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~~ ALL SA:iNTS JU ACADEMY, PLYMOUTH ne @ASAPMaths Fundamental Friday - Week1 Fundamental Friday Worksheets are suitable for students of all abilities. For those students who are striving for a “C”, these are some of the key topics you will need to understand. For students aiming for the top grades, these are topics you must not drop any marks on. Have a go before looking at the answers! Speak to any maths teacher if you are unsure about any of the questions below. Q1) Without a calculator, work out 42 x17 5 iy x \o 4 400 Lg0 40 | LOD | 280 Lo \ 4 | Zo] 14 Fh @2) Expand Gy = Sarl 3) Draw a stem and leaf diagram of the speeds of these 16 cars. Speeds are in mph. AS 52 34 A6 32 29 60 38 AS rrr BT 4 50 65 wr 3k ar as LW og kh : a Key Lib = Lbmph ve CHEUK You STILL HAVE le BTS CF DATA Take a look at our You Tube channel. Click http://g00.g\/olM1SN or scan the QR code. You — ———— ALL SAiNTS JU ACADEMY, PLYMOUTH aiaas @ASAPMaths @Q4) The scattergraph shows the relationship between the height and weight of some students. Weight (ka) SSERRESESSSSL SSE x x 0 "136 136 138 140 142 146 146 148 150 152 154 166 168 160 Height (cm) a) Describe the relationship between height and weight. “This is a positive Corelahon Shasiag Chak baller poeple weigh more Lian shorter people. Q5) The table below shows the time students took to walk to school. Work out an estimate for the mean time taken for a student to walk to school. Time taken / m (mins) Frequency Mid-poiat O 2x) + ax(a) = 2x 4h + bx-2 " 32 - € Take a look at our You Tube channel. Click cor scan the QR code. Yous