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Curing Cancers

My Experience With

Version 1.00 June 2013

My story
My name is Johann Stegmann. I am a native of South Africa, an enlightened
country where Rife therapy is legally used to treat all kinds of medical
conditions, including life-threatening illnesses like cancer.
Some years ago, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Like most
people, I accepted the doctors recommendation of chemotherapy, and
underwent three doses. Each one was like an endless stay in hell. And I suffered
every side effect in the book.
To deal with the severe pain, I was given Duragesic patches. These are effective
for three days, and about 80 times stronger than morphine. They are also
extemely addictive, and whenever I tried to reduce the potency, I experienced
severe side effects.
I ended up having no choice but to use them for six months.
At the same time as this was happening, the father of an acquaintance of mine
was diagnosed with stomach cancer and given six months to live unless he
agreed to have his stomach removed.
By chance, this man heard of someone who was treating people with a Rife
machine. In desperation, he had 10 treatments. On his next hospital visit, he was
given a gastroscopy a camera was inserted down his throat into his stomach.
His cancer had completely disappeared.
So I contacted this mans Rife therapist and had four sessions over the course of
a week. My next hospital appointment was shortly thereafter, and I had a scan
and blood count performed.
My doctor could not believe his eyes when he saw my scan report. He tried to
convince me that even though my cancer was no longer visible, it was still
present. My blood counts were far better than he expected to see, especially my
immune system results, since chemotherapy destroys this.
Whether my doctor liked it or not, the bottom line is that I was cured of my
cancer within seven days by using Rife therapy.
It is entirely understandable for people to be sceptical about alternative cancer
treatments there are many to be found on the internet that make wild claims

which are patently false. I spent months investigating all of them, and I found
that most are simply hogwash.
The Rife machine is altogether different. Physics proves that everything in the
universe has its own unique frequency cells, organs, body systems, pathogens,
parasites, elements, and even planets and stars.
When you know the frequency of a diseased cell or pathogen, a Rife machine
enables you to kill or modify it. It destroys the mechanism inside cancer cells
that causes the growth, and those cells then return to a normal healthy state.
It also kills the virus that caused the cancer in the first place something that
conventional medicine cannot do.
All of us have the potential for cancer in the form of a bacteria that can mutate
into a cancer virus. This virus is not normally present, nor are cancer cells kept
in check by our immune systems, as many believe. But when something
dramatic happens to us that changes the ecological balance in a specific part of
the body, this triggers the bacterial mutation, and cancer can then manifest in
one organ or another.
To rebalance the body, the conflict created by the dramatic experience must be
resolved to reverse the mutation, the remaining viruses killed, the immune
system fully restored, and all toxic waste removed. All four of these tasks must
be done for success with the first being most important.
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife discovered all this back in the late 1920s and early
1930s. He proved it, too, by using his machine to cure 14 cancer and TB
patients declared terminal by doctors. Several GPs bought his machine and
began treating their patients with a 100% success rate.
So why dont doctors use Rife machines today?
To understand what happened, ask yourself this simple question: when you can
cure yourself of any disease on earth with a simple machine and a little
electricity, who stands to lose almost everything?
Medical authorities and the giant pharmaceutical corporations stepped in.
First, they tried to buy his technology. He refused to sell. And then odd things
started to happen vital research results and machine parts went missing, a lab
testing his machines mysteriously burned to the ground, and doctors who had
been queueing up to buy his machines now no longer wanted to speak to him.

Disaster followed disaster, and the ostracized genius who had initially been
feted by medicine as the man who brought an end to all disease was ruined and
driven out of business. And his technology all but disappeared from history.
Today, the cancer industry generates hundreds of billions in profits. And if Big
Pharma were a nation, it would rank as the 12th richest country on earth. The
price for this success? Uncountable millions of needless deaths, and human
suffering that cant even be imagined.
But in the end, those who sought to erase Rife from the pages of history failed.
His technology was rediscovered in the 1970s, and, even though still harried
and persecuted in most of the West, it has steadily been improved and upgraded.
But Rife therapy didnt just save my life it changed it utterly, too.
Because I decided to devote the rest of my days to investigating and
understanding how this astounding therapy worked, and to put that knowledge
freely at the disposal of all who needed it. I spent years carefully researching
and monitoring its effects on myself, my family, and my friends for various
conditions, some serious, and some not so serious.
For more than two years now, with the help of my daughter, Tania, I have been
treating people with various cancers. To date, our successes have far outstripped
our few failures.
Thanks to my good friends Des and Hank, we discovered and developed a
prototype system to enable Rife therapy to be delivered remotely via DNA.
John White then took that prototype and made it a thing of beauty and power
Spooky, a Rife machine for every home, for less than $65.
Thankfully, I have no formal conventional medical training. This enabled me to
keep a completely open mind throughout the course of my research. I have used
instead the tools with which my Creator endowed me curiosity, intelligence,
observation, persistence, intuition, and common sense.
I have taken nothing for granted, not even those treatments commonly accepted
by most Rife practitioners and researchers. I have intensively investigated and
tested most of them, and my findings have caused controversy in some circles.
I welcome this. I believe that any status quo is mankinds greatest enemy. And
that all human endeavours can only be judged by one thing:

Cancers, tumors & cysts

People and doctors see any abnormal growth as cancer. They also see
cancer, tumors, and cysts as basically the same thing. But when treating them,
they are very different indeed.
A cancer is caused by the BX and BY virus, and must be treated with Rife
cancer programs. A tumor is not caused by these viruses, but by other things
and Rife cancer programs have no effect on them. Both look like cancer because
both grow and invade.
I believe the medical classification of malignant and benign is totally wrong.
Doctors see malignancies as cancerous tumors that can invade and destroy
nearby tissue and spread to other parts of the body. They see benignancies as
tumors that are not cancerous, which may grow large, but which do not invade
and destroy nearby tissue, and do not spread to other parts of the body.
I have found that benign tumors can and do invade and spread to other parts
of the body. To view these as malignant is wrong because it will lead to using
the incorrect treatment and failure.
The commonly accepted belief is that you have a primary cancer site. This
cancer then spreads (or metastasizes) to other parts of the body. The resultant
cancer in these other parts of the body is then the same as that of the primary
cancer, although in a different body part. This can be true or false, subject to
what Ive stated above.
Tania sees a cancer tumor as black and a benign tumor as grey. This confused
me at first because I found that some tumors she saw as black cancers
cleared up with non-cancer programs. I have dealt with three lung tumors and
two brain tumors so far, and Tania saw each of them as black, but I cured them
with non-cancer programs. Cancer programs had no effect on them.
So it would appear that even if the cancer starts in the lungs or brain as the
primary sites the tumor is benign and is not caused by the BX and BY virus. If
these were not the primary sites, the same still applies. I believe that the type of
tissue in the lungs and brain is what makes tumors appear cancerous when they
develop and these are seen in our work as black, not grey.
From my experience so far, most so-called cancers are in actual fact not cancer
as defined above, but normal tumors that must be treated with non-cancer
programs. There is no primary cancer site at all. This creates major problems for

the patients. They hear the word cancer and that is enough to drive them into
a state of fear and panic.
According to Dr. Hamer (of New German Medicine fame), cancer occurs in an
organ this is the primary site. However, organs as defined with regard to
cancer are not clear at all. I believe that the major organs are the ones that
develop true cancer but not all of them. I now know, for instance, that a
kidney tumor is not cancerous.
This is still very much to be explored and determined. We are working in a field
where I believe we must question everything, and determine the truth through
What causes cancer
Here, I refer to true cancer not tumors. To be considered a true cause of
cancer, science dictates the golden rule that when a certain condition exists, it
must always, not sometimes, produce the same result.
Most cancer causality theories fail this test. Things like a compromised immune
system, lack of toxic waste elimination, etc., do not always produce cancer
only sometimes.
Dr Rife discovered, observed, and recorded with his microscope the fact that a
bacteria metamorphoses to a virus that causes cancer. He called this the BX and
BY virus, but could not explain why the bacteria changed its form.
Dr Hamer found that when any human being undergoes a dramatic and
unexpected experience that they cannot emotionally resolve, they develop a
cancer in a specific organ dependent on the type of experience.
The environment in that area of the body/organ changes and causes the bacteria
to mutate to the BX and BY virus form. This happens every time without fail.
I found this to be evident in treating true cancer.
If the emotional conflict that caused the cancer in the first place is not resolved,
removing the cancerous growth takes much longer, and the growth will
eventually return. If the conflict is resolved, a cure takes place very quickly, and
the cancer does not return.

Conflicts to be resolved
According to Dr. Hamer, resolving such conflicts is of the utmost importance.
The following list shows some of the relationships between emotional conflicts
and target organs.
Adrenal cortex:
Breast milk gland:
Breast milk duct:
Breast, left (right-handed):
Breast, right (right-handed):
Gall Bladder:
Lymph glands:
Middle ear:
Testes & Ovaries:

Wrong direction, gone astray

Ugly conflict, dirty tricks
Lack of self-worth, feelings of inferiority
Conflict involving care or disharmony
Separation conflict
Conflict concerning child, home, mother
Conflict with partner or others
Territorial conflict
Severe frustration
Ugly indigestible conflict
Cannot have or swallow something
Rivalry conflict
Perpetual conflict
Indigestible chunk of anger
Not wanting to live, water or fluid conflict
Conflict of fear and fright
Fear of starvation
Fear of dying/suffocation, also for others
Loss of self-worth associated with the location
Feeling dirty, soiled, defiled
Not being able to get some vital information
Cannot chew or hold something
Anxiety/anger conflict with family, inheritance
Ugly conflict, sexual connections/connotations
Fear of being useless
Loss of integrity
Shock of physical or emotional wounding
Indigestible anger, swallowed too much
Loss conflict
Feeling powerless
Sexual conflict

Cancer myths & fallacies

Cell Die-off & Herx
When antibiotics first came into general use, some people experienced pain and
nausea after taking them. The pharmaceutical corporations claimed that this was
due to their products working so well that the body was unable to process and
eliminate the overload of dead bacteria.
This nonsense has now carried over into rifing. Whenever this sick/bad feeling
is experienced, it is always attributed to the large die-off.
In the many years I have treated people, none of them experienced Herx the
only odd exceptions were due to errors on my part. If you experience nausea or
pain, you are damaging the body in one way or another, and it has nothing to do
with die-off. It is the bodys way of telling you to stop what you are doing
because it is causing harm.
I have found that the main cause of this is setting the intensity of the Rife device
too high. Higher intensity does not mean you are killing more bugs or shrinking
a tumor any faster. Whether you use high or low intensity, the same number of
organisms is being killed.
High intensity rifing irritates the nerves and they react.
Dr. Hulda Clark was convinced that parasites caused cancer, and many still
believe this to be the case. However, it fails the crucial always test. You do
not always have cancer when you have parasites only sometimes.
Another erroneous belief is that when you have cancer you must change to a
special diet the claim is that you must avoid certain foods or food groups as
these feed the cancer. Not true at all. I have cured many cancers over the years
and no sufferers ever had to change diet. They ate what they normally ate and
the cancer was cured regardless.
I believe a well balanced diet without excluding any food groups is essential
for a healthy body.

How to approach treatment

First, try to determine is it a true cancer or a tumor. In 90% of cases, it will be a
tumor and not a true cancer. A good guide is: if you had chemo, and it had no
effect, then it is a tumor not a true cancer. While it is true that chemo can have
some positive effects on tumors, it is also a fact that it will not cure them.
The area of the body is also a good guide. Lung and brain cancer is always a
tumor and never a true cancer. I have also found breast cancer always to be a
tumor and not a true cancer. On balance, I would say that true cancer may only
be found in the liver and pancreas, and other locations are normally tumors.
When selecting Rife Programs, I would go the tumour Programs route first, and
if they do not work, then choose the cancer Programs.
Second, and most important: determine and start work on the conflict that
caused the cancer/tumor in the first place. If you do not resolve this, you will
not be cured properly. This means you need to get closure on it. You must make
a definite deep-seated decision about it but remember, if it is not genuine, true,
and from the heart, it will not work.
You cannot lie to yourself. The problem became rooted deep with pain and
that pain must resurface to uproot it. Be brutally honest with yourself.
Chemo and Rife
The aim of chemo is to kill any fast-growing cell good or bad. Chemo is
poison that is pumped into your body in the hope that it will kill the cancer
before it kills the body. In this process, it breaks down the immune system and
all of your organs.
Rife has as its aim to kill only the cancer/tumor cells and let the body perform
its own healing process. You should not do Rife and chemo at the same time
because one breaks down, and the other builds up and the destruction is much
faster than the building up.
Each must make his or her own choice to go with rifing or chemo. You cannot
productively choose both, and it can be very difficult to turn back once you have
made your choice. If youve already had chemo, be aware that your task is now
a good deal more difficult (but not impossible).
So you can see that your life may literally depend on the choice you make.

The many cancers/tumors

The following frequency sets are for remote treatment. In all treatments,
irrespective of the type of cancer/tumor, continuously detoxing the body,
supporting the organs, and stimulating the immune system is of the utmost
importance. Spooky contains Programs to do all of this.
Brain Tumors
You should assume from the beginning that the diagnosis made by doctors is
wrong I have yet to find one that is correct. From my experience, the
following Programs are in the order most likely to work:
1. Cancer Astrocytoma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
2. Cancer Fibrosarcoma:
3. Oligoden Droglioma:
4. Cancer Neuroblastoma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
5. Cancer Glioblastoma Tumor:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
6. Cancer Rhabdomyo Sarcoma Embryonal:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
7. Meningioma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
8. Cancer Gliomas:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Programs containing one single frequency must be run continuously for about
two hours daily.
The other programs must be run at least five times a day but not more than 10
Remember that these are remote treatments and the intensity must not be
more than two volts. To use contact electrodes, halve the durations.
The larger the tumor the longer it will take to disappear. A 2cm by 2cm tumor
will take about one month.
Tumors do not shrink faster by treating them for longer. They each have their
own rate of shrinking. Treating for too long may result in brain inflammation,
especially in young children.
I found inflammation does occur to some extent when treating any brain
tumor, so run Meningitis frequencies at least once after each treatment.
The MRI scan used for brain tumors is unable to distinguish between a tumor
and scar tissue. When a tumor is removed, it leaves behind scar tissue
damage from that tumor. An MRI scan will detect this scar tissue, and the
doctors will say the tumor is still there. Only a PET scan will differentiate
between tumors and scar tissue. So ask for a PET scan to be done.
Breast Cancer
I found Fibrosarcoma 1744 to work every time, without fail. Run it for
about a week nonstop.
The biggest problem I encountered was the chemo pills given to women these
throw their hormonal balance into complete disarray by reducing the estrogen
level. To get this in balance again is much more difficult than curing the cancer.
Note that doctors do a CA15-3 test to measure the progress of the cancer. This
does not measure the tumor directly it gauges the estrogen level which serves
as a marker for the doctor to ascertain whether the tumor is worse or improved.
Doctors firmly believe that high estrogen creates breast tumors. To get the
hormonal balance correct, one of the treatments is actually to boost the estrogen

Prostate Cancer
This can be either true cancer or just something wrong with the gland that
causes it to grow in size. Tania cannot see the difference. So start with the noncancer Programs as you should feel any improvement rather immediately. Then,
if there is no improvement after, say, three days, go for the cancer Programs.
Prostate Enlarged:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Prostate Problems General:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Run the following programs:
Cancer Prostate:
Dwell 180 (3 min each)
Prostate Adenominum:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Prostate Hyperplasia:
Dwell: 300 (5 min)
Blood Cleanser:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Run the four sets above every day for a week, and in between run:
Immune System Stimulation:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Doctors make use of the PSA test which has now been proven to be unreliable,
but is still being used. This test has caused lots of problems, leading some men
to believe they have prostate cancer when they do not. So please do not take this
test result seriously. Go for a physical examination instead.
Adrenal and Kidney Cancer
It is normally believed that this is an adrenal gland tumor, but because this gland
sits on top of the kidney, the kidney will most likely also be involved. I have
had just had one case of this, so it is still open for other treatments. Run:
Kidney Papilloma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Run the above Program about 10 times consecutively for about 3 days.
In the case I dealt with, a CT scan showed the tumor in the adrenal gland. But
Tania saw it as being partly in the kidney and partly in the adrenal. If she had
not seen this, I would never have investigated the kidney direction, and would
not have found the correct Program. I tried the adrenal gland direction and only
found Cancer Adenoma which did not work.
I then tried Non Hodgkins and it removed the adrenal tumor. The adrenal gland
is part of the lymph system, and this is the reason it worked. It made the lymph
system improve, and removed emphysema in the lungs.
Lung Tumor/Cancer
Running Fibrosis of the lung 27.5,220,410 (dwell: 360, or 6 min each)
removes the tumor, if not the primary site.
This worked in all three cases I treated. Run it about 10 times consecutively for
about 14 days, depending on the size of the tumor.
Note that these Programs do not contain any cancer frequencies.
Do not run it for more times in an attempt to reduce the shrinking time. When
you run this Program, the tumor contracts and expands, and if you run it for too
long, it will irritate the surrounding area and cause pain. I did this once with
very painful consequences for the sufferer.

If the lung was the primary site, the tumor will reduce to about 10% of its
original size. To remove this last 10% run:
Kidney Papilloma:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Run the above Program about 10 times consecutively for about 2 days.
This was an interesting exercise that showed how deep one must delve to get to
the true answer. A kidney tumor normally forms in the cervical outer surface/
mucous membranes of the kidney.
But cervicals are found in many places in the body, and it would appear that the
same principle applies: skin, vagina, penis, oropharynx, and anus, etc.
On the web, they concentrate on the sexual organs, and you could easily miss
places like the kidney, and even the lungs and others not mentioned. You need to
look at the principle involved to get to the truth.
I am sure you would be surprised for what other tumors it would also apply. For
instance, I tried to run Squamous Cell Carcinoma without success, but saw that
Papilloma is actually the cause of squamous cell carcinoma. It is also the cause
of adenocarcinoma, for which I had no Program, and which was one of the
possible kidney tumors.
From this I conclude that Papilloma may be at the root of many tumors. When
you see Papilloma, you normally think of warts well, that's what I thought of
when I saw this.
Papilloma Virus:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
After this, there still remained a very thin tumor in the lungs that did not
respond to Fibrosis of the Lung nor to Kidney Papilloma. I tried Asbestos lung
5111 and that removed the last bit of this tumor.
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Cancer Non Hodgkins 1:

Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Cancer Non Hodgkins 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Streptococcus Virus:
Dwell: 360 (6 min each)
Lymph Support:
Dwell: 360 (6 min each)
Lymphs and Detox:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Blood Cleanser
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Immune System Stimulation:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Detox Toxins Throughout the Body:
Dwell: 90 (1 min 30 sec each)
Testicle Tumor
Cells of Leudig:
Dwell: 480 (8 min)
Seminal Vericulitis:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)

Run for 7 days nonstop.

Cancer for which there are no specific frequencies:
(Note this is true for all cancers).
Cancer Basic 1:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Cancer basic 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Cancer basic set:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Cancer general 1:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Cancer general 2:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Cancer General 3:
Dwell: 180 (3 min each)
Cancer BX:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Alternate the above with:
Cancer BY:

Dwell: 240 (4 min each)

Immune system stimulation:
Dwell: 240 (4 min each)
Blood cleanser:
Dwell: 180 )3 min each)
Detox toxins throughout the body:
Dwell: 90 (1 min 30 sec each)

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