
jewellery, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments,
clocks and watches. Class 18: Leather and imitations of leathers; animal
skins, hides; trunks and travelling bags; handbags, rucksacks, purses;
umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery;
clothing for animals. Class 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear. Class 28:
Games and playthings; playing card; gymnastic and sporting articles;
decorations for Christmas trees; childrens toy bicycles. Class 29: Meat,
fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, dried and cooked fruits
and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs, milk and milk products; edible
oils and fats; prepared meals; soups and potato crisps. Class 30: Coffee,
tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and preparations
made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery, ices; honey, treacle;
yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices;
ice; sandwiches; prepared meals; pizzas, pies and pasta dishes. Class 32:
Beers; mineral and aerated waters; non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks
and fruit juices; syrups for making beverages; shandy, de-alcoholised
drinks, non-alcoholic beers and wines. Class 33: Alcoholic wines; spirits

implemented in three years, he said.

Lawyer U Robert San Aung said
he believed a nationwide conference
on the judicial system should be

Whether a judge is
right or wrong, he
must show strong
reasons as to how
he arrived at a
particular decision.
U Kyaw Zay Ya
Lawyer and author

held to discuss the plan.

A nationwide conference with
the participation of independent
lawyers, retired police officials and
all the judicial staff would produce a
better outcome, he said.
He said any plan to reform the
judiciary should aim to tackle three
problems with the existing system:
court resources, the number of
judges and the salaries of judicial
Zero tolerance against corruption was also essential, he said, adding that when a complaint is made
against a judge the complainant is
often counter-sued.
This is quite common, he said.
The whole strategic plan will be a
failure unless these types of judges
are removed.

and liqueurs; alcopops; alcoholic cocktails. Class 34: Tobacco; smokers

articles; matches; lighters for smokers. Class 35: Advertising; business
management; business administration; office functions; electronic data
storage; organization, operation and supervision of loyalty and incentive
schemes; advertising services provided via the Internet; production of
television and radio advertisements; accountancy; auctioneering; trade
fairs; opinion polling; data processing; provision of business information;
retail services connected with the sale of cosmetics; perfumery; hair
treatments; body lotions; pharmaceutical preparations; dietary supplements
for humans; electronic and scientific equipment; jewellery; clocks; watches;
precious metals; printed matter; paper articles; leather goods; luggage;
domestic utensils; textiles clothing; carpets; rugs; wall hangings; toys; games;
plaything; exercise equipment; food for human consumption; beverages
for human consumption; agricultural and horticultural products; articles
for smokers. Class 43: Services for providing food and drinks; temporary
accommodation; restaurant, bar and catering services; provision of holiday
accommodation; booking and reservation services for restaurants and
holiday accommodation; retirement home services; crche services.
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark will be
dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A.,H.G.P.,D.B.L.
P.O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014

A RECENTLY introduced electronic

visa on arrival for visitors to India will
have only a limited impact for Myanmar travellers until the service is made
available at Gaya airport, the gateway
to the Bodhgaya pilgrimage site, tour
operators say.
The visa, known as Electronic Travel Authorisation, was introduced for
visitors from 43 countries last week.
Individuals wanting to visit India
for tourism, medical treatment, business or to see relatives can apply and
pay for the 30-day visa online up to
two times a year. They will get a reply
by email within 72 hours, which they
should print out and show to officials
when arriving in India, the Indian embassy in Yangon said.
It is our endeavour to make travel
easy and convenient for applicants who
may wish to travel to India. The citizens
of Myanmar (and of other 42 other eligible countries) are encouraged to avail
[themselves of] this user friendly online utility, the embassy said.
However, the service is only available at nine international airports
Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi,
Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai
and Thiruvananthapruam and pilgrimage tour operators say Gaya
should also be included.
It would make it much more
convenient to get to Gaya and would
have a big impact on pilgrimage industry, said U Maung Maung Myint,
vice chair of the Bodhgaya pilgrimages
We have already discussed this
with the Indian embassy but they
havent replied yet, he said.
Another issue he said may hinder
takeup of the visa on arrival is that
many pilgrims cross over into Nepal
to visit another pilgrimage site, which
means they would need to entry visas
to India. The requirement to pay by
credit card may also pose challenges.
U Maung Maung Myint said the
Gaya market had grown by around
two-thirds this year, after visitor numbers dropped in 2013 because of a
bombing at the site. The number of
visitors is expected to top 50,000 this
year, up from 30,000 last year.
Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya
is popular with Myanmar pilgrims
as it is said to be the place where
the Guatama Buddha achieved
Gracious vacation managing director Daw Pwint Nwe Aung said many
prospective pilgrims miss out on travelling to Gaya because of the limited
number of visas issued by the embassy
in Yangon. Applications also take
about 45 days to process, she said.
We will be very glad if we can
get tourist visas on arrival [at Gaya]
through the ETA, she said, adding
that it could increase pilgrim numbers
by 50pc.

The article Fresh warnings over TB
crisis, published in the December
8-14 edition (No 758) of The Myanmar Times, incorrectly stated that
the Ministry of Health has so far only
discovered 15,000 of an estimated
200,000 TB cases. The correct figure
is 150,000, according to the ministry.
The article also referred to MSF assistant country director for Myanmar
Dr Phone Thit as Dr Phone Myint.
We regret the errors.

News 13

US ploughs aid money into

supporting 2015 election
But USAIDs funding for election-related activities is already proving controversial across the political spectrum

Ei Ei Toe

Maung Zaw

THE United States will provide further

support to both the Union Election
Commission and civil society groups in
an effort to ensure next years election
is transparent and credible, a senior
US Agency for International Development official said last week.
However, observers have questioned
the efficacy of funding and whether it
can be distributed in a way that is fair
to all stakeholders.
USAID mission director Chris Milligan said last week that the funding
aims to build the administrative capacity of the election commission, support
the development of political parties,
and encourage civil society participation in voter education and election
monitoring activities. Support to the
UEC has been provided through grants
to the International Foundation for
Electoral Systems and other organisations over the past year, he said.
[Funding for] the UEC is important
to administer a credible and transparent election and but also to civil society [groups] as they can be an effective
monitor of the elections. They can also
help with voter education, Mr Milligan
said. We know that support isnt only
for the day of the elections the work
has to begin well in advance. So we
have been working on election assistance with our partners and stakeholders in this country for the past year.
The UEC is not the only political institution to benefit from USAID
funding. The agency has also been



US funding for aid and development

projects between 2012 and 2014

to extort

Election officials count votes at a polling station in Nay Pyi Taw on November 7, 2010. Photo: Staff

providing support to parliament to improve the functioning of the legislature

and to political parties so they can better represent constituents.
This training has at times been
controversial, however. Last month,
the UEC reportedly warned the International Republican Institute (IRI)
a non-profit funded by the US State
Department, USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy, the UN and
the European Union that training it
provided to the NLD could be in breach
of election laws.
The commission said the November
17 program in Ayeyarwady Regions
Pyapon township breached the rules
because it was provided to only one
party, The Irrawaddy reported. The IRI
has denied any wrongdoing.
Political parties and observers said
there were elements of the funding
program that they were unsure of or
uncomfortable with.
U Sai Leik, a spokesperson for the
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, said his party had received no support and was unsure who was benefiting from the USAID-funded programs.
If the US wants to provide effective aids for elections, they need to hold

transparent meetings with the UEC,

parties and civil society groups, and
provide assistance based on the results
of those meetings, he said.
Analyst U Yan Myo Thein said the
funding had little impact at the grassroots level where it was needed.
Mostly parties or civil society
groups that are close to the UEC get this
aids, he said. If USAID really wants to
help ensure transparent and credible
elections, they should help strengthen
grassroots organisations - I mean at the
village or town or village-tract levels because they can be watchdog groups
that decide whether the elections are
free and fair.
U Yan Myo Thein also criticised the
results of USAID-funded reports issued
by IRI and The Asia Foundation that
he said had overly praised the government. These reports look like lobbying
for the Myanmar government because
the US governments want to show Myanmar as a US foreign policy achievement, he said.
Mr Milligan insisted that USAID
funding has been distributed through
a broad cross-section of stakeholders.
We believe that broad engagement
by civil society and participation by the

people will determine the success of

the reforms going forward. And so we
partner broadly with many different
entities in this country, with universities, with the private sector, support to
media, but also, critically, support to
civil society.
Since resuming assistance to Myanmar in 2012, the US has provided
more than US$276 million, including
$57.7 million on building democratic
Mr Milligan hinted that additional
future support could depend on the
credibility of the election and the constitutional reform process, and that
this credibility will be determined by
the people of Myanmar.
The election will be an important
milestone in the democratic process of
this country. As President Obama said,
the world is waiting for the elections.
The election should be credible and
transparent, [and it] should reflect the
will of the people.

FRAUDSTERS who prey on women drivers in the streets of Mandalay are staging fake road accidents
to demand compensation. A gang
member will ram a car with his
motorcycle, typically at night, and
then demand that the driver pays
up, residents have told The Myanmar Times.
One gang fled after a car they
believed to be occupied by two
women turned out to also contain
three male passengers, who insisted on calling the police.
Two boys on a motorcycle
came out from an alley and followed us after we left class. They
drove their bike at our car and
demanded money from me and
my friend, who was sitting in
the front. Then our three friends
in the back seat got out and we
said we were going to the police.
The boys on the bike admitted
they were in the wrong and drove
away. We have no idea how widespread this practice is, said a
second-year student at Mandalay
Medical University.
A female jewellery store owner
told The Myanmar Times, A motorcyclist stopped me to say Id hit
his bike. I refused to get out of the
car and told him I was going to
the police, and he drove away.
Other incidents have reportedly occurred in the citys crowded downtown, mostly targeting
women drivers. One said, When
it happened to me one night last
week I was alone, so I handed
over K30,000. I was so scared.
The accident occurred at the
corner of Mandalay Kandawgyi
and 84th streets.
Police sources said it was difficult to tell when the fraudulent
accidents were taking place.
Translation by Khant Lin Oo

News 15

Elephant GPS collars aim to

decrease clashes with humans

Illegal wood
seized in
Nay Pyi Taw,
Bago raids

Aye Sapay Phyu

MORE than 10 tonnes of illegal timber

was seized in a single day in raids in
Nay Pyi Taw and Bago Region, the Ministry of Environmental Conservation
and Forestry announced last week.
The December 17 statement said
nearly 9 tonnes of teak, hardwood and
other timber was seized on December
14 in Sai Ya forest reserve and Yoma
nature reserve in Yedashe township,
Kapaung forest reserve in Paukkaung
township, and La Ni forest reserve in
Thegon township.
Another 1.1854 tonnes of swan timber along with an unlicensed Kenbo
110-cubic-centimetre motorbike were
seized in Ngalite forest reserve in Nay
Pyi Taws Ottarathiri township on the
same day. The wood and the motorbike
were found abandoned.
The ministry said it has been taking
continuous action against the illegal
trade in wood and wood products to
ensure that the countrys natural resources are used in the interests of the
The Ministry of Environmental
Conservation and Forestry seized more
than 45,000 tonnes of illegal wood last
year, and a total of 22,000 tonnes as of
July this year. Htoo Thant, translation
by Zar Zar Soe

ELEPHANTS near Yangon are to be

fitted with GPS collars to help conservationists track their movements
and help avoid clashes with humans.
As villages and plantations expand,
the space available for elephants is
shrinking, and encounters between
the two are sometimes deadly.
The director of the Nature and
Wildlife Conservation Division of the
Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry said last week
that collars have been fitted to four
elephants in Taikkyi and Hlegu townships, Yangon Region.

When we have data

on their tracks, we
can warn people to
stay out of their way.
U Win Naing Thaw
Ministry of Environmental
Conservation and Forestry

World Bank
project to
start in 2015
Thiri Htin Zaw
A WORLD Bank-financed project to
improve the health of mothers and
children under the age of five will
begin early next year, a senior official announced last week. The World
Bank is providing a US$100 million
loan for the project that it approved
at a meeting in October.
Speaking at a meeting of Myanmar Health Sector Coordinating
Committee held at the Ministry of
Health in Nay Pyi Taw, Daw Hnin
Hnin Paing said the aim was to fulfil
the UNs Millennium Development
The fulfilment target is 2015.
Myanmars performance in improving mother and child health has
been good for the past 20 years, but
achieving the goal means addressing
some weaknesses, she said.
Deputy Minister for Health Daw
Thein Thein Htay said the program
would start early next year. Were
focusing on mothers and infants because they are particularly vulnerable to disease, she said.
Myanmar has the shortest life
expectancy and the second-highest
infant mortality rate among ASEAN
countries, said a World Bank report
issued on December 15.
The government will spend $25
million for each year of the four-year
project, starting in the 2015-16 financial year. The funds will be allocated
to midwives, heads of health staff,
village health centres, sub-divisions,
cottage hospitals and township hospitals.
Midwives have to go to villages to
do medical checks on pregnant women and to offer medical treatment to
children. They need transportation.
The funding will allow them to go
more often, twice a month instead of
once, she said.
Translation by Thiri Min Htun

People expand their plantations,

industries and villages into elephant
habitats, which are shrinking, U
Win Naing Thaw said. Elephants are
forced out of the forest by loggers,
and stray into paddy fields, plantations and gardens looking for food.
Thats when the clashes occur.
Feedback from the collars will
help determine where the elephants
live and track their movements, as
well as providing data on population size and the links between
When we have data on their
tracks, we can warn people to stay
out of their way, he said.
U Win Naing Thaw said the project was supported by the Smithsonian Institution of the United States,
state-run Myanmar Timber Enterprise and the Department of Forestry. The project also entails compiling
a map of elephant habitats and developing protected areas.
If people dont bother elephants,
elephants wont bother them, he
According to Yangon Region police, three fatalities resulted from
elephant attacks in Taikkyi township
in 2014.

A Myanmar Timber Enterprise elephant hauls a teak log in the Bago

mountains near Taungoo. Photo: Thomas Kean


16 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States

of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3869/2011

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States
of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3870/2011

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States
of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3871/2011

People demonstrate over alleged judicial bias in Mandalays Aung Myay Thar San township on December 15. Photo: Si Thu Lwin

Mandalay judiciary protest fizzles

Si Thu Lwin
POLITICAL groups based in Mandalay staged a protest against judicial
bias last week but failed to attract
anywhere near the 100 demonstrators
they had expected.
The legal protest was held on December 15 and led by activist Ko Thein
Aung Myint, who is on trial for allegedly breaking the peaceful protest law
by staging a demonstration without
permission over the death of journalist Ko Par Gyi.
Organisers applied for permission

for 100 people to take part but only 11

showed up. Ko Thein Aung Myint said
this was because most people thought
he had not been granted permission
and were reluctant to join an illegal
The 11 demonstrators marched
from 26th to 16th streets in Aung Myay
Thar San township, while Ko Thein
Aung Myint staged a solo protest without permission outside the townships
Ko Thein Aung Myint said he organised the protest because the court
hearing his case was not following the

The court didnt grant sick leave

for my lawyer so I had to argue for myself. We officially informed the court
about the lawyers sick leave, he said,
adding that he had been described as a
culprit during the trial, before a verdict had been handed down.
U Lwan Moe Aung, deputy judge
and information officer at Aung Myay
Thar San Township Court, rejected accusations of bias.
We never received an official letter
asking for sick leave from the lawyer
for the accused. Court procedure is
that an official letter be submitted, he
said. Translation by Zar Zar Soe

Low-cost homes planned

for evicted river families
Families forced from homes by visit of Norwegian royals could get new apartments

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.


Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L

for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States
of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3866/2011

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014

FAMILIES evicted by municipal authorities in Mandalay for the visit of

Norwegian royals could soon be offered cheap apartments in an apparent effort by Mandalay City Development Committee to make amends for
the public relations disaster.
An official from Mandalay City Development Committee said last week
that hundreds of families living beside
the Ayeyarwady River could benefit
from the low-cost housing plan.
We are considering a plan to lease
apartments to those landless people
but we need to report it to the regional
government first so we cant say it will
definitely happen, the official said.
If approved, MCDC will begin implementing the project in 2015, he said.
While the official refused to give



Amount that riverside workers can earn

each day unloading cargo

Children play in a makeshift home beside the Ayeyarwady River in Mandalay on

December 11. Photo: Maung Zaw

any further details, MCDC has already

selected a site in Pyigyitagun township
for a project to house landless families. However, it has not yet revealed
what households will be expected to
pay for the apartments.
The families living beside the river
earn about K4000 a day as stevedores
loading and unloading goods onto
berthed ships.
Resident U Min Naung said he was
unsure whether he would be able to
afford the low-cost housing.
We appreciate the plan but we want
to know the terms of the lease. Were
living here beside the river because we
cant afford to rent anything, he said.
On December 2, three days before

the arrival of Norways King Harald

V and his queen, Sonja, MCDC forced
about 200 residents to demolish their
homes and shift from the riverbank.
MCDC officials took the drastic
step out of embarrassment at the
grinding poverty on show along the
citys riverfront. Their actions backfired dramatically, however, with King
Harald telling Norwegian Broadcasting that he was very sorry about the
forced evictions.
As The Myanmar Times reported
last week, the residents returned to the
area on December 7 but were informed
just days later that they would soon be
evicted for the development of a shipyard. Translation by Zar Zar Soe

News 17

UN sounds alarm over refugee

crisis across the Bay of Bengal

MORE than 500 refugees who fled

their homes via the India Ocean over
the past year including many from
Rakhine State died on the journey,
the United Nations said last week, as
it also revealed that the number of
refugees fleeing Rakhine rose by 37
percent in 2014.
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees said in a report examining irregular migration in Southeast Asia from January to November
that 540 of the 54,000 refugees who
took to boats died, with the vast majority an estimated 53,000 people
departing from Bangladesh and Myanmar bound for Thailand and Malaysia.
While Myanmar police said earlier
this month that no cases of human
trafficking were reported in Rakhine
State, the UN said it was common
Serious and often deadly criminal
activity and human rights abuses are
commonplace along this route in particular, it said.


Migrants who died while trying to cross

the Indian Ocean by boat between
January and November

According to the UNHCRs findings, which are based on the work

of local researchers as well as interviews with survivors, the 540 recorded
deaths were the result of starvation,
dehydration, and beatings by crew

Crime in BRIEF
Father discards dead
babies in bin

A father who allegedly disposed

of the bodies of two babies who
died shortly after birth in black
plastic rubbish bags has been
charged by Hlaing Tharyar police
with concealment of birth by
secret disposal of a dead body.
The man, 36, from Hlaing Tharyar
township, put the two bags into
a rubbish bin on Taryarwaddy
Street in No 15 ward. His wife had
given birth to triplets on December 11 but only one survived.

Petrol tanker explosion

kills worker at petrol station

A man working on a petrol

tanker was burned to death on
November 14 when the vehicle
exploded at a petrol station under
Aungzaya Bridge in Insein township. Ko Naing Myo Lin, 21, was
filling gas from the 3800-gallon
tanker when it ignited. The fire
department extinguished the
blaze but Ko Naing Myo Lin died
from burns.

Motorcycle taxi driver

robbed and knifed

A Rohingya child is confined to an immigration detention centre in Medan, Indonesia. Photo: AFP

Roughly a third of arrivals interviewed by UNHCR in Thailand and

Malaysia were minors under 18 years
of age. Children as young as eight
years old are known to have made the
journey alone.
While Muslims have for years attempted to flee persecution in Rakhine State using unsafe or exploitative
methods, the report noted that the
number had greatly increased during
the most recent sailing season, which
began in October. The total number
of refugees from the Rakhine-Bangladesh area rose by 37 percent on the
same period in 2013, it said.
For the Muslims of northern Rakhine State, who self-identify as Rohingya but are officially referred to as
Bengalis, the perilous sea journey is
often considered the only alternative
to poverty and persecution. Mostly
denied citizenship rights, they are

banned from travelling to other parts

of Myanmar without government
Many have also been left homeless
by outbreaks of communal violence
since 2012. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
said in a recent update that more than
80,000 people displaced by rioting
since 2012 in Rakhine State the majority Muslims remain in makeshift
camps outside of Sittwe, and are generally forbidden from leaving the camps.
Speaking at an event for World

Migrants Day in Geneva on December

16, International Organization for Migration director general William Lacy
Swing highlighted the situation in the
Indian Ocean in his plea for a greater
international focus on the plight of
We must address the drivers of
desperation migration and act in concerted and coherent partnership, he
said, This is a battle we must fight
together. We need more political leadership and the courage to counter the
worrying rise of xenophobia.

Police are hunting two men who

allegedly robbed a motorcycle taxi
driver who had picked them up on
the Yangon-Pyay road in Yangon
Regions Taikkyi township.
Ko Myo Aka Myat Phone Khine,
37, from Shansu ward in Taikkyi,
agreed to take the two passengers at 3:30am on December 12.
When they arrived at Kantaryar
village, one passenger asked him
to stop because he had dropped
his shoe. When he did so, the other passenger stabbed him in the
head and then the pair took off on
his motorbike. Taikkyi police are
searching for the two men, who
face charges of voluntarily causing hurt in committing a robbery.
The driver is recovering at Taikkyi
hospital. Toe Wai Aung, translation by Khant Lin Oo

18 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Protection planned for rare

bonsai mangrove specimens
Aye Sapay Phyu
ENVIRONMENTAL managers are
to establish a protected zone for
bonsai mangroves in Gwa township, southern Rakhine State, said
U Toe Aung, staff officer of the
mangrove section of the forestry
department of the Ministry of
Environmental Conservation and
Speaking at a workshop in Yangon earlier this month, he said the
department had conducted a survey
along the coastal villages of Tai Kyo,
Maw Shwe Chai, Laung Gyo and Kan
Tharyar and in Gwa Island over the
past two months. We plan to conserve those areas as special protected zones, he said.
U Win Maung, forestry expert
and project manager for Rakhine
Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Assets Restoration in Rakhine (CLEARR) project, said the
bonsai mangroves were a unique
They are also called rocking
mangrove. They grow in the rocks
where it is not easy for plants to
grow, he said.
A 73-year-old woman told me
that one of the plants, about 2 feet
high [60 centimetres], was the
same size now as it had been when

Govt to expand
forest reserves
Ministry sees better prospects for mangrove plantations
thanks to improved public knowledge after Cyclone Nargis

Aye Sapay

A bonsai mangrove in Gwa township, Rakhine State. Photo: Supplied/CLEARR

she was a child. A mangrove expert from Singapore said this was
a good ecotourism resource, and
that one of those mangroves was
worth about US$40,000 in Hong
U Win Maung said the highest
bonsai mangrove plant grew up to

1.5 metres (5 feet), but most are only

60cm (2 feet) high.
According to the departments
survey, mangrove types in the survey
area include Avicennia marina, Avicennia alba, Bruguiera gymnorhiza,
Rhizophora mucronata, Aegicieras
corniculatum and Ceriops targal.

THE Department of Forestry plans to

expand mangrove forest plantation and
rehabilitation in the countrys coastal
areas, said U Toe Aung, staff officer of
the departments mangrove section.
While the majority of plantations
are in Ayeyarwady Region, he said
Rakhine State and Tanintharyi Region
were becoming more of a focus.
The department began planting in
Tanintharyi Region in 2013 and has
planted another 100 acres this year, he
said at a recent workshop in Yangon.
U Toe Aung said there were 21 mangrove forest reserves and about 625,000
acres of protected zones throughout
the country. We established seven
new sites in Tanintharyi last year. The
department also had approval from
Yangon Region government to extend
about 3000 acres of reserved areas in
Mottama coastal area, he said.

The department is working with

international organisations on mangrove rehabilitation, capacity-building
for mangrove conservation and public
education, he said.
About 3000 acres of mangrove forest will be planted in the Kadonkani
forest reserve in Ayeyarwady Region
from 2013 to 2017 with the collaboration of [the Japan International Cooperation Agency].
More than 55,000 acres of mangrove plantations have been planted
since 1981, U Toe Aung said.
However, of the 52,000 acres planted in Ayeyarwady Region over that period, more than 38,000 acres have been
depleted, mostly for prawn farms and
U Toe Aung said mangrove forests
have been rehabilitated and conserved
as natural barriers to storms since Cyclone Nargis, which hit in May 2008,
killing about 140,000 people.
The public willingly get involved in
mangrove rehabilitation because they
know many lives were saved by the
mangrove forest in the Meinmahla island in Ayeyarwady delta when Nargis
struck, he said.

New Social
Board pays
out K600m in
six months
THE government paid out K612 million (US$588,000) in compensation to
workers between April and September
under the new Social Security Law,
Deputy Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Daw Win
Maw Tun said last week.
The payouts from the Social Security Board, which began when the
2012 law came into effect on April 1,
covered medical expenses, sickness
and maternity leave for employees, as
well as compensation for the relatives
of those killed or injured in a workplace accident.
Our department has distributed
about 10,000 insured workers with
about K90 million in cash benefits and
K28 million in reimbursements for
medical expenses each month since the
law came into effect, Daw Win Maw
Another K145 million was disbursed to the relatives of 52 people
killed in workplace accidents.
About 750,000 workers at 34,018
workplaces are covered under the Social Security Board program, she said.
The Social Security Law requires
compulsory payments from those
working for firms employing two or
more workers in the manufacturing,
entertainment, transportation, ports,
extractive industries and financial sectors, as well as all foreign-owned enterprises. The new law extends coverage
to casual workers but only if they register with the Social Security Board.
Insurance contributions are fixed
at between 2 percent and 6pc of a
persons income, with contributions
shared equally between the employer
and employee. As with income tax,
however, social security is usually only
paid by larger companies and their
employees. Small businesses and casual workers rarely pay it.
Thiri Htin Zaw,
translation by Thiri Min Htun

News 19

Fee-free agriculture university turns 90


agricultural policy, which has lurched

from one disaster to another under successive military governments.
U Nay Soe said this exclusion of agricultural experts had continued under
U Thein Seins government, with former
general U Myint Hlaing having held the
agriculture minister post since 2011.

Student pose in traditional dress

outside the Yezin Agricultural
University in Nay Pyi Taw.
Photo: Supplied

ONE of the countrys oldest universities is turning 90 this week. Mandalays

Yezin Agricultural University the only
university in the country that doesnt
charge fees to students began life
on December 22, 1924 as the Agricultural College and Research Institute of
To celebrate the anniversary, the
university, which is near Pyinmana in
the Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, has
planned a week of activities, including an offering to monks on December
22, an alumni dinner and a reading of
some of the most important research
papers from Yezin graduates.
Alumni have raised about K38 million to support some of the 109 retired
teachers who once taught at the university, according to the fundraising committee set up for the celebrations.
Rector U Myo Kywe told The Myanmar Times last week that the university
accepts about 600 of the 2500-3000 applications it receives each year, with
priority given to ethnic minorities.
He said he hoped to expand enrolment in coming years to cater to the
strong demand.

Future of
Yangon bus
not in doubt,
insists chief
Aye Nyein Win
YANGONS chaotic bus system is
heading for a shake-up next year as
the regional government confirmed
that it will introduce a law to bring all
services under one management.
But the current regulator, the Yangon Region Supervisory Committee
for Motor Vehicles better known by
its Myanmar-language acronym, Ma
Hta Tha will continue to administer
the system, chair U Hla Aung said on
December 17.
We will continue to serve at the
direction of the government, he said,
adding that reform measures were expected at some point.
The regional governments aim is
to run upgraded privately owned buses in accordance with revised laws and
bylaws and enhanced safety standards
through a so-called Private Public
Partnership (PPP) system.
The new setup will bring together bus owners and bus workers, as
well as members appointed by the
For the past two years, Yangon
Region Hluttaw representative Daw
Nyo Nyo Thin has been proposing
such a law to develop the public
transportation system on the basis
of cooperation between the government and the bus lines, said bus
owner U Ko Ko Naing.
We sympathise with the difficulties of the owners and the workers
because we are very familiar with
the current system.
Measures to regulate the buses and
improve safety standards will appear
in the by-laws to be drawn up once the
law has been passed.
U Hla Aung hailed the move, calling on the travelling public to be patient as the new system was put in

Approximate number of alumni from
the Yezin Agricultural University

Children of farmers and ethnic minorities, such as Danu, Pa-O, Palaung

and Wa, are given priority to attend,
said U Myo Kywe, who is the institutions eighth rector.
The university is well-known for its
research on hybrid rice strains, which
are popular with farmers.
We love Yezins hybrids, said U San

Win, a farmer from Nay Pyi Taws Lewe

township. They are more expensive
than normal strains but produce 90
baskets an acre where other types produce 60, and the quality is also better.
While the universitys graduates,
who number more than 10,000, take
great pride in their alma mater, there
is one source of frustration: a former

student has never risen above deputy

minister level.
One graduate, U Nay Soe, said this
was because civilian experts had been
mostly excluded from senior government positions at the expense of military officers.
This has meant Yezin graduates
have had only a limited ability to affect

Today civilian experts have become

ministers in the government but not in
agriculture. Because of this the hybrids
developed by our experts are not as
widely available as they should be, even
though the farmers value them very
highly, he said.
Former Yezin teacher U Sein Hlaing
agreed that the best-qualified people
were still not always in positions of authority. As long as the right person is
not in the right place whether it is in
our own family, wards, villages, townships, regions or at the national level
there will be no development, he said.
Translation by Emoon

20 News

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Just trust us: The US torturers

never worked in Thailand


LET us be quite clear from the start:

No torture of terrorist suspects by
the United States Central Intelligence Agency ever took place in
The leaders of the military regime
in Bangkok have stated that quite unequivocally and they are honourable
men, so we must respect their word.
Let us also remember that the
report released this month by the
United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence detailing how the
CIA tortured alleged terrorists is full
of old and biased information.
Besides, as former US Vice President Dick Cheney has emphasised,
the suspects deserved what they
got and the data their questioners
obtained saved American lives.
You may, therefore, wonder what
all the fuss is about. Fear not: It will
soon pass, no one will be prosecuted
and the legally approved interrogation procedures will continue to be
used, although not in this region.
As Mr Cheney said last week, I
would do it again in a minute.
Remember, the suspects were all
Islamists of one sort or another and
all were allegedly involved in the 9/11
attacks on New York and Washington, which resulted in the deaths of
some 3000 Americans.
So there is no need to weep any
tears over the way they were treated.
As Mr Cheney said, it was a nobrainer to strip and beat them, to
subject them to extreme cold and
sleep deprivation, to box them in
tiny coffins in blackened rooms with
incessant white noise, and to anally
rape and mock-drown them.
Incidentally, the euphemisms
rectal hydration and waterboarding are quite brilliant: One suggests
medical treatment for constipation
and the other conjures images of
surfing the big blue breakers at
Bondi Beach.
Of course, the CIA breakers were
of a different sort. I speak from personal experience, having met some
during a visit to Camp 5 at Guantanamo, where the high-value bad
guys were being held.

continued from News 1

We thought we had about six months
before election fever took over in mid2015. The peace process could then be
continued after the election. We have
steadfastly moved toward the prize
political dialogue because President
U Thein Sein wants to lay a very firm
foundation for peace during his tenure. We have worked tirelessly because
it is hugely important for our nation.
Regardless of what has happened
or may happen in the near future we
can still commence political dialogue
in early 2015. We have invested much
time and energy to make that a reality
and it remains possible.
The ground for the nationwide
ceasefire and political dialogue has
been prepared. Key issues in the agreement, such as political guarantees

But we digress, because the focus

here must be the alleged Asian connection, namely the reported use of
facilities in this region for the CIA to
interrogate and torture suspects.
It is nonsense.
So please ignore comments like
those carried in the Bangkok Post,
which reported, Much of the torture
took place in Thailand, at a stillsecret site that is widely speculated
to be the former US air base in Udon
It is a scandalous allegation. The
northern Thai town of Udon Thani is
not mentioned once in the 524-page
redacted summary of the US Senates
6000-page report.
Yet the worlds press claim it
was the location of a secret prison
called Detention Site Green, where,
between March and December 2002,
the CIA tortured alleged al-Qaeda
The preposterous assertion would
have us believe that the first victim

was Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi Arabian citizen, who was captured in

Pakistan, flown to Udon Thani and
interrogated there.
It is claimed that in addition to
unspeakable physical abuses, Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in
one month in other words, two or
three times a day. It defies belief.
Yes, its true that he lost the sight
of his left eye during questioning.
But he may well have fallen over or
even inflicted the damage on himself
in order to seek medical respite.
The fact remains that Thailand is
a tolerant and peace-loving Buddhist
nation, which would never formally
permit foreigners to secretly torture
other foreigners on its sovereign territory. It is absurd.
Not only that. How can we
possibly believe that Zubaydahs

interrogation was so extreme and

gruesome that several seasoned CIA
officers choked up and begged to be
transferred out of Udon Thani?
Likewise, the passage in the US
Senates report claiming that during
one session Zubaydah became completely unresponsive with bubbles
rising through his open, full mouth
reads like something out of a horror
It is impossible to conceive of any
country in this region, let alone a full
treaty ally of the US, permitting such
illegal activity on its soil.
Yet media reports go on to allege
that Zubaydah was joined in Udon
Thani by another Saudi Arabian,
Abdul al-Nashiri, who was shackled naked, beaten, waterboarded,
sodomised and had a power drill put
to his head.
It is just too far-fetched. All we
can accept is that at the end of 2002
both men were in detention in Poland not in Thailand or anywhere
else in this region.
Later, they were flown to the US
naval base at Guantanamo on the
island of Cuba where, the Senate
report notes, the CIA concluded that
Abu Zubaydah was not a member of
Al Qaeda.
What? If Zubaydah was never a
member of the terrorist group, why
would the CIA take him all the way
to Thailand to torture him? It makes
no sense and invalidates the entire
Udon Thani claim.
Still, it is good to learn that since
democratic Poland respects conventions on the treatment of prisoners,
Zubaydah and Nashiri were able to
initiate action in the European Court
of Human Rights.
On July 24 this year, the court
ruled that Poland had violated the
European Convention on Human
Rights by allowing the CIA to detain
and torture both men.
It ordered the Polish government
to pay them 100,000 euros each in
damages and Zubaydah got another
30,000 euros to cover his legal costs.
However, as Washington wont
release the men, they cannot collect
their money.
Of course, no legal action has
been taken against Thailand, but that
has nothing to do with the fact that
it is not a signatory to the United
Nations Convention against Torture.
Neither is Myanmar, nor Cambodia,
Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, so wheres the beef there?
No, let us graciously accept the
word of Thailands leaders that no
US torture sites ever existed in Udon
Thani or anywhere else in the country. And lets just move on, please.

and political dialogue, establishment

of federalism, the joint monitoring
mechanism and code of conduct have
been agreed long ago. The majority of
what is left has been finalised through
informal negotiations. The parallel process of developing the political dialogue
framework has produced several drafts.
All key stakeholders in the peace
talks have demonstrated over and
again their commitment to peace.
Against the odds and despite endless
disruptions, no one has turned their
back on it. All we need is to figure out
how we should start the political dialogue to suit our timeline. Rest assured,
one way or another we will get there.
But we no longer have six months
to do it. The incredible speed with
which the national political landscape
has been transformed since November
has caught everyone by surprise. It has

ultimately changed our thinking and

strategy. We knew it was coming, but
not that soon. As we sleep, eat, talk
and dream peace, we have not paid
that much attention to politics in Nay
Pyi Taw. Like it or not, we now have to.
We have watched with great interest how politics has unfolded recently.
We have realised that some influential
politicians and groupings may not take
that much interest in peace. Some may
even use the cover of the 2015 election to turn their back on the peace
In pursuing an election victory, we
feel that the agenda of peace is very
much likely to be put on the backburner. The timeline we envisaged may not
be compatible with the interests of
some key political stakeholders.
Politics is politics. So is election
politics. We cannot blame anyone. We

Let us graciously
accept the word of
Thailands leaders
that no US torture
sites ever existed
in Udon Thani or
anywhere else in the
country. And lets
just move on, please.

Getting ahead
Sithu Aung

IN just a few years, traffic congestion has emerged as a huge issue

in Yangon. The authorities are
clearly trying to respond to public
demands for solutions - it has even
been discussed frequently in the
Yangon Region Hluttaw.
But how can the problem be
resolved? And is anyone trying to
gain personal advantage from this
sorry situation?
These are contentious questions,
but what everyone agrees on is that
the traffic is a problem.
Admittedly, there havent been
any surveys on the impact on individuals, companies or the economy.
But both commuters and those who
drive private cars complain that
they waste time in traffic jams and
their work performance is affected
because they are tired when they
arrive at their office.
While anecdotal, this is likely
correct. In one of his books, former Singaporean prime minister
Lee Kuan Yew wrote that one of
the first things he did after Singapore broke away from Malaysia
was to introduce air-conditioning
at that point unpopular and
expensive in all of his offices.
After doing so, he wrote, his staff
were able to perform much better
than before.
As part of the governments
efforts to tackle Yangons traffic
problems, a meeting was held at
the Union of Myanmar Federation
of Chambers of Commerce and Industry on December 2. At an earlier
meeting in November, stakeholders
had identified 22 factors that were
contributing to the problem, including the lack of car parking, the need
to repair roads, traffic congestion
in front of the schools, the increasing numbers of vehicles in Yangon
and competition between privately
owned buses.
While most are indeed problems,
some have been put forward out of
For example, the authorities said
they would solve the problem of
traffic congestion at schools by ensuring private cars do not stop each
morning and evening. They will also

know that the 2015 election is a litmus

test for our young democracy. We cannot wait out the storm.
But if we cannot start the political
dialogue before campaigning begins,
the peace agenda is unlikely to be
a priority next year. Alternatively, if
political negotiations take place before
the elections, the issues discussed will
likely become part of the national
debate before and during the election.
I have written time and again that
peace is bigger than any individual in
this country. The armed conflict that
has ravaged our land and affected ethnic areas and the country as a whole
must be paid full attention. Peace
simply cannot be ignored.
We have worked with the government, the Tatmadaw, the hluttaw,
ethnic armed groups, political parties
and civil society organisations. We will

Cars wait in the middle of a junction on

ban the use of light trucks, which

is how most students get to school,
and instead encourage the use of
larger vehicles, such as minibuses.
What they should instead do
is take action against private cars
parked illegally at the schools. If
they do that, people wont drive
because it will be too inconvenient. Instead, there will be higher
demand for better-quality school
buses. Banning light trucks for
safety reasons is also absolutely
unnecessary. While the authorities
said they are dangerous, there are
few reports of this being the case.
Those seeking to do so are most
likely trying to make money from
companies that will inevitably be
required to run the minibuses.
Similarly, car import companies
have repeatedly encouraged the
government to stop issuing import
permits to individuals, arguing that
there are too many cars already and
this is causing congestion.

continue to work with them. No matter who comes to power after the 2015
election, we want to help lay the foundation for peace during the remainder
of the current presidential term.
The clarion call therefore is for all
stakeholders to move on with the nationwide ceasefire agreement and political dialogue as soon as possible before
the full force of the election swamps
everything it its path. More importantly, as we traverse the treacherous
waters of 2015, we will need more help
than ever political or otherwise to
cement peace. We need to get the
whole nation behind the peace process.
We all need to feel the urgency.
Aung Naing Oo is associate director of the
Peace Dialogue Program at the Myanmar
Peace Center. The opinions expressed here
are his own.

News 21

ad on Yangons roads


Myanmar: On the
way to ending poverty
Ulrich Zachau

Sule Pagoda Road in downtown Yangon last week. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

But car imports are for the

whole country. Introducing such
strict rules will lead to higher car
prices, which would be a windfall
for the struggling car importers.
However, many people will no
longer be able to afford a car.
Despite the changes of recent
years, Myanmar has the lowest rate
of car ownership in ASEAN. More
cars will be needed and the solution to the current problem is to
decrease the number of vehicles in
Yangon only. Some options include
increasing the licence fee for vehicles operating in Yangon, or charging more for car parking in the city.
The regional government could
then use this revenue to build the
infrastructure the city needs to cope
with the traffic, such as flyovers.
There is also now much discussion about how to solve the problem of buses competing with each
other for passengers. This happens
because drivers and conductors
want as much money as possible so
they can pay the rental fee to the
owner and then keep whatever is

Introducing strict
car import rules
will lead to higher
car prices, which
would be a windfall
for importers.
However, many
people will no
longer be able to
afford a car.

Some have proposed forming a

public company bringing together
all the individual bus owners. But
it seems like they are using traffic
congestion as a reason to reduce
competition. A better option is to
encourage the two major bus operators, Adipati and Shwe Ei The, to

pay drivers and conductors a salary

rather than incentives based on the
number of passengers they take.
This could serve as a model for the
rest of the sector.
The real problem behind the
traffic congestion problem is the
lack of parking. Existing buildings
do not have enough car parking, in
part because developers have bribed
Yangon City Development Committee officials to waive rules that each
apartment get one space.
This means it is now necessary
to build car parks immediately in
areas where they are needed. Finding the vacant land is a problem,
however. Most vacant land in
Yangon is owned by government
departments and the military, and
the ministers and generals regard it
as their own. This is another reason
why the traffic problem is yet to be
Until car parking is provided,
however, the situation isnt going
to improve. In the meantime, we
should not let some use the situation to their advantage. Translation by Thiri Min Htun

REJOINING the global economy after

decades of isolation, Myanmar has a
unique opportunity: to lift its poorest
people out of poverty, raise families incomes, and build a country with better
lives and shared prosperity for all.
While economic growth is projected to exceed 8 percent over the
next year, Myanmar today remains
one of the poorest countries in
Southeast Asia - with a per capita
gross domestic product of US$1105
and widespread poverty among its 51
million people. Among the 10 ASEAN
members, Myanmar has the lowest
life expectancy (65 years) and the
second-highest rate of infant mortality (40 per 1000 births) and child
mortality (51 per 1000 live births).
Myanmars opening and the
launch of fundamental reforms
since early 2011 have helped increase
economic growth and the governments people-centred approach to
development holds the promise of
better lives for the countrys people.
Still, too many of Myanmars families
and children are trapped in poverty
as a result of landlessness, a dearth of
skills and technology, lack of access
to markets, conflict and communal
violence in remote and rural regions,
and a legacy of weak policies and
institutions unable to deliver basic
services to many people.
Last summer, I visited a primary
school in Mon State, on the outskirts of
Mawlamyine in the countrys southeast, and sat with a classroom full of
young children eager to learn. The
school had no electricity and only a single tap with running water in the yard.
Parents were paying what they could
for books and supplies, knowing that
education today would mean a better
life tomorrow. The students did homework during the day, as there were no
electric lights for reading or studying
after sundown in this farming village.
The World Banks new report,
Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared
Prosperity in a Time of Transition,
identifies higher farm productivity
and incomes, universal access to essential services such as education,
health, electricity and communications and an improved investment
climate for private sector value and
job creation as stepping stones out of
poverty and toward shared prosperity
across Myanmar.
Fighting poverty in Myanmar is
foremost about raising agricultural
productivity, returns to farming and
incomes for the more than 70pc of
the poor living in rural communities.
Most of these people are engaged in
agriculture, either directly in farming
or through seasonal labour. Essential
steps to help farmers increase productivity and incomes include higher rice
yields, crop diversification, value-

addition for the products they sell, and

stronger land tenure security.
Universal access to basic services
such as healthcare, education, water
and sanitation, and electricity will
directly help Myanmars poorest
people. Including ethnic and religious
minorities as well as people in remote
communities or conflict areas will be
crucial. Education and skills for jobs
can transform lives. Public health clinics save lives and keep families out of
poverty families that are otherwise
forced to spend their meagre savings to
travel to distant clinics when children
are sick or other catastrophe strikes.
One urgent step is to extend
affordable electricity to the 70pc of
Myanmar that lacks power supply. In
Laos and Vietnam, the World Bank
Group has supported a dramatic
expansion of electricity generation
and access: In Laos more than 80pc
of citizens are now connected and in
Vietnam over 97pc of citizens have access to power. Especially in rural communities, electricity empowers people
to expand businesses and create jobs,
it means children can study at night,
and it powers refrigerators that keep
medicines cold in clinics.
Myanmars economic growth,
which is at present substantially derived from natural resource exports,
will in future come increasingly from
private manufacturing and services
businesses. Investment will rise,
as investors become confident that
economic reforms will stay on course,
that markets will continue opening as
red tape is cut and that the infrastructure so essential to business such as
electricity, transport and trade across
Myanmars borders will steadily improve. Increasingly, Myanmar has the
opportunity to create that investment
climate for the future.
The World Bank report highlights
four pre-requisites for success: the
completion of Myanmars transition
from conflict to peace; social inclusion of all people living in Myanmar,
including rights and basic services
for ethnic and religious minorities;
macroeconomic stability; and the
continued opening of markets and
transparent governance. These are all
essential foundations for attracting
investment, for building physical and
human capital, and for raising opportunities and incomes among the poor.
The young students I met in Mon
State last summer, mostly from poor
families, bubbled over with the energy and optimism of schoolchildren
the world over. What is our vision
for Myanmar 10, 20 or 30 years from
now, when they are grown up and
have families of their own? It must be
a Myanmar free of poverty and with
opportunities and prosperity shared
among all.
Ulrich Zachau is the World Banks
country director for Southeast Asia.

22 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

YTP talks telecoms
deal with Vietnam
jeremy mullins
THE fourth mobile operator anticipated to enter Myanmar is close to
finalising partnership talks with Vietnams military-run Viettel, according
to a report from Reuters news agency.
In November the firm had said it
planned to partner with an unnamed
Myanmar firm with an investment of
US$800 million.
Partnering with Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) is seen as perhaps the
last way for a foreign mobile operator
to enter the market in the near term.
Myanmar conducted a high-profile licence race for two foreign operators
in 2013, which were ultimately won

by Telenor and Ooredoo. Myanmar

state-owned operator MPT, the sole
incumbent, subsequently partnered
with Japans KDDI and Sumitomo.
YTP does not yet have a mobile
network or a licence, but has been
tapped as the fourth operator. However, company officials have repeatedly said they would seek a partner,
having narrowed down a shortlist
of 16 interested foreign firms late
last year.
Company officials previously said
that YTP would remain a majority
Myanmar-owned company and also
anticipates transitioning to a public
company in the near future, which
would allow local people to purchase shares.

Malaysian bio-fertiliser
factories discussed
htoo thant
A MALAYSIAN bio-tech company
is exploring plans to produce biofertiliser in Myanmar, after meeting
with officials from the Ministry of
Agriculture and Irrigation last week.
Bio-fertiliser differs from regular
fertiliser by including living organisms that contribute to plant growth
through warding off diseases.
Sim Keng Huna, managing director of Agro Yuli Sdn Bhd, met with

The company wants

to do business in
Myanmar producing
liquid bio-fertiliser
for farmers.
U Win Haing Oo
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

Department of Agriculture deputy

director general U Aye Tun to discuss a possible investment in the
The company wants to do business in Myanmar producing liquid
bio-fertiliser for farmers, said Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
information officer U Win Haing Oo.
They want to collaborate to find a
foreign market for their international-standard product.
This particular bio-fertiliser is to
be targeted toward palm oil plantation owners, as the produce is particularly vulnerable to fungus. Malaysia is the worlds largest producer
and exporter of palm oil, while there
is a growing palm oil industry in
Myanmars Tanintharyi Region.
Government officials said a
strong point of bio-fertiliser is that
it doesnt pollute the water or environment as it works organically.
The firm also discussed opportunities to export Myanmars produce
to Malaysia, such as watermelon, papaya, durian and sweet potato.
Translation by Thiri Min Htun


Malhotra International Private Limited of P-12, New C.I.T
Road, Calcutta 700 073, West Bengal, India, is the Owner and
Sole Proprietor of the following Trade Mark:

Reg.No.IV/674/2001 & Reg.No.IV/9517/2011

in respect of Safety razors, safety razor blades and shaving systems.
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said Trade
Mark or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with
according to law.
Khine Khine U, Advocate
LL.B, D.B.L, LL.M (UK)
For Malhotra International Private Limited.
#205/5, Thirimingalar Housing, Strand Rd., Yangon.
Dated. 22 December 2014

A quiet ride turns tumul

Its not only the Myanmar kyat that is affected by a strengthening US dollar, and

Aye Thidar

THE kyat is set to depreciate

about 6 percent against the US
dollar in 2014, unless theres another significant change in value
before the end of the year.
The first three-quarters of the
year were quiet for the kyat. Experts say a sudden depreciation
begun in October is due not just
to the domestic economy but also
the relative strength of the US
dollar against most international
The kyat started 2014 at K986
to a dollar in January. It appreciated to K972 by mid-year, though
in October it began weakening
until it hit lows of K1080 a dollar
in December.
Central Bank of Myanmar deputy governor U Set Aung has said
it is not only Myanmars currency
thats been showing weakness.
While the kyat has depreciated
about 6pc this year, the Thai baht
is down 9pc, Indonesias rupiah
has weakened by 28pc and Indias
rupee depreciated by 15pc.
We are experiencing this kind
of drifting currency depreciation
for just a couple of months, its
very bad situation, he said at an
event on December 12.
But the level of depreciation
in the country compared to [other
countries] is better, he said.
The fact that Myanmar has not

completely liberalised its capital

accounts has helped shield the domestic economy against possible
currency outflows. In addition,
consumers have been protected
by large declines in food prices,
notably rice, as well as oil prices.
U Set Aung said that even though
the currency has depreciated, there

has not been too much inflation,

partly as commodity prices declined.
Another central bank official
said the kyat had seemed relatively stable until the last quarter of
2014, when the depreciation run
began. Businesses that rely on imports, such as supermarkets, were
often forced to raise their prices

Mitsui buys into Thaketa plant w

aung shin
MITSUI, the largest Japanese investor in Myanmar, has purchased
44 percent of Myanmar Power Pte
Limited from Singapore-registered
MAXpower Group for an undisclosed sum.
Myanmar Power runs the Thaketa
gas-fired project near Yangon, which
has been operational since August
2013 partly to provide electricity to
Thilawa Special Economic Zone.
Sealing a new strategic partnership with Mitsui will enable us
to fast-forward the development of
our project pipeline in Myanmar
and beyond, said Arno Hendriks,
chief executive officer of MAXpower
The companies signed a share
subscription agreement last week
focused on the delivery of power in
Myanmar as well as Indonesia. Myanmar Power valued its costs to date
at the 35-megawatt Thaketa plant at
about US$35 million, a press release
When the Thaketa deal was
originally inked in February 2014, it
was the first long-term Power Purchasing Agreement signed between
state-owned Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise and a truly foreign
In a press release at the time,
Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise

managing director U Htain Lwin

said of the agreement, We see it as
a blueprint for other initiatives to
develop the electricity sector across
Myanmar Power Pte Limited
officials declined to comment on
the feed-in tariff it receives under
the agreement, though other privately run gas-fired projects said
they are receiving 3.4 US cents a

kilowatt hour.
The Thaketa gas-fired power
plant is partially to feed into the
Thilawa Special Economic Zone,
which is supported by a Japanese
MAXpower is part of Southeast
Asia focused Navigat, while Mitsui
is one of Japans largest corporate
MAXpower also participated in

The Thaketa power project. Photo: Supplied


BUSINESS editor: Jeremy Mullins |

Foreign winner of tender

to distribute jet fuel is

Work underway on
what could be countrys
tallest building

business 27

property 33

ultuous for forex

officials say they are monitoring the currency changes

Money changer on Pansodan

Street count dollars.
Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing

by 5 to 10pc.
There have been some commodity prices that have increased
on their own in the market, and a
small amount of increase is acceptable, he said. However, people are
just blaming the dollars value rather than actually analysing data.
The official, who requested

anonymity as he is not allowed

to speak to the media, added the
Central Bank is confident it can
handle the situation through to
early next year.
Yangon Foreign Exchange Market Committee chair U Mya Than
said restrictions mean the informal
market for currency is often much
more active than the formal market.
The rates offered by informal
traders usually follow a band of
plus or minus 0.8 points of the
Central Banks daily reference rate.
The committee was set up last
year by 18 commercial banks that
are licensed to deal in foreign exchange. State-owned banks are
often slow to respond to different
demands for foreign currency, resulting in a shortage at commercial banks, he said.
Given the interbank market is
not particularly active, commercial banks often rely on the Central Banks daily currency auctions to obtain foreign currency.
One trader with an account at
a state-owned bank said there is
active shopping for the best exchange rates.
Nobody wants to change
money at banks with low rates,
he said.
Easing some of the restrictions may enable more foreign
currency to flow to banks or
force state-owned banks to get
involved in the inter-bank market, relieving the need of the
Central Bank to sell dollars every
day to the banks.
State banks along with other
state-owned firms have come under increased pressure to reform.

with MAXpower deal

the tender for a gas-fired power
plant at Kyaukphyu SEZ, facing
competition from the UKs Aggreko
and Hong Kong-based V Power. V
Power ultimately won the tender
with a bid of 2.6 US cents a kilowatt
hour, the lowest among bidders.
Mitsui intends to pursue other
business opportunities in Myanmar,

which is a priority country for the

company, the statement said.
It has also worked with Myanmar Agri-business Public Company
(MAPCO) on projects. MAPCO is
one of the countrys largest agriculture companies, and has announced plans to list on the Yangon Stock Exchange in 2015.

Exchange Rates (December 19 close)

Malaysia Ringitt
Singapore Dollar
Thai Baht
US Dollar



Yoma Strategic receives a large

infrastructure loan from ADB
jeremy mullins
THE Asian Development Bank will
lend Singapore-listed, Myanmarfocused Yoma Strategic Holdings
US$100 million to develop infrastructure businesses inside the country.
The funds will come in two tranches, with the first $50 million earmarked to fund Yoma Strategics cold
storage, cell tower and vehicle leasing
businesses. The second tranche is for
subprojects in transportation, logistics, distribution and other sectors.
Yoma Strategic currently generates the majority of its revenue from
property, though CEO Andrew Rickards has said the firm would like to
see this change to a 50-50 split between revenue from property and
other sectors by 2020.
The firm has begun working in areas outside real estate, including the
three businesses financed by the first
tranche of the ADBs loan.
It is a partner in a cell tower company with Digicel Asian Holdings,



Size of the loan to be given by Asian

Development Bank

ADB official Christopher Thieme (left) and Yoma Strategic chair Serge Punn share
a laugh before inking the deal. Photo: Naing Win Tun

has agreed to set up a cold storage logistics business with Kokubu and Co
and has also set up a subsidiary called
Yoma Fleet for a vehicle operating
lease and rental business in January
2014, all of which are to benefit from
the agreement with the ADB.
Yoma Strategic chair Serge Punn
said the firm has more projects in its
pipeline, adding infrastructure is a
large constraint for the country at the
Myanmar has a lot of opportunity and we all know that, he said.
But these opportunities cannot be

realised to their full potential unless

we have the infrastructure that supports it.
Christopher Thieme, a director
with the ADBs Private Sector Operations Department, said it is a medium-term loan, adding it was up to the
borrower to disclose the interest rate
and term. Mr Pun did not comment
on the interest rate and term.
Yoma Strategic also recently announced it is bringing KFC to Myanmar and was part of a consortium
that inked a deal to upgrade Mandalay airport.

24 Business

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Nay Pyi Taw


Tax changes coming

for smaller firms

THE government plans to set up offices to make paying tax easier for
medium-sized and small companies,
according to Minister for Finance U
Win Shein.
The move is part of efforts to
improve revenue collection and
broaden the tax base, and follows the
launch of the Large Taxpayers Office
in April.
Medium Taxpayers Offices will
be opened in the 2015-16 financial
year, while township-level Internal
Revenue Department offices will be
reformed as Small Taxpayers Offices, U Win Shein said at a session
of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw in late
Under the new system the onus
will be on taxpayers to pay what they
owe through self-assessments rather
than having government officials
seek them out and perform audits.
The current system opens the door to
potential abuse by allowing for negotiations between the officials and the
business to determine the tax rate,
rather than following the proper rate.
Some businesspeople said that it
seems unfair to force small and medium businesses to self-assess taxes
when they claim to see little benefit
from the money.
Citizens are less than perfect
if they do not pay taxes, but on the
other hand the government should
be improving business facilities, like
infrastructure, said U Khin Soe,
an Ayeyarwady-Region groundnut
cooking oil manufacturer.
Properly levying taxes is difficult.
Myanmar is still a cash-based society, with poor auditing and accounting systems, meaning it is difficult


to assess a citizens actual income,

said U Soe Thein, a retired official from the Ministry of Finances
Budget and Tax Department, who
now works as an executive director
of Asia Green Development Bank.
Tax officials conducting assessments could, for instance, overvalue
revenues from a grocery shop, or
have difficult estimating revenues
from a car broker. Some wealthy or
connected people are also able to obtain tax relief, while ordinary people
must pay, he said.
The tax laws need to be simplified, and both taxpayers and officials
must be transparent, he said. Tax
policies need to be clear for tax payers, while the quantity and quality of
officials must be sufficient, because
the number of small and medium
taxpayers is much more than the
number of larger ones.
U Win Sheins comments come as
the government revealed tax receipts
totalled K2.529 trillion (US$2.465
billion) in the first six months of the
year, 12 percent up on estimated receipts of K2.258 trillion.

The tax laws need

to be simplified,
and both taxpayers
and officials need to
be transparent.
U Soe Thein
Asia Green Development Bank


Laser Shaving (India) Private Limited. a company incorporated
under the laws of India and having its registered office at Malhotra
House, 6-3-1186, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016, India, is the
Owner of the following Trade Mark:

As The Myanmar Times has previously reported, the government

forecast in its supplementary budget
that full-year tax receipts for 2014-15
would reach K5.9 trillion, up from
an earlier estimate of K4.8 trillion.
Based on a GDP of K66 trillion this
would increase the tax revenue to
GDP rate to 8.96pc almost three
times the figure when the government took office, and up from 7.4pc
in 2013-14.
However, even with these rapid
increases Myanmar is still far behind
the regional average of about 15pc.
U Win Shein said the growth in
tax receipts was due to higher than
expected revenues from alcohol
both commercial tax and excise
as well as car imports and state
Commercial tax receipts were
K560 billion, above the estimate of
K516 billion, due to increased collection on alcohol and cigarettes.
Transportation taxes were up
230pc on earlier estimates, to
K137.679 billion, because of the success of programs to register illegal
vehicles. Lottery income rose to K11
billion from K9.8 billion.
Meanwhile, K667.944 billion was
collected in income tax, K25.655 billion from stamp duty, K237.655 billion from customs duties, K26 million from water and dam tax, more
than K1 billion from the taxes on
forest products, K1 billion from tax
on natural fish ponds and another
K5.999 billion from mining and gem
In some areas receipts in the
first half of the year were below expectations. The oil and gas sector
pulled in K146 billion, down on the
K148 billion estimate, while the
telecommunications sector generated K723 billion, down on the
K734 billion estimate. Electricity
tax receipts were also K1.7 billion
below expectations.
Translation by Thiri Min Htun

in respect of shaving cream, shaving lotion, shaving gel and other
shaving related products in class 3.
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said Trade
Mark or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with
according to law.
For Laser Shaving (India) Private Limited.
Khine Khine U, Advocate
LL.B, D.B.L, LL.M (UK)
#205/5, Thirimingalar Housing, Strand Rd., Yangon.
Dated. 22 December 2014

Traders resist gem

trading centre move
hlaing kyaw soe
GEM traders are opposing plans to
move the countrys largest gem market out of downtown Mandalay, as
the regional hluttaw mulls a proposal
made by the citys mayor to relocate
to the citys outskirts.
Mayor U Aung Maung said he
wants to start constructing a new
trading centre, called the Jade
Garden, at the intersection of the
Yangon-Mandalay Highway and Sagaing-Myitnge Road because the existing Mahar Aung Myay market near
downtown Mandalay is too crowded
and sprawling.
He added that the local jade and
gem industry will look more like an
internationally recognisable market
after the move.
According to a report in the staterun newspaper Yadanarpone on December 13, the Jade Garden would be
as much a tourism destination as a
wholesale centre, and would include
a jade museum, space for retail outlets and small vendors, car parking,
restaurants, an auction room, training schools, apartments, a hospital, a

market and a hotel.

But the ministers proposal has
made traders anxious.
We dont want to relocate because
the new place is too far. It is done
without asking approval from a majority of dealers. So we cant accept it
anymore. If they act in a dictatorial
way and force us to move, there will
be a face-off, said gem trader U Thein
Aung Myint.
U Than Win, the owner of Pwint
Kaung gem shop, said many traders
would rather see the current downtown market upgraded.
We will submit a letter about upgrading to the regional government.
Weve already prepared the ground
for the upgrade with an establishment of a committee consisting of
71 members from every sector of
the gem industry, he said. Traders
say they have arranged an appointment with U Aung Maung and, if he
doesnt talk to them, they will take to
the streets in protest and gather signatures for a petition to the hluttaw.
We will submit our objection to
the parliament, one gem trader, Ko
Kyaw Zaw, said.
Translation by Zar Zar Soe

Surge in new local investors

applying for investment
permits, says U Aung Naing Oo
zaw htike

Reg.No. V/13435/2014
Reg.No.IV/13436/2014 in respect of safety razors, safety razor
blades and shaving systems in class 8

The current Mandalay jade market

can get a little busy. Photo: Staff

THE vast majority of local investors

applying for Myanmar Investment
Commission (MIC) permits since
2011 are newcomers, according to
MIC secretary U Aung Naing Oo.

Many newcomers
may be children, or
the established guys
could have financed
U Hla Maung

At a press briefing earlier this

month, he estimated about 95 percent
of investors applying for MIC permits
have never done so before, while less
than 5pc are businesspeople who have

applied to the MIC before.

The change became more pronounced in 2011, though some analysts say some of the new investors
may simply be familiar members or
friends of established businesspeople.
Of the 188 projects from local
investors permitted by MIC from
2011-12 to the end of September
2014, most have gone into hotels and
tourism, while manufacturing is second and real estate is the third main
However, there are many investments made by local businesspeople
that do not require MIC approval
and are often directly given permits
by government ministries.
Economist and business observer
U Hla Maung said businesspeople who
had opened and operated many businesses under the military junta are
being cautious under the new government to avoid a bad image, providing
opportunities to newcomers.
Projects undertaken by established businesspeople tend to be
much larger, however, while some
have also passed the torch to their
children and relatives.

Many newcomers may be children, or the established guys could

have financed newcomers from behind the curtain, he said.
The Directorate of Investment
and Company Administration statistics show that as of the end of July
2014 contracted local investment is
K4.6 trillion (US$4.5 billion). Manufacturing holds a 27.66pc share, construction a 16.54pc share and hotels
and tourism 14.58pc of the total.

MIC permits to local investors

34 projects worth K240 billion
65 projects worth K1.10 trillion
68 projects worth K1.27 trillion
2014-15 (to end of September)
21 projects worth K587 billion

Source: MIC

Business 25

Rice exports to top 1.5 million tonnes

Zaw Htike

RICE exports are expected to total

more than 1.5 million tonnes this
financial year, the largest quantity
since the 1960s.
The rise comes despite the rice trade
being slowed by an import clampdown
from China, Myanmars biggest rice export market.
About 900,000 tonnes have been
exported so far in 2014-15, according
to Myanmar Rice Federation joint secretary U Lu Maw Myint Maung. The
Myanmar financial year begins April 1.
At present, things are going well,
he said. Over the next three months,
we hope to export much more to China,
Europe and Africa.
U Lu Maw Myint Maung, who is
also one of the countrys largest rice exporters, said he anticipates exports totalling over 1.5 million tonnes this year.
The export industry had been hardhit by Chinas decision in September
to crack down on rice shipments from
Myanmar. While rice exports to China
are legal from Myanmars point of view,
China officially outlaws rice imports
from Myanmar, though had been generally turning a blind eye.

ready for
first vote
Khin Su Wai
BUSINESS leaders in Mandalay have
now selected their representatives
after a seven-month wait. Mandalay
Regional Chamber of Commerce and
Industry has been trying since May
to name officers for next fiscal year,
which begins on April 1, 2015.
The chamber chose its chair and executive committee members through a
vote on December 8 pending a revision
of its constitution and rules, members
said. Efforts to hold elections earlier
were defeated by an archaic constitution dating back to 1992, which made
no provision for subsidiary associations such as regional groupings and
construction and merchants associations and made elections difficult.
Previously the Ministry of Commerce had in effect chosen the leader
of the Mandalay chamber, though the
rules have now been updated allowing
for votes.
The national federation, the Union
of Myanmar Federation of Chambers
of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI),
advised the Mandalay Region chamber
on redrafting its regulations. An emergency meeting of the Mandalay chamber on November 16, attended by 88
members, adopted new regulations.
Because of this, we could hold the
election, U Aye Lwin, joint secretary
of UMFCCI, who chaired the meeting,
told The Myanmar Times. The meeting also agreed to extend the period of
office from two to three years.
U Win Htay, who was chosen as
vice chair for MRCCI, said the new
constitution and regulations would
help the chamber develop.
The election returned 40 percent
of the former executive members, as
well as the 10 central executive members and 14 executive members. The 19
new proposed executive members and
10 reserves were chosen from among
45 new members.
Former general secretary U Aung
Than was elected chair.

While Chinese officials have not

publically explained the crackdown,
traders say it has been loosening since
mid-November, and most rice shipments through the Muse-Ruili border
crossing are now making it through.
Rice exports to China have now
almost returned to a normal situation,
though the price is a bit lower than
what was offered two months ago, said
U Lu Maw Myint Maung.
He added Myanmar has also been
exporting small quantities of high quality rice to Europe and larger volumes
to Africa. It has also been adding new
buyers, most recently Sri Lanka.
African countries together have traditionally been the largest importers of
Myanmar rice until the last two years,
when Chinese demand grew.
The country is also set to top its
2013-14 exports of about 1.2 million
tonnes, despite the border shutdown.



Record rice export volume in 2013-14,

the highest since the 1960s

Officials and businesspeople from

both China and Myanmar have held
negotiations to ensure similar problems dont happen in the future. Myanmar has put together a 36-member
team to negotiate the issue, including
representatives from the Myanmar
Rice Federation, traders, millers and
commodity market officials.
Much of the talks have been aimed
at finding a way to comply with the
health standards China demands for its
rice imports. There are signs of a breakthrough, and Myanmar Rice Federation
secretary U Ye Min Aung has said the
first-ever official exports to the country
would start with 200,000 tonnes this
month. Half of this quantity is to follow the usual route by land across the
Muse-Ruili border crossing, though the
other half is to be transported by ocean
vessel to Chinas eastern seaboard for
the first time.
The quantity of rice Myanmar is
able to export to China each year is
still under discussion, with the Myanmar side requesting to be excused
paying tariffs for a specific quantity
each year. China for its part has offered to lower the tax rate it has been
levying at the border.
After finishing the process of
making the market legal, the current
methods of rice trading will not be
favourable, and doing things legally
will be better for both sides, said U
Ye Min Aung.

Rice exports are on

the rise. Photo: Staff


KAISHA (also trading as Hino Motors, Ltd.) a company
organized under the laws of Japan and having its principal office
at 1-1, Hinodai 3-Chome, Hino-Shi, Tokyo, Japan is the Owner
and Sole Proprietor of the following trademark: -

( Reg: Nos. IV/4082/2004 & IV/13884/ 2014 )

in respect of:- Trucks, buses, their parts and accessories thereof,
engines for land vehicles; engines not for land vehicles
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark
or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according
to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
(also trading as Hino Motors, Ltd.)
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014


NOTICE is hereby given that Daewoo International Corporation a
company organized under the laws of Korea (South) and having its
principal office at 84-11, Namdaemunno 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
(South) is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of the following trademarks: -

(Reg: Nos. IV/ 2576 /2008 & IV/13893/2014)

(Reg: Nos. IV/ 2577 /2008 & IV/13894/2014)

The above two trademarks are in respect of:Financing services, stock exchange quotations assessments,
securities investment consultancies, trading and merchandise
brokerage services, real estate management, leasing and appraisalrelated services Class: 36
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said
trademarks or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with
according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
for Daewoo International Corporation
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

NOTICE is hereby given that INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY
organized under the laws of Japan, and having its principal office
at 11-2, Ekimaehoncho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
2100007 Japan is the owner and sole proprietor of the following

Rapid Charging Power Supply System

(Reg: No. IV/9693/2014)
That the Applicant holds PCT International Application No. PCT/
JP2012/081675 dated December 6, 2012 based on Japanese Patent
Application No. 2011-268911 filed on 8th December, 2011.
That this patent invention relates to a rapid charging power supply
system capable of rapidly charging an electric moving body, such
as a vehicle and a ship, and in particular, relates to a rapid charging
power supply system capable of rapidly charging each of two
electric moving bodies of different charging methods.
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said patent
will be dealt with according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

26 Business

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Mobile banking race

heats up with myKyat

FRONTIER Technology Partners is

testing its mobile banking system
ahead of an anticipated launch early
next year, as the industry looks set
to get increasingly crowded.
The firms myKyat mobile
banking service will be launched
in conjunction with First Private
Bank. It will be an advanced form
of mobile banking, allowing the unbanked to have wider access to financial services, according to Tim
Scheffmann, CEO of Frontier Technology Partners.
More people are going to be able
to do financial transactions without
being dependent on the banking
system, he said.
The service will eventually be
available using SMS, USSD, an app
and a web portal, with an SMS receipt provided after each transaction. The firm is using SAP technology for myKyat.
There is no shortage of firms eyeing mobile banking-type services
in Myanmar. Innwa Bank-tied Myanmar Mobile Money has already
launched, while a number of other
companies, such as a joint service
from Telenor and Yoma Bank, are
also planning to enter the market.
Most of these services are expected to start by offering digital remittances. Currently many domestic
remittances in Myanmar use formal
banks, which are secure but particularly in rural areas can require
travelling some distance to get to

a branch, or use informal methods

such as trusting friends or bus drivers to deliver cash.
Offering digital remittances is
an obvious business model many
mobile banking services are keen to
pursue, though some are planning
other services as well.
Mr Scheffmann said myKyat will
try to be innovative when it launches in the first half of 2015.
Only cash-in-cash-out and remittance cases will not be enough to
fund the business. So you need to go
one step further and provide value
to the end customers and consumers, those who are using myKyat,
he said.

You must have a

reason why youre
switching to mobile
money ... [rather]
than to pay with cash.
Tim Scheffmann
Frontier Technology Partners

Items like bus tickets could be

purchased using myKyat, assisting companies with cash-handling
problems by making the purchases
digital, with buyers being rewarded
through convenience and possibly a
gift like a cold drink. It is possible
other options will be added, such
as paying utility bills or conducting
salary disbursements, using mobile
Still, Mr Scheffmann said it is not
yet likely that cash will be displaced
altogether, but rather that mobile
banking-type solutions and cash
will co-exist.
Cash is actually our biggest competitor, he said. You must have a
reason why youre switching to mobile money or money via your phone
[rather] than to pay with cash.
It will take time to convince users to keep money on their accounts,
rather than simply withdrawing it
at cash-out points as soon as a remittance or a payment is received.
Mr Scheffmann said studies in
other markets show there is often
a two- or three-month period at the
beginning where users hold no balance in their accounts other than
for small tests. Over time, trust is
built up, encouraging people to use
the technology.
Its very hard to build trust. The
only thing we say is test it out. If it
fits your needs, please go ahead. If
you find out its not for you, thats
okay too, he said.
Part of the firms business operations are expected to be instructional, according to Mr Scheffmann.
We want to educate the end users about financial matters, so we
need to help everyone to build up a
budget, we need to educate. This is
our driving force.

Business 27
Indonesia aims to grow
business and trade ties
Indonesia pledged to strengthen
business ties with Myanmar during an
event celebrating the 65th anniversary
of diplomatic relations between the
two countries last week.
Bilateral trade reached US$498.86
million during the April 2013 to March
2014 year, though authorities are aiming for $1 billion total by 2016.
Myanmars exports comprised
$60.04 million of the total, most
of which were agricultural goods,
according to figures presented by
Indonesian officials. Indonesia is also
the 14th-largest investor in Myanmar,
according to U Zaw Min Win, vice
president of the UMFCCI business
Indonesian firms want to develop
economic activities in the country.
Indonesian deputy minister Achiran
Pandu Djajanto said it is important
that firms from both sides are made
aware of each other, as he accompanied an Indonesian delegation to
Myanmar last week. Myat Noe Oo

Puma wins in jet fuel tender



has won the jet fuel tender, according to a government announcement last week.
The winner is to partner with
state-owned Myanmar Petroleum
Products Enterprise (MPPE), which
holds a monopoly on distributing
jet fuel at the countrys airports.
Puma Energy has been selected
as the winner and PTT Public Company is the second candidate, the
announcement on December 19
The agreement is going to be
signed soon, with the business

starting at Yangon International

The tender opened in May with
an invitation for internationally experienced downstream petroleum
companies to assist MPPE with
modernising its jet fuel business in
a joint venture.
A total of 23 firms expressed
interest, though only four regional
companies Singapore Petroleum,
Puma Energy Group, Thailands
PTT and Bangkok Aviation Fuel
Service reached the final stage.
The joint venture partnership
with a foreign company is part of
MPPEs plans for privitisation. The
new partnership will first begin in
Yangon, before being rolled out to
the countrys other airports, according to the announcement.
State-owned MPPE holds a monopoly on distributing jet fuel in
the country, currently handling 11

domestic airports. Myanmar currently imports some 35 million gallons of jet fuel annually.
MPPE is keen to update its
methods of importing, selling and
distributing jet fuel along international standards, said an official

The joint venture

is not because
were losing money,
it is because we
need to update the
U Myint Zaw

Country joins infrastructure fund

with ASEAN members and ADB
su phyo win
MYANMAR is now the 11th shareholder in the ASEAN Infrastructure
Fund, after joining the other nine
ASEAN countries and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the fund
on December 18.
Joining will require the government to purchase a share of the
fund for about US$100,000, after
which it will be a full member and
be able to borrow, according to Jin
W Cyhn, ADB principal economist
for Regional Cooperation and Coordination Division.
Myanmar is now in the network for the ASEAN Infrastructure
Fund, he said. [It] will be able to
access funding for infrastructure
projects, thats the main thing.
The fund has so far financed

three infrastructure projects for a

total of $165 million, including $25
million for a Java-Bali power transmission project, a $40 million Indonesian sanitation project and $100
million for a power grid development in Vietnam.
The funds board has approved
a further pipeline of projects for
2015, after being incorporated in
2012 and becoming fully operational a year later. The fund is also considering projects for 2016-17.
We would definitely love to contribute to the process of economic
corridors, which is an ongoing process with the ADB, said Mr Jin.
In terms of which projects [the
fund] supports, its really up to the
government to identify and decide.
U Maung Maung Win, Myanmar
director of the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund, said joining the country

is an important step toward further

integration into ASEAN and the
global economy, as well as helping
Myanmar fund its long-term infrastructure development.
Mr Jin said Myanmar has not
yet discussed what kind of projects
it would like to implement using
money from the fund.
He added there will be discussions in the first quarter of next
year including the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Construction
as well as the ADB to identify suitable projects.
On December 16, the ADB signed
a separate loan agreement with
Singapore-listed, Myanmar-focused
Yoma Strategic Holdings to fund
the firms businesses promoting
connectivity, including cold storage, telecoms towers and also vehicle leasing.

There could be more work for

these guys with Myanmar joining
the infrastructure fund. Photo: Staff

from the state-owned enterprise.

The joint venture project is not
because were losing money, it is because we need to update the business to an international standard,
said U Myint Zaw, MPPE Director.
Puma Energy is an integrated
mid- and downsteam petroleum
company that has been searching
for opportunities in the country. It
has also been granted permission to
construct a harbour and oil tanks
in Thilawa Special Economic Zone
after winning a tender last year.
The Thilawa harbour will be
able to handle medium-sized vessels, while the oil storage facility
is to have 88,000 cubic metres (3.1
million cubic feet) of storage space
for petroleum products, including
jet fuel.
Puma Energy is active in supply,
storage and distribution of petroleum products in 35 countries.

28 International Business

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

New Delhi

SpiceJet teeters near disaster

BELEGUARDED Indian airline
SpiceJet resumed flights late afternoon on December 17 following
an agreement to pay cash for fuel
purchases, hours after it grounded
its fleet and stranded thousands of
The no frills airline, one of Indias leading carriers, was forced
to cancel all flights after suppliers
refused to refuel its planes due to
unpaid bills, leaving thousands of
angry passengers in the lurch at
airports across the country.
We have resumed operations.
We paid in cash at some airports, a
source in the airline said on condition of anonymity.
SpiceJet operating officer Sanjiv
Kapoor tweeted an apology for inconvenience caused to passengers,
who were shown on local TV shouting at SpiceJet staff, demanding
We apologise again for the disruptions, Mr Kapoor said.
The fleets grounding came a day
after the government asked state
run oil companies and airport authorities to extend emergency credit to the debtridden airline, which
last week cancelled nearly 1900
flights due to cashflow woes.
SL Narayanan, chief financial
officer of SpiceJets parent Sun
Group, said the decision to ground
the fleet was forced on our hands
as a result of a lack of fuel supply.
The situation is just two to
three days of overdues and the
whole house has come crashing
down on us, Mr Narayanan told
Indias CNBCTV18 news channel.
Mr Narayanan said the carrier

Its not only this SpiceJet advert thats in freefall. Photo: AFP

needed 6 billion rupees (US$94

million) to get us going and I am
very confident that we will turn
The Civil Aviation Ministry said
December 16 banks may be asked to
lend as much as $94 million to keep
the carrier in the air, backed by the
personal guarantee of the airlines
controlling shareholder, Indian billionaire Kalanithi Maran.
SpiceJet had approached the
government on December 15 for
emergency help to stay aloft.

The ministry has already eased

booking curbs imposed after the
carrier cancelled flights and missed
salary payments.
The carrier, which has a fleet of
37 planes, laid out a recovery plan
two months ago that involved using
fewer and newer planes.
But even with the fall in jetfuel
prices, which represents over 40
percent of Indian airlines operating costs, the carrier is still facing
a cash crunch.
India has a congested airline

market where fare competition is

fierce and operating costs are high.
The balance sheets of all but
one of its big four carriers are in
the red.
There is speculation SpiceJet
could end up being permanently
grounded like Indian tycoon Vijay
Mallyas Kingfisher Airlines, which
stopped flying in 2012 after running up huge debts.
SpiceJets shares continued their
losing streak, closing down 5.4 percent at 13.15 rupees. AFP


The Coca-Cola Company, a company incorporated under the laws of
the State of Delaware, and having its principal place of business at One
Coca-Cola Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia 30313, United States of America, is
the Owner and Sole Proprietor of the following Trademarks:Reg. No. 4/871/2013

Reg. No. 4/872/2013

in respect of:Class 21: Glassware, glass and plastic containers and all goods.
Class 29: Milk and milk products, soy products and all goods.
Reg. No. 4/2555/2013
in respect of Class 32: Beers, water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit
beverags, preparations for making beverages and all goods.

Class 30: Coffee, tea, cocoa and all goods.

Class 32: Beers, water, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit beverags,
preparations for making beverages and all goods.
Class 25: Clothing, footwear, headgear and all goods.
Class 35: Advertising, marketing, business management and all
Class 41: Entertainment, education, sporting activities and all
Class 43: Services for providing food and drink and all services.

Reg. No. 4/866/2013

Reg. No. 4/868/2013

Reg. No. 4/873/2013

Reg. No. 4/867/2013

Reg. No. 4/869/2013

Reg. No. 4/870/2013

Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said Trademarks

will be dealt with according to law.
U Chit Swe, B.A(Law)LL.B, D.B.L., D.M.L., D.I.L.
U Nyunt Tin Associates International Limited
Intellectual Property Division
Tel: 959 4500 59 247
Partnership in practice with
Ms. Saowaluck Lamlert, Attorney at Law
Siam Premier International Law Office Limited
For The Coca-Cola Company
Dated: 22nd December, 2014.


costs US$1
A GLOBAL anti-corruption group
said that nearly US$1 trillion was illicitly drained from developing countries in 2012, representing a record
level of corruption, money laundering
and false trade documentation.
The Washington-based group Global Financial Integrity said illicit financial flows around the world grew at 9.4
percent a year in the decade to 2012,
around double the pace of economic
growth, draining funds especially
from impoverished countries.
The largest outflows came from giant, still poorly-regulated economies
like Brazil, China, India and Russia,
GFIs new report says.
Money illicitly streamed out of
China at a rate of about $125 billion
annually over that period, for instance.
But also in the top 10 country
sources of illegal capital outflows are
a number of dynamic middle-sized
economies: Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi
Arabia and Thailand.
Mexico is third on the list of largest outflows at an average $54 billion
a year.
In total, the report put the total
illegal capital movements from developing and emerging economies in
2012 at $991.2 billion, greater than
the combined sum of incoming foreign investment and foreign aid in
those countries.
Emerging and developing countries hemorrhaged a trillion dollars
from their economies in 2012 that
could have been invested in local
businesses, healthcare, education, or
infrastructure, said the studys co
author, economist Joseph Spanjers.
This is a trillion dollars that
could have contributed to inclusive
economic growth, legitimate private
sector job creation and sound public
Over a decade, the total was $6.6
trillion, the equivalent of nearly 4pc
of the entire global economy. In terms
of the relative size of the impact, the
countries most hurt by the flows were
in the Middle East and North Africa
and in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The main way the money flows out
of the countries is mis-invoicing in
trade transactions, which can allow
exporters and imports to keep money
out of the country.
GFI said individual countries and
the United Nations need to focus on
cutting down such flows to fight poverty and boost growth.
It is simply impossible to achieve
sustainable global development unless world leaders agree to address
this issue head-on, said GFI president Raymond Baker.
Thats why it is essential for the
United Nations to include a specific
target next year to halve all traderelated illicit flows by 2030 as part of
post-2015 Sustainable Development
Agenda. AFP

Top 10 developing countries

for illicit capital outflows in 2012

Capital Outflows


US$249.57 billion


$122.86 billion


$94.76 billion


$59.66 billion


$48.93 billion

Saudi Arabia

$46.53 billion


$35.56 billion


$33.93 billion

South Africa

$29.13 billion

Costa Rica

$21.55 billion

International Business 29

Alstom to settle corruption charges
French industrial giant Alstom has
agreed to pay US$700 million to
settle US corruption charges related
to bribes in Indonesia and other countries, a person familiar with the matter
The settlement, to be announced
next week, comes as US conglomerate
General Electric prepares to complete
a deal to buy key Alstom assets.
The US Department of Justice has
accused Alstom under the Foreign
Corrupt Practices Act of bribing officials in Indonesia to win the $118
million Tarahan energy contract in the
early 2000s in Indonesia. AFP

China may allow GMO corn

Chinas government has told traders and officials that the Ministry of
Agriculture approved lifting a ban on
imports of a genetically-modified corn
variety thats commonly grown in the
US, as trade talks between the two
countries begin on December 16, said
people familiar with the matter.
The approval covers imports of the
MIR 162 corn variety developed by Syngenta, according to people who were
notified verbally.
The easing of curbs on US corn exports to its largest market for food and
agricultural products comes as Chinas
government, the worlds biggest
consumer of rice, soybeans and wheat,
pushes forward with a campaign to
gain public acceptance of genetically
modified organisms and seeks to expand food supplies. Bloomberg

Airline joins Indias crowded skies

Indias newest airline said on December 13 that it has received an air permit
to begin flying in the country.
Vistara, jointly owned by Singapore
Airlines and the Mumbai-based Tata
conglomerate, said it would soon make
an announcement on the start of sales,
routes and schedules.
Vistara, whose name means
limitless expanse in Sanskrit, will be
headquartered in New Delhi.
Singapore Airlines holds a 49 percent stake in the venture, while Tatas
is 51pc an arrangement allowed
after Indias previous government said
foreign airlines could buy up to 49pcstakes in Indian carriers. AFP

Rupiah reaches recent lows

The Indonesian rupiah sank to its lowest level against the dollar since the
Asian financial crisis 16 years ago, as
emerging markets were hit by signs of
US recovery.
The unit lost 2 percent to end the
day on December 12 at 12,713.5 to the
dollar, its lowest level since August
1998, around the time Southeast Asias
biggest economy was devastated by
financial turmoil.
Like other emerging market
currencies, the rupiah has been hit
by signs of recovery in the American
economy that has led to expectations
the Federal Reserve will raise interest
rates next year. AFP

Chinese developer raises billions

Chinese shopping mall developer

Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co has raised US$3.7 billion in an
initial public offering in Hong Kong, a
report said on December 13, making it
the biggest in the world by a real estate
The company, owned by the property arm of Dalian Wanda Group, sold
600 million shares at HK$48 (US$6.19)
apiece near the higher end of its
indicative price range Dow Jones
Newswires said, citing people close to
the matter.
The sale beats the $2.9 billion IPO
of Singapores Global Logistic Properties in 2010, it added.
The Beijing-based company,
controlled by Chinese billionaire Wang
Jianlin, is one of the worlds largest
developers of shopping malls, owning dozens across China. Its parent
group bought US cinema chain AMC
Entertainment Holdings two years
ago. AFP

Hong Kong

Island business risky in 2015

WITH an economy increasingly
linked to mainland China yet a
monetary policy still tied to the
United States, Hong Kong is set to be
squeezed by diverging dynamics in
the two nations, compounding challenges posed by political unrest.
The Federal Reserve on December 17 reinforced forecasts for higher
interest rates next year that would
typically prompt Hong Kong to raise
its borrowing costs. When the Fed
was last tightening in 2004-06, Hong
Kongs economy was bolstered by
surging growth in China. This time,
China is contending with its weakest
expansion in almost a quarter century, putting Hong Kong between
a rock and a hard place, Nomura
Holdings Inc says.
growth will have a negative impact,
said Young Sun Kwon, a Nomura
economist in Hong Kong. Higher
interest rates in the US will result in
higher interest rates in Hong Kong.
That could be negative for Hong
Kong property.
Hong Kongs economy was hurt
this year by a moderation in Chinese
growth and President Xi Jinpings efforts to reduce corruption by officials.
After an unexpected contraction in
the second quarter, political unrest
damped the outlook in the second

A snapshot of risks besetting

Hong Kong might not look so
good. Photo: Bloomberg

half as pro-democracy protesters

clogged the streets of key shopping
areas in October and November.
Retailers in Hong Kong, a shopping hub for Chinese tourists thanks
to luxury sales taxes on the mainland, have suffered. Sales of jewellery, watches and other high-end
items fell for seven straight months

through to August.
Theres no more gift-giving with
any business-related transaction in
China, said Adrienne Lui, an economist at Citigroup in Hong Kong.
This would most likely affect Hong
Kong high-end retail sales again in
2015 and theres no turning back in
this trend at all.

Retail spending may be hurt next

year if further prolonged street protests take place, said Mr Lui. The
chances of another trigger point that
will cause another sitin or another
round of big protests could easily
come in 2015.
Property prices in Hong Kong
may fall as much as 20 percent next
year due to a weaker rental outlook
and the potential for interestrate
increases, said Alfred Lau, an analyst
at Bocom International Holdings Co
in Hong Kong.
The city has fixed its currency to
the US dollar since 1983, meaning
any change in American rates is typically followed in Hong Kong. In the
last Fedraising cycle, the Hong Kong
Monetary Authority followed suit,
putting pressure on property sales by
the end of the period.
The positive impact from a US
recovery may be able to offset the
risk of slowing in China and Europe
as Hong Kongs growth remains
more synchronised with the US economy than the mainland, Hong Kongbased Bank of America Merrill Lynch
analysts Marcella Chow and Albert
Leung wrote in a report this month.
Hong Kongs economy is forecast
to expand 2.95pc in 2015, according
to the median estimate of economists
surveyed. Bloomberg


Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States
of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3867/2011

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


Johnson & Johnson, a Company incorporated in the United States
of America, of One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New
Jersey, 08933, U.S.A., is the Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 3868/2011

in respect of Intl Class 5: Human pharmaceuticals.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Johnson & Johnson
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


NOTICE is hereby given that NUTRIBIO a company organized
and existing under the laws of France and having its principal office
at Zone Industrielle 80600 Doullens FRANCE is the Owner and
Sole Proprietor of the following trademark:-


30 Business Views

Putins gamble leads to

Russian financial crisis
KREMLIN insiders gathered in secret
last February to answer a crucial question for Vladimir Putin: Could Russia
afford the economic blowback from
taking over Crimea?
Moscow said yes.
Markets arent so sure.
As President Putin exulted at the
Winter Olympics in Sochi 10 months
ago, aides assured him Russia was rich
enough to withstand the financial repercussions from a possible incursion
into Ukraine, according to two officials
involved in the talks.
That conclusion now looks like a
grave miscalculation. Russia has driven
interest rates to punishing levels and
spent at least US$87 billion, or 17 percent, of its foreign-exchange reserves
trying to prevent a collapse in the ruble from spiraling into a panic. So far,
nothing has worked.
Despite the assurances in Sochi, Putin now faces what could be the nations
most serious economic crisis since
1998, when Russias devaluation and
default reverberated around the world.
US and European sanctions and, more
significantly, plummeting oil prices are
eroding the reserves that emboldened
Putin to annex Crimea despite an international outcry.
The story of Russias foreign-exchange reserves traces, in hard numbers, the arc of Mr Putins power, from
the collapse of the late 1990s to the oilsoaked riches of the 2000s to the new
dread that prevails today.
When rising crude prices were firing the economy, Russias swelling reserves became a symbol of economic
might and a point of pride for Mr Putin.
Three government officials characterised the February discussions as critical to Mr Putins thinking on Ukraine.
The series of talks came before Russia
helped Viktor Yanukovych, then-president of Ukraine and a Mr Putin ally,
flee from violent protests.

(Reg: No. IV/12840/2011)

in respect of:Foods for babies Cl: 5

Milk and milk products Cl: 29
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark or
other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416

Dated: 22nd December, 2014


NOTICE is hereby given that EBARA CORPORATION a
company organized under the laws of Japan, and having its
principal office at 11-1, Haneda Asahi-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
is the Owner and Proprietor of the following trademark: -

(Reg: Nos. IV/450/1977, IV/6856/2004 & IV/16906/2014)
In respect of:- Pumps and Turbines: other goods in Class 7, 9
and 11 and Installation, operation, repair, cleaning, inspection
and maintenance of pumps and turbines: other services in Class:
37, 40 and 42
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said trademark or
other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Vladimir Putin wears a purple tie.

Photo: Bloomberg

Mr Putin, 62, was told Russia had

enough foreign currency reserves to
annex Crimea and withstand any sanctions that might follow. The president
might not have proceeded had Russia
not built up its cash cushion in good
times, said the three officials, who
spoke on the condition of anonymity
because of the sensitive nature of the
Dmitry Peskov, Mr Putins spokesman, declined to comment.
The central bank shouldnt
thoughtlessly burn up its reserves,
Mr Putin said at his annual news
conference on December 18. Thank
god, they even grew during this year.
As of December 12, Russia had $415
billion in total reserves, with about
$169 billion spread between two specialized funds. But with the rubles collapse, this trove is being depleted faster
than almost anyone had predicted.
Panic has begun to set in among ordinary Russians.
Were facing an uncontrollable
shock that will undermine trust in Mr
Putins entire economic model, said
Kirill Rogov, a senior research fellow

at the Gaidar Institute for Economic

Policy whos advised the government in
Moscow. The reserves arent enough.
For policymakers, there are no easy
answers. The central bank unexpectedly raised its benchmark interest rate
to 17pc on December 16 and could drive
rates higher still, further jeopardising
growth. Russia could also keep using
its hard currency to buy rubles on the
open market, in hopes of stabilising
the exchange rate. The Bank of Russia
will probably spend another $70 billion
to defend the ruble, which has almost
halved against the dollar this year, according to the median estimate of six
economists surveyed by Bloomberg.
But reaching into reserves would
make it more difficult for Mr Putin to
cushion a looming recession with government spending, coddle favoured
business leaders and project power
abroad. It could also threaten Russias
credit rating.
For Putin, the reserves that Russia
has accumulated over the past 14 years
equal political power, Alexei Kudrin,
who ran the countrys finances from
2000 to 2011, said in an interview in
As the latest ruble crisis deepens,
some Russian lawmakers have called
for Mr Putin to impose capital controls,
a step both the president and the central bank have publicly opposed. The
Finance Ministry is urging exporters
to convert more revenue into rubles to
support the currency.
If sanctions persist, Russia could
lose its investment-grade credit rating,
Deutsche Bank has warned. Such a development would represent a personal
embarrassment for Mr Putin, as would
a further decline in reserve.
For Mr Putin, just one thing matters: is there money? said Sergei Aleksashenko, a former first deputy chair of
the central bank. Yes. So, goodbye!


Asia should brace for China crash

William Pesek
AS Chinas first full year of rebalancing draws to close, how has President
Xi Jinping done? Reasonably well, it
seems. Growth appears to be moderating gently, stocks continue to soar and
most economists still foresee a soft
landing rather than market-shaking
meltdown for the worlds second-largest economy.
Next year, however, Mr Xis team will
have to get to the hard stuff: taming an
opaque, unwieldy financial system. My
question isnt so much whether China
will or wont crash. Its whether the rest
of Asia is ready for the possibility of 5
percent or even 4pc Chinese growth, as
predicted by pundits like Larry Summers and Marc Faber. Its almost certainly not.
Historically, hedge funds betting
against China havent done very well.
This week, in fact, the government is
expected to revise 2013 GDP figures
upward by as much as US$275 billion,
which on paper should help meet its
target of 7.5pc growth for the year.
For anyone who thinks China is
operating even close to that number,
though, I have two words: iron ore.
Even more than the precipitous drop in
oil, the halving of prices for these pivotal rocks and minerals as well as a
44pc plunge in oil and tumble in coal
and other commodities suggests that
China may be braking rapidly.
Its important to remember that

however large, Chinas economy is

no more developed than South Koreas was when it imploded in 1997.
The Chinese financial system is less
evolved than that of the Philippines
and less open than Indonesias.
Beijings $3.9 trillion of currency
reserves are useful when market
turmoil hits, as has happened in
emerging markets this week. But
that stash is dwarfed by the $19 trillion in credit extended by the banking system since the 2008 Lehman
crisis, according to Charlene Chu
of Autonomous Research Asia. And
remember: Chinas vast and opaque
shadow-banking system obscures
Beijings true liabilities.
Many policymakers appear to believe the worst is over. In the past year,
they stress, Chinese leaders have taken
bold steps to shift growth away from
excessive investment and exports towards consumption and services. But
its a fantasy to think 10pc growth will
soon return or even 7.5pc.
With China intent on continuing
reform to generate quality growth at
a lower level, the rest of Asia cannot
expect any help in terms of overall demand, says Simon Grose-Hodge, head
of South Asia investment strategy at
LGT Group in Singapore.
That means Chinas neighbors can
no longer put off the task of rebalancing their own economies away from
dependence on Chinas. They, too, need
to develop vibrant, diversified domestic

economies that are driven more by services and innovation than exports.
The to-do list is long. Despite a
flurry of bilateral trade negotiations
and talk of a more unified market in
Southeast Asia, trade barriers within
the region are still far too high. Governments need to do more to support nonresource industries like manufacturing,
technology and the sciences to make
their economies more competitive and
nimble. That includes offering incentives to small-to-mid-size companies to
innovate and enter new markets. Lowering taxes on regionally-made goods
would help boost consumption.
Above all, nations need to draw up
contingency plans for China-related
market turmoil. This may not come
to pass. Chinese wages and salaries
are expected to grow 6.5pc in the current quarter, while productivity is seen
growing 4.1pc (numbers of which policymakers from Washington to Tokyo
can only dream). Even as China ratchets down growth, its thus continuing to
produce legions of new consumers.
But several years of painful and unpredictable restructuring lies ahead.
No matter how skillful Mr Xi is, theres
a decent chance the whole thing will go
haywire. And just as Asia once used to
rise and fall with US consumers, the region would be devastated by a sudden
and deep Chinese slowdown. Nations
would be in a much stronger position if
they started bracing for the worst now.

Job Watch
FHI 360 is seeking the following positions for the Civil Society and Media Project, a USAID supported initiative. The
improving civil society capacity to engage in democratic processes
Project aims to respond to civil society needs by:
and policy dialogue;
increasing the availability of and access to information on democratic governance and reform
issues; and
expanding inclusive public dialogue and political space.
1. Advocacy & Policy Director
5. Capacity Building Mentors (4)
2. Advocacy Officer

6. Disabilities Advisor

3. Finance & Operations Director

7. Operations Manager

4. Capacity Building Advisor

Job Vacancy
The Department for International Development (DFID) is currently looking
to recruit a highly motivated and energetic individual to join our team as a
Programme Officer.
DFID is based at the British Embassy in Yangon.
For more information and details on how to apply, please visit

Please read the detailed job descriptions and requirements at before applying.

The deadline for submission of applications is on 11 January 2015.

If you are interested in this position please submit a c.v. (resume) with your salary requirement and a covering letter
explaining why you are suitable for the position to as soon as possible.
Positions open until filled. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. FHI 360 oers a competitive compensation
Equal Access is seeking a

1) Media Manager and

2) Media Monitoring Officer

for the Civil Society and Media Project, a USAID supported initiative.
The project aims to respond to civil society needs by:

FHI 360 is seeking to fill two senior positions for the Civil Society and Media Project, a USAID supported initiative.
The Project aims to respond to civil society needs by: 1) improving civil society capacity to engage in democratic
processes and policy dialogue; 2) increasing the availability of and access to information on democratic governance and
reform issues; and 3) expanding inclusive public dialogue and political space.
Finance & Operations Director
Advocacy & Policy Director
Both positions offer stimulating and rewarding work for the right people interested in helping the development of civil
society in Myanmar. The Advocacy and Policy Director will work with CSOs (civil society organizations), supporting them
in their efforts to promote policy change nationally and regionally. The Finance and Operations Director will oversee the
Project's financial and administrative affairs, and also ensure the effective management of Project grants.

1) Improving civil society capacity to engage in democratic processes and

policy dialogue;
2) Increasing the availability of and access to information on democratic
governance and reform issues; and
3) Expanding inclusive public dialogue and political space.
The deadline for applications has been extended through December 31, 2014.
Please read detailed job descriptions and requirements at

Please read detailed job descriptions and requirements at
If you want to apply for one of these positions please send a c.v. (resume) with a covering letter explaining why you are
suitable and giving your salary requirement to as soon as possible. Positions open until filled.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. FHI 360 offers a competitive compensation package.

Vacancy Notice
UNFPA because everyone counts.
The United Nations Population Fund: Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and
every young persons potential is fulfilled.
Interested in being part of a multi-cultural team delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe,
every young person's potential is fulfilled in Myanmar? Come and join us, because at UNFPA, everyone counts. We are
seeking a creative, dynamic and highly motivated individual to join our growing effort to drive forward to the next level of
UNFPA country programme on population, gender equality and reproductive health and rights for the people in Myanmar.
If youre looking for an opportunity to make a difference, thrive in a challenging yet rewarding teamwork environment, we
wish to hear from you.
Type of Contract
Duty Station
Service Contract
6 January 2015
National GBV Field Officer
Programme Officer, Young People Service Contract
6 January 2015
Applications should be addressed to UNFPA Representative. Attention: International Operations Manager, Room A-07,
UNFPA, No.6, Natmauk Road, Yangon.
For further details, please see the vacancy announcement posted at UN billboard. No.6, Natmauk Road, Yangon and also
at UNFPA website (
Applications will be considered only when meeting all requirements set in detailed vacancy announcement.

The International Institute for

Democracy and Electoral
(International IDEA) is an
intergovernmental organization
with a mission to support
sustainable democracy
International IDEA is expanding its office in Myanmar due
to an exciting new 3-year election-related program. We
are seeking highly talented individuals with experience
and interest in elections and democratic transition to join
our growing team.
There are a number of opportunities for national and
international staff.
For full details and to apply, please visit:
Deadline for applications: Sunday, January 4, 2015

32 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


BUSINESS editor: Jeremy Mullins |

Foreign ownership provisions in

draft condominium law questioned

Hong Kong

Myat Nyein Aye

Thomas Kwok, one of the chairs of development giant Sun Hung Kai Properties,
arrives at the high court in Hong Kong earlier this year. Photo: AFP

Property tycoon guilty

HONG Kong property tycoon Thomas
Kwok and the governments former
deputy leader Rafael Hui were found
guilty of corruption on December 19,
but Kwoks billionaire brother Raymond was cleared.
The pair were found guilty of
conspiracy to commit misconduct



Size of the illegal payments that led to

the guilty verdict for developer Thomas
Kwok and former official Rafael Hui.

in public office, after a blockbuster

trial over payments that the prosecution said amounted to HK$34 million
(US$4.38 million).
Mr Hui, who was the citys chief
secretary from June 2005 to June
2007, was found guilty on five of eight
charges against him. Thomas Kwok
was convicted of one and cleared on
another two counts.
They were both convicted over a
payment of HK$8.5 million made to
Mr Hui in the four days leading up to
his appointment to the senior government post in 2005.
Prosecutors said the payments had
been made through a series of complicated transactions involving middlemen, and that they were clearly bribes.
The pair, who had been on bail,
have been remanded in custody until December 22 when the court will
reconvene. AFP

FOREIGNERS ability to own condos

has emerged as one of the central issue in the debate over the condominium law.
The much-anticipated condo law
has been a work in progress for years,
with the most recent draft submitted to
parliament in June.
The draft is set to be discussed
again by the Amyotha and Pyithu hluttaws early in the new year. There have
been sticking points such as the Amyotha hluttaws insistence there must be
collective ownership, as well as provisions allowing foreign ownership for
the first time.
Under the current draft, up to 40
percent of a condos total units may be
owned by foreigners, provided the units
are on the sixth floor or above of the
building. Some are pushing for foreign
ownership provisions to be removed
from the draft law, while others say it is
crucial to allow in foreign buyers.
Allowing foreigners to purchase
units is likely to drive up property

prices, according to U Kyaw Latt, an

urban planner from the Yangon City
Development Committee. Although
he is not involved in drafting the law,
he said from an urban planners point
of view, foreign ownership may not be
Foreigners will buy condo units
at high prices and then they will sell
them at an even higher price, he said
at a December 12 seminar called Present and Future Yangon. The buying
and selling can be termed dealing,
and the price will increase in the market as a result.
U Kyaw Latt said allowing foreign
dollars to formally buy units may push
them out of reach of locals.
There ought to be some restrictions
on foreigners buying condos as investment properties, he added.
If the law allows foreigners to buy
any condo, the property market will be
in an anxious condition, he said.
However, others say the country is
opening up its economy, meaning it is
becoming important that foreigners
have the ability to buy condos.
President of Myanmar Construction

Entrepreneurs Association U Thar Aye

said that if rules allowing in foreigners
are scrapped or restricted, the law will
not be effective.
We can see in other countries that
foreigners can own condos, with ownership controlled under law, he said.
If we have a large supply, the price
wont be so high.
There are other restrictions that
could be implemented to reduce the
volatility brought by foreign condo
Ko Htun Htun, an agent at Phoenix
real estate agency, said not all foreigners
will be buying condos, though enough
will that property prices might be higher. If the law does not include strong
rules and regulations, it is possible both
foreigners and local people will attempt
to speculate on the market.
If they want foreigners to own
condos, they might consider restricting foreigners control through taxes
or not allowing re-sales for five years,
he said. Different countries around
the world use different methods to
control prices, from foreign and local
buyers alike.


The master of your Golden Valley domain

You know youve made it when youre in
Golden Valley. Its the must-live area of
Yangon, near the cities amenities, like
City Mart Marketplace and a host of
shops and restaurants. Its not, however,

This weeks home is smack in the

middle of Bahan township, great for
those who enjoy living in a house in a quiet and peaceful environment thats near
to everything.
There is room for a large family, with
lots of indoor space. It boasts four master
bedrooms, one living room, one dinner
room, a shrine, maid room and no less
than five bathrooms. Its also got two verandas so you may survey your domain.
Indoor, there is about 9000 square feet
of space spread over three storeys, while
the compound is 7200 square feet.
A whole bunch of amenities are included, like nine air conditioners, reliable

water and a landline phone. Its not fully

furnished, but a start has been made.
The location is also suitable for an office.
The price for all this is steep
US$8500 a month but may be worth it
if you know youve arrived.
Tin Yadanar Htun
Location : Golden Valley 1,
Bahan township
Price :
$8500 per month
Contact : Estate Myanmar Real
Estate Agency
Phone :


Quote of the week

Citizens are less than perfect if they do not pay taxes, but on the other
hand the government should be improving business facilities.
U Khin Soe, businessperson

Mass HIV infection catches

Cambodia by surprise

Countrys tallest building to be 34 storeys

Diamond Inya Palace condominium could become countrys tallest building if it is built to its planned height, according to government officials

Nyein Aye

THE Diamond Inya Palace condo

could be the tallest building in the
country if its full 34-storey plans
come to fruition, according to project developers.
Located on U Tun Nyein Street in
Mayangone township to the northeast of Inya Lake, the project has already received the green light from
the Committee for Quality Control of
High-Rise Building Projects (CQHP),
said U Kyi Htay Aung, executive director of the developers, Mandalay
Golden Wing.
When there will be a high-rise
built, it needs permission from the
Yangon Region government, he said.
Although a host of building plans
have been announced, Diamond Inya
Palace claims it is currently set to be
the tallest. However, there are other
plans for buildings of similar sizes,
though Diamond Inya Palace officials say their project edges out the

the country, making it presently the

tallest building project cleared to
proceed inside the country.
Diamond Inya Palace will be
larger than these buildings, once its
complete, he said.
Although Diamond Inya Palace developers did not reveal a size
measured in feet, assuming 10 feet
per storey the building would be
about 340 feet.
Diamond Inya Palace will contain
400 units, with the first seven floors
used as a car part for 500 vehicles.

The project was begun in 2012, and

there are seven completed floors,
with the whole project expected to
be completed in 2016.
A selling point is three-way views
of Inya lake, Shwedagon Pagoda and
the city, said Uyi Htay Aung. The
developers have begun selling units,
claiming that 211, or slightly over
half of the total, are reserved. Unit
prices are between K300,000 and
K400,000 a square foot.
Mandalay Golden Wing general
manager U Myat Ko Ko Lay claimed

the building will offer five-star service to its buyers.

Also our buyers are going to own
the land collectively, and when the
condominium law comes out, we
will divide up the land to buyers, he
There will be special facilities for
condo dwellers on the ground, sixth
and 22nd floor of the building.
Payments are to be made with 50
percent due seven months after buying and the remaining 50pc due after
the 34th floor is added.

In 2012, the developer said they

aimed to have the Diamond Inya Palace project wrapped up by the end of
December 2015.
Myanmar has seen a large number of skyscrapers planned, particularly in Yangon, though projects have
also been announced for smaller cities such as Mandalay and Taunggyi.
The increased interest in taller buildings has also led to some
discussion about ensuring safety
standards are followed in the larger

A look at the tallest

buildings in town

When there will be

a high-rise built, it
needs permission
from the Yangon
Region government.
U Kyi Htay Aung
Mandalay Golden Wing

The current largest building by

number of storeys is Centrepoint
Tower at 25 stories, followed by the
Sule Shangri-La at 22 storeys and
Sakura Tower at 20 storeys, according to U Than Myint, chair of the
So far, Diamond Inya Palace has
largest plans to have received the
committees approval, and is also
bigger than existing structures in

Sakura Tower
(20 stories)

Sule Shangri-La
(22 stories)

(25 stories)

Diamond Inya Condominium

(planned to be 34 stories)

Graphic by Staff
Data from CQHP


C.P. Pharmaceuticals International C.V., a Dutch limited
partnership (commanditaire vennootschap) that for all purposes is
represented by and acting through Pfizer Manufacturing LLC and
Pfizer Production LLC, both Delaware limited liability companies,
with principal place of business at 235 East 42nd Street, New York,
New York 10017, United States of America in their capacity of
general partners of such C.V., is the Owner and Sole Proprietor
of the following Trademark:-


Reg. Nos. 5085/2005, 3173/2006, 2652/2009

in respect of All goods in Class 5.
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said
Trademark will be dealt with according to law.
U Nyunt Tin Associates International Limited
Intellectual Property Division
Tel: 959 4500 59 247, Email:
For C.P. Pharmaceuticals International C.V.
Dated: 22nd December, 2014.


Nike International Ltd. of One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton,
Oregon, 97005-6453 USA, is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of
the following Trade Mark:-

Reg.No. IV/ 3036 /2001 & Reg.No. IV/ 23 /2008

Reg.No. IV/621/2011 & Reg.No. IV/622/2011
Reg.No. IV/1264/2014
in respect of Eyewear and electronic equipment, in Class
9; Watches, in Class 14; Sports bags, in Class 18; Footwear,
apparel, in Class 25; Sporting goods, in Class 28.
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorized used of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Khine Khine U, Advocate
LL.B, D.B.L, LL.M (UK)
For Nike International Ltd.
#205/5, Thirimingalar Housing, Strand Rd., Yangon.
Dated. 22 December 2014


Shiseido Company Ltd., a Company organized and existing under
the laws of Japan, of 7-5-5, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, is the
Owner of the following Trade Mark:-

Reg. No. 6708/2002

in respect of Intl Class 3: Soaps, perfumeries, cosmetics including
skincare, bodycare, hair care and make up products. Intl Class
5: Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Sanitary Preparations, dietetic
substances adapted for medical use, Food for Babies; Plasters,
Materials for dressings; Material for stopping teeth, Dental Wax;
Disinfectants. Intl Class 25: Clothing, Footwear, Headgear. Intl
Class 41: Education; Providing of training; entertainment; sporting
and cultural activities. Intl Class 42: Education; Providing of food
and drink; medical; hygienic and beauty care services; services that
cannot be placed in other classes.
Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark
will be dealt with according to law.
Win Mu Tin, M.A., H.G.P., D.B.L
for Shiseido Company Ltd.
P. O. Box 60, Yangon
Dated: 22 December 2014


Science & Technology

Yangon Angels could give


THE Yangon Angels investors and

entrepreneurs that make up a new,
informal funding network based out
of Myanmars most populous city
refuse to be Yes men.
At least, thats what it seemed like
after one member, Charles Kathrein
of Singapore-based Kathrein Ventures, called the valuations that four
start-ups claimed in their investment
pitches overblown at an early December Yangon Angels practice session
and Ooredoo-sponsored meal.
Urged to be brutally honest, Mr
Kathrein made remarks that seemed
hard to say, but were most likely
harder to hear on the start-ups side.
All of them have a false sense of value, he said.
But his comments were met with
appreciation.Thank you for your
feedback, someone said.
Feedback seem part of the groups
raison dtre. Its formation comes
down to Myanmars need for experts
and investors to evaluate and guide
budding businesses, as well as to
consider putting up money at least
US$10,000 annually, in each Angels
case in exchange for slices of local
The team behind Ooredoos
entrepreneurial arm and incubator Ideabox Myanmar including

Australian incubator Pollenizer also

started Yangon Angels, according to
Pollenizer co-founder Phil Morle.
He describes Yangon Angels as
something his company sets up,
then sets free when it is in the
We kind of do it as a hobby while
were in a market, he said, noting
Pollenizer is involved with an Australian networking organisation called
Innovation Bay and a Manila Angels
group, which Mr Morle co-founded
in the Philippines. We want this to
be Myanmar-led, Myanmar-run ... Im
facilitating the start and then Ill be
backing out.
The Yangon Angels consist of 25
foreign funders as well as on-theground Myanmar entrepreneurs and
investors very successful local
businesspeople who ... know the local market very, very well, Mr Morle
said. This is an opportunity for these
two groups to come together and
learn from each other. The tight-knit
group grows only if a member refers
someone to join.
Angel meetings in Yangon have
resulted from a system Mr Morle has
prototyped and tweaked elsewhere.
Weve learned that private, highly
curated encounters between entrepreneurs who are very, very good at
what theyre doing and angels who
are actually interested and investing
are a massively valuable part of the
ecosystem, he said.
The group will grow past
Ideabox, though the December 3 dinner which Mr Morle called a practice session with familiar, invited

start-ups saw pitches from three of

its incubatees.
He also said Yangon Angels is independent and doesnt favour any programs over others, and in the future,
the standard model for events will
involve businesses submitting video
pitches and the Angels picking four
companies to present their ideas, just
like in Australia and the Philippines.
In investment, money from angels can come after family, friends
and fools, Mr Morle said. Internet
start-ups looking for funding tend
to be worth up to about $2 million,
and seek financing in exchange for
roughly one-fifth of their business, he
Start-ups need a leg up between
the three Fs and the big leagues,
prompting Angels to swoop in.
The Yangon Angels is basically
the bridge, Mr Kathrein said. Angels
get in early, put in a little bit of money, take a little bit of equity, do some
mentoring, some nurturing, some
coaching and frankly, sometimes
[put] a big boot where it needs to go


Minimum annual donation required to
be a member of Yangon Angels

Yangon developer group hosts

intro to new language
Catherine Trautwein
YANGONS Google Developer Group
(GDG) and the Myanmar Computer
Federation hosted a half-day event December 20th that introduced techies to
a new way of programming one that
should help them clean up their code.
The Lambda Talks Seminar on
Functional Programming educated attendants in Myanmars most populous
city on the fresh tech tack. GDG community manager Ko Ye Lin Aung said
the event sought to spur participants to
take on functional programming and
retrain their brains to include the paradigm when considering possible ways
of approaching a coding problem.
The American search engine and
advertising company doesnt have a
Myanmar office; rather it has an on-theground consultant and the network of
community members.
We are a purely technical community, he said, distinguishing the Yangon group from other tech networking
events or associations. We mainly focus on the technology around Google to
empower the local developers.
Since this summer, the group has
held a few events with the ambition
theyll occur monthly. And though GDG
has ties to Google the global behemoth provides some funding for the
networks events through a consultant
and has officially endorsed Yangons

chapter they address all kinds of

Ko Ye Lin Aung advocated exploring other programming options. The
process helps fill out programmers tool
kits. Theres a right tool for the right
problem, he said.
If you know more, you will know a
thousand ways to solve a problem. You
can decide which way is better.
He said that the tech community
here lives by a code: one well-executed
job per element, just like Google and its
search engine.
WhatsApp utilises Erlang, an Ericsson-created purely functional language which helps with concurrency, or
action that unfolds all at once or asynchronously rather than step-by-step as
it does with some other languages, according to Ko Ye Lin Aung.
Their technology is very solid, very
battle-tested, Ko Ye Lin Aung said, also
noting WhatsApp has hundreds of millions of users around 600 million
monthly active users in August and
a small employee team, which played

You just cannot

write bad code.
Ko Ye Lin Aung
GDG community manager

in the latter groups favour when Facebook acquired the company for US$19
Functional programming lends itself
to a leaner implementation of language,
according to Ko Ye Lin Aung.
The structure of the code that
youve written comes out a lot cleaner,
and it can be more organised and more
readable, he said. Solo coders might
comprehend their own code like someone reads their own handwriting; but
when youre working with someone,
they may not understand how you
write, so its very important that youve
written is readable and clear and good
An old programming joke runs two
parallel scenarios that end in the same
frustration: Code doesnt work, dont
know why, and Code works, dont
know why. It speaks to the complexity of coding and the moving parts
involved, ticking away like gears in a
watch working under an elegant face.
Functional programming treats
everything as functions rather than objects, according to Ko Ye Lin Aung. In
other coding languages, a variable can
switch its value at any moment; whereas in functional programming, once a
variables value gets assigned, it wont
budge, he explained.
The paradigm restricts certain options, which can clear things up. Its
use also results in fewer mistakes. It
forces you in a way, you should write
good code, Ko Ye Lin Aung said. You
just cannot write bad code but its very
subjective. Ko Ye Lin Aung said that
though learning functional programming will be challenging, he believes in
pushing himself past his comfort zone.
People should be open-minded ...
you cannot just sit down in the cave
and say my language is the best and Im
just going to do one [thing], he said.
You have to work on new stuff and be

Science & Technology

start-ups wings
to bring them to the stage where
theyre investment-ready.
Angels look out for business
ideas grounded in reality with
the potential to grow wings. Mr
Kathrein said his firm seeks real
start-ups and passionate, dauntless founders, while Mr Morle said
start-up starters can make or break
an investors decision to contribute
cash. Youre looking for an entrepreneur that has an unreasonable
belief in a future for what theyve
imagined, he said. They will
absolutely see it happen and do
anything it takes to get it there, so
thats the key thing.
Investors also have an eye for
whats fresh and unique. One angel, Ko Zaw Steven Htut of Myanmars Net, prioritises potential for
far-reaching success in start-ups.
Most projects are still copycats
of other successful business models abroad, Ko Zaw Steven Htut
said. I want something that could
explode, that could go global as a
Myanmar brand to become an international brand.
Though Myanmars market remains open for the most part, a
thrush of international companies
have arrived on the wing of intermittent reforms, with more businesses due to come. German startup incubator Rocket Internet has
made a run at the domestic internet business. Known the world over
for taking tried-and-true online
models and applying them to other
markets through local copycat companies, the company and others

foreign entrants represents a

threat to fledgling start-ups.
Yangon Angels wants to get
Myanmar start-ups into fighting
shape for upcoming business battles. Were about helping local
people build their competitive
force ... and theres certainly the
talent here to do it. Mr Morle said.
Ko Zaw Steven Htut said investment is still relatively new in
Myanmar, and the Angels role will
amount mainly to mentorship. He
confirmed the group has not yet
decided to invest in any start-ups.
At this months dinner, the network filled out and returned feedback forms based on pitches, asked
questions and raised concerns.
Angel investment puts potential funders on high, in a position
to make judgments about a companys future. To see if a start-up is
ready for takeoff, these financiers
kick tires and run checks, which
can involve questions and comments like those from Mr Kathrein.
We sort out the survivors from
the pretenders, Mr Kathrein said.
And Mr Morle said an investor
he knew that put entrepreneurs
through the ringer did so because
he seriously considered investing
his money. Putting money where
mouths are requires serious consideration.
[Buddha taught] you have to
think before you believe, Ko Zaw
Steven Htut said. You yourself
have to read, research and think,
work it out in your head to believe

EU court clears stem cell patenting

A human egg used to produce stem

cells but unable to develop into a viable
embryo can be patented, the European
Court of Justice ruled last week.
In a landmark decision, the EUs top
court decided such eggs did not meet
the definition of what constituted a
human embryo. The case was brought
by International Stem Cell Corporation
against the UK Intellectual Property Office for refusing to grant it two patents.
The British authorities had argued
that since the eggs involved were active
and developing, even if not fertilised by
male sperm, then European Union law
meant the company could not secure a

patent on them.
ISC contested the ruling, saying the
eggs, activated by a chemical process
known as parthenogenesis, could not
develop into human beings as they
lacked the full parental DNA required.
Human embryonic stem cells
originally came from normally fertilised
eggs but this caused serious ethical
misgivings since the embryos were subsequently destroyed as the stem cells
were collected. As a result, scientists
welcomed the development of parthenogenesis as it met at least some of
these concerns, allowing them a clearer
conscience in one of the pioneer fields
of healthcare research. AFP


The year 2014 broke so many tech records it might

do to throw the book out the window. Social media
platforms saw hundreds of millions of people sign up
to connect online; bank-breaking billion-dollar deals
brought WhatsApp into Facebooks fold and the Beats
companies into Apples; and Alibaba was crowned World
IPO champ with its US$25 billion debut the largest of
all time. This past banner year also saw individuals and
institutions suffer at the hands of technology, as celebrity
photos were stolen and shared and the economic cost
of cyber attacks around the world hit $445 billion. And
then theres the fact that perhaps the most brilliant
man in the world, Stephen Hawking, cautioned smart
technology could spell the end for humankind. Hopefully
our new robot overlords will be nice enough to wait
until after the holidays to take over. Graphic: AFP


36 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


World editor: Fiona MacGregor


Pakistans children vow

to defy terror threats
STUDENTS grieving for their classmates massacred by the Pakistani
Taliban vowed last week to defy the
militants and return to school as soon
as possible.
A team of gunmen stormed the
Army Public School in Pakistans
northwestern city of Peshawar on December 16, slaughtering 148 people
including 132 children in the restive
countrys deadliest-ever terror attack.
Schools in Islamabad beefed up
security and carried out safety drills
amid fears of a possible bomb attack
targeting school buses.
As the nation observed a second
day of official mourning on December
18, at the school gates in Peshawar
there was defiance and a burning desire for revenge against the Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP), whose sevenyear insurgency has killed thousands
of ordinary people.
In Islamabad civil society activists protested outside the radical Red
Mosque after its hardline cleric refused to condemn the massacre on a

Pakistani army soldiers stand guard

at the site of the militants attack on
the army-run school in Peshawar on
December 18. Photo: AFP

television talk-show.
Much of the school was devastated
in the eight-hour rampage, with walls
peppered with bullets and shrapnel
from suicide blasts and walls and
floors awash with blood.
But officials pledged to clean and
restore the buildings and reopen on
January 4, less than three weeks after
the attack.
There were emotional scenes outside the school as hundreds of students and parents gathered to light
candles and leave flowers for the dead.
Mohammad Billal, 14, said he
would defy his parents advice to stay
at home, and return to school as soon
as he could.
I will come the moment it opens
because I am not scared of terrorists. I
know how to send a message to them,
he said.
Moakal Jan, 13, lost nine of his
friends in the attack but said he too
had no fears about returning.
I study here in this school and I
want to continue here, I will be back
when it reopens. Life and death is in
Gods hands, he said.
Many of the schools students are
the children of army personnel, and
like many of his friends, the 13-yearold said he wanted to punish the Taliban for the school bloodshed.
I want to be an army officer because I have to take revenge of my
friends and school fellows, he said.
Since my childhood I have wanted
to join the army but now I am absolutely determined to join up, he said.

I want to take revenge for my

friends. I want to fight the terrorists.
More than 400 schools in Islamabad were warned of a possible plot
to bomb buses carrying students in
the capital, Mohammad Tahir Bhatti,
spokesperson for the Federal Directorate of Education, said.
We received information from
various sources that terrorists were
planning to attack buses by attaching
magnetic bombs and have alerted the
managements of institutions accordingly, Mr Bhatti said.
Officials of the directorate were
also holding meetings to review security arrangements and schools and
colleges and also visiting schools and
colleges to monitor them, Mr Bhatti
One 11-year-old primary school student said teachers had drilled them in
emergency exits and routes to safe locations in case of any danger.
Teacher asked us not to panic and
silently follow instructions in case of
any dangerous situation, he said.
We are very scared since terrorist
killed children in Peshawar.
The TTP claimed the December
16 assault as revenge for the killing
of its fighters and their families in an
ongoing military operation against its
strongholds in the North Waziristan
tribal area, and warned more attacks
would follow.
The organisation, an increasingly
fractious coalition of militant groups,
has been weakened by the military operation but the school attack showed it
still has the will and capability to carry
out shocking acts of violence.

Civil society activists and children light candles during a vigil in Lahore on December 18,
school in Peshawar. Photo: AFP

Khalifa Umar Mansoor, the TTP

commander identified by security
sources as the mastermind of the
school massacre, said schools like
the one in Peshawar were preparing
those generals, brigadiers and majors who killed and arrested so many
If our women and children died as

martyrs your children will not escape.

If you attack us we will take revenge
for the innocents, he said in a video
message posted online.
The government on December 18
issued an alert for a possible massive jailbreak in the restive northwest after the prime minister ended
a moratorium on the death penalty in


Turning Vietnams
rat problem into
business success

Why did the Pope

shun meeting with
the Dalai Lama?

Umbrellas banned
over protest fears for
Xis Macau visit

world 40

world 43

World 44

for the children and teachers killed in an attack by militants on an army-run

terror-related cases following the

school attack.
Pakistans political and military
leaders have vowed to stamp out
the scourge of homegrown Islamist
militancy that has brought so much
bloodshed to the country in recent
The military said on December

18 that air strikes in Khyber tribal

area, which borders North Waziristan, had killed 57 militants.
But doubts remain about Pakistans willingness to abandon its
long-held ambivalence over militant groups and tolerance of those
it sees as potential proxy forces.



Kurds make break in

Mount Sinjar siege

Probe into
cafe gunmans
bail release

IRAQI Kurds last week broke a siege on

a mountain where Yazidi civilians and
fighters have long been trapped as the
US said air strikes had killed several Islamic State leaders in recent weeks.
Officials said the twin successes dealt
heavy blows to ISs command and control as well as their supply lines, and
were the latest in a string of apparent
setbacks for the group in recent weeks.
The Kurdish advances on December
18 came during a two-day blitz into the
Sinjar region involving 8000 peshmerga
fighters and some of the heaviest air
strikes since a US-led coalition started
an air campaign four months ago.
Masrour Barzani, the son of the
Kurdish president and the intelligence
chief for the Iraqi autonomous region,
said the peshmerga advance had broken
the siege on Mount Sinjar.
Peshmerga forces have reached
Mount Sinjar, the siege on the mountain
has been lifted, he told reporters from
an operations centre near the border
with Syria.
The peshmerga said they recaptured
eight villages on the way and killed
about 80 IS fighters in the initial phase
of the offensive launched from Rabia
on the Syria border and Zumar on the
shores of Mosul dam lake.
They also lost seven men on December 17 in Qasreej village when they
failed to stop a suicide attacker who
rammed an explosives-laden armoured
vehicle into their convoy, officers at the
scene said.
This operation represents the single
biggest military offensive against IS and
the most successful, a statement from
Mr Barzanis office said.
A devastating IS attack on the Yazidi
minoritys Sinjar heartland in August
displaced tens of thousands of people

and was one of the reasons put forward

by US President Barack Obama for
launching a campaign of air strikes in
Amid fears of a genocide against
the small Kurdish-speaking minority,
tens of thousands of Yazidis fled to the
mountain and remained trapped there
in the searing summer heat with no
Kurdish fighters, mostly Syrian,
broke that first siege but remaining
anti-IS forces were subsequently unable to hold positions in the plains and
retreated back to the mountain in late
The peshmerga commander for the
area said troops had reached the mountain and secured a road that would enable people to leave, effectively breaking the siege. Several thousand are still
thought to be trapped there.
Evacuation was expected to begin on
December 19, however late on December 18 a Yazidi leader atop the mountain
told AFP he could see no sign of a military deployment.
Kurdish officials said the operation
had dealt the jihadists a blow by cutting their supply lines and forcing them
to retreat to urban bastions such as Tal
Afar and Mosul, their main hub.
Jihadists still control the town of Sinjar, on the southern side of the mountain, and many of the surrounding villages.
In Washington, meanwhile, the
Pentagon announced that three top IS
leaders in Iraq had been killed in US air
strikes in recent weeks.
I can confirm that since midNovember, targeted coalition air
strikes successfully killed multiple senior and mid-level leaders in the IS,
spokesperson John Kirby said. AFP

LAWYERS who defended the Sydney

siege gunman on a string of charges
and the magistrate who bailed him
prior to the event have received deaths
threats, officials said on December 19,
amid growing anger that he was on the
Iranian-born Man Haron Monis, a
self-styled Islamic cleric, took 17 people hostage at a cafe in the heart of the
citys financial district on December 15.
The 50-year-old was killed along with
two victims, the cafes manager, 34,
and a 38-year-old mother-of-three, in a
bloody end to the standoff.
Known to authorities for his extremist views, Monis was on bail at the
time for various charges, including sexual offences and abetting the murder of
his ex-wife.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ordered an urgent enquiry amid mounting criticism that authorities failed to
protect the public. The backlash has hit
the magistrate who released Monis and
lawyers who represented him.
One of the hostages killed, Katrina
Dawson, was a barrister and the cafe
where she died was a favourite of many
in the legal profession.
There is a lot of distress. The Lindt
cafe was a centre of peoples lives here
and there is a real feeling, additional to
the grief and shock and fear, [that] it
could have been anyone, New South
Wales Bar Association president Jane
Needham said.
The review Mr Abbott has ordered
will examine Monis arrival in Australia
from Iran in 1996, the decision to grant
him asylum and citizenship, what information agencies had about him and
how it was shared. It will also ask how
he managed to get a gun. AFP


NOTICE is hereby given that Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki
Kaisha (also trading as Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.) a
company organized under the laws of Japan and having its principal
office at 33-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan is the
owner and sole proprietor of the following trademarks:-

(Reg: No. IV/15799/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15800/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15801/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15802/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15803/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15804/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15805/2014)

(Reg: No. IV/15806/2014)

the above (8) trademarks are in respect of :Pharmaceutical preparations, Veterinary preparations, Sanitary
preparations for medical purposes, Dietetic food and substances
adapted for medical use, Food for babies, Dietary supplements
for human and animals, Powdered milk for babies, infants and
children, Food for babies, infants and children, Powdered milk
for pregnant
and nursing women, Powdered milk for young, middle-aged and
elderly people, Powdered milk as nutritional supplements, Liquid
nutritional supplements for humans and animals, Nutritional
additives for use in manufacturing foods, food supplements,
beverages, dairy products and animal foodstuffs, Dietetic food
for pregnant and nursing women, Dietetic beverages for babies,
infants and children, Dietetic beverages for pregnant and nursing
women, Dietetic beverages for young, middle-aged and
elderly people, Medicated baby care products, Medicated
confectionery Class: 5
Milk, Milk beverages, Milk products, Flavored milk drinks and
beverages, Peptido milk, Tea with milk, Dietetic milk and milk
products, Milk-based beverages containing tea, Dietetic beverages
for babies, infants and children with milk, Lactic acid drinks,
Lactic acid bacteria drinks, Cream, Whipped cream, Cheese,
Butter, Buttercream, Margarine, Milk powder, Milk shake,
Condensed milk, Curd milk, Fermented milk, Whey, Powdered
milk for babies, infants and children, Powdered milk for pregnant
and nursing women, Powdered milk for young, middle-aged and
elderly people, Powdered milk as food supplements, Milk drinks
for babies, infants and children, Milk drinks for pregnant and
nursing women, Milk drinks for young, middle-aged and elderly
people, Yoghurt, Yoghurt drinks, Yoghurt-based beverage, Soya
milk (milk substitute) Class: 29
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said
trademarks or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with
according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
for Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki Kaisha
(also trading as Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.)
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

38 World

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Cambodia investigates
mass HIV infection
PRIME minister Hun Sen on December 18 ordered a probe into an apparent mass HIV infection in Cambodia
believed to have been spread by contaminated needles, as the number of
suspected cases passed 100.
Hundreds of panicked residents
of the remote Roka village in western Battambang province flocked for
testing since news of the infections
emerged the previous week, with
health officials saying a total of 106
people may have been infected.
I call for a thorough investigation into the issue, Hun Sen said in
a televised speech, urging tests of the
equipment used to verify the patients
have contracted HIV.
Teams from the kingdoms Ministry
of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS have
been at the site since December 16 to
review the alarmingly high number of
positive results and offer free and voluntary testing.
I urge everyone to stay calm
and avoid listening to or spreading

rumours, Minister of Health Mam

Bunheng said in a statement.
We should also fully respect the
privacy of the affected families and
ensure they do not face stigma and
The outbreak, in the village of
around 800 residents, emerged in late
November when a 74-year-old Roka
man tested positive at a local health
centre for the virus, swiftly followed
by his grand-daughter and son-in-law,
the ministry said.

I urge everyone
to stay calm and
avoid listening to or
spreading rumours.
Mam Bunheng
Cambodoan minister of health

The spotlight then moved to all of

the patients including teenagers of
an unlicensed local doctor, whom villagers suspect of spreading the virus
through contaminated needles.
Local media reports said the selfappointed doctor has been questioned
by police.
Mean Chhi Vun, director of the
Health Ministrys National Center for
HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STDs,
said health experts were doublechecking the results.
We need to do more confirmation
tests, he said.
Cambodia has been widely hailed
for its efforts in tackling HIV/AIDS.
The National AIDS Authority says
the rate of HIV infection among people aged 15 to 49 has declined from 0.6
percent in 2013 to 0.4 percent in 2014.
Currently, Cambodia estimates
more than 73,000 people live with the
The country is aiming for a zeropercent HIV/AIDS infection rate by
2020. AFP


Voting Tamils told to forget the past

SRI Lankas president asked minority
Tamils to forget the past as he campaigned for re-election December 18,
vowing not to allow another uprising
after decades of ethnic war.
President Mahinda Rajapakse, who
is seeking an unprecedented third
term, told a public rally in the former
war zone of Mullaittivu that Tamils
should join him to rebuild the battlescarred region.
He made no reference to allegations that his troops killed some
40,000 Tamil civilians in the final
months of fighting, when the leadership of the Tamil Tiger separatists was
wiped out.
Let us unite. Forget the past. Let
us develop this country together, he
said in an address broadcast live.
We cannot let history repeat in
this country.
Sri Lanka faces a UN-mandated
international probe into war crimes. A
report is expected at the UN Human

Rights Council in March.

The UN has estimated that at least
100,000 people were killed in Sri Lankas separatist war between 1972 and
Mr Rajapakse included a few
lines of Tamil in his address in Mullaittivu, where government forces
fought their final battles with the
separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil
Eelam (LTTE).
Local and foreign rights groups say
despite the end of the war local Tamils
are under constant surveillance in a
region where the military still maintains a high presence.
Tamils account for about 15 percent
of the electorate and could emerge as
king-makers in Januarys presidential
election if the majority Sinhalese are
split between Mr Rajapakse and his
main rival.
The president faces an unexpected challenge from his former health
minister and party general secretary,

Maithripala Sirisena, who, like Mr Rajapakse, is a member of the majority

Sinhalese community.
Mr Rajapakse, 69, was seen as the
favourite when last month he called
the January 8 snap election two years
ahead of schedule.
But Mr Sirisena has emerged as a
formidable opponent after securing
the support of all main opposition
The popularity of Mr Rajapakses
party showed a 21-percentage-point
decline at local elections in September.
Mr Rajapakse has announced hefty
salary increases for public servants,
and drastically reduced water, electricity and fuel prices in the run-up to
the vote.
He has also offered subsidised motorcycles to hundreds of thousands of
public servants and granted free electricity and water to police officers living in official barracks.

40 World

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


As rats run amok, catchers and diners win

A dramatic increase in Vietnams rat population has boosted trappers profits, while fans of rodent meat enjoy the fruits of the catchers labour
GRINNING widely, Tran Quang Thieu
brandishes the days haul: 10 kilograms of rats caught in rice paddies
near Hanoi. A menace to Vietnams
rice crop, the vermin are trapped regularly and sometimes eaten.
In his village of Van Binh, on the
outskirts of Hanoi, Mr Thieu and his
team work night and day in the areas
rice paddies. They estimate 20 percent
of the annual grain crop is lost to hungry rats.
Rice is an essential part of the Vietnamese economy. The communist
country is the worlds second-largest
exporter of the staple grain.
We used to have to accept the loss
of large chunks of our paddies. The
rats destroyed it. It made us wonder
why we bothered working so hard, explains 46-year-old farmer Hoang Thi
Rodents can be a determined enemy, according to the farmers.
Its hard to trap them. Theyre
clever, they move fast and in Vietnam
there are 43 different species of rat to
contend with, Mr Thieu says.
But in 1998, he had a breakthrough.
He invented a new kind of rat trap,
more effective than anything farmers had previously tried, that worked
without bait and relied on extremely
strong springs.
Mr Thieu estimates his traps and
his unique rat hunting methods have
since killed millions of rats.
The agricultural losses caused by

Rat meat is very

oily, like suckling
pig, and very rich in
Do Van Phong
Restaurant diner

Tran Quang Thieu (right), nicknamed Rat King, and farmer Nguyen Huu Binh carry trapped rats in a field on the outskirts
of Hanoi on November 20. Photo: AFP

rats are enormous and these rodents

can cause fires and explosions by
chewing electric cables in houses and
factories, says the septuagenarian.
At least 500,000 hectares of rice
paddy is lost to rats each year, out
of some 7.5 million hectares planted
across Vietnam, said Nguyen Manh
Hung of the Institute of Agricultural
Rats cause hundreds of millions
of dollars of damage, before we even
mention the risk of communicable diseases, he said.
So it is litter surprise that Mr
Thieu, who is known as the Rat King
for the trap that made him a fortune,

is an extremely busy man.

We get requests to come and catch
rats from all over the country but we
cant take them all up, we just dont
have the time, he said.
His five children have all joined
the family business and between them
they now run six specialised companies to trap rats.
Some 30 million of his special traps
have been sold. They are used throughout Vietnam but also further afield in
neighbouring China and Cambodia.
And Mr Thieu doesnt just sell
them to rice farmers either: hes signed
contracts to help hospitals, hotels,
restaurants and schools to extermi-

nate pests, and even the Hanoi police

Once, we trapped some 300 kilos
of rats in just one night at a tourist resort in Hanoi, he said proudly.
Over the last few years, the rat population has exploded in Vietnam due
to a decline in the population of their
natural predators, snakes and cats.
Both serpents and felines are popular delicacies in Vietnam, a country of
some 90 million people. The creatures
widespread consumption, thanks in
part to an increasingly affluent middle
class, has allowed the rat population
to grow unchecked.
For this reason, many local

authorities are encouraging people to

kill rats.
In Thai Binh, just south of Hanoi,
authorities are offering farmers cash
for rat tails: a means of encouraging
them to kill the pests in a simple intervention that protects rice crops without using chemicals.
In addition, rat hunters can also sell
their bounty to restaurants. Paddy rats
are widely consumed in the communist
country, from the Red River Delta in the
north to the countrys rice basket, the
Mekong Delta, in the south.
Some of the rats captured by Mr
Thieu in his traps are sent to restaurants. Others are given to the farmers
whose fields they were caught in, who
either eat them or use them to feed
their pigs or fish.
For a long time weve eaten rat in
Vietnam. Especially since the war
that was when people, mostly farmers,
started eating them for want of other
meat, Mr Thieu said.
Paddy rats, a healthier grain-fed
animal than their city cousins, are
prepared in a variety of ways nationwide depending on the province, often
grilled or steamed with lemongrass.
Rat meat is very oily, like suckling
pig, and very rich in protein, said Do
Van Phong, sitting in a Hanoi restaurant with two large paddy rats on a
plate in front of him.
The dish is popular in Vietnam but
there are no official figures on how
many restaurants serve it. But anecdotal evidence suggests it is widely
consumed. State media reports that
between 3 and 4 tons of paddy rat a
day is imported from neighbouring
Cambodia for the restaurant trade.
According to Phan Phan, a villager
in Dinh Bang district in northern Bac
Ninh province, rat meat has become a
key part of local culture.
Its a common dish. Its good to
eat regularly, especially at family occasions and even weddings. People think
it helps us to escape bad luck. AFP


Junta signs
China rail
link deal
CHINESE premier Li Keqiang was set
to sign agriculture and transport agreements on a visit to Bangkok last week, as
Thailands junta seeks diplomatic support after their coup was given shortshrift by US and European allies.
A dual-track railway through
Thailand, part of a 1400-kilometre
(870-mile) vision of linking Chinas
southwestern hub city of Kunming
with Asias second busiest port of Singapore, will be the centrepiece of Lis
visit, a Thai government spokesperson
Mr Li was due sign a Memorandum
of Understanding with Thai counterpart Prayut Chan-O-Cha, on December 19 that will pave the way for
a joint-venture to build two railway
lines through Thailand.
The largest will cut 734 kilometres through Thailand, from northern
Nong Khai -- which borders Laos to
the vast, coastal industrial estate of
Map Ta Phut, southeast of Bangkok.
The railways are a very important
issue, Yongyuth Mayalarp said.
This is fundamental and will reinforce our cooperation with China.
Construction on the lines will start
next year and be completed by 2022,
he added, without giving a projected
cost for the ambitious infrastructure
link. AFP


NOTICE is hereby given that Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki
Kaisha (also trading as Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.)
a company organized under the laws of the Japan and having its
principal office at 33-1, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
is the Owner and Sole Proprietor of the following trademarks:-


(Reg: No. IV/13888/2014)


(Reg: No. IV/13889/2014)


(Reg: No. IV/13890/2014)

The above three trademarks are in respect of: Ice cream, ice milk, edible ices, ices, pudding, pudding mixes, black
tea [English tea], Japanese green tea, oolong tea [Chinese tea], coffee,
coffee-based beverages, artificial coffee, cocoa, chocolate-based
beverages, sugar, rice, bread, pastry, confectionery, ice candies, ice
bars, ice milk bars, ice cream drinks, sherbets, frozen yoghurt, jelly,
cookies, biscuits, crackers, cones for icecream, chocolate, doughnuts,
honey, instant ice cream mixes, instant sherbet mixes, instant soft
cream mixes, processed food, yeast, spice. - Class:30
Any fraudulent imitation or unauthorized use of the said
trademarks or other infringements whatsoever will be dealt with
according to law.
U Kyi Win Associates
for Morinaga Nyugyo Kabushiki Kaisha
(also trading as Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.)
P.O. Box No. 26, Yangon.
Phone: 372416
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

Gallothai Co., Ltd., a company registered under the laws of
THAILAND, which is located at No.11, Soi Prasertsit, Sukhumvit
49-14 Road, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand,
is the sole owner of the following trademark:

Reg. Nos. 5995/2011, 13197/2014

In respect of Class 29: Milk beverage, nut and nut covered with
sugar or other ingredients.
In respect of Class 30: Cookies, biscuits, chocolate, fruit coats in
chocolate, cakes, mixed coffee beverages, chocolate beverages.
In respect of Class 35: Service for providing food & drink.
Gallothai Co., Ltd. claims the trademark rightand other relevant
Intellectual Property right for the mark as mentioned above.
Gallothai Co., Ltd. reserves the rights to take legal measures
against any infringer who violates its Intellectual Property or other
legal rights in accordance with the concerned laws of the Republic
of the Union of Myanmar.
U Kyi Naing, LL.B., LL.M., (H.G.P.)
For Gallothai Co., Ltd.
Tilleke & Gibbins Myanmar Ltd. No. 1608, 16th Floor,
Sakura Tower, 339 Bogyoke Aung San Road,
Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Email address:
Dated: 22nd December, 2014

42 World

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


US marine goes on trial

for transgender killing
A US Marine accused of murdering
a transgender person in the Philippines appeared in court on December 19 for the first time since the
incident more than two months ago.
Journalists were barred from
the court hearing in the northern
port city of Olongapo, which Private
First Class Joseph Pemberton had
to attend as a procedural matter before the start of his trial.
However lawyers who attended
the hearing and took photos described Mr Pemberton as sitting
quietly while wearing handcuffs in
one corner of the tiny courtroom,
surrounded by burly American security personnel.
After the charge of murder was
read into the court, Mr Pemberton
asked for the arraignment proceedings, in which he would have to give
a plea, to be postponed, court clerk
Gerry Gruspe told reporters.
It was not immediately clear
on what grounds he requested the
delay, but the court granted his
request, and the next hearing was
scheduled for December 22.
The high-profile case has inflamed anti-US feelings in the Philippines and strained diplomatic relations between the longtime allies.
Mr Pemberton was charged with
murder over the death of Jennifer
Laude, 26, also known as Jeffrey,
whose body was found at a cheap
hotel in the red light district of
Olongapo before dawn on October
Mr Pemberton, 19 at the time,
had just finished taking part in USPhilippine military exercises near
Olongapo and had checked into
the hotel with Laude, according to

Marilou Laude (right), sister of victim Jennifer Laude, arrives at court in

Olongapo City, Philippines, on December 19. Photo: AFP

If he is found guilty of murder,

he faces 40 years in jail.
Inside the court on December 19,
the victims sister, Marilou Laude,
said she was trembling with rage as
she saw Mr Pemberton for the first
I wanted to grab his head and
bang it against the wall, Ms Laude
told reporters afterward.
We locked eyes briefly but he
averted his gaze. I think he recognised that Im the sister of Jennifer.
[Mr Pemberton] has such an innocent face. I wanted to ask him why
he wanted my sister dead.
Mr Pemberton was booked and
his mug shot taken before the court
ordered him remanded to the Philippine military headquarters in Manila, according to the court clerk.
Mr Pemberton has been under

American military custody at the

base, after the US government refused to hand custody of him over
to the Philippine authorities.
The US government insists that,
under a 1998 Visiting Forces Agreement, it has a right to retain custody of any American soldier charged
with a crime in the Philippines until
the end of all judicial proceedings.
However the Philippine government has repeatedly demanded for
Mr Pemberton to be handed over,
and expressed disappointment at
the US decision.
The Laude familys lawyer Harry
Roque criticised the detention arrangement, likening it to special
treatment for the American suspect.
He said he has asked the court to
order Mr Pembertons transfer to a
regular Philippine jail. AFP

World 43

Why the Pope

shunned the
Dalai Lama
POPE Francis may be known for
championing dialogue, but faced with
the certainty of riling China, analysts
say, he ducked out of a meeting with
the Dalai Lama.
Sensitivities over the fate of the
Catholic minority in China were
foremost on the popes mind when
he decided against greeting the Tibetan spiritual leader, according to
A spokesperson for the Holy See
confirmed on December 18 that
the pope would not meet the Dalai
Lama, whom the Argentinian pontiff obviously holds ... in very high
regard, despite the Tibetans presence at a meeting in Rome of Nobel
peace laureates.
Francis, an advocate of interfaith
ties, isnt the first pope to wrestle
with the question of whether to grant
an audience to the Tibetan Buddhist
His predecessor Benedict XVI met
the Dalai Lama in 2006 but declined
follow-up visits in 2007 and 2009.
The issue of how to handle Tibet
is of strategic importance for the Vatican.

China is home to several million

Catholics and Protestants, whose freedom of religion is heavily curtailed.
The establishment of diplomatic
relations between China and the Vatican would allow Catholicism in the
worlds most populous nation to flourish.
Since becoming pope, Francis has
given new impetus to the quiet discussions that have been ongoing between
Rome and Beijing since the 1980s.
A meeting with the Dalai Lama
could jeopardise that, given Beijings
known abhorrence of any gesture
of solidarity toward Tibet by other
A spokesperson for the Dalai
Lama said he was disappointed
but acknowledged that a meeting
with the pope could have caused
The Vaticans diplomatic objective
is to avoid actions that fuel instability in already tricky situations and
avoid decisions whose consequences
are paid for by others, in this case,
Chinese Catholics, Andrea Tornielli, a
commentator with the Vatican Insider
website, said.
On his return from a visit to South
Korea in August Francis had ex-

The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama attends a debate entitled Living peace, Preventing Wars on December 13
during the 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Rome. Photo: AFP

pressed a wish to visit China as early

as tomorrow and voiced admiration
for its wise people.
The church only asks for liberty
for its task, for its work theres no
other condition, he said, referring to
Beijings tight control over the countrys official Catholic church.
Chinas Communist leader Mao
cut ties with the Holy See in 1951. The
dialogue resumed after the Cultural
Revolution, under John Paul II.
China has been top priority for the
Vatican ever since. President Xi Jingping and Francis exchanged letters
of congratulation on their respective
elections in 2013.
In September, Argentinas Infobae

news site reported that Francis had

followed up with a letter to Mr Xi,
inviting him to a meeting at the
China has around 12 million Catholics, half of whom are members of
the state-controlled Chinese Patriotic
Catholic Association. The remainder belong to underground churches
that are loyal to the Vatican, although
there is some overlap.
The chief bone of contention between Rome and Beijing is Chinas
policy of consecrating of bishops without the popes approval. In the rest of
the world, bishops are named by the
pontiff. For China, renouncing control over the nominations would mean

relinquishing part of its sovereignty.

Beijing is also wary of the influence
of Western ideas spread by Catholics
and Protestants.
There are two schools of thought in
the Vatican on normalising ties.
One believes that the Vatican
should reach an agreement with China on a less problematic nomination
process, says Regis Anouil, a French
specialist on Asian churches.
The other fears that China would
twist any agreement in its favour.
The pro-democracy movement in
Hong Kong, which has been backed by
two local cardinals, is likely to dampen any vague desire China had to relax
its grip on religion. AFP

44 World

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Umbrella ban puts dampener

on Xis Macau casino visit
PRESIDENT Xi Jinping visited a drizzly Macau on
December 19 for the 15th anniversary of the gambling hubs return to Chinese rule, with onlookers
barred from using umbrella: the emblem of democracy protests in nearby Hong Kong.
The two-day trip to the former Portuguese
enclave comes just days after Hong Kong police
cleared the last of three camps where protesters
had spent nearly three months demanding free
leadership elections for the city.
Mr Xis visit is an opportunity to drive home the
message that the semi-autonomous territory needs
to diversify away from casinos, which have seen
revenues dive owing to a national anti-corruption
drive and a stuttering economy.
But in the spirit of Hong Kongs Occupy movement which gripped the city from late September,
hundreds of pro-democracy protesters were planning a march the following day from Macaus historic city centre.
Authorities were on guard on December 19 for
signs of dissent, with reporters on the airport tarmac waiting for Mr Xi not allowed to hold umbrellas, and handed raincoats instead.
They said you couldnt open umbrellas at the
airport because it would affect the flights, a Hong
Kong-based reporter who was among up to 40
journalists at the scene told AFP.
Another reporter said airport authorities had
explained it was too windy to safely unfurl an
umbrella. The umbrella became a symbol of the
Hong Kong democracy movement after protesters
used them to shield themselves from police pepper spray.
And despite the light rain, no one in the official
receiving party used them either.
I believe that under the one-country-two-systems and the Basic Law, Macau definitely will be
increasingly stable and better as time passes, the
leader told reporters after stepping off the plane,
referring to the territorys semi-autonomous status.
Several Hong Kong activists including veteran lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung were report-

They said you couldnt

open umbrellas at the
aiport because it would
affect the flights.
Hong Kong reporter

A man looks at a quilt with the image of a yellow umbrella a symbol of the pro-democracy protests in Hong
Kong on a blockaded road in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong on December 14. Photp: AFP

edly turned back at Macaus ferry terminal as

they held up yellow umbrellas and a large yellow banner which read I want real universal suffrage, have you received the message, Xi
Macau is the only part of China where casino
gambling is legal, and after the sector was opened
up to foreign competition in 2002 it became a paradise for high rollers, overtaking Las Vegas as the
worlds gaming capital in terms of revenue.
But casinos saw their worst drop ever in October, plunging 23 percent to 28.025 billion patacas
(US$3.51 billion) compared to the same month last
year, as Chinas big spenders are hit by the graft
crackdown, as well as a slumping mainland economy.
Earlier this month a top Chinese official for
Hong Kong and Macau, Li Fei, warned the territory to reconsider its dependence on gambling in
the interests of the nation.
Mr Xis message would be that the territory
must not rely on casinos which have become safe

havens for corrupt mainland officials, said Hong

Kong-based political analyst Sonny Lo.
Beijing is already clamping down on illicit
funds channelled from the mainland through Macaus casinos, according to reports.
Chinas Ministry of Public Security will be given access to all transfers through the state-backed
China UnionPay bank payment card to identify
suspicious transactions, the South China Morning
Post said this week, citing unnamed sources.
Macaus current chief executive Fernando Chui,
like Hong Kongs leader, chosen by a pro-Beijing
committee, was due to be officially inaugurated by
Mr Xi at a December 20 ceremony after being selected for a second term in August.
Senior Beijing officials have recently praised
Macau as a shining example of one country, two
systems, in comments seen as a veiled warning
against Hong Kong-style civil disobedience.
Mr Xis visit will send a message indirectly to
Hong Kong that the Macau model of political development is to be followed, said Mr Lo. AFP


THE Thai junta said last week that
it will hunt fugitives wanted under the kingdoms strict royal defamation law, vowing to press foreign
governments to hand over suspects
seeking sanctuary abroad.
Rights groups say cases breaching Article 112 of the penal code,
which protects the monarchy from
criticism, have surged since the May
coup as the military burnishes its
reputation as the defender of the
royal family.
Junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha,
who is also prime minister, has said
scores of people are living outside
the country to evade legal processes
including charges of lese majeste
,each count of which carries up to 15
years in jail.
On December 17 one of his deputies said Thailand will contact the
countries they have fled to without
naming the nations.
Lese majeste suspects are known
to be in France and the United Kingdom among other nations.
We will hunt and arrest all of
these suspects, Prawit Wongsuwan
told reporters.
We want to explain to foreign
countries that these people have
breached an article of Thai law that
qualifies them for extradition, Mr
Prawit, who is also defence minister,
We focus on violators of Article
112 because these people have a bad
attitude towards the monarchy, he
said, adding that the issue is crucial.
Mr Prawit said Thai officials are
also searching for those responsible
for a rumour that caused the Thai
stock market to tank 9 percent in
early trading on December 15.

We want to explain
to foreign countries
that these people
have breached an
article of Thai law
that qualifies them
for extradition.
Prawit Wongsuwan
Thai defence minister

His boss, Prime Minister Prayut,

on December 16 said false rumours
about the health of Thailands King
Bhumibol Adulaydej, 87, were behind the slump, which corrected itself by the close of trading.
The ailing Thai king has spent the
last few months in hospital and has
undergone surgery to remove his gall
The revered monarch cancelled a
scheduled annual appearance for his
birthday on December 5.
On December 15 the palace issued
a statement saying his overall health
was improving.
Thailand is beset by anxiety over
his health and the future of the kingdom once his reign ends. With fears
his demise will send the country into
further political crisis.
Critics say the lese majeste law is
increasingly targeting political opponents of the royalist Bangkok-based
establishment, who broadly supported Mr Prayuts power grab from an
elected government in May. AFP






THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Not for


EMOTE and mountain-girded, its only thoroughfare

the Kaladan River, Paletwa township is home to one
of Chin States 50-plus ethnic groups, the Khumi.
Reformers say Paletwas economic backwardness is
matched by dated attitudes towards women.
Now they want to bring to this remote area something of the
political wind of change now sweeping through the rest of the
Khumi people the majority of whom are Christian
believe women are inferior to men, and as a result, women
face discrimination throughout their lives, according to
campaigner Mai Aung Ma Phyu, secretary of the Khumi Womens
According to Khumi culture, when a daughter marries she
is no longer related to her parents. Daughters are not entitled to
inherit from their families and their parents dont send them to
school, said Mai Aung Ma Phyu.
We have to work a lot harder than men, yet in their eyes
our position is inferior. Some women are confined to the kitchen
because they lack knowledge and qualifications, she added.
In 2005, the Khumi Womens Organisation, devoted to
protecting Khumi women from discrimination and improving
their access to health and education, started providing gender
training to Khumi women to help them understand their rights.
We deliver the training to open their eyes. They learn about
the discrimination they face and come to feel that they can be free
of it. The training is not only about our rights, but also how we

can maintain our language, literature and traditional culture, she

The organisation which plans to participate in the 2015
election to elect a member of parliament to represent Khumi
women believes that the training has the potential to stamp out
discrimination against women by 2020.

Human beings
dont have a price
Mai Aung Ma Phyu
We would like men to attend the training as well because
some uneducated men still hold old-fashioned views about
women, said Mai Aung Ma Phyu.
One Khumi tradition is a-thwin kyay, which requires a groom
to pay his brides parents a marriage settlement. The parents, who
set the amount, will not permit the marriage if the groom cannot
pay the requested a-thwin kyay. Some parents ask for as much

as K3 million, a practice that encourages the community to view

women for their market value.
When parents set a-thwin kyay their daughters become like
goods to be traded. Human beings dont have a price, said Mai
Aung Ma Phyu.
The Khumi Culture Research Organisation says it plans to set
a maximum settlement amount in its revision of local laws, which
date back to 1947, in order to protect women.
A-thwin kyay is part of our traditional culture, so we have to
include it in Khumi law to maintain that culture, said U Hla Win,
one of those responsible for updating the law. But we will set the
amount between K100,000 and K1 million. And were updating
the inheritance law to ensure women and men have the same
U Hla Win said the revised law would be submitted to hluttaw
for approval next year. Discrimination against women is not as
bad as it was before, but it will take time for women to have the
same rights as men, he said.
Middle-school teacher Daw Thein Bi said Khumi culture had
discriminated against girls for generations. A daughter will leave
to get married and a son will stay and look after his parents. So
parents dont send their daughters to school, she said. Some
educated parents dont demand much a-thwin kyay and leave
inheritance to their daughters. But in the more remote villages,
women suffer discrimination, she said.
I didnt take a-thwin kyay. My father, who works in a primary
school, said that its the same as selling a human.


the pulse 47

Photos: Thiri Lu

In a remote
corner of Chin
State, women are
standing up against
generations of

48 the pulse

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

American sculptor honours U Win Tin

I could
imagine how
they felt when
they put their
hands on the
as if they had
returned to
their home
Jim McNalis
Sculptor Jim McNalis used soil from Myanmar to create the bust of late journalist U Win Tin. Photo: Thiri Lu

Zon Pann Pwint

HE clay bust of late

journalist U Win Tin
reveals much of his inner
self. Its expression one of
stubbornness and courage
is one that was often worn on the
old mans wrinkled face.
Created by sculptor Jim McNalis
former art director for Walt
Disney in his studio in Florida,
the sculpture of U Win Tin is one
of a series of sculptures he calls
Democracy Heroes of Burma. Last
week, McNalis visited Yangon where
he presented the artwork to the Pen
Myanmar Center, a branch of the
non-government organisation Pen
When I was kid, I read books and
watched movies about heroes. As I
grew up in United States, my heroes
were cowboys. They beat the bad guys
and saved the good guys. As a kid, I
thought there was some remarkable
race of humans that were just born
heroes, McNalis said at the sculpture
presentation ceremony on December 11.

As I grow older and have more

experience of life, Ive come to realise
that there is no special breed of
people and that real heroes are not
perfect human beings. U Win Tin
spent almost 20 years in prison. He
experienced isolation, torture and
mistreatment. He refused to bow to
pressure and persisted in his search
for democracy. He is the kind of
remarkable person we should be
aware of, he said.
U Win Tin, a prominent
democracy activist and veteran
journalist, was known for his derisive
criticism of Myanmars military
government. A senior member of
the National League for Democracy
(NLD), he spent 19 years in prison
from 1989 to 2008. U Win Tins
book, Lu Ng Ye (Human Hell), a
collection of short stories about the
inhumane treatment of the political
prisoners in Insein prison, is famous
throughout Myanmar. After he was
released from prison, U Win Tin
suffered severe health problems as a
result of being tortured and having
a poor diet during his incarceration.
He died of kidney disease this year
on April 21.

We have a lot of books about U

Win Tin at the centres office. But the
presence of his sculpture will make
us feel as if he is with us, said writer
Nay Phone Latt, secretary of Pen
After resigning from Walt Disney
in 1989, Jim McNalis accidentally
stumbled into a refugee camp in Mae
Sot, Thailand, during a trip to Southeast Asia. What he saw in the camp
sparked a two-decade-long interest in
Myanmar and its people.
I frequently heard the name Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi. She was not wellknown throughout the world at that
time. I thought my first sculpture in
this Democracy Heroes of Burma
series would be Daw Aung San Suu
Kyi, McNalis said.
Alongside U Win Tin and Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi, the series includes
sculptures of Min Ko Naing, an artist,
writer and well-known leader of
the 88 Generation students group,
comedian and former political
prisoner Zaganar, Mandalays famous
comedic trio the Moustache Brothers,
and Dr Cynthia Maung, the founder
of the Mae Tao clinic which provides
free medical service to refugees and

migrant workers from Myanmar.

All of the sculptures in the series
were worked from Italian terracotta.
However, whilst working on his first
sculpture of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
McNalis decided to make an unusual
addition to the clay.
When I was in Bagan years ago I
got back to my guesthouse and I had
accidentally got some soil stuck in my
pants. I put it in a plastic bag rather
than dumping it. When I moved to
another location, I remembered the
plastic bag and began collecting soil
samples. I did it spontaneously but I
had nothing in mind, he said.
McNalis collected soil from
Bagan, Mandalay hill, the banks of
the Ayeyarwady River and the areas
surrounding Shwedagon Pagoda and
New University Avenue.
When I got into my studio, I
started on my first sculpture Daw
Aung San Suu Kyi and I decided
I was going to mix the soil with the
clay, he said.
McNalis whose other projects
include sculptures of North Korean
leader Kim Jong-il and Russian
president Vladimir Putin unveiled
the sculpture of Daw Aung San

Suu Kyi at the National Coalition

Government of the Union of Burmas
office in Washington, DC. Before
revealing his artwork, McNalis
explained to the audience many of
whom were from Myanmar that
he had used soil from Myanmar to
create it.
I could imagine how they felt
when they put their hands on the
sculpture they felt as if they had
returned to their home country. I
continued using the soil and every
time I visited Myanmar, I collected
soil from all over the place, he said.
It took McNalis three months
to sculpt Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
because, the now Nobel-laureate not
being well-known at the time, he
found it difficult to get references for
the artwork. He learnt about her by
reading her books Voice of Hope and
Freedom from Fear. In contrast, it
took him only a week to complete U
Win Tins sculpture as he knew him
very well.
These sculptures are different
from any kinds of sculptures I do,
he said. They are generated by my
respect for these people and the
admiration they inspire.

the pulse 49

Myanmars far
north: The final
Despite ethnic conflict and environmental
causes-for-concern, could the future
of eco-tourism in Myanmar lie in the
unexplored region of Kachin State?
Amaury Lorin

largely focusing on
environmental protection,
community involvement,
poverty alleviation and
balanced management of both
natural and cultural heritage can
be a powerful tool for sustainable
development if travellers and operators
make informed choices. This is
perhaps more crucial in Myanmar than
anywhere else in the world. Myanmars
place as a latecomer in the global
tourist market is a historic chance
for the country. Learning from the
successes and failures of established
tourist destinations, the country has an
opportunity to avoid making many of
the same mistakes.
Rich in natural resources, fauna
and flora, Kachin State Myanmars
northernmost territory offers fantastic
biodiversity and huge nature-based ecotourism opportunities. Although the
states capital city, Myitkyina, presents
no particular charm, Indawgyi Lake
to the south and Putao to the north
provide good examples of eco-tourism
initiatives that have the potential for
national scale expansion.
Environmental experts have recently
warned that Shan States iconic Inle
Lake could disappear within a century
due to overexploitation by the tourism
industry if conservation efforts are not
dramatically scaled up. By contrast, a
community-based eco-tourism project
was launched in June at Indawgyi Lake,
securing its status as a birdwatchers
Myanmars largest natural lake
and one of the largest inland lakes
in Southeast Asia, Indawgyi Lake

is a fragile wetland eco-system.

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary
was established in 1999 over a total
area of around 780 square kilometres
(300 square miles). Extraordinary rich
birdlife including several species of
gulls, geese, ducks, kingfishers, cranes,
watercocks, darters, egrets, herons,
ibis and pelicans can be seen, most
of which are protected by Myanmar
law. Elephants, tigers, leopards, bears
and gaurs are also protected by the
In an announcement last June,
Flora and Fauna International
(FFI) the worlds first international
conservation organisation along with
Myanmars Ministry of Environmental
Conservation and Forestry, and the
Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, said,
Creating a responsible, sustainable
tourism strategy that involved and
engaged local communities could
prevent mistakes that have been made
during the development of other
regions including Inle Lake that
can lead to serious environmental
This program can help to support
everyone who lives here and is a good
example for other communities in the
country, Deputy Minister for Hotels
and Tourism Sai Kyaw Ohne added.
Last year, FFI created a community
group that goes by the name of Inn
Chit Thu, or Lovers of Indawgyi. The
group aims to support local livelihoods
through the development of ecotourism. Village youths were trained in
eco-tourist practices and provided with
kayaks and mountain bikes to rent to
tourists who want to explore the lake
and its surrounding forests.
While the lake is visited by both
local and foreign tourists, the number
of visitors though increasing
remains small.

Photo: Amaury Lorin

One of the largest inland lakes in Southeast Asia, Indawgyi Lake is home to a diverse array of bird and wildlife.

Creating a
responsible tourism
strategy could
prevent mistakes
that have been
made during the
development of
other regions
Flora and Fauna
Indawgyi Lake is still in a pristine
state with thousands of migratory
birds arriving each winter from Siberia,
turning the lake into a heaven for
birdwatchers and nature tourists, a FFI
spokesperson said.
Surrounded by snow-capped
mountains, Putao in the north
makes a fantastic base for trekking.
In addition to Myanmars highest
mountain,Hkakabo Razi, travellers can
explore Putaos forested canyons and
pristine waterfalls.
Remote and unspoiled, Putao
remains one of the least explored
regions of Myanmar and is virtually
untouched by modern development.
Several threatened species of mammals
have been recorded there such as the
red panda and the Asiatic black bear.

High levels of endemism have earned

it recognition as a conservation hotspot
and an outstanding global eco-region.
A modest Environment Educational
Center was set up in Putao in 1993 by
the Wildlife Conservation Society, an
American science-based NGO. Research
conducted by the centre has led to the
discovery of several new species of
wildlife and plants in the region.
However, several dark clouds
continue to cast a shadow over this
remote idyll.
Despite attempts to bring peace
to the region, the long-standing
conflict that has ravaged Kachin State
continues. A new outbreak of violence
between the Kachin Independence
Army and the Myanmar military
erupted in 2011.
In addition, despite being home to
the majority of Myanmars jade mines,
this precious resource has only added
to the regions woes. Experts estimate
that the country hosts the worlds
largest and most valuable jade mines,
and most of the jade stones extracted
in Myanmar come from Kachin State.
The boom in Myanmars jade industry
is linked to an insatiable demand for
precious stones among the evergrowing Chinese middle class.
Locally, the industry has had an
enormously harmful impact misery,
violence, corruption and heroin
addiction. Military checkpoints strictly
control the road leading to the heavily
protected mines, where the conditions
of those involved in extraction are
reported to be extremely harsh.
The construction of a huge
hydroelectric dam in Myitsone has
also brought controversy. Myanmars
former military government signed
an agreement in 2006 with the China
Power Investment Cooperation (CPIC)
to build the dam. When completed

it will measure 152 metres (around

500 feet) high and the total electricity
produced will be sold to China, with
no benefit to Myanmar citizens. In
addition, the dams construction will
displace around 15000 people and
submerge dozens of villages.
Despite these serious causes for
concern, the recent creation of a
national-level tourism committee,
whose first meeting was held last April
in Nay Pyi Taw, is a hopeful new step
for the country. The tourism sector is
designated as a priority in Myanmars
national export strategy, and tourist
arrivals in Myanmar increased to 2.04
million in 2013 a good reason to be
optimistic that tourism will play a key
role in the countrys future.
What remains to be seen, is whether
the enormous eco-tourism potential
will be fulfilled.

Getting there: Both Myitkyina and

Putao are served by airports, with
several flights per week departing
from Yangon and Mandalay. The
Mandalay-Myitkyina railroad is
another picturesque, worthwhile,
but much longer option (24-30
hours). Indawgyi Lake can be
reached from Hopin by road only.
Road travel can be a problematic
during the rainy season.
Where to stay: Indawa Guesthouse
offers three basic rooms in Lonton
(Indawgyi Lake, US$10 per night
per person). Putao Trekking House
has four simple but lovely wooden
bungalows set in a charming
garden surrounded by grapefruit
trees (US$50 per person per night

50 the pulse

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


december 22 - 28
Got an event?
List it in Whats On!


A billboard for the film The Interview is displayed in California on December 19.
Sony has canceled the release of the film after a hacking scandal that exposed
sensitive internal Sony communications. Photo: AFP/Getty/Christopher Polk

China state media slams North

Korea parody film as arrogant

hinese state media

slammed the irreverent
movie at the centre of a
cyber-attack on a Hollywood
studio as senseless cultural
arrogance on December 20, adding it
was wrong for American film makers
to mock North Korean leader Kim
The comments came as the United
States warned North Korea would face
retaliation for the hacking of Sony
Pictures over a movie that infuriated
Pyongyang, which counts China as its
key ally.
The film, The Interview, is a madcap
comedy about a CIA plot to assassinate
The Interview, which makes fun
of the leader of an enemy of the US, is
nothing to be proud of for Hollywood
and US society, Chinas Global Times
newspaper, which has links to the
ruling Communist Party, said in an
Americans always believe they
can jab at other countries leaders just
because they are free to criticise or
make fun of their own state leaders, it
No matter how the US society looks
at North Korea and Kim Jong-un, Kim

is still the leader of the country. The

vicious mocking of Kim is only a result
of senseless cultural arrogance.
Sony has cancelled the release
in the face of chilling threats from
anonymous hackers said to be
linked to North Korea who invoked
the 9/11 attacks in threatening
cinemas screening the film.
The editorial in the Global Times,
which is owned by the official
Communist Party mouthpiece the
Peoples Daily, also called for the US to
show some good manners instead of
being too aggressive.
China has for decades been
North Koreas closest ally and biggest
trading partner, though ties have been
strained in recent years by Pyongyangs
continuation of nuclear tests.
Beijing on December 19 criticised
a call by the United Nations for
North Korea to be referred to the
International Criminal Court over
its human rights record, including a
massive system of labour camps.
China has become a key export
market for Hollywood films, leading
to accusations that US studios avoid
themes which could be seen as critical
of the countrys authoritarian political
system. AFP

Dec 19-22 Creators Images Art

Exhibition. Artwork by Win Pe Myint,
Bogalay Htay Lwin and others. The Yangon
Gallery, Peoples Park, Ahlone Road
Dec 15-Jan 15 The Final Exhibit.
Featuring more than 100 paintings and
illustrations by 21 Myanmar artists across
different mediums (oil, acrylics and watercolours). Gallery 65, 65, Yaw Min Gyi Road
Dec 23 Gallery conversation and drinks.
Pansodan Gallery, 289 Pansodan Street,
Kyaukada 7pm-late


Start times at Mingalar (1, 2), Top Royal,

Shae Shaung (1,2) and Nay Pyi Taw
cinemas are 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
and 8pm.
Start times at Junction Square and Maw
Tin are 10am, 1pm and 4pm daily and
7pm and 9:30pm on Friday and Saturday.
Start times at Mingalar San Pya are 10am,
12:30pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm and 9:30pm.
Nay Pyi Taw Cinema, near Sule Pagoda
Penguins of Madagascar. Directed by
Simon J Smith and Erin Darnell. 3D
computer animated, science-fiction
Rise of the Legend. Directed by Chow Hin
Yeung Roy. Hong Kong-Chinese martial
arts film.
Exodus: Gods and King. Directed by
Ridlely Scott. Biblical inspired epic.
Mingalar Cinema 2, Dagon Center 2,
Exodus:Gods and King.
Shae Shaung Cinema, Sule Pagoda
Road, Kyauktada
O.T. Ghost Overtime. Directed by Isara
Nadee. Thai horror thriller.


Jessabelle. Directed by Kevin Greutert.

American horror film.
Junction Square Cineplex, Kamaryut
Intersteller. Directed by Christopher
Nolan. Science fiction film starring
Matthew McConaughey.
The Hobbit. Directed by Peter Jackson.
Epic fantasy adventure film with 3D
Junction Mawtin, Lanmadaw
Mingalar San Pya Cineplex, Phone Gyi
Street and Anawrahta, Lanmadaw
Penguins of Madagascar.
O.T. Ghost Overtime.


Dec 22 Monday Blues. Mojo Bar, 135 Inya

Road, Bahan, 9:30pm-11:30pm
Dec 24 Iron Cross concert. Popular

rockers Lay Phyu, Ah Nge, Myo Gyi and

Wine Wine will perform. Peoples Park,
corner of Ahlone Rd and Pyay Road.
Tickets can be purchased from The Sun
Music, Ko Ko Beauty Salon (Dagon
Center) or by calling 1886 from December
15. Tickets cost K30,000 (includes an Iron
Cross t-shirt), K20,000 or K10,000. 7-11pm
Dec 25 The new age of Hip Hop. Ar-T,Gtone, J-me, Ki Ki Kyaw Zaw, Nge Nge,
Sandi Myint Lwin, X-Box, Yan Yan Chan
and Jouk Jack will perform. Botataung
Jetty. Tickets can be purchased at Mojo,
Ginki Kids, Sport Bar 1 (Mya Yeik Nyo),
Brave Bar, Zephyr, Escape, Union Bar,
Vista Bar, Ice Bar, 50st Bar, Friendship,
Shwe Li 1, Shwe Li 2, Yu Nan 1 and Yu
Nan 2. 6pm
Dec 25 Lin Lins Orchestra concert. Sky
Star Hotel , 51/B/1 E, Horse Race Course
Rd, Tarmwe township (near ILBC School).
For tickets contact 01201150/018619191.
Dec 25 Folk on Fire with LNR Band.
Mojo, 135 Inya Road, Bahan 9.30pm
Dec 31 Live Music. Thiripyitsaya Sky
Bistro, 20th Floor, Sakura Tower 7-10pm


Dec 24 Salsa night. Salud Restaurant, No

7(C) Ground Floor, Wingabar Road, Bahan
Dec 25-26 Christmas book sale. A
stunning collection of over 200 different
Christmas books. Bookworm Books,
2nd floor, Waizayantar Orange Shopping
Centre, Waizayantar Road, Thingangyun
Left your Christmas dinner planning to
the last minute? Let someone else do
the hard work for you. Check out our
pick of Yangons best festive feasts on
page 54.

World 51

A world of their own

At the autism day-care centre in Tarmwe, children get a special
kind of education
Chit Su

N the tiny room behind the

curtain, there is scarcely space
for the child and her teacher. But
at this school, every child is in
his or her own space, and each
has his or her own teacher.
Its because they live in their own
world, and its difficult to get their
attention, said U Nay Htun, secretary
of the Myanmar Autism Association,
which runs the school.
We curtain off these tiny study
spaces. One teacher teaches one child,
otherwise they wont learn, he said.

The school, in Tarmwe township,

is free a rare feature in the world of
learning-disability education. Parents
depend on it heavily. And teachers
are valued for their patience.
Most people think autism is a
form of mental disability, but it isnt.
Some are more intelligent in some
ways than normal people, said U
Nay Htun.
Autism is divided into three levels.
In the first, people can do almost
everything for themselves. Secondlevel sufferers can do far less, and
those at the third level are often
violent and incapable of performing
routine tasks like taking a shower.

Children learn through play at the autism day-care centre. Photo: Yu Yu

Autistic children can be helped by

practice. Some can learn like other
children, said U Nay Htun.
The school uses special
techniques for teaching autistic
children such as speech and
language therapy, music therapy,
art therapy, occupational therapy,
and writing skills. Children attend
the school twice a week for two
hours at a time, and lessons are
focused around improving individual
skills, learning to work with others,
physical exercise and storytelling.
Children learn though playing,
singing and dancing.
Most autistic children are late

Teachers at the autism day-care centre in Tarmwe township work one-to-one with
autistic children. Photo: Yu Yu

speakers, isolated from others

at school. It affects sufferers
differently some are hyperactive,
others extremely quiet. All are
difficult to teach. Sometimes
parents are unaware of the
syndrome and autistic children are
often left undiagnosed. As a result,
they fail to receive the help they
My friends, the parents of an
autistic child, didnt know he had
the syndrome. When they found out,
they couldnt accept it. They said he
could master difficult words, said U
Nay Htun.
One of Daw San San Myints
three children suffers from autism.
She said she thought he was just
like any other child, though she
eventually took him to a speech
therapist who told her her son was
not normal.
I was very sad and I cried day
and night. But finally, he is my son,
so I accepted it, she said.
At primary school, exhausted
teachers sent him home because he
was hyperactive. Finally, Daw San
San Myint sent her son to a special
school for children with disabilities.
Some parents dont dare
to show their autistic children
in public. But there is nothing
shameful about it. This is how they
were born, she said.
In Myanmar, where there is
less awareness about autism, some

Most people
think autism is a
form of mental
but it isnt
U Nay Htun
parents even resort to spiritual
cures. But autism is not a disease; it
can be neither caught nor cured.
The Myanmar Autism
Association (MAA), opened in 2011,
has run the autism day-care centre
since 2013 and promotes awareness
about the syndrome around the
country. Funding depends on
donor support, which supplies the
K40,000 required for a teachers
monthly salary.
According to a 2014 World
Autism Day announcement, one
child in 68 is autistic, and there are
67 million sufferers throughout the

52 World

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

Living well in Myanmar

Watch out for kids

who watch too much

ART of every Well Child

checkup in my clinics in
Yangon and California
is talking to kids and
parents about healthy
lifestyle. This of course includes
eating well, getting lots of exercise,
and using safety equipment like
helmets and seat belts whenever
possible. It also includes a
discussion on screen time and how
much of it is felt to be healthy for
growing children.
Screen time refers to the total
number of hours that a child spends
per day looking at a TV, computer,
tablet, telephone, etc. Doctors
and pediatric counsellors have
become increasingly concerned
over recent years with the amount
of a kids day is taken up by staring
at technological devices. The
fear is that more time spent with
movies and games means less
time spent engaging in physical
activities and creative play. For
their mental, physical, social,
and emotional development kids
need dedicated time for problem
solving, communicating with
others, developing and pursuing
ideas, and using their bodies to
promote neurological development.
All of these critical activities get
compromised by excessive hours in

front of TVs and computers.

So how much time is too much
time? While medical research hasnt
arrived at a definitive safe number
for hours in front of a screen, we
are starting to benefit from an
increasing number of studies that
highlight poor health outcomes
for kids that watch too much TV.
In addition, professional pediatric
societies now feel comfortable
taking an official stance on screen
time and making parenting
Although most of the research
conducted to date shows an
association rather than causality
between screen time and poor
outcomes later in life, the results
are nevertheless startling. For
example, a 2014 study published
in the Journal of the American
Medical Association looked at 3600
European children at age 2 through
to 6 and found that children
exposed to more media were
twice as likely to have emotional
problems and poor family
functioning three years later. This
supports an older study published
in Pediatrics which found that, for
every hour of television watched
by a child between the ages 1-3,
there was a 9 per cent increase in a
diagnosis of ADHD at 7 years old.
Furthermore, an analysis of 9-10year-old girls performed in 2011
found screen time to be associated
with poor self-esteem. Finally, a
study from New Zealand in 2013
concluded that the more television
we watch as children the more
likely we are to have a criminal
record, a diagnosis of antisocial

personality disorder, or more

aggressive personality traits as an
adult. Ouch!
The American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) has released
guidelines suggesting that children
under 2 years old do not have any
screen time and that older children
be limited to 2 hours per day. They
arrived at this recommendation
after reviewing evidence that shows
TV watching leads to weight gain
and thereby increases the lifetime
risk of diabetes, heart disease and
cancer. Unfortunately the United
States may have some work to do in
achieving this goal as the average
American spends 5 hours per day
watching TV and 50 per cent of
infants watch TV daily.
On the other hand, the AAP
concluded that young children who
ate dinner with their families, got
adequate sleep, and had limited
screen time had a 40% lower
occurrence of obesity. This reinforces
the general message doctors should
feel obligated to pass on to their
patients during consultations:
In addition to eating well and
exercising, children require sufficient
time to explore their social and
physical environments which cant
be achieved in front of a screen.
Christoph Gelsdorf is an American
Board of Family Medicine physician
who sees patients in Yangon and
California ( He
is a member of the General Practitioner
Society of the Myanmar Medical
Association. Reader thoughts and
questions are welcomed.


Vatican shuts down scrollmakers

The Global Gossip

miss South africa crowned miss

miss South Africa, 22-year-old rolene

Strauss, was crowned miss World 2014
at the contests glitzy final in London on
December 14, with an estimated billion
viewers watching on television around
the globe.
miss Hungary, edina Kulcsar, was
judged the runner-up and miss United
States, elizabeth Safrit, came third in
the 64th annual competition, contested
by women from 121 countries.
medical student Strauss clasped
her hands together in surprise and was
crowned by the outgoing miss World,
megan Young of the Philippines, to huge
cheers in Londons exceL exhibition
South Africa this is for you, Strauss
said. I think I will brace myself for
whats about to happen. Its a huge
Miss South Africa, Rolene Strauss,
is crowned Miss World at the 2014
She said she wanted to help spread
pageant in London on December 14.
education in her homeland and thereby
Photo: AFP/Leon Neal
help other people realise their dreams.
I am what I am today because
of the opportunities I have received and I would love to give others the same
opportunities the opportunity to be educated, to make healthy choices and also
to live their dreams, Strauss said.
Strauss is the third South African miss World, the country having held the title
in 1958 and 1974.
Venezuela tops the all-time leader board with six titles, ahead of India and the
United Kingdom with five titles each.

hungarian Roma sues
Beyonce over smash hit

US actress Cameron Diaz poses

for pictures during a photocall
for the film Annie on December
16 in central London.
Photo: AFP/Ben Stansall

JEan-LouiS dE La VaiSSiERE
RINO Pensa and son have been
making papal parchments for
decades, crafting hand-painted
blessing scrolls in Italy which are
purchased by the faithful around
the world to celebrate marriages,
baptisms and anniversaries.
But with the Vatican cracking
down on the business amid reports
of fake parchments being peddled to
unwitting tourists for pricey sums, the
family studio in the heart of Rome is
being forced to close with hundreds
of artisans at risk of losing their jobs.
Calligraphers and painters will
have to lay down their tools on
December 31, as Pope Francis tries
to ensure the Churchs apostolic
benedictions, which were first issued
about 100 years ago under Pope Leo
XIII, raise as much money as possible
for the poor.
Instead of being made by hand,
the parchments will be computer
prints produced by the Vaticans
Office of Papal Charities, which the
popes almoner, Archbishop Konrad
Krajewski, says will cut costs, stamp
out fakes and raise more for charity.
The decision has sparked anger
among artisans who point out that
Francis usually prides himself on
defending workers rights and has
railed against a world obsessed with
If Pope Francis really wanted to
be honest he would say that blessings
can be neither bought nor sold, said
Sabina Turtura, head of a movement

Italian Tiziana Sereni pastes a picture of Pope Francis on a papal parchment in

the Rino Pensa workshop in Rome on December 12. Photo: AFP/Alberto Pizzoli

to defend the papal parchment

Instead, the Vaticans saying
greater profits equal more charity,
which is not very Christian, she said.
On wide desks covered in bottles
of inks, tubes of paint and stickers
of a smiling Francis, Romes artisans
race to finish the last orders, carefully
penning in the name of recipients on
scrolls framed by brightly coloured
Vatican emblems or depictions of
biblical scenes.
The parchments were
traditionally sold for between 7 and
25 euros (US$8.60-$30) in shops in
the Borgo neighbourhood around
the tiny city state, to be shown off at
weddings in Montevideo, priesthood
ordinations in Manila or a 100th

birthday party in Paris.

Paolo Pensa started working with
his father Rino as a teenager and
Pensa senior, now 92, still plays an
active role in the family business, 65
years after setting up shop.
The Vatican sent us a letter which
said that from January 1 they will be
the only ones authorised to produce
these parchments. Ill be out of a job,
as will the seven people who work
with me, he said.
The Vatican has been embarrassed
in the past by cases of fake
parchments selling for over 50 euros
in the popes name, such as the one
with John Paul IIs blessing for the
French far-right National Front
partys former leader Jean-Marie Le
Pen. AFP

Actor Brad Pitt arrives for the US

premiere of Universal Pictures
Unbroken on December 15 at
the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood,
California. Photo: AFP /Robyn

A Hungarian singer from the roma

community is suing beyonce over the
smash hit Drunk in Love, saying
the superstar sampled a folk tune
without permission.
The song, off beyonces Grammynominated self-titled album, begins
with an eastern-sounding cappella
voice that gradually fades out after
around 40 seconds as a pop beat,
keyboards and beyonces voice come
In a lawsuit filed in a New York
court on December 16, monika
Juhasz miczura who performs
under the name mitsou said that
the snippet was a digitally altered
version of her 1995 recording of
bajba, bajba Pelem, a song that
she learned from her grandmother.
mitsou claims that the song
was traditional to the roma, also
known as Gypsies, and was about
hopelessness, when one can no
longer trust anyone but her own
mother and God. by contrast,
Drunk In Love features beyonce
and her rapper husband Jay-Z
singing of their marital bliss.
The lawsuit said that beyonce
and Jay-Z did not seek permission
and exploited the roma song to
evoke foreign eroticism alongside the
sexually intense lyrics.
mitsou, who said she learned of
her songs alleged use on the yearold album when friends contacted
her, charged in the lawsuit that the
blatant unauthorized use of her
voice is causing irreparable harm
and emotional distress.
beyonce and Jay-Z are yet to
comment on the lawsuit.

Rare rhino dies in uS

A rare species of rhinoceros is one

member closer to extinction after
one of only six surviving animals
died at San Diego Zoo on December
15. Northern white rhinoceros
Angalifu, believed to be 44 years old,
died of old age, said Darla Davis, a
spokesperson for the zoo. The only
members of the species left now
are an elderly female in San Diego,
three in Africa and one at a zoo in the
czech republic. The northern white
rhino has been nearly wiped out by
hunting and poaching for their horns,
and by wars in Africa, according to
the World Wildlife Foundation. AFP

RIP Angalifu. Photo: AFP/San Diego

Zoo Safari Park/Ken Bohn

54 the pulse

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

WEEKLY predictions


4th Floor, 113, Thamain Bayan Road, Tarmwe township, Yangon.
Tel: 09-731-35632, Email:

december 22 - 28, 2014

Aquarius | Jan 20 Feb 18

Gemini | May 21 June 20

Libra | Sept 23 Oct 22

Thinking about your ambitions for the

future will leave you feeling overwhelmed
this week. Remember that the route to
success is not complicated. It comes down
to consistently following small acts of
discipline that will take you in the right direction.
Concentrate on achieving one thing at a time. A person
who chases two rabbits catches neither.

Do something different this week to break

the cycle of your daily work environment.
You should never feel so secure that you
dont take the time to notice and explore.
Try to focus your energy in one place and
avoid leaving a trail of unfinished projects in your wake.
Be wary of judging people too soon as this may lead to
problems in social relationships.

Your ability to see other peoples point of

view will help you to develop positive social
relationships this week. Take care not to
sacrifice your own happiness in order to
keep others happy. Remember that
ignorance is the worlds only evil. Do not allow others to
feed you their negativity. Let positivity guide you in
positive action.

Pisces | Feb 19 March 20

Cancer | June 21 July 22

Scorpio | Oct 23 Nov 21

As the year draws to a close, focus not on

what you could have achieved, but on what
you have. You are what you choose today,
not what youve chosen before. Ask yourself
what you are avoiding in the present with
guilt about the past. Now is the time to assess the
consequences of your choices to help you make better
ones in the coming year.

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Doing things properly takes time, so do
not rush to complete projects this week.
Believe that the only changes you can
count on are those changes you make for
yourself. Work on developing your sense of self. Only
someone who recognises their mistakes can ensure
they do not repeat them.

Your usual determination to succeed in

everything you do may start to fade this
week. Do not become despondent. Success
is not achieved overnight. Remember that a
nail is driven out by another nail, so allow
your bad habits to be replaced by new, positive habits.
Do not allow possessiveness and jealousy to get in the
way of your relationships.

Aries | Mar 21 Apr 19

Leo | July 23 Aug 22

Sagittarius | Nov 22 Dec 21

Your short temper and impulsive nature

will lead to conflict with loved ones this
week. Be wary of damaging relationships
that may be difficult to repair. Be open to
new opportunities. Sticking rigidly to your
planned future may be preventing you from realising
your potential future.

A lack of progress may leave you tempted

to give up on something important to you,
but you should not resign so easily. The
road to success may be difficult
sometimes, but determined persistence
will pay off in the long run. Remember, however, that
persistence doesnt demand all work and no play.

Your enthusiasm for a new project will lead

to optimism this week, but dont let the
plan become bigger than you. Be wary of
hurting yourself and others. Take care of
yourself so that you may take care of
others. Whilst your stubborn persistence in pursuing
your vision will lead to success, try to ensure you keep a
sense of the bigger picture.

Taurus | Apr 20 May 20

Virgo | Aug 23 Sept 22

Capricorn | Dec 22 Jan 19

You will face unexpected problems over the

coming week. Be cautious in your dealings
with others as disagreements with
someone close to you may lead to a loss of
trust. Know that gaining security requires a
measure of insecurity. You are not fond of change, but
know that the familiar and comfortable may be
preventing you from achieving success.

Do not let your narrow-mindedness lead

you into routine and cause your creativity to
suffer. Read, listen and ask questions. Open
your imagination to new possibilities.
Realise that your age and experience bring
more opportunities, not fewer. Matters of love may bring
disappointments this week, but know that every
experience is an opportunity to learn.

Do not be afraid to embark on new

relationships. Change may be
threatening, but it is also exciting.
Stop looking for excuses not to make
positive changes. Be confident in
your decisions and dont be afraid to
jump into the unknown. Recognise
the value of the positive changes you have already made,
and continue to build on them.

And so
this is
Its that time of year again folks.
Light that log fire, dig out those
Christmas jumpers and get
practicing that snowball throw.
Ok, so Yangon might not be what
comes to mind when you picture
a traditional Christmas scene,
but that doesnt mean you cant
celebrate in style. Finding a turkey
and a Christmas pudding, however,
might be a bit of a challenge, so
weve done the hard work for you.
Heres The Pulses pick of the best
festive feasts the city has to offer.
Dec 24 Enjoy Christmas dinner
Italian-style at LOpera (62D U
Htun Nyein Street). Santa Claus is
rumoured to be visiting, arriving
from the lake! US$50 for adults and
$30 for children under 12.
Dec 24 Enjoy a Christmas Eve buffet
dinner at Inya Lake Hotel (37 Kaba
Aye Pagoda Road). Adding to the
festive atmosphere will be carollers
singing rousing renditions of your
favourite Christmas songs. US$60
per person, including free flow
wine, beer and soft drinks.
Dec 24-25 Sule Shangri-La Hotel
(223 Sule Pagoda Rd) has all
your Christmas dining options
covered with Christmas Eve
dinner, Christmas Day brunch and
Christmas Day dinner options. A
choir will help diners get into the
festive spirit, and weve heard Santa
Claus is also planning to pay a
visit Christmas Eve and Christmas
Day Dinner is $55 per person.
Christmas Day Brunch is $50 per
Dec 24-25 The Chatrium Hotel (40
Natmauk Road, Tarmwe) is hosting
a Christmas gala dinner, with an
international buffet including roast
Turkey and festive dishes. $45 per
person including a glass of house
wine, beer or a soft drink.
Dec 24-25 Shwe Sa Bwes (20
Malikha St, Mayangon) Christmas
menu includes foie gras, duck
magret and a chocolate surprise.
What more are you looking for in a
festive feast? Set menu $65 per per
Dec 24-25 You might not get to ride
in Santas sleigh this Christmas,
but heres your chance to ride (kind
of) on a yacht instead. The Vintage
Luxury Yacht Hotel (Botahtaung
Jetty, Strand Rd) is hosting
Christmas Eve Dinner, a Christmas
Buffet Brunch and Christmas Dinner
with unlimited beer & soft drinks,
live BBQ & music. $39 per person.
Dec 25 50th Street Bar (50th Street,
downtown Yangon) the second
home of the Yangon expat is
cooking up a traditional Christmas

the pulse food and drink 55

A summer
soup for a
Myanmar winter


Photos: Phyo


A sweet and sour soup that contains
a lot of vegetables, Set Hnit Myo
Hin Cho is a popular dish at local
Chinese-style restaurants. My
version is a quick, easy recipe that
can be made using ingredients you
already have in the fridge.
medium cauliower
3 ripe tomatoes
1 onion
1 small carrot
1 pack soft tofu (Taiwan or
Japanese style)
2 stalks Chinese coriander
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoons Massel (reduced salt)
vegetable stock powder (mixed with
1 litre of water)
Wash the cauliflower and cut into
bite-size chunks. Roughly chop the
onion. Squeeze the juice out of the
tomatoes and set aside. Roughly
chop the flesh of the tomatoes. Cut
the carrot into bite-size cubes.
Add the vegetable oil to a pot
and saut the onions. Next, add the
flesh of the tomatoes and saut for 2
minutes. Add the cauliflower, carrot
and tomato juice and cover the pot
with a lid. Cook for 4-5 minutes.
Add the vegetable stock and bring to
the boil uncovered. When the soup
has started to boil, cover with a lid
again and leave to simmer for 15
Bring the stock to the boil again
and add the tofu. Add salt to taste
and cook for 2 minutes before

Restaurant Review

PORT Autonomy restaurant is the

newest addition to Pun Projects
growing collection of high-toned
hangouts at the Yangon docks.
I am sad to report that if you tell
the staff its your birthday, multimillionaire Serge Pun does not
emerge from the kitchen to sing to
you. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.
First and foremost, the food at
Port Autonomy is tremendous. I and
my guest enjoyed a soft-shell crab
melt (K10,000) and a Korean-style
Cuban sandwich (K10,000).
It was difficult to pick a
favorite between the two
sandwiches the crab
melt was

Photos: Bill OToole

Phyo aRBidanS

HAVE been dreaming about

cooking wholesome soups this
winter, but winter in Yangon is
just not cold enough for creamy,
hearty soups. So, as a soup lover, I
have to be creative. This weeks recipe
is the perfect summery soup for a
Yangon winter.
The weather in Yangon might not
be cold enough for wintery food, but
seeing the beautiful fresh vegetables
at the market always inspires me to
get cooking. Big, fluffy cauliflowers
are in season at the moment so
I decided to cook an Italian-style
cauliflower soup, which uses a lot of
Cauliflower and beans make for
a filling soup while the sweetness
of the tomatoes will get your taste
buds going and the spices intensify

Photo: Phyo

the flavours. Made using only

vegetables, its also a great healthy
option for those who need to
squeeze into their party outfits this
festive season.
The method is simple even soupnovices will find it easy.
2 medium cauliowers
1 can whole peeled or stewed
10-13 stalks Chinese coriander
(similar to celery but with smaller
1 tin garbanzo beans
2 tablespoons mustard seeds
2 tablespoons fennel seeds
1 tablespoon olive oil

4 teaspoons Massel (reduced salt)

vegetable stock powder (mixed with 2
litres water)
Wash the cauliflowers and cut them
into big chunks. Add two teaspoons
of olive oil to a large cooking pot and
saut the mustard seeds and fennel
seeds. Next, add the cauliflowers and
vegetable stock to the pot. Bring to
the boil.
As soon as the soup starts to boil,
turn the heat down and simmer for
30 minutes. Meanwhile, slice the
stalks of the Chinese coriander (keep
the leaves to use for stir-fry later)
and chop the canned tomatoes thinly
(keep any tomato juice left in the
Add the remaining teaspoon of
olive oil to a frying pan. Saut the

Chinese coriander. Add the canned

tomatoes (with the juice) to the
frying pan with coriander and cook
until the mixture starts to bubble.
Turn down the heat and simmer
for 5 minutes. Wash and drain the
beans. Set aside.
Add the tomato and coriander
mixture to the pot with the
cauliflower and stock and simmer
for 10 minutes do not cover with
a lid. Add salt to taste. Finally, add
the beans to the pot and simmer for
another 10 minutes to reduce the
stock and combine the flavours. If the
cauliflower was cut into large chunks,
it should not dissolve into the soup
during cooking.
Serve the soup with grated cheese,
salt and pepper. Toast or garlic bread
would also make a nice addition.

A hip new hangout down on the docks

overwhelming the crab meat itself
no easy feat. The Cuban though, was
among the best sandwiches Ive ever
eaten. Even the best Cubans can leave
you feeling a bit weighed down but
Port Autonomys take on this popular
eat was light and delicious without
skimping on the meat.
Sandwiches are also served with a
large helping of fresh greens, which
are almost a course in themselves.
Both food and drinks are on
the expensive side, making Port
Autonomy more of a special-occasion
spot than a regular hangout, but
at least you wont be
left disappointed.
The service
deserves a

special mention. Staff are friendly,

speak excellent English, and
manage to strike a perfect balance
between being attentive while
giving diners space to enjoy their
meals. Bravo.
The only area where Port
Autonomy really falls down is the
atmosphere. The inside seems to
have been designed by a team with
competing and not complementary
ideas of coolness.
While the bare walls and simple
wooden tables speak to an urban,
minimalist sensibility, the neon-sign,
large potted plants and kitcheninside-of-a-camper seem
more like something

from the TGI Friday school of design.

The blaring sound system doesnt
help matters. Even if they played
something besides top-40 hits of the
early 2000s, it would still be way too
In general, it seems that Port
Autonomy is caught between the
impulse to be a hip fine-dining
establishment and a laid-back foodie
bar. Both admirable goals but
perhaps mutually exclusive.
Again, however, the food easily
stands among the best Western
cuisine in the city. If they bought
some better chairs and turned down
the Lil Wayne, they could really be on
to something.

Port Autonomy
Between Lathit Jetty and Kaing
Dan No (1) Jetty
Oo-Pa-Sa Street
Restaurant Rating

Value for Money



THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

OK Myanmar
27th Anniversary
Guests enjoyed dinner
as they celebrated
OK Myanmars 27th
anniversay on December
10 in Golden Valley.
Helios Htet Nay, Alexander Aung, Noe

35 under 35 networking event

Kyaw Kyaw Hlaing and Moe Moe Htwe

Julius de Jong, Aung Than Toe and Kristin Grant

Tharaphe Aung and Pyae Pyae Phyo

Kyaw Lwin Naing

Yu Yu, Su Myat, Goh Wan Pin (Ping)

Guests networked and nibbled on refreshments at the 35

under 35: Leading innovators, entrepreneurs and creatives
in Yangon event on December 12. The event was held to
celebrate the citys young luminaries.

Jessica Berlin, Lamin Oo, Myo Kyaw Thu

BenQ product launch

Guests joined the BenQ team for the
product launch event on December 16
at the Park Royal Hotel.

Ronald Aung Moe Shwe

Daw Chaw Chaw Myint and Daw Thanda

The BenQ team


LOral staff

LOral Paris
product launch
Guests got dressed up
for the glamourous
LOral Paris product
launch event on
December 14 at the
new Dagon City 1.

Ma Zar, Paul and Shli

Ma Ei, Ma Zabel Tun, Joli, Ma Thandar Win, Ma Lwin Oo Swe

Made in Myanmar
Shoppers bought gifts
and tried on jewellery
at the Made in
Myanmar exhibition on
December 13 at the River
Ayeyarwaddy Gallery.
The exhibition featured
hand made products from
across Myanmar.

Ma khin Khet Khet Khine

Lwan Wint Yi Aung and Kyawt Kay Khaing

Daw Tin Tin Myint

San Oo, Than Naing and Ko Ko Maung

Rolex grand
Guests celebrated
the opening
of Rolexs new
Yangon showroom
in style on
December 15 at the
Sule Shangri-La
Lae Lae Win, April Thae Mar Seinn and A Nge

Thiri Phyo

Ma Phyu Ei Thein and Ma Htoo Mon Shwe

Ms Nobuko Shoda and Ki Lar

58 the pulse travel

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Yangon to Nay Pyi Taw

Nay Pyi Taw To Yangon






Yangon to Mandalay
Y5 775
YH 909
YH 917
YJ 891
K7 282
YH 917
W9 201
YJ 811
YH 835
YH 826
YH 831
7Y 131
K7 266
8M 6603
YJ 751
YJ 601
YJ 211
YJ 601
YJ 233
YJ 201
YJ 761
YH 729
YH 829
YH 737
YH 727
YH 911
YH 737
W9 251
7Y 941
7Y 841
7Y 943
K7 822
K7 622
K7 226
7Y 241
YH 731
Y5 234
W9 211




Yangon to Nyaung U
K7 282
YJ 891
YH 917
YH 909
YH 917
YH 917
YH 909
YH 633
YH 633
YH 909
YJ 881
K7 242
YJ 801
YH 909
7Y 131
7Y 121
Y5 649
K7 264
7Y 241
YH 731
YH 731
W9 129
W9 211







Mandalay to Yangon
YH 910
K7 283
YH 918
W9 201
YJ 811
7Y 132
YH 918
K7 267
YH 836
YH 827
YH 832
YH 830
YJ 202
YJ 602
YJ 602
YH 912
YJ 212
YH 912
YJ 762
7Y 242
YH 728
YH 730
Y5 776
W9 211
K7 823
YH 732
8M 6604
K7 227
8M 903
YH 738
YH 738
K7 623
YH 730
YJ 234
YH 730
W9 252





YJ 891
YH 918
YH 634
YH 917
YH 910
YJ 881
YH 910
YH 918
K7 242
YJ 801
7Y 131
YH 910
7Y 121
K7 283
Y5 650
K7 265
YH 732
7Y 242
W9 129
YH 732




Myitkyina to Yangon
YJ 202
YJ 211
YH 836
YH 832
YH 827
K7 623
YJ 234
YH 830
W9 252



Yangon to Heho
YJ 891
K7 282
YH 909
YH 917
YH 917
YH 633
YJ 881
K7 242
W9 201
7Y 131
K7 266
7Y 121
Y5 649
YH 505
YJ 751
YJ 751
YJ 233
YJ 761
YH 727
YH 737
YH 737
7Y 941
K7 828
K7 822
K7 264
7Y 241
YH 731
W9 129



Heho to Yangon

Yangon to Myeik
Y5 325
7Y 531
K7 319
Y5 325






K7 242
YH 505
W9 309
7Y 122
K7 422
Y5 421



Y5 326
7Y 532
K7 320
Y5 326


W9 309
K7 423




K7 243
YH 506
7Y 122
W9 309
K7 422
Y5 422




K7 320
7Y 532


K7 829
K7 829
7Y 742
YJ 752
YJ 752
YH 730




YH 836
YH 827
YH 832
W9 252













lashio to Yangon



putao to yangon



yangon to chiang mai

chiang mai to yangon

Y5 251
7Y 305
W9 9607

Y5 252
7Y 306
W9 9608




Domestic Airlines
Air Bagan (W9)
Tel: 513322, 513422, 504888. Fax: 515102

Air KBZ (K7)

Tel: 372977~80, 533030~39 (airport), 373766
(hotline). Fax: 372983

Asian Wings (YJ)

Tel: 515261~264, 512140, 512473, 512640
Fax: 532333, 516654

FMI Air Charter

Tel: 240363, 240373, 09421146545

Golden Myanmar Airlines (Y5)

Tel: 09400446999, 09400447999
Fax: 8604051



Tel: 656969
Fax: 656998, 651020

Yangon Airways (YH)

Tel: 383100, 383107, 700264
Fax: 652 533

Airline Codes
7Y = Mann Yadanarpon Airlines
FMI = FMI Air Charter
K7 = Air KBZ

dawei to Yangon

yangon to putao
YH 826
YH 835
YH 831
W9 251


thandwe to Yangon

yangon to lashio
YJ 751
YJ 891
YH 729
7Y 741
K7 828


sittwe to Yangon

yangon to dawei
K7 319
7Y 531


Mann Yadanarpon Airlines (7Y)


Yangon to sittwe
W9 309
K7 422

YH 910
YJ 891
YH 918
YH 634
YJ 881
K7 283
W9 201
K7 243
YH 918
YH 918
7Y 132
7Y 121
K7 267
YH 506
Y5 650
YJ 762
7Y 241
K7 829
YH 728
YH 738
YH 731
K7 264
YH 912
YH 738
W9 129
YJ 752
YJ 752

Myeik to Yangon

Yangon to thandwe

Nyaung U to Yangon

Yangon to Myitkyina
YH 835
YH 826
YH 831
YH 829
YJ 201
YJ 211
YJ 233
W9 251
7Y 841
K7 622



W9 = Air Bagan
Y5 = Golden Myanmar Airlines
YH = Yangon Airways
YJ = Asian Wings

Subject to change
without notice
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday

4 = Thursday
5 = Friday
6 = Saturday
7 = Sunday

the pulse travel 59


PG 706
8M 335
TG 304
PG 702
TG 302
PG 708
8M 331
PG 704
Y5 237
TG 306






DD 4231
FD 252
FD 256
FD 254
FD 258
DD 4239




DD 4230
FD 251
FD 255
FD 253
FD 257
DD 4238



TR 2822
Y5 2234
SQ 998
3K 5
MI 533
8M 232
MI 518
MI 516


AK 504
MH 740
8M 502
MH 742
AK 502





CA 905




CZ 3055
CZ 3055
8M 712




CI 7915




MU 2011
CA 905
MU 2031


VN 957


VN 943


QR 918

VN 956






KE 471
0Z 769




KA 250




NH 913




BG 060
BG 060








W9 608
8M 7701




PG 709
FD 244


Y5 2234
MI 533




























FD 244


MU 2029




PG 721



Bangkok Airways (PG)

Tel: 255122, 255265. Fax: 255119

Charlotte Rose

Condor (DE)

Tel: 370836~39 (ext: 303)

Dragonair (KA)

Tel: 255320, 255321. Fax: 255329

Golden Myanmar Airlines (Y5)

Malaysia Airlines (MH)

Tel: 387648, 241007 (ext: 120, 121, 122)

Fax: 241124

Myanmar Airways International (8M)

Nok Airline (DD)

Tel: 255050, 255021. Fax: 255051

Qatar Airways (QR)

Tel: 379845, 379843, 379831. Fax: 379730

Singapore Airlines (SQ) / Silk Air (MI)

Tel: 255287~9. Fax: 255290

Thai Airways (TG)

Tiger Airline (TR)

Tel: 371383, 370836~39 (ext: 303)

Vietnam Airlines (VN)

Tel: 255066, 255088, 255068. Fax: 255086

Airline Codes
8M = Myanmar Airways International

BG = Biman Bangladesh Airlines

CA = Air China
CI = China Airlines
CZ = China Southern
DD = Nok Airline
FD = Air Asia
KA = Dragonair
KE = Korea Airlines
MH = Malaysia Airlines
MI = Silk Air
MU = China Eastern Airlines


PG = Bangkok Airways


SQ = Singapore Airways

QR = Qatar Airways

TG = Thai Airways
TR = Tiger Airline


Travelling solo and looking for company?

Theres an app for that

Tel: 371867~68. Fax: 371869

NH = All Nippon Airways



Tel: 253597~98, 254758. Fax 248175

AK = Air Asia


Air India

3K = Jet Star




PG 722


singapore to mandalay

MU 2030

8M 602



FD 245


Air China (CA)

Tel: 255491~6. Fax: 255223



MANDALAY TO singapore
MI 533
Y5 2233



PG 710
FD 245



8M 601



W9 607
8M 902
8M 7702



BG 061
BG 061



NH 914


Air Bagan Ltd.(W9)

Tel: 513322, 513422, 504888. Fax: 515102

Tel: 255260. Fax: 255305




KA 251




0Z 770
KE 472



QR 919


Tel: 09254049991~3

Tel: 09400446999, 09400447999

Fax: 8604051




VN 942




Air Asia (FD)

Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG)



CA 416
MU 2012
MU 2032




International Airlines

Tel: 666112, 655882



CI 7916




8M 711
CZ 3056
CZ 3056


CA 906





AK 505
MH 741
8M 501
MH 743
AK 503



8M 231
Y5 2233
TR 2823
SQ 997
3K 582
MI 533
MI 515
MI 519
3K 584

TG 303
PG 701
Y5 238
8M 336
TG 301
PG 707
PG 703
TG 305
8M 332
PG 705

Tinder sparks
the latest
travel trend

VN = Vietnam Airline
Y5 = Golden Myanmar Airlines

Subject to change
without notice
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday

4 = Thursday
5 = Friday
6 = Saturday
7 = Sunday

app Tinder, which uses
GPS to match users
with potential dates, has
emerged as something
of a sensation in a growing culture
of hook-up apps popular among
young, tech-savvy singles.
The app which is accessible
worldwide and currently available in
24 languages enables users to find
dates based on their proximity, and
has received criticism for apparently
being designed to facilitate casual
often brief liaisons.
However, a growing number of
solo travellers have found a new
use for dating apps like Tinder. For
travellers heading off on their own,
the prospect of spending weeks or
months without company can be
overwhelming. And for those who
dont like the idea of quite so much
me-time, dating apps like Tinder
which has around 50 million active
users worldwide are increasingly
being viewed as a convenient way to
meet like-minded travellers whilst on
the move.
Daniel Beaumont, travel blogger
and brains behind crowd-sourced
backpackers hostel Podstel, used
Tinder to hitchhike across America
and says it was surprisingly easy to
find people willing to help him.
I couldve stood at the side of
the road and hitchhiked but that
wouldnt have been interesting. I
decided to use the dating platform
to hitchhike and managed to do it.
I was surprised with the results I
matched with almost 4000 people,
Daniel said.
I set up my Tinder profile asking
for help it explained about my
travels and basically asked people if
they could help me get to New York.
I set my preferred age range from
18-50. Lots of people were willing to
help me.
The greatest bit about it for
me was that I was able to interact
with locals and really get to know a
place. Its instant nature is great I
could arrive at a town and within 30
minutes I would be meeting someone
that would show me around.
Unfortunately Tinder has a bad
stigma attached to it and many use
it for the wrong purposes of hooking
up. But it made my
trip so much more
worthwhile, and
I wasnt even
looking for
romance, he
For travellers
not looking
for romantic
backpacker Brice
OConnell who has
used dating apps to
meet people while
travelling in
Thailand and
making sure your
intentions are

clear from the outset.

You can explain on your profile
that youre just looking for someone
to show you around. Its great because
you can meet local people who can
show you the cool parts of a city, he
Of course, some travellers may
not be convinced that a meeting with
a stranger found using a dating app
will be entirely platonic. Fortunately,
a wave of new travel apps similar to
Tinder but marketing themselves as
social travel apps rather than dating
apps is emerging to cater to those
not ready to venture into the world of
Tinder tourism.
One of these new apps, going by
the name Tripr, is aimed at travellers
looking to find friends or meet new
people for their next trip. Like Tinder,
Tripr pulls users information in
from Facebook, connecting travellers
according to the destinations they
are planning to visit. If you like the
look of someone, you simply swipe
yes, and if they find you interesting
too, they will hopefully do the same.
When you have found a match, you
can start messaging and discussing
travel plans.
The apps mantra is that you
should plan your trip around people
specifically, people who will be in
the same place, at the same time as
you. That means if youre going to a
new part of the country, taking a trip
across the globe or going to a fun
festival, you can have friends waiting
for you on arrival.
Wander, a soon-to-be-launched
travel companion app, uses a similar
interface to Tinder, but insists it is not
a dating app. Wander was founded by
Singapore-based Krystal Choo, to help
single travellers connect with and
meet like-minded travellers. Users
login with Facebook, which pulls their
details into a profile, and they input
where they are travelling and when.
Wander will then show them profiles
of other people travelling to the same
location and users are matched up
a la Tinder.
The world of solo adventures
certainly seems set to change.
Whether the new wave of travel
companion apps will take off in the
same way as Tinder is yet to be seen.
What is for sure is that, whether its a
romantic liason or a local tour guide
theyre after, its never been easier for
travellers to find what theyre
looking for.
Tech-savvy solo
travellers find travel
using Tinder.
Photo: Aung
Htay Hlaing

60 the pulse tea break

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Universal Crossword
Edited by Timothy E. Parker


1 Circular file
6 Suzette pancake
11 Fez, for one
14 Personal
15 Brother of Moses
16 Andy Capps brew
17 A servant is at ones
19 Started, as a fire
20 Inclusive word
21 Baby bird of prey
23 Yolk ___ (egg part)
26 Farm marm
27 Too thin
28 Vindictive angers
30 Cialis competitor
31 Home of blocks?
32 Espresso order
33 More than vexation
36 A well-known one is
37 Chaucer collection
38 Announcements to
train riders (Abbr.)
39 Luau offering
40 Former Israeli prime
41 Forays to the fridge
42 Bumps in the night
44 Abdominal
45 Refrigerator
47 Universal
48 Non-Jew
49 One of the Fords?
50 Artists brown
52 Group based in
McLean, Va.
53 Bow-taking
58 Word yelled
to halt a street
hockey game
59 Download for
60 In tune
61 The point being ...?
62 Intrudes by oozing
63 Get out!

4 For heavens ___!

5 Forcible ejection
6 Military training
7 Slightly off-color
8 Historic chapter
9 Stripe-backed
10 Blow up a picture
11 Phone service
12 Not from this world
13 Of little importance
18 Current events
22 Long, toothy
23 Arrange in a spiral
24 Counter a point

25 Trademark
27 Venues
29 Its sometimes
30 Areas between
32 ___ and penates
34 CB, for one
35 History homework,
37 Little laboratory
38 Inner, middle or outer
40 Readies for a ring
41 Anti-aging

43 Yoko who married

44 Arizona Native
45 Place of pilgrimage
46 Like most of the
worlds people
47 Bad things to have on
50 Freeze!
51 Dermatology
54 Agile deer
55 Alias initials
56 My Name is Asher
57 Potassium hydroxide,

1 Caps Lock
2 Really regret
3 Flash during








General Listing

The Essentials
Australia 88, Strand Road,
Yangon. Tel : 251810,
251797, 251798.
Bangladesh 11-B, Than
Lwin Road, Yangon.
Tel: 515275, 526144, email:
Brazil 56, Pyay Road,
6th mile, Hlaing Tsp,
Yangon. Tel: 507225,
507251. email: Administ.
Brunei 17, Kanbawza
Avenue, Golden Velly (1),
Bahan Tsp, Yangon. Tel:
566985, 503978.
email: bruneiemb@
Cambodia 25 (3B/4B),
New University Avenue
Road, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 549609, 540964.
email: RECYANGON @
9th Floor, Centerpoint
Towers, 65 Sule Pagoda
Road, Yangon, Tel :
01-384805 , Fax :01
384806, Email : yngon@
China 1, Pyidaungsu
Yeiktha Road, Yangon. Tel:
221280, 221281.
Denmark, No.7, Pyi Thu
St, Pyay Rd, 7 Miles,
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 01 9669520 - 17.
Egypt 81, Pyidaungsu
Yeiktha Road, Yangon. Tel:
222886, 222887,
France 102, Pyidaungsu
Yeiktha Road, Yangon. Tel:
212178, 212520, email:
ambaf rance. rangoun@
Germany 9, Bogyoke Aung
San Museum Road, Bahan
Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 548951, 548952, email:
India 545-547, Merchant
St, Yangon. Tel: 391219,

Indonesia 100, Pyidaungsu

Yeiktha Rd, Yangon. Tel:
254465, 254469, email:
Israel 15, Khabaung
Street, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 515115, fax: 515116,
email: info@yangon.mfa.
Italy 3, Inya Myaing Road,
Golden Valley, Yangon.
Tel: 527100, 527101, fax:
514565, email: ambyang.
Japan 100, Natmauk Rd,
Yangon. Tel: 549644-8,
540399, 540400, 540411,
545988, fax: 549643
62-B, Shwe Taung Kyar St,
Bahan Tsp.
Tel : 01-230-9542, 2309543. Fax : 01-230-5836.
Laos A-1, Diplomatic
Quarters, Tawwin Road,
Dagon Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 222482, Fax: 227446,
email: Laoembcab@
Malaysia 82, Pyidaungsu
Yeiktha Road, Yangon. Tel:
220248, 220249,
email: mwkyangon@
Nepal 16, Natmauk
Yeiktha, Yangon. Tel:
545880, 557168, fax:
549803, email: nepemb @
Norway, No.7, Pyi Thu
St, Pyay Rd, 7 Miles,
Mayangone Tsp,Yangon.
Tel: 01 9669520 - 17 Fax
01- 9669516
New Zealand No. 43/C,
Inya Myaing Rd, Bahan Tsp,
Tel : 01-2306046-9
Fax : 01-2305805
Netherlands No. 43/C, Inya
Myaing Rd, Bahan Tsp,
Yangon. Tel : 01-2305805
North Korea 77C, Shin
Saw Pu Rd, Sanchaung
Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 512642, 510205

Pakistan A-4, diplomatic

Quarters, Pyay Rd, Yangon.
Tel: 222881 (Chancery
Philippines 50, Sayasan
Rd, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 558149-151,Email: p.e.
Saudi Arabia No.6/S,
Inya Yeiktha St, 10th Qtr,
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon,
Tel: (951) 652-344, 652-344,
Fax: (951) 657-983
Russia 38, Sagawa Rd,
Tel: 241955, 254161,
Serbia No. 114-A, Inya
Rd, P.O.Box No. 943,
Yangon. Tel: 515282,
515283, email: serbemb @
Singapore 238, Dhamazedi
Road, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 559001, email:
singemb_ ygn@_sgmfa.
South Korea 97 University
Avenue, Bahan Tsp,
Yangon. Tel: 527142-4,
515190, fax: 513286, email:
Sri Lanka 34 Taw Win Rd,
Yangon. Tel: 222812,
No 11, Kabaung Lane, 5
mile, Pyay Rd, Hlaing Tsp,
Tel: 534754, 507089.
Thailand 94 Pyay Rd,
Dagon Tsp, Yangon. Tel:
226721, 226728, 226824
19AB, Kan Yeik Thar St,
Mayangone Tsp,Yangon.
Tel : 662992, Fax : 661365
United Kingdom 80 Strand
Rd, Yangon.
Tel: 370867, 380322,
371852, 371853, 256438,
United States of America
110, University Avenue,
Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 536509, 535756, Fax:
Vietnam Bldg-72, Thanlwin
Rd, Bahan Tsp, Yangon. Tel:

ILO Liaison 1-A, Kanbae
(Thitsar Rd), Yankin Tsp,
Tel : 01-566538, 566539
IOM 318 (A) Ahlone Rd, Dagon
Tsp, Yangon.Tel 01-210588,
09 73236679, 0973236680,
UNAIDS 137/1, Thaw Wun Rd,
Kamayut Tsp.
Tel : 534498, 504832
UNDCP 11-A, Malikha St,
Mayangone tsp.
Tel: 666903, 664539.
UNDP 6, Natmauk Rd, Bahan
tel: 542910-19. fax: 292739.
UNFPA 6, Natmauk Rd,
Bahan tsp. tel: 546029.
UNHCR 287, Pyay Rd,
Sanchaung tsp.
Tel: 524022, 524024.
UNIAP Rm: 1202, 12 Fl,
Traders Hotel.
Tel: 254852, 254853.
UNIC 6, Natmauk St., Bahan,
tel: 52910~19
UNICEF 14~15 Flr, Traders
Hotel. P.O. Box 1435,
Kyauktada. Tel: 375527~32,
unicef.yangon@unicef. org,
UNODC 11-A, Malikha Rd., Ward
7, Mayangone. tel: 01-9666903,
9660556, 9660538, 9660398.
UNOPS 120/0, Pyi Thu Lane,
7 Miles, Mayangone Tsp.
Tel: 951-657281~7.
Fax: 657279.
UNRC 6, Natmauk Rd, P.O.
Box 650, TMWE Tel: 542911~19,
292637 (Resident Coordinator),
WFP 5 Kan Baw Za St, Shwe
Taung Kyar, (Golden Valley),
Bahan Tsp. Tel : 2305971~6
WHO No. 2, Pyay Rd, 7 Mile,
Mayangone Tsp, Tel : 6504056, 650416, 654386-90.
ASEAN Coordinating Of. for
the ASEAN Humanitarian
Task Force, 79, Taw Win st,
Dagon Tsp. Tel: 225258.
FAO Myanma Agriculture
Service Insein Rd, Insein. tel:
641672, 641673.



No. 277, Bogyoke Aung
San Road, Corner of
38th Street, Kyauktada
Township, Yangon,
Tel : (951) 391070, 391071.
(Ext) 1910, 106.
Fax : (951) 391375. Email :

No. 12, Pho Sein Road,

Tamwe Township, Yangon
Tel : (95-1) 209299, 209300,
209343 Fax : (95-1) 209344

No.7A, Wingabar Road,

Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : (951) 546313,
430245. 09-731-77781~4.
Fax : (01) 546313.
Clover Hotel City Center
No. 217, 32nd Street
(Upper Block), Pabedan Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 377720, Fax : 377722
Clover Hotel City Center Plus
No. 229, 32nd Street
(Upper Block), Pabedan Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 377975, Fax : 377974

For more information about these listings, Please Contact -

Emergency Numbers
Ambulance tel: 295133.
Fire tel: 191, 252011, 252022.
Police emergency tel: 199.
Police headquarters tel: 282541, 284764.
Red Cross tel:682600, 682368
Traffic Control Branch tel:298651
Department of Post & Telecommunication tel: 591384,
Immigration tel: 286434.
Ministry of Education tel:545500m 562390
Ministry of Sports tel: 370604, 370605
Ministry of Communications tel: 067-407037.
Myanma Post & Telecommunication (MPT) tel: 067407007.
Myanma Post & Tele-communication (Accountant Dept)
tel: 254563, 370768.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs tel: 067-412009, 067-412344.
Ministry of Health tel: 067-411358-9.
Yangon City Development Committee tel: 248112.
Central Womens Hospital tel: 221013, 222811.
Children Hospital tel: 221421, 222807
Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital tel: 543888.
Naypyitaw Hospital (emergency) tel: 420096.
Workers Hospital tel: 554444, 554455, 554811.

Yangon Children Hospital tel: 222807, 222808, 222809.

Yangon General Hospital (East) tel: 292835, 292836, 292837.
Yangon General Hospital (New) tel: 384493, 384494,
384495, 379109.
Yangon General Hospital (West) tel: 222860, 222861,
Yangon General Hospital (YGH) tel: 256112, 256123,
281443, 256131.
Power Station tel:414235
General Post Office
39, Bo Aung Kyaw St. (near British Council Library). tel:

No. (356/366), Kyaikkasan

Rd, Tamwe Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph: 542826, Fax: 545650
Email: reservation@

M-22, Shwe Htee Housing,

Thamine Station St., Near
the Bayint Naung Point,
Mayangone Tsp., Yangon
Tel : 522763, 522744,
667557. Fax : (95-1) 652174
E-mail : grandpalace@

Excel Treasure Hotel

No.520, Kaba Aye Pagoda
Road, Bahan Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 01-559150 to 7
Fax: 01-559150

Railways information
tel: 274027, 202175-8.

No.1, Wut Kyaung St,

Yay Kyaw, Pazundaung Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph: 01-8610640, 01-202187,

Winner Inn
42, Than Lwin Rd, Bahan
Tsp. Tel: 503734, 524387.
email: reservation@winner

Excel River View Hotel

No.(3) Block (1 to 4), Near
Thanlyin Bridge, Thanlyin
Township, Yangon Myanmar.
Tel: 056-22550, 09-8601892,
Fax: 056-22546,
Excel Palace Hotel
No.(25, D1), New University
Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 01-544491, 01-556601
Fax: 525028, 01-544604
Hotel Grand United
621, Maharbandoola Rd,
Latha Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: (95-1) 372256-58
(21st Downtown)
66-70, 21st Street (Enter
from Strand Rd), Latha
Tsp, Yangon. Tel: (95-1)
(Ahlone Branch)
35, Min Ye Kyaw Swar
Rd, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: (95-1) 218061-64;
Email: grandunited., www.

No.183, 35th St; Bet; 77th

&78th Street, Mahar Aung
Myae Tsp, Mandalay. Ph: 02
67 404, 67 405, 67 406, 67
407, 67 408, website:www.,
Email: sale.yuanshenghotel


Real Estate Service

Selling, Buying, Renting,
Tel: 09 2500 08127, 09 2541
46420, 09 2541 46421.

happy homes

186, Lu Nge Thitsar

Street, on Thitsar Road,
Yankin Township, Yangon,
Myanmar. Ph: +951-8550
283, +951-8550 284,
+959-2540 63632, E-mail:,
MGM Hotel No (160), Warden
Street, Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon,
Myanmar. +95-1-212454~9.

No. 205, Corner of Wadan

Street & Min Ye Kyaw
Swa Road, Lanmadaw
Tsp, Yangon. Myanmar.
Tel: (95-1) 212850 ~ 3,
229358 ~ 61,
Fax: (95-1) 212854.
.com http://www.
33, Alan Pya Pagoda Rd,
Dagon tsp.
tel: 250388. fax: 252478.

Yangon International Airport tel: 662811.
Shipping (Coastal vessels) tel: 382722

Windsor Hotel No.31, Shin

Saw Pu Street, Sanchaung.
Yangon, Myanmar.
Ph: 95-1-511216~8, www.

Royal White Elephant Hotel

No-11, Kan Street, Hlaing
Tsp. Yangon, Myanmar.
(+95-1) 500822, 503986.

Tel: 09-7349-4483,
E-mail: aahappyhomes@, http://www.

17, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd,

Yankin Tsp.
Tel: 650933. Fax: 650960.
Email : micprm@
Marina Residence
8, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd,
Mayangone Tsp.
tel: 6506 51~4. fax: 650630.
Sakura Residence
9, Inya Rd, Kamaryut Tsp.
tel: 525001. fax: 525002.
Savoy Hotel
129, Damazedi Rd,
Kamayut tsp.
tel: 526289, 526298,
Sedona Hotel
Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd,
Yankin. tel: 666900.
Strand Hotel
92 Strand Rd. tel: 243377.
fax: 289880.
Summit Parkview Hotel
350, Ahlone Rd, Dagon
Tsp. tel: 211888, 211966.
Sule Shangri-La Hotel
223 Sule Pagoda Rd. tel:
242828. fax: 242838.

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Excel Capital Hotel

Nay Pyi Taw
No.(23/24), Yarza Thingaha
Rd, Dekhina Thiri Township
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.
Tel: 067-8106011 to 17,
Fax: 067-8106020,



The First Air conditioning

systems designed to keep
you fresh all day
Zeya & Associates Co., Ltd.
No.437 (A), Pyay Road,
Kamayut. P., O 11041
Yangon, Tel: +(95-1)
Mandalay- Tel: 02-60933.
Nay Pyi Taw- Tel:
067-420778, E-mail :
com. URL: http://www.

150 Dhamazedi Rd.,

Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: (01) 536306, 537805.
15(B), Departure Lounge,
Yangon Intl Airport.
# 87/2, Crn of 26th & 27th
St, 77th St, Chan Aye Thar
Zan Tsp, Mandalay.
Tel: (02) 24880
ELT Showroom:
# 43, 165 St, Tarmwe Tsp,
Tel: (09) 5116687


we started the advertising
industry in MyanMar sinCe 1991

M A R K E T I N G & C O M M U N I C AT I O N S


SAIL Marketing &

Suite 403, Danathiha Center
790, Corner of Bogyoke Rd
& Wadan Rd, Lanmadaw
Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: (951) 211870, 224820,
2301195. Email: admin@



Nandawun Compound,
No. 55, Baho Road,
Corner of Baho Road
and Ahlone Road, (near
Eugenia Restaurant),
Ahlone Township. tel:
212 409, 221 271. 214708
fax: 524580. email: info@

Tel : 09-730-22820


Marina Residence, Yangon

Ph: 650651~4, Ext: 109
Beauty Plan, Corner of
77th St & 31st St, Mandalay
Ph: 02 72506

Self Drive Daily Rental

Brand New Left Hand
Comprehensive Insurance
Daily Rental (24 hours)
Unlimited Kilometres
24/7 Roadside Assistance
+95 9 4500 35280


illy, Francis Francis, VBM,

Brasilia, Rossi, De Longhi
Nwe Ta Pin Trading Co., Ltd.
Shop C, Building 459 B
New University Avenue
01- 555-879, 09-4210-81705


Zamil Steel
No-5, Pyay Road,
7 miles,
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: (95-1) 652502~04.
Fax: (95-1) 650306.
Email: zamilsteel@


No. (6), Lane 2

Botahtaung Pagoda St,
01-9010003, 291897.,


Myanmar Research | Consulting

Capital Markets

MyanMar exeCutive
liMousine serviCe

09 - 402 510 003
01-646 330
First class VIp
Limousine car rental.
professional english
Speaking Drivers.
Full Insurance for
your Safety and
comfortable journey
call us Now for your
best choice

Car Rental Service

No. 56, Bo Ywe St,
Latha Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : 01-246551, 375283,
09-2132778, 09-31119195.

Royal Ayeyarwaddy
No.(7) , 87th St, Mingalar
Taung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : 09-254249628, 09254296248, 09 254249629.
(Mdy Ph: 09 73103051,
73103052) www.pqi-group.
com, www.royalayeyarwaddy. com


No.27-B, Kabaaye
Pagoda Rd, Teak Villa,
Mayangone Tsp,
Tel: 09-4200-49459.

Floral Service & Gift

Centre 102(A), Dhamazaydi
Rd, 500142
Summit Parkview Hotel,
tel: 211888, 211966 ext. 173
fax: sandy@

Floral Service & Gift Shop

No. 449, New University
Avenue, Bahan Tsp. YGN.
Tel: 541217, 559011,
Market Place By City Mart
Tel: 523840~43,
523845~46, Ext: 205.
Junction Nay Pyi Taw
Tel: 067-421617~18
422012~15, Ext: 235.
Res: 067-414813, 09-49209039. Email : eternal@


Foam Spray Insulation

No-410, Ground Fl,Lower
Pazuntaung Rd, Pazun
taung Tsp, Yangon.Telefax
: 01-203743, 09-5007681.
Hot Line-09-730-30825.



Express Courier & Cargo

One Stop Logistic Solution
Ygn, Hot Line: 011224270

Royal Ayeyarwaddy
No.(7) , 87th St, Mingalar
Taung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : 384850, 389366,
394494 , 09-421132002,
Fax : 384850 (Mdy Ph: 0973103051, 09-73103052), www.


Your Most Reliable Jeweller

The Natural Gems of

Myanmar & Fine Jewellery.
No. 30(A), Pyay Road,
(7 mile), Mayangone Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 01-660397, 654398


No. 589-592, Bo Aung

Kyaw St, Yangon-Pathein
highway Road. Hlaing
Tharyar tsp. Tel: 951645178-182, 685199, Fax:
951-645211, 545278.
e-mail: mkt-mti@

Shwe Hinthar B 307, 6 1/2

Miles, Pyay Rd., Yangon.
Tel: +95 (0)1 654 730

English I Wi-Fi I Insured I

Concierge I Refreshment
Tel: 571586, 09-250188232,

La Source Beauty Spa
80-A, Inya Rd, Kamayut Tsp.
Tel: 512380, 511252
Beauty Bar by La Source
Room (1004), Sedona Hotel,
Tel : 666 900 Ext : 7167
La Source Beauty Spa
13/13, Mya Sandar St,
bet: 26_27, bet: 62_63,
Chanaye Tharzan Tsp.
Tel : 09-4440-24496.

Super Car Rental

21, G Flr, Phyoe Myay St,
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp.
Tel: 09-730-08848


The Worlds Best Selling

Bldg No. F/S (2),
ShweMarlar Housing,
Bayintnaung Rd.,
Kamaryut Tsp., YGN
Tel: +95 9 4302 4615
(English Speaking)
+95 9 508 5217
(Myanmar Speaking)
Email : utsales@


Car Rental

Duty Free Shops

Yangon International
Airport, Arrival/Departure
Mandalay International
Airport, Departure
Office: 17, 2nd street,
Hlaing Yadanarmon Housing,
Hlaing Township, Yangon.
Tel: 500143, 500144, 500145.


Learn to dance with

social dancing
94, Bogalay Zay St,
Botataung T/S,
Tel : 01-392526,


Life Fitness
Bldg A1, Rm No. 001,
Shwekabar Housing,
Mindhamma Rd,
Mayangone Tsp. Yangon.
Ph: 01-656511,
Fax: 01-656522,
Hot line: 0973194684,

No. 20, Ground Floor, Pearl

Street, Golden Valley Ward,
Bahan Township, Yangon.
Tel : 09-509 7057, 01220881, 549478 (Ext : 103)
Email : realfitnessmyanmar

Made in Taiwan
Bldg No. F/S (2),
ShweMarlar Housing,
Bayintnaung Rd.,
Kamaryut Tsp., YGN
Tel: +95 9 4302 4615
(English Speaking)
+95 9 502 1312
(Myanmar Speaking)
Email : utsales@
Your Lifting Solution



Made in Spain
Bldg No. F/S (2),
ShweMarlar Housing,
Bayintnaung Rd.,
Kamaryut Tsp., YGN
Tel: +95 9 4302 4615
(English Speaking)
+95 9 502 1312
(Myanmar Speaking)
Email : utsales@
Your Power Solution


Material Co., Ltd.
No. 60, G-Fl, Sint-Oh-Dan St,
Lower Block, Latha Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 01-245112,
Email : intconstruction

Worlds leader in
Kitchen Hoods & Hobs
Same as Ariston Water
Heater. Tel: 251033,
379671, 256622, 647813

Yangon : A-3, Aung San

Stadium (North East Wing),
Mingalartaungnyunt Tsp.
Tel : 245543, 09-73903736,
Mandalay : No.(4) 73rd St,
Btw 30th & 31st St, Chan
Aye Thar Zan Tsp. Tel : 096803505, 09-449004631.
Naypyitaw : Level (2),
Capital Hyper Mart,
Yazathingaha Street,
Outarathiri Tsp. Tel : 0933503202, 09-73050337


Ruby & Rare Gems

of Myanamar
No. 527, New University
Ave., Bahan Tsp. Yangon.

Tel: 549612, Fax : 545770.

98(A), Kaba Aye Pagoda

Road, Bahan Township,
Yangon. Tel: 542979,
553783, 09-732-16940.
Fax: 542979
Email: asiapacific.

Physiotherapy Clinic.
Body Massage - 7000 Ks
Foot Massage - 6000 Ks
Body & Foot Massage 12,000 Ks
No.285, Bo Aung Kyaw Rd,
Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.
09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tel : 09-8615036

24 Hours Laboratory
& X-ray, CT, MRI, USG
Mammogram, Bone DXA
@ Victoria Hospital
No. 68, Tawwin Rd, 9 Mile,
Mayangon Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: (951) 9 666141
Fax: (951) 9 666135

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014

24 Hrs International Clinic
Medical and Security
Assistance Service
@ Victoria Hospital
No.68, Tawwin Rd, 9 Mile,
Mayangon Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: +951 651 238
+959 495 85 955
Fax: +959 651 398

Fire, Motor and Life

44, TheinPhyu Road,
Tel : 01- 8610656
Mob : 09-5055216

No.(68), Tawwin Street,
9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp,
Hunt line: +95 1 9666 141,
Booking Ext : 7080, 7084.
Fax: +95 1 9666 135
Facebook :

Home Outdoor Ofce

99 Condo, Ground Floor,
Room (A), Damazedi Rd,
Kamayut Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 09-2504-28700

Franzo Living Mall

15(A/5), Pyay Rd, A1(9miles),
Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : 01-664026, 01-656970,

Top Marine Show Room

No-385, Ground Floor,
Lower Pazundaung Road,
Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Ph: 01-202782, 09-851-5597


Premium Chef Uniform


Pun Hlaing Golf Estate

Gated Golf Community
Available Immediately
PHGE Sales & Marketing,
Hlaing Tharyar Tsp, Yangon.
Tel : 951-687 800, 684 013

150 Brand NEW

International Standard
Rental Apartments
Hotline : 09 43 200 845
09 250 516 616
email : rental.starcity@

Home Outdoor Ofce

99 Condo, Ground Floor,
Room (A), Damazedi Rd,
Kamayut Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 09-2504-28700

Master Burmese Faster!
Professional Burmese
Language Course for All
436, Top flr, Thein Phyu Rd,
Mingalar Taung Nyut Tsp,
Tel : 09-4316 8422
Email: register.mmlc@


Home Outdoor Ofce

99 Condo, Ground Floor,
Room (A), Damazedi Rd,
Kamayut Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 09-2504-28700

Tel : 01-9000712~13 Ext : 330



Building B-1, Room 001,

Myittar Street, TamweLay,
TamweTsp, Yangon.
Tel: 01-556703, 095408885, 09-5067816

European Quality
& Designs Indoor/
Outdoor Furniture, Hotel
Furniture & All kinds of
Office Tel: 01-380382,
09-509-1673, Show Room:
No. 123-124, Shwe Yin Aye
(2) Street, Industrial Zone
5 (Extension), Hlaing Thar
Yar Township, Yangon,
Myanmar. E-mail: contact@,,,
Please call for any enquiry.

Residence rooms for

rent. Fully furnished,
(long term). Convenient,
pleasant environment to
No.12/B 43, Shwe Kainnayi
Housing Complex, Nanataw
Street, Kamayut Tsp,
Tel: (959) 731 46086, (959)



22, Pyay Rd, 9 mile,

Mayangone Tsp.
tel: 660769, 664363.


Bldg-A2, G-Flr, Shwe

Gabar Housing, Mindama
Rd, Mayangone Tsp,
Yangon. email: eko-nr@
Ph: 652391, 09-73108896

SUPPLIER of Quality Paints

Jotun Myanmar (Services)
Co. Ltd.
G-7, May Kha Housing,
Lay Doung Kan Road,
Thingangyun Township,
Tel: +95 1 566716, 566843
Worlds No.1 Paints &
Coatings Company

Sole Distributor
For the Union of
Myanmar Since 1995
Myanmar Golden Rock
International Co.,Ltd.
79-D, Bo Chein St, Pyay Rd,
6 Mile, Hlaing Tsp,
Tel: 654810~654819


No-385, Ground Floor,
Lower Pazundaung Road,
Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Ph: 09-851-5202
Bld-A2, Gr-Fl, Shwe
Gabar Housing, Mindama
Rd, Mayangone Tsp,
Yangon. email: eko-nr@
Ph: 652391, 09-73108896

01 9000 712~3, Ext 330/332,

Email: enquiries.HM@, www.

Room No. 1101, 16 Flr,

Tower B, Maw Tin Tower,
Corner of Anawrahta Rd
& Lanthit St, Lanmadaw
Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : (95-1) 218489. 218490
Fax : (95-1) 218492
Email : marketing @, contact@,
web :

Material Co., Ltd.
No. 60, G-Fl, Sint-Oh-Dan St,
Lower Block, Latha Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 01-245112,
Email : intconstruction

Golden Land Real Estate

21, G Flr, Phyoe Myay St,
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp.
Tel: 09-730-08848

Real Estate Agent

N o Fe e s fo r C l i e n t s ,
Contact Us : 09 2050107,

Moby Dick Tours Co., Ltd.

Islands Safari in the Mergui
No.89-91, Rm No.2, Gr Fr,
32nd St (between Maha
Bandoola Rd and Merchant
Rd), Pabedan Tsp, Yangon.
Tel / Fax: 01-380382
E-mail: info@islandsafari Website: www.

Coffee & Snack Bar

Shop: No.150, Dhamazedi
Road, Bahan Township,
Yangon, Myanmar,
09-3621-4523, gustocafe.

with Expert Services

In all kinds of Estate Fields
09-332 87270 (Fees Free)
09-2541 26615 (Thai Language)


Crown Worldwide
Movers Ltd 790, Rm 702,
7th Flr Danathiha Centre,
Bogyoke Aung San Rd,
Lanmadaw. Tel: 223288,
210 670, 227650. ext: 702.
Fax: 229212. email: crown

Faucets | Showers |
Sanitarywares | Bathroom
Accessories, Ph: 379671,
256622, 399464, 09 9771
09852. Address: Same

Capital Hyper Mart

14(E), Min Nandar Road,
Dawbon Tsp. Ph: 553136.
City Mart (Aung San) tel:
253022, 294765.



Heaven Pizza
38/40, Bo Yar Nyunt St.
Yaw Min Gyi Quarter,
Dagon Township.
Tel: 09-855-1383

World famous Kobe Beef

Near Thuka Kabar
Hospital on Pyay Rd,
Marlar st, Hlaing Tsp.
Tel: +95-1-535072

No. 5, U Tun Nyein

Street, Mayangone T/S,
Tel : 01-660 612, 657928,
01-122 1014, 09 508 9441
Email : lalchimiste.

For House-Seekers

Enchanting and Romantic,

a Bliss on the Lake
62 D, U Tun Nyein Road,
Mayangon Tsp, Yangon
Tel. 01 665 516, 660976
Mob. 09-730-30755

22, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd,

Bahan Tsp. tel 541997.
email: leplanteur@

Reservation Ofce (Yangon)

123, Alanpya Pagoda Rd,
Dagon Township
: 951- 255 819~838
Max Resort (Chaung Tha)
: 042 42346~9
E-Mail: reservation@

Asian Trails Tour Ltd

73 Pyay Rd, Dagon tsp.
tel: 211212, 223262.
fax: 211670. email: res@
Shan Yoma Tours Co.,Ltd
Ph: 01-9010378, 9010382,



Horizon Intl School

235, Shukhinthar Myo Pat
Rd, Thaketa Tsp, Yangon,
Ph: 450396~7, 25, Po Sein
Rd, Bahan Tsp, Yangon,
Ph: 543926, Fax: 543926,
email: contact@
I nternational
M ontessori
M yanmar
English Education Centre
Nursery - Primary
(15 months - 12 years)
55 (B), Po Sein Road,
Bahan Township.
Tel : (951) 546097, 546761.

The Global leader in

Water Heaters
A/1, Aung San Stadium
East Wing, Upper
Pansodan Road.
Tel: 01-256705, 399464,
394409, 647812.

Water Heater

Made in Japan
Same as Rinnai Gas Cooker
and Cooker Hood
Showroom Address



No.695, Mahabandoola
Road, (Between 19th &
Sint Oh Dan Street), Latha
Township, Yangon.
Ph: 01-395816, 396817

Material Co., Ltd.
No. 60, G-Fl, Sint-Oh-Dan St,
Lower Block, Latha Tsp,
Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 01-245112,
Email : intconstruction



G-05, Marketplace by
City Mart.
Tel: 01-523840 Ext: 105
Legendary Myanmar Intl
Shipping & Logistics Co.,
No-9, Rm (A-4), 3rd Flr,
Kyaung St, Myaynigone,
Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon.
Tel: 516827, 523653,
Mobile. 09-512-3049.
Email: legandarymyr@ .mm

Executive Serviced Offices

Tel : 01-4413410
G-01, City Mart
(Myay Ni Gone Center).
Tel: 01-508467-70 Ext: 106

Monsoon Restaurant
& Bar 85/87, Thein Byu
Road, Botahtaung Tsp.
Tel: 295224, 09-501 5653.
Bo Sun Pat Tower, Bldg
608, Rm 6(B), Cor of
Merchant Rd & Bo Sun
Pat St, PBDN Tsp. Tel:
377263, 250582, 250032,
09-511-7876, 09-862-4563.





Good taste & resonable

@Thamada Hotel
Tel: 01-243047, 243639-41
Ext: 32

Quality Chinese Dishes

with Resonable Price
@Marketplace by City Mart.
Tel: 01-523840 Ext.109

Delicious Hong Kong Style

Food Restaurant
G-09, City Mart (Myay Ni
Gone Center).
Tel: 01-508467-70 Ext: 114

The Rih Lake

No. 67B, Dhama Yone St.,
near (Blazon) U Wisara Rd.,
Myaynigone, Sanchaung
Tsp. Tel: 01-502761
42 Strand Road,
Botahtaung, Yangon.
Tel: 95 9420 180 214, 95
9420 101 854,

Executive Serviced
Ofce, Registered
and Virtual Ofce, Hot
Desking, Meeting Rooms
Tel: +(95) 1 387947

Water & Wastewater

Treatment (Since 1997)
Amd Supply Package
Fiberglass Wastewater
System for Offices,
Condominiums & Hotels
Project. Can Design for
YCDC Permit Application.
39-B, Thazin Lane, Ahlone.
09-5161431, 09-43126571,



Company limited


Water Treatement Solution

Block (A), Room (G-12),
Pearl Condo, Kabar Aye
Pagoda Rd, Bahan Tsp.
Hot Line : 09-4500-59000

Design, Fabrication,
Supply & Erection of Steel
Tel : (+95-1) 122 1673
Email :



Monthly storage available
Transportation of goods
Mobile: 09-253 559 848,
Email: YangonStorage@

Web Services
All the way from Australia
world-class websites/
web apps for desktop,
smartphone & tablets,
online shopping with
real-time transaction,
news/magazine site,
forum, email campaign
and all essential online
services. Domain
registration & cloud
hosting. Talk to us: (01)
430-897, (0) 942-000-4554.





By Fax : 01-254158
By Email :
By Mail : 379/383, Bo Aung Kyaw St, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.


Call: Khin Mon Mon Yi - 01-392676, 392928

looking for investor or
offering OTC shares.
Please drop me an email
or contact me. Chris
Wong, Ph: +65-81202496. email:YgnSing@

STUDY GUIDE, Need help
with your studies? I can
ensure that you have that
extra time and attention
you need to succeed.
I am a qualified tutor,
with stright A's in GCE
A levels and four gears
of experience, tutring
students of Grade 5 ~
12, GCE O and A levels,
Sat and IELTS. Ph: 01253543, 09-519-0543.
Mathematics Teaching
: Students (Grade 1
to 9 from YIS, ISM,
ISY, Yangon Academy,
MIS & MISY) who are
weak in Mathsand dont
know how to solve the
problems. Guide : only
Maths for IGCSE O
Level students who will
sit for the exam in 2015.
B.Com (Q), No. (6),
Thuketa St, Baukhtaw,
Yankin. Ph : 544594, 09500-4993.
guide for 2nd M.B.,B.S,
Students, Ph: 09-32121352, 09-517-3808.
PRIMARY - International
school, Private school: Kg
to Primary 4 Home guide.
Ph: 09-4200-33613.
T (since 1984). Ph: 09730- 52859
English for international
school students who want
to practice or improve
their English including
literature and language
art (principle of written
English) for SAT . If you
had tried as much as you
can to follow the lesson
and you will get good
experiences and skill.
.This program will help
you capability and fill
your luck of knowledge..
Middle school students
can study in a small class.
U Thant Zin, 28-3B, Thati
Pahtan St, Tamwe, Ph:015035350, 09-3102-1314,
Teaching and guide,
KG to Primary 6. For Int'l
school (MIS . YIS. MISY.
TOTAL. Horizon.) Ph:094200-87050.
LCCI Level I,II & III,
Teaching, Study guide
& Old questions. Ph: 094211-34427.
English (home tuition)
issue. letter, academic
writing. SAT. TOEFL. IELT.
skills. local & international
school English. English
for Japaneses children
and adult. Home tuition,
courses are avail e now.
you can contact to Saya

U Kyi Sin (Mumyint Thar)

Ph: 09-4210-67375. www.
20 years experience.
Conversation, listening &
IELTS training. Please call
required for international
high school student. Must
speak English. Ph: 09502-2834
teacher Myo (G.C.E
O/A, U.K) (1) Grade X.XI
(All Subjects). (2) IELTS,
Interview. (3)IGCSE, BCA
(All subjects). No.37, 4 Flr,
Yay Kyaw St. Ph: 09-73221317, 09-513-2373
students from Int'l schools
such as Horizon, ILBC,
PISM. All subjects for
Primary and Secondary
Classes. Tel: 09-420084493.

Expert Services
Interpreting Service: Part
time service for English to
Burmese to English. For
business Correspond ing,
Emails, Faxs & letters.
Conferences & business
communities for Local
companies and offices.
Service offered in person,
by phone and fax, mobile
and emails. Phone: 092540-43372
Resource Development
P r o g r a m m e ,
Training Programme.
If you are interested,
please contact us at Ph:
09-731-18749, 09-73240764 or email us at ;,
foc Rental Services of
condos, landed houses,
offices and commercial
properties. Our listings
can be checked in http://, Email:,
ZCL(Y.U.F.L) Translation
Service. Ph: 09-250666325. email: atar1990@
COrporate Banking,
Finance, Advisory, Capital
Raising Services & help
with foreign investment,
private equity for Myanmar
companies; pls contact
We provide stay in
Domestic Helper to do all
your household chores.
If you need please call
09-250598349 or 01571699."
Efficient Goldsmith
Software Effective for all
goldshops & goldsmiths

@ Efficient Soft. Ph: 09505-3762, 09-517-1061,

Banking service, HR
service, Local travel
service (Flight or air
plane, hotel booking,
car service on trip
etc.), Wedding planner,
service, Teaching English
to Myanmar, Guide to
High School Student,
Taxi service, General
service. Formal learning
Eng to Myan is 1:30 hr
only Sunday, 10 weeks
per course charges is
100$. Ph:09-4201-64934

For Rent
We have Cars for
rent. (Expert use only).
Mid size wagon. Now
only350.000kyats per
month with deposit for
long term. company ID
required. Call 09 730
Cold Storage 100
M/T capacity situated at
Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial
area at reasonable rate.
Please Contact: 682011,
685846, 09-500-8845,

For Sale

Toyota Prado, 2006

Model / White Colour, Left
hand drive / 4 doors very
good driving Condition
( maintenance check
frequently) Only serious
buyer. Ph: 09-515-0751

WITHIN 24 hours can
make you confident in
speaking scripts! Teacher
Phyu Phyu Khin : 09-420052527, phyuporcupine@, Add : 56/I,
Thiri Marlar Lane, 7.5
mile, Pyay Rd, Yangon.
HLC, High language
centre, Hindi, English
& Myanmar, (Writing,
Reading & Speaking) by
an expert teacher. Ph: 094210-98790.
myanmar Language
wishing to learn Myanmar
language, with a small
group, may please
contact by phone: 09301-99028.
LANGUAGE Proficiency,
Effective & Scientific
way Tutor, Translator,

Sanskrit, Bengali, Nepali,
English & Myanmar)
R.S. Verma, B.Sc, (Bot),
Yangon, (UFL-English),
Yangon. Email: rsverma.
for foreigners : In-home
tutoring. email: burmese.
teacher here in Yangon,
Myanmar. I have over
6 years teaching in
Singapore. Please do
not hesitate to contact
me for an evaluation.
Im a professional
teacher who will help you
improve your speaking,
reading & writing skills.
I use Singaporean
text books & Chinese
books for teaching
speaking, reading &
writing in Mandarin.
Im available MondaySunday with a flexible
schedule. I also teaching
Myanmar Language to
all Foreigner. For more
details please call the
number below. If I dont
answer please send me
a SMS.

Mandalay Computer:
Computer for Kids,
Basic Accounting for Job
I-Office , Advanced Excel
Course, DTP Course
MYOB Software, Peach
Tree Software, Window
Shortcut Course, Email
& Internet Course Mp3,
Mp4, Video Editing,
T e r r a M ya n m a r Land Survey Training
Course Contents (Basic)
Trigonometry, Angles,
bearings, azimuths &
coordinates, Leveling,
field procedures, data
format, data download,
upload, data processing,
Construction survey,
GPS Course Contents
(Advance) Coordinate
processing & map
compilation Coordinate
transformation, GIS data
collection & mapping,
Differential correction,
Static survey for GCP,
Logistic plan, Baseline
processing & network
adjustment, PPK/Stop
& Go survey for GCP
& topo data collection,
GPS site calibration,
RTK Survey for setting
out & topo data collection
No.A1, Shwe Ingyin
Juction, Thingungyun,
Tel: 01- 569944, 094308-3273.
International provides
the following services.
Resource Development
Programme. Hospitality
Management Program

me. Project Management

Training Programme.
If you are interested,
please contact us at
09732-40764 or email :,
Learn English for life :
How to make English
part of your lifestyle,
English communication
English, Hospitality &
tourism Management,
Management leadership
& superior training. 61, 1A
Flr, 13 St, Bet : Anawrahta
Rd & Mahabandoola Rd,
Landmadaw tsp. Ph: 094316-6443.

We provide the following

Training, CISCO, CCNA,
w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m /
imcscompany, 09-450016040.

TESUAN Co., Ltd (Travel
& Tour) Local Special
Trip : Taung Gyi ~ Inn
Lay ~ Pintaya ~ Kalaw
~ Konelon ~ Htan san
cave (4N/5days) Dec25. Beauty of Shan State
& International Deluxe
complimentary breakfast
So this trip is Happly to
you. Hot Line 09-30285183, 01-511-298, 09732-38306

Public Notics
Community Partners
International, Yangon
office relocated to the
following address- No.
(12/B), Hnin Si Lane,
Parami Road, Chaw dwin
gone, Yankin Township,
Yangon, Myanmar. Ph: +
95 1 657909
The Royal Embassy of
Saudi Arabia is pleased
to invite pre-qualified
companies to tender for
supply and installation
of Physical Security
at Embassy
Building. All interested
Tenders are required in
advance to purchase
the Documents for
specification and General
Contractual terms, which
will be obtained from:
The Royal Embassy of
Saudi Arabia : No.6S,
InyaYeiktha Street, Ward
10, Mayangone, Yangon,

Pent house new
condo. 3500 sqft, 2
master room. 2 single
room, parquet floor, big
surrounded balcony, nice
view, 6 aircons, semifurnished. 24 electricity
with back-up generator.
For rent: 4500US Dollar
per month (nego:) for
sale : 7500 Lakhs (nego:)
Ph: 09-795-413742

Housing for Rent

dagon Tsp, Near Park
Royal Hotel, 2300 Sqft,
Composed of 6 rooms
(for living people or
office) Ground Floor,
3000 USD per month,
Ph: 09-312-87827.
dagon, Near Park
Royal Hotel, 1250 Sqft,
One bed room with Toilet,
one single bed room. Lift,
fully furnished, 1400
USD per month, Ph: 097958-84155.
pearl Condo, Near
Mya Yeik Nyo Hotel,
1800 Sqft, 1 MBR, 2BR,
AC4, 10 Floor, Building
D, Fully furnished, USD
2200 per month, Ph: 097959-40545.
bahan, Near Chatrium
Hotel, Po Sein Rd, 2
RC house, 3 Rooms
with Toilet, 3 A/C, 2
cable phones, wide car
parking, USD 2500 per
month, Ph: 09-250026350.
Mawlamyine, 2RC
(water + electricity
included), 60'x80', on
Bogyote Aung San
Rd, near Mawlamyine
negotiable. Ph: 09-5158738.
for rent on
Sanchaung Township.
Suitable for commercial,
1 floor inside. 20 x 80,
Ground Floor. Contact:
For Office/Residential
place in Bahan (near
Shwegondine Junction).
Land: 7,000Sqft. House:
3,750Sqft (2RC / 4 years
old). 5 car parking spaces.
3MBR, 1BR, study and
maid rooms. 7A/C,
Generator, hot water,
etc.. Fully furnished.
Fully equipped with
electrical appliances.
ready (both RedLink
Wi-max and fiber cable).
Now being used as office
+ residence. Available
in mid-Jan 2015. Rent:
USD 5,800 (negotiable).
Ph: 09-4200 86237
Myaynigone, Newly
decorated apartment,
good lighting & ventilation
high floor, clear view to
Shwe Dagon Pagoda at
quiet location, walking
distance to Myay Ni
Gone City Mart, Dagon
Centre, close to Uwizara

Road.Rental fee $900/

month. Ph: 09-250084265
apartments : (1)At
Shwe Gone Dine (2)
At Tamwe (3)At Ka Bar
Aye (4,At Nar Nat Taw (5)
At strand (6)At Thamine,
Ni Wah Residences.
Ph : +95-95019648,
+95-1430306. Email : HL
Office Suites for
Lease : Pearl Centre,
Bahan Township, Kabar
Aye Pagoda Road. 50010,000 sq-ft available
at affordable rates.
Contact: 09-4303-0288
Large Clean Room
to rent in share house.
Fully furnished. Kitchen
and utensils. Aircon.
Free Wifi. Sky Net, TV,
10 min walk to Junction
square shopping mall,
KBZ band downstairs
with ATM, Restaunts
around inclluding Fuji.
Add: A-4-7, Highway
Complex, Kamayut tsp, $
550 p/m, Available 22nd
Dec. Contract takeover
until late April. Call or
text to Dale t : +959253558607.
(1)Golden Valley,
Land 9000 sqft, house
3000 sqft, 4MBR, fully
furniture, USD 15000.
(2)Near Inyar Rd, land
8000 sqft, house 4000
sqft, 3MBR, 2SR, fully
furniture, USD 8000.
(3)7 Mile, 6500 sqft, 2
RC, 2MBR, 2SR, fully
furniture, USD 4500.
(4)8 Mile, 5600 sqft, 2
RC, 2MBR, 1SR, fully
furniture, USD 4000. (5)
Near Parame Rd, 2 RC,
5000 sqft, 4 MBR, fully
furniture, USD 4500.
Ph:09-4921- 4276, (no
need agent).
(1)Near Kandaw gyi
park, 900 sqft, no lift, 5
Floor, 2 bed room, some
of furniture USD 600. (2)
Near Embassy location,
sqft, 2MBR, 1SR, fully
furniture, 5000 USD per
month. (3)Nnear Park
royal hotel, 1500 sqft,
no lift, 4 Floor, 1MBR,
2SR, some of furniture,
USD 1500. Ph:09-252
70 3331.
bahan, Near Chatrium
Hotel, Po Sein Road,
2 RC house, 3 Rooms
with Toilet, 3AC, Cable
phone, wide car parking.
USD 2500/- per month,
Please contact 09-250026350, 09-7958-84155.
(1)kamayut, Inya Rd,
3 storey new house, 6
rooms. 4 bathrooms,
toilets, generator, furnish
ed house, internet,
CCTV camera system,
10 aircons, hot water
system, maid room.
ph line, cable TV, nice
balcony & lawn. US
8000 per month (nego:)
(2) Bahan, Thanlwin Rd,
new & modern furnished
house, 2 storey, 9
aircons, stove and oven,
big new fridge, garden,
furnished, 4 rooms, hot
water system, generator
set, maidroom, office
room, for rent, US Dollar
5700 per month (nego:)
(1)Near Park Royal
hotel, pent house, 3000
Sqft, 1 MBR, 2SR , fully
furniture USD 4500. (2)
Near Park Royal hotel,
1 Floor, 900 Sqft, part of
furniture, 1MBR, 1SR,
Kandawgyi park, near
UNDP, 1500 Sqft, 1MBR,
2SR, part of furniture
Kabaraye Gamonpyint,
2000 Sqft, 1MBR 2SR

fully furniture USD 3600.

Ph: 09-4921 4276.
(1)Back side of Sedona
Hotel, 2 RC, good for
office, USD 4500. (2)
Golden valley, 3 RC,
7800 Sqft, only good for
office, USD 5500. (3)
Near Parami Rd, 2RC,
4MBR, no furniture, USD
3000. Ph: 09-4921 4276.
On Pyay Rd, 7 mile,
single house, land
(60 x 90), teak wood
ceiling & flooring, 2MB,
3AC, near Norwegian
Embassy & UNOPS,
quiet residential area,
suitable for expats living
alone or couple, USD
2,000 (nego). No agent.
Ph: 09-515-6769."
myanmar's Pioneer
Personalised Service
Apartment (s), Live in
maid (s) on request Ni
Wah Residences 01430306
Prime Hill Business
Square: Well-equipped
developed by Chiyoda
& Public Works Co.,Ltd.,
No. 60, Shwe Dagon
Pagoda Road. Ph: 01382710 (#20109), 092500-65905, 09-420112473, phbscare@cpw.
office space to let
3100 sqm available over
5 floors in a 12-storey
building with car park,
restaurant, multi function
hall and apartments.
Email : office-mm@,
web : www .facebook.

Housing for Sale

Mayangone, Muditar
Condo 1, 8 th Flr,
650 sqft, Parquet, lift,
Special Discount (Until
2014 Dec) Price - 275
Ph:09-254209327, 09-730-28441,
"Chaungtha Village,
behind the bus terminal
we sell a beautiful wooden
house, 3 rooms+kitchen
& European bathroom
and a large veranda.
Situated in a gorgeous
garden (4080) where
we run a restaurant
business. Provided by
solar system for lights
inside and outside we
also have a fridge running
for 24 hours and pump
for water tank . Price
1500 lakhs completely
furnished and equiped. If
interested call to Ko Thein
Win 09 422445138 or
write to magdaguer2@, we can send
Mawlamyine, 2RC
included), 60'x80', on
Bogyote Aung San
Rd, near Mawlamyine
negotiable. Ph: 09-5158738
Kandawgyi condo,
nice view with all big
glass window around,
2 rooms, 2 bathrooms
and toilets, hot water
with european style and
standard quality, eighth
floor, 2200 sqft, 4000
Lakh. (nego:) Ph: 097954-13742
(1)Pearl Condo, 1750
sqft, New building,Good
water for 3500 Lakhs.
(4) Pyay Rd, Diamond
Condo, 1650 sqft, Nice
View, Newly Rm, Nobody
Stay there. 4500 Lakhs.
Call Maureen: 09-5188320.


THE MYANMAR TIMES december 22 - 28, 2014

Ingo Position
The Embassy of the
Republic of Turkey is
seeking (1)Staff - M
1 post : University
graduate, Minimun 3
years work experience
with the related field,
Minimum 5 years driving
experience and able to
travel, Age between 25 44, English and Myanmar
communication skills.
Qualified and interested
submit CV & copies of
educational certificate
to 19(AB), Kan Yeik Thar
St, Mayangone. Yangon
before January 31, 2015.
Tel : 01 662992

Ingo Position
(1)Program Officer
(CBHFA) (NayPyiTaw) 1
Post. (2) Driver (Sittwe)
2 Posts (3) Finance
Officer (Yangon) 1 Post
(4)Logistics Officer
(Sittwe) 1 Post (5)
Medical Doctor (Sittwe)
3 Posts (6) Nurse
(Sittwe) 4 Posts. Please
send application letter,
CV & related documents
Cross Society (Head
the Int'l Rescue
Committee (IRC) is
Training Officer - 1
post in Hpa-an, Kayin
Doctor (M.B.,B.S) : 1
year experience. Good
command of English
& Myanmar. (3)Social
Gender Officer 1 post
in Tatkon, Nay Pyi Taw:
Academic degree in
communications, journali
sm, or related areas. 3
years of community
development. Fluency
in English. (4)Senior
Officer 1 Post in
Kayin State: 3 years
knowledge of English
would be an asset.
Skilled in Excel, Word
software. Please submit
Cover letter & CV to the
HR Department by email
WaiMar.Naing@ Closing date:
30th December 2014.
myanmar Red Cross
Society is seeking
Program Manager - 1
post in Nay Pyi Taw :
7 years experience.
Officer - 1 post in Sittwe:
Universitydegree.2 yeras
experience. (3)Finance
& Admin Officer - 1
post in Taunggyi: B
Com/ B Accounting (or)
equivalent accounting
professional experience.
For all posts : Proven
computer skills in both
Myanmar & English.
Red Cross experience
is an advantage. Please
send application letter,
CV & related documents
to mrcshrrecruitment@, Closing date:
the Int'l Rescue
Committee (IRC) is
Coordinator (MCH) 1
post in Loikaw-Kayah:
M.B.,B.S or MD or RN,
with post graduate
degree in Public Health.
5 ~ 7 years experience.
Quality Officer in Chin
State: B.NSc/ B.CommH/
Diploma in Nursing.
2 years experience.
Good command of
English & Myanmar.
Chin (Khumee) Ethic
language(s) written &
verbal skill is favourable.
Agriculture - 1 post in
Myebon Tsp, Rakhine
State: Bachelor's degree.
2 years experience.
Skilled in Excel, Word
software. Very good
command of English &
Myanmar. Please send
a Cover letter, CV & all
relevant documents to

the HR Department by
email at WaiMar.Naing@ Closing date:
22, December, 2014.
good Neighbors Int'l
(GNI) is seeking (1)
Monitoring & Evaluat
ion Coordinator :
statistics, social or
development related
studies, 3 years of
community development
Coordinator 2 posts
in (Sinbaung Wae Tsp,
Magway Region), Sun Ta
Nee Office- Nyaung Done
Tsp : Myanmar National.
Degree in management,
business, or equivalent
in development field
& 3 years experience.
Please full up GNI's
Certificate of College/
University. Copy of NRC.
Copy of Father's NRC.
Recommendation letters
from Previous or Current
organization to 21, Ywar
Ma Kyaung St, (1) Ward,
Hlaing, Yangon. Email:
(1)Program Manager
(NayPyiTaw) 1 Post
(2)Finance & Admin
Officer (Taunggyi) 1
Field Officer (Sittwe)
1 Post. (4)Admin &
(Matupi) 1 Post (5)
Admin Assistant (Hpaan) 1 Post (6)Consultant
for SBDRR 1 Post
1 Post (8)Finance
Assistant (Hpa-an) 1
Post (9)CSR Program
Officer 1 Post (10)
Engineer (Consultant
for Renovation)(Mindat/
Matupi) 2 Posts. Please
send application letter,
CV & related documents
Cross Society (Head
(1)Driver (Sittwe) 2 Posts (2)Finance
Officer (Yangon) - 1 Post
(3)Logistics Officer
- (Sittwe) - 1 Post (4)
Medical Doctor (Sittwe)
- 3 Posts (5)Nurse
(Sittwe) 4 Posts. Please
send application letter,
CV & related documents
Cross Society (Head
society. org
recruitment & employ
ment service company
in Yangon since 2012.
We provide online
(huge CV detabase
and job offers posting
opportunities) for any
employer in Myanmar.
We preselect short
list of candidates or
search for executive
functions positions as
well. Contact our staff
to help you to choose
the right service or
package for you. Tel: 012306103, Email: info@,,,
https:// www.facebook.

Local Positions
Golden Myanmar
Airlines Public Co., Ltd.
(GMA) is seeking Senior
Financial Advisor - M/
F 1 Post : University
Degree, 7 years of
progressive hands-on
experience preferably
in the airline industry,
preferably few years
with Low Cost Carriers.
10 years management
experience, In-depth
aspects of running an
airline Accounting and
Finance Department.
Base: Yangon, Myanmar

Requirement : Ideal
candidate should be
familiar with Regional,
Myanmar Aviation and
Knowledge of designing
and improving relevant
airline-related financial
processes, Previous
experience in Low
Cost Carrier would be
of advantage but not
Personal and relationship
competences: Effective
interpersonal, coaching,
consulting, Financial
Analysis skills & project
& people management
organizational skills.
Line of Communication:
CEO. Please submit
applications with Cover
letter explaining how
education, skills and
experience meet the
requirement for the
applied position, Detailed
and complete curriculum
vitae with two passport
size photos, Copy of
NRC card, Passport and
labor registration copy,
Certificate of graduation,
copy of License, census
copy, recommendation
from Township & Police
to 3th Flr, Saya San Plaza,
Corner of New University
Avenue and Saya San
Rd, Bahan, Yangon.
Ph: 95 1 401484, 95 1
8604035 ~38 (Ext: 123,
128).Closing date :31st
December 2014
Ikon Trading Company
Limited is seeking HR
Manager - M/F 1 Post
: Any graduate, Diploma
in HRM is preferred,
Good personality and
communication skills,
5 years experiencesat
Manager level in related
field, Age over 35, Fluent
in English& Myanmar,
individuals in achieving
goals and objectives,
Able to make training and
manage to develop the
people at work, Ability to
research, evaluate and
analyse new recruitment
techniques, methods
and procedures, Able to
establish and maintain
relationships with people
at work, Knowledge
about Labor Laws&
Social Welfare is an
asset, Basic knowledge
in Accounting, While all
applicants required :
Application together with
update CV and related
registration card and
police force to 328/A,
Pyay Rd, Sanchaung,
Yangon. (Near Mahar
Myaing Hospital) Ph:
01 534216, 527705,
501429, 503914, Email:
Within 2 weeks.
Brainworks Total
are a unique group
of integrated schools
IGCSE and A Level
education seeingi (1).
Pre-School teacher
- 1 post (2)Primary
Teachers - 2 posts
(3). Trainee Teachers
- 3 posts (4)Lab
- 3 posts (4)Reception
desk officers - 5 posts
(5)Librarians Assistant
- 5 posts : Hold an
Undergraduate or a
Postgraduate degree
in discipline. Excellent
skills, Good computer
enclose the following as
a part of your application:
A detailed covering letter
telling us about you as a
person & why you think
you should be chosen to
join our awesome team.
A current CV, A recent
photo, Copy of NRC
& Labor registration
card, Copy of family
registration, Copy of
teaching credentials,
certifications, endorse
ments, etc. & any other
document which you
may feel necessary
to: Branch 1: No.1
Thumingalar St, 16/4
Quarter, Thingangyun,
Yangon. Branch 2:

Sanchaung, Yangon. Or
email to adminjobs@
School Management
is seeking Logistics :
Be permanent residents
of Myanmar or returning
to Myanmar having
completed a course of
study and/or term of
Myanmar and English,
Hold a university degree
or higher, Have excellent
organisational skills, Be
IT-literate (Word, Excel,
DTP skills an advantage),
Be good communicators
with some knowledge
of film and/or media,
Enjoy working in a
team, Display a can do
attitude. This position will
commence immediately
with a 3month probation
period from followed
by evaluation by the
Schools Director and
Committee, & if positive,
an annual contract.
Please complete the
enclosed application
form and return it to Win
Naing at the YFS house,
at 5 MyaYadanar Road,
Pyithayar Avenue, Bauk
Htaw, Yankin, Yangon via
email to: applications@ by
30 December, 2014.
hotel Shwe Gone
Daing, Yangon, (1)
Kitchen Department:
Commis I, Commis II,
Commis III, Kitchen
Room Attendant, PA
Attendant, Laundry
Supervisor, Laundry
Attendant, (3)F &
B Department: F &
B Manager, F & B
Supervisor, F & B
Ass: Supervisor, F
& B Cashier, F & B
Waiter, (4) Entainment
Department: Cashier,
Waiter, Bar Waitress,
Cleaner, Bell Boy,
Storekeeper, Logistics,
CCTV Operator, (8) M
& E Department: M & E
Operator. Hotel Shwe
Gone Daing, No. (273/A),
Shwe Gone Daing St,
Bahan, Yangon, Ph:
552583, 552585, Email:
gymboree Play &
Music: Looking for
Play & Music Teacher,
Music is the world's
ingeractive play, music
and arts program for
children ages newborn
to five years. Join in
marking a difference if
you are... child loving,
The program is now
available in Myanmar.
gymboreeclasses., also hiring
for - (1) Marketing
Associates - 3 Posts,
(2)Receptionists - 2
Posts, (3)Cleaners - 3
Posts. Email : resume
to gymboreemm@gmail.
com, before Dec 31st
2014, Contact: Ms. Wei
@ 09-9757-42721, 092594-77712, Address:
Block C, Pearl Condo,
Bahan, Yangon, Ph: 097954-13742
Vintage Luxury Yacht
Hotel is seeking qualified
candidates with attractive
salary to fill in the following
positions: (1)Executive
Sous Chef - M/F 2 Posts
(2)Chef de Partie - M/F
1 Post (3)Front Office
Manager - M/F 1 Post
(4) Duty Manager - M/F
1 Post (5)Front Office
Supervisor - M/F 2
Posts (6)Reservation
Supervisor - M/F 1 Post
(7)Bell Driver (Salary
+ others) above-250000
M/F 3 Posts (8)Sales

& Marketing Asst:

Manager - M/F 1 Post

(9)Sales & Marketing

Assistant - M/F 1
Post (10)Purchasing
Supervisor - M/F 1 Post
(11)Painist - M/F 1 Post
(12)Villinist - M/F 1 Post
(13)Guitarist - M/F 1
Post. CV form to be submit
to HR Department: No. 6,
Botahtaung Jetty, Seikkan
Tsp. Ph: 09-2544-43327.
We are seeking (1)GM/
Sr.Manager (Special
Asst: To CEO (Manager
Level) (3)Planning &
Control Manager (4)



(Trading) (5)BD Manager

(Structural Steel) (6)



(Dairy Farm). Please send

CV & cover letter, including
salary expectations to
Email : thelondoner007@ You can
see more details of
Job Description from
c o m , w w w. m y a n m a r, The successful
candidates can expect
high competitive salary
and benefits.

Executive Deputy MD
- M/F 3 Posts (2)PR
Specialist - M 5 Posts
(3)Customer Specialist
- M 5 Posts (4)Chinese
Project Coordinator M/F 10 Posts (5) Chinese
Translator - M/F 10
Posts (6) Maintenance
Staff - M 20 Posts (7)
Chinese Accountant M/F 5 Post (8) Driver - M
10 Posts. Myanmar Fiber
Optic Communication
Network Co., Ltd: 2nd
Fl, Right Side, Bldg 12,
MICT Park, Hlaing Tsp.
Ph: 09-7958-36084, 093600-7316.
business linking up with
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Executive - F 3 Posts:
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In Mai Kha Co.,Ltd :

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Please submit to 20/B,
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University graduate in
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Skill in Microsoft Office,
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Strong organizational
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Parkway Cancer
Medical Doctor - F 1
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66 Sport

THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Maasai Olympics
fights dwindling
lion numbers
LEAPING high into the air and hurl- high jump measured by the tradiing spears instead of javelins, tradi- tional standing jump straight into the
tional lion hunters in Kenya tested air, not over a cross bar.
their skills December 13 in a special
The games offered warriors a
Maasai Olympics organised to save chance to compete using traditional
the endangered animals.
skills used in the hunt, but tested inFor generations, Maasai warriors stead in a sports competition against
proved their manhood by killing a each other.
lion, but a campaign led by Kenyan
Organisers said the games give the
Olympic champion David Rudisha is Maasai an avenue to demonstrate
working to swap spearing for sport.
their physical prowess through a
As numbers of big cats rapidly de- sporting event rather than a traditioncline due to poaching and humans al hunt, as well as raising awareness
increasing encroachment on their ter- about the threats lions are facing.
ritory, the games organised Saturday
Lions are in trouble, said Fiesta
by conservationists aimed to provide Warinwa from the African Wildlife
an alternative test of the warriors Foundation (AWF), one of sponsors
of the games, adding that fewer than
Rudisha, the 800 metres gold med- 2000 lions remain in Kenya.
allist and world record-holder and
Tourists coming to see the lions
himself a Maasai is patron of the and Kenyas other wildlife includgames.
ing elephant and rhino, also under
Im happy to come here and be constant threat from poachers proa part of my people, and to try and vide a key foreign income earner and
educate them about not killing the employer for the east African nations
wild animals, because we get a lot of economy.
These lions
it, Rudisha told
could be wiped
AFP, as barefoot
out in the next
athletes sprinted
two decades unpast on the hard
less we act, Wardirt track.
inwa added. The
In a Kenyan
Olymtwist on classic
pics help protect
athletics events, Number of lions left in Kenya, according lions
warriors threw
to AWF estimates.
spears instead of
Africas lion
population has
Daubed in red
dropped by alpaint, dressed in
most a third in
colourful Maasai robes and draped in the past two decades, with 30,000 of
beaded necklaces, warriors competed the big cats now left across the contiin the plains beneath the snow-capped nent, according to AWF estimates.
peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africas
Prizes included breeding cattle,
highest mountain.
school scholarships and cash, while
They also hurled the Maasais the two race winners won a sponsored
heavy wooden fighting club instead of trip to compete in the 2015 New York
discus, with the winner determined by Marathon.
the accuracy of the throw.
The Maasai Olympics is more than
Im also trying to be a role mod- just a colourful, one-day event, said
el to them, to show that sports can Samar Ntalamia from Big Life conserchange your life, from being someone vation campaigners, a sponsor of the
to being somebody, Rudisha said, as games.
hundreds of spectators roared encourIt is a year-long education proagement for athletes from their vil- gram that provides us with a platform
lage, sprinting past on the wide savan- to engage young men about conservanah grasslands.
tion issues, particularly lion killing.
Sports have really taken me far,
The games, being held for the secIve been all over the world, and its ond time, took place in the Maasai reonly because of running, he added.
gion of Kimana, some 220 kilometres
Running races included 200-metre, (135 miles) southeast of the Kenyan
800-metre and 5000-metre distances capital Nairobi, in a game sanctuary
for men, and for women, 100-metre that is part of the world famous Amand 1500-metre races.
boseli-Tsavo ecosystem.
Athletes also took part in a Maasai



A pigeon enthusiast collects the birds he won at auction in Bejing. Photo: AFP

Pigeon prices
soaring in Peking
Demand from high-rollers is driving the cost of racing birds
to record highs across China

s the price flew skyward, an audience of

men erupted into cheers
before the auctioneer
slammed his hammer down at a
record-breaking 2 million yuan
The object of the frenzied bidding a grey and white racing pigeon responded with a gentle cooing, its beady red eye scanning the
smoke-filled auction room.
Drawing on an age-old tradition, racing birds have become a
plaything for rich entrepreneurs in
Two decades ago, 400,000
[yuan] was considered a sky-high
price. Prices are going up around 10
percent every year, declared Zhou
Zhuanhong, who presided over the
auction in Beijing last month with
booming tones.
But the sale was not entirely
what it seemed. The buyer pharmaceutical baron Guo Weicheng
was bidding for his own bird,
even though he had to pay the club
holding the auction a 40 percent
Nonetheless dozens of deals
including several worth over
$100,000 were genuine transactions, according to those watching
the sale, where high-rollers with
chain-smoking entourages tucked
birds in cardboard boxes under
their dining tables.
The prices here are like nowhere
else, said Ulrik Lejre Larsen, a Danish breeder who is one of many Europeans profiting from pigeon enthusiasts in China. Its crazy, said
another foreign breeder at his side.
Racing pigeons have a sense of
direction that science cannot fully
explain but which allows them to
find their way home over hundreds
of kilometres, and have been raised
in China for more than 1000 years,
often used as military messengers.
While good breeding cannot
guarantee success, the descendents
of champions especially Belgian
pigeons raise the highest prices.

Chinese businessman Gao Fuxin

set an all-time record for a racing
pigeon last year, paying 310,000 euros ($400,000) for a Belgian former
champion named Bolt, after the superstar Olympic sprinter.
But in a sign of increasing scrutiny of the trade by Chinese authorities, the bird was held up at customs
and Gao handed a 10 percent tax bill.
Bolt was freed after the Belgian
embassy intervened, industry insiders told AFP, and is now said to have
retired to stud in Beijing. Gao declined an interview request.
China has hundreds of pigeon associations, and working-class breeders in Beijing still send their birds
into the sky with whistles attached,
sounding a high-pitched whine as
they fly over winding alleys.
But the last decade has seen
a takeoff of luxury clubs and racing leagues for a new breed of bigspending enthusiasts and allegations of illegal betting on races.
The Pioneer Club in Beijings
western suburbs is among the most
exclusive. Its clubhouse is adorned
with classical Greek columns and on
event days its carefully manicured
lawns are surrounded by Mercedes
and Audis.
The creatures themselves are kept
in heated houses where full-time attendants calibrate every aspect of
their diet and lifestyle to produce
maximum speed. They are taken out
on regular test runs which can be a
hazard in polluted Beijing.
When they hit the smog, its like
a wall. Some of them will get lost,
said Stuart Chu, a Taiwanese breeder
who has lost several pricey birds in
the murky air.
Top-end owners are usually
people who raised pigeons in their
youth, and now they have achieved
success in their careers they want to
do it again, said Su Quanlin, the Pioneer clubs founder.
His clients are willing to pay such
high prices for the birds because
they want honour. It gives them
face, he added.
Others suggest more impure

motives for the trade. Around a dozen industry insiders who all asked
to remain anonymous because gambling is illegal in mainland China
told AFP that betting on races was
A pigeon race is perfect for gambling, because you can never predict
who will win, said Lars Vercammen,
a 25-year-old breeder from Belgium.
Su, the club owner, denied the
Twice a year the club holds an
Iron Eagle series of four races
with hefty entry fees and total prize
money equivalent to more than $2.4
A day before each contest, hundreds of feathered competitors were
loaded into cages and driven 500
kilometres away from Beijing, green
identification rings around their
scaly red ankles.
Six hours after their release, a
tense silence hung over the clubs
lawn, broken only by owners and
trainers munching on peanuts as
they waited for their pigeons to
Suddenly the first grey bird
dropped out of the sky and on to its
loft, the winning time flashing onto
an electronic display board.
Overall victory in the series went
to a pigeon known only as 04010,
owned by pharmaceutical entrepreneur Guo, whose wealth is estimated
at $1.3 billion by Forbes magazine.
A month later the top birds were
compulsorily auctioned off under
the Iron Eagle competition rules,
with loudspeakers blasting the
theme from Star Wars to herald
each high-priced sale, and buyers
indifferent to the edicts of an official
austerity campaign.
Guo who cuts a distinctive figure with a shaven head and black
and white suit repeatedly raised a
paddle to ensure he kept his pigeon,
despite the punishingly expensive
Its about face. Im crazy. I
havent made any money, he said,
before a chauffeur ushered him into
a grey Rolls-Royce AFP

68 THE MYANMAR TIMES December 22 - 28, 2014


Chinese high-rollers spend big

on racing pigeons


WWI truce remembered

with Christmas match

HERE were no trenches

and the only poppies were
plastic stadium decorations. But the spirit of a
World War I Christmas
truce lived on as the British and German armies played a 100th anniversary football match last week.
The friendly match between the
old enemies ended with a 1-0 victory for the British and handshakes
all round, safe in the knowledge that
they would not be taking aim at each
other the next day.
The game was inspired by a truce
that took hold on Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day 1914, when troops
from both sides emerged from their
trenches along the Western Front to
joke, share whisky and schnapps, and
kick a ball about in no-mans land.
It has come to represent a fleeting
moment of humanity in a four-year
conflict that killed more than 16 million troops and civilians.
Thinking back to them days and
us being able to spend an hour and
a half on the football pitch to commemorate that is very special, said
British defender Kev Haley.
The players, in modern kit and
boots, emerged from the tunnel led
by actors dressed in British and German World War I uniforms.
Before kickoff, a two-minute silence was held and an opera singer
performed the German carol Stille
Nacht or Silent Night, which, legend has it, drifted up from the German trenches on Christmas Eve 1914
as a sign of peaceful intent.
The match in the garrison town
of Aldershot, southwest of London,
drew a crowd of some 2500 people.
Many of them were soldiers in battle
fatigues but guests included Bobby
Charlton, part of the England team
that beat Germany to win the 1966
World Cup.
Haley said the two sides would be

A British veteran plays trumpet before the match. Photo: AFP

going drinking together afterward,

echoing the sense of comradeship
across national lines shown during
the truce itself.
There will be some sing-songs,
exchanging jokes but its good and
its friendly, he added.
For German player Milad
Omarkhiel, disappointment at the
result was mixed with a sense of
We have lost the game but it
wasnt important today. Important
today was the people had a friendly
game and they can read the histori-

cal [significance] of this match, he

Many watching the game either had
military backgrounds themselves or
had relatives who fought in World
War I.
Jason Bate, 43, who serves in the
Royal Navy at the Faslane base in
Scotland, travelled down with his
wife and 13-year-old son to be there.
We have come down because its
a piece of history, said Bate, whose
great-great uncle was killed at the
Battle of the Somme.
There was more gentlemanly

conduct in those days, you had respect for your enemy, he added,
contrasting the situation with the insurgencies fought by todays Western
John Goddard, 48, visited the battlefields at Ypres earlier this year and
the game sparked memories of that
trip for him.
It was a hell of a thing, wasnt
it? he said, shaking his head in awe.
To come out of the trench with your
hands up, its quite a leap of faith.
The match came at the end of a
year of commemorations to mark the
centenary of the war, including an installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies
at the Tower of London, one for each
British serviceman killed.
The mythology around a Christmas truce football match has also
grown in recent months. In Britain,
it has featured in everything from a
festive advertisement for supermarket giant Sainsburys to a Yuletide
Royal Shakespeare Company theatre
UEFA president Michel Platini
unveiled a statue of a player in a field
in what was the Western Front in
Belgium last week, while the English
Premier League held a commemorative tournament for young players
whose countries fought in the war.
Experts say, though, that there is
no hard evidence that a formal game
ever took place during the truce.
Matt Brosnan, a curator at the Imperial War Museum in London, said
the pause in fighting was more useful
as a chance for soldiers to bury the
bodies of dead comrades than to play
He estimated that fewer than 100
players probably took part in impromptu kickabouts.
What was more typical was soldiers meeting, exchanging gifts and
sharing a few moments, he said.

Boxing League
coming in 2015
Kyaw Zin Hlaing
STARTING in January 2015, the rules
and regulations of the Myanmar Traditional Boxing Federation will be revamped in order to turn their amateur
leagues into a recognised, professional
Speaking to the media last week,
vice minister U Thaung Htike said
while traditional boxing had always
been a proud national pastime, the
sport has previously lacked a standardised set of rules for trainers, organisers and fighters.
The president of the Myanmar Traditional Boxing federation, U Thein
Aung, said the new rules and regulation will be finished and put into effect
in early January.
We finished our draft and it will be
confirmed soon, he said, adding that
they have just finished consultations
with experts in sports medicine.
U Sai Zaw Zaw, a Yangon-based
fight organiser, told The Myanmar
Times that he welcomed the new
regulations, which he thinks will only
propel the traditional sport to new
heights of popularity.

The winner of a traditional boxing

match. Photo: staff