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 IHO S57 provides
 the controlling specification for the
ECDIS chart database or ENC.
 S57 controls
• the hydrographic content of an ENC and
• how the data is formatted.

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 For example,
 there are many mandatory data items
and all coordinates in the database
must be referenced to the common
geodetic datum WGS84.
 The standard is very rigorous and calls
specifically for a sophisticated vector
database rather than a raster chart.

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 S52 provides
 specifications for the chart content
and display aspects of ECDIS.
 It includes
 appendices describing the means and
processes for updating, specifies
colours and symbols to be used, and
a glossary of ECDIS related terms.
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 S52 allows
 the use of traditional symbols plus a
range of new symbols, for example
 S52 also specifies how ECDIS will show
waypoint and route information on the
computer screen.
 It also covers how radar and other
information can be combined and
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Active Route

S52 New Symbols

for Navigation Marks


Note: no depths
shown just
contours. Display is
base information
Ship Symbol only

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 IEC 61174
 IEC 61174 is the technical
specification for testing ECDIS for
type approval.

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