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One Hobby or Interest and Why It

One Hobby or Interest and Why It

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Published by Nataraj Viswanathan

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Published by: Nataraj Viswanathan on Jan 12, 2010
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One hobby or interest and why it is so special in your eyes

I have been spending more time on my PC for the last 6 years in my profession one undergoes stress most of the times. How to beat this stress? Once I apparently looked into my MS office applications vividly and started exploring the Drawing tools and Picture tool especially on an open Excel Worksheet. By default I have set my tool bars of Drawing and Picture as in Picture-1. Picture-1

The Drawing tool (Picture-2) and Picture tool (Picture-3) is set to the bottom of my Worksheet. Picture-2 Picture-3

The Drawing tools have auto shapes available in various modes as shown in Picture-2A, 2B, 2C, 2D. Picture-2A Picture-2B Picture-2C



Details of Picture-2 User can create 3D shapes and normal shapes required for architecture. Using color fill option user can bring in any color to the shape drawn, bee it wood, or metal or any natural color. User can use the option of insert clip art and bring in required images from web also and use them appropriately. User the 3D buttons and shadow appropriate depth or elevation can be given. Details of Picture-3 User can use the picture tool bar to bring in good wall papers or insert good pictures from web too using the insert picture or clip art. User can use the Sun icon or moon icon on this to reduce or increase brightness or contrast of a picture to increase the accuracy of a picture as required. A simple 3d is shown on the following Picture 4 & 5. Picture-4 Picture-5

Picture 4 is drawn using auto shapes in drawing tool. Whereas Picture 5 is a plain square drawn and used the 3d effect from picture tool.

Picture 4 can be further designed as above like a brick, or a wall or a floor

Picture 5 can be further designed as above 3d dimensions at various angles. I am giving below some of my drawings which I have done using these tools and color factors.

A Counter design for Cry Cards

A House designed using the above tools.

Though all these are not to scale since it can be done through some knack of placing things the proper way. Though this has to be done with patience, it has helped me a lot in bringing down my stress. You can create similarly the Office designs; lay out for a new office, work place etc. You can try out with smaller designs, like table, chair, etc. and then go across. V.Nataraj Executive – Retail Titan Industries Limited 5th Floor, Mithra Towers, 10/4, Kasturbha Road, Bangalore – 560 001 Ph: 080 – 41504020, 41504033 Cell: +91 9880303504

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