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Bridging the digital

divide in India

Converting Village Libraries into
"Community Learning Centers"

The divide between the ‘information poor’ and the ‘information rich’ is now one of India’s burning
issues. The Digital Divide has
(i) access to computers,
(ii) connectivity,
(iii) content
as the core elements , emphasize most researches in Indian subcontinent. Lack of proper Information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, Education and lack of literacy
are its main reasons. The availability of information resources can bridge the difference between
Poverty and Prosperity, particularly in underdeveloped communities.

Connecting the community and its members to the world through the Internet is becoming
increasingly essential for community vitality for the development and social progress

In India, approx 40% of
the population lives
below the poverty
line, Illiteracy rates are
more than 25-30% and
digital literacy is almost
non-existent among
more than 80% of India’s

Around the world, in developed as well as developing countries, Libraries play an important role in
the dissemination of knowledge. The availability of information resources can often mean the difference between poverty and prosperity, particularly in underdeveloped communities.

"One Library Per Village" (OLPV)
“One Library Per Village” (OLPV) is dedicated to reduce this digital divide by networking libraries
and empowering the readers with latest technological tools and creating a vibrant community of
users and volunteers.


We dream of prosperous world where
knowledge is equally shared among
rural and urban, rich and poor without
any discrimination. We dream of a society that is self confident, literate,
healthy and empowered.

To create awareness and share the latest tools on information technology, services and resources which enrich
the experiences of users of the Libraries and enhance
their learning and career development potential.
To support education, intellectual growth and critical inquisitiveness and to promote a continuing love of learning
in a welcoming space where people choose to gather.

Advantages to Readers:

Read Millions of e-books

Clarify doubts with expert tutors

Attend Online courses (MOOC)

Apply for national/international Jobs

Create collaborative learning groups

Attend Online Tutoring

Attend Lectures & Seminars

Play educational games

First time Internet users will get support from volunteers

OLPV Vision

Libraries as Universities
(2) Libraries as community centers
for diverse populations,
(3) Libraries as centers for the arts,
(4) Libraries as community builders,
(5) Libraries as champions of youth.

OLPV helps to bridge the digital divide
The Library will be with in the
reach of local area, It is accessible to all within the village.

Common people in rural areas
when it comes to Internet access, including infrastructure
problems and set-up costs.
Libraries are social places
where people can chat, read
and keep in touch with the outside world. A Layman who can’t
access a computer or a Tablet
get support in OLPV

Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and
not for the education of all adults of every age?

— Erich Fromm

“One Library Per Village” Proposal

Setup collaborative Learning centers ( Libraries ) in every village.

Digitize Libraries using Tablets ( one tab for 50 users )

Networking members through proper Computer Apps.

Secured /safe free Wi-Fi to Libraries.

Facility for students / members to clarify doubts and learn anything.

Attract volunteers to teach the first time users of computer / internet.

Convert Libraries into community learning centers and should act as PM’s local office .

Provide colloquial recorded messages/ information about local issues.

Facility to provide clarification on local Agriculture issues through short videos.

Facility to learn and do Yoga

Facility for 2 way interaction with elected Members.

Facility for bring local issues to concerned authorities

Enhance e-learning activities in Library through MOOC( Massive Open Online Course) /
Online tutoring.

Provide Collaborative Open Educational Resources (OER) in local language

Encourage budding talents to publish their articles.

Collect, store and share local Knowledge.

Encourage root level entrepreneurship

Support youth in procuring right Jobs.

Create national knowledge grid .

Support e-commerce activities.

Common Library card across country

Encourage healthy discussion on social issues and participate issues like Swach Bharat
initiative by PM

One Library Per Village (OLPV)
Startup Village, Kinfra Hi-Tech Park
Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala, INDIA , 683503